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Trying on a huge summer shein haul! These are going to be my new travel outfits. Enjoy Ramadan Sale! Discount code: Jovita25 for 25% off, no minimum valid until May 31 Please note that the code only works on the items which are not on sale from App or https://bit.ly/2HQmm5e SheIn App download link: https://shein.onelink.me/v4LI/70f9977a Products mentioned: Pinstripe Blazer: https://bit.ly/2KjGZE7 Shawl Collar Tailored Blazer: https://bit.ly/2Hpz8bt Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top: https://bit.ly/2HrQzE1 sold out, similar items: https://bit.ly/2Jpbs3h Frilled Shoulder Lace Peplum Top: https://bit.ly/2Hq07iS Keyhole Back Laser Cut Crop Top: https://bit.ly/2HXo8it Maroon Letter Print Tee: https://bit.ly/2qZ52QL Black Letter Print Tee: https://bit.ly/2vEJ8YA Cartoon Portrait Print Tee: https://bit.ly/2vIcA09 Short Sleeve Lace Beach Dress: https://bit.ly/2HITo7d Layered baby pink crochet Dress: https://bit.ly/2qWwgs5 sold out, similar items: https://bit.ly/2KaN6M5 Striped Ruffle Hem Dress: https://bit.ly/2qZT3Tf Calico Print Bell Sleeve Dress: https://bit.ly/2Ffq9Dr Floral Print Bell Sleeve Dress: https://bit.ly/2qYDQSq sold out, similar items: https://bit.ly/2qZ2MsH High Low Curved Hem Shirt Dress: https://bit.ly/2HMK4z2 Tassel Tied Gingham Dress: https://bit.ly/2HM2LTG Asymmetrical Ruffle Polka Dot Skirt: https://bit.ly/2I2Mrf3 Asymmetrical Striped Skirt: https://bit.ly/2HsJPpx High Rise Piped Dress Pants: https://bit.ly/2vIhx9f Faux Pearl Decorated Pointed Toe Flats: https://bit.ly/2Hprg9H Oval Shaped Flat Lens Sunglasses: https://bit.ly/2Ffsdvo Top Bar Aviator Sunglasses: https://bit.ly/2HXxavM Sequin Decorated Ear Headband: https://bit.ly/2Hq8oDy Metal Butterfly Cat Ear Headband: https://bit.ly/2HudmDu sold out, similar items: https://bit.ly/2K9XpQe Faux Pearl Top Tassel Drop Earrings: https://bit.ly/2HZh7xJ 6 Pcs Travel Bags Set Storage Bag: https://bit.ly/2vIJjlR SheIn website: https://bit.ly/2HQmm5e Self Tie Flounce Trim Wrap Skirt: https://bit.ly/2HrN7xv ►Subscribe to my channel here: https://goo.gl/jjxGDR If you're already subscribed to my channel, please take a second to click on the bell icon next to the subscribe button under this video to join my #notificationsquad guys :* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries ONLY please contact: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also find me at: http://www.mrjovitageorge.com/ Instagram: @mrjovitageorge : https://www.instagram.com/mrjovitageorge/ Snapchat: mrjovitageorge Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrJovita/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrjovitageorge Pinterest : @mrjovitageorge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to Shein for sponsoring this video! Thank you for watching my love!
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Text Comments (189)
Geetanjali Sharma (4 months ago)
Im so stealing your insta look with the lacs dress and the shirt dress on top 😍
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Geetanjali Sharma go for it 😘😘😘
sabina reuben (18 days ago)
You sound just like red :D how far ur with tha episodes ?
Jovita George (14 days ago)
I've started with season 6 :)
Roopa TR (29 days ago)
Hmmmmm... Are you fan of Lilly Singh..? I think so .. you know what I meant and why I meant
madmab 69 (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness u are a sweetheart I like ur personality 😍😍❤️❤️
Disha Oza (2 months ago)
Beauty Frist time watching ur video just love it 😙😙😙😙😙
Sanjana Agarwal (2 months ago)
Piper is stupid really
Richa Agarwal (3 months ago)
Heyy Guyzz... If u r a shopping lover Do follow me on instagram @shop_with_richerich
Dhanya Murali (3 months ago)
Pls do some funny videos Joyita.. seriously the way u imitate some of the accents .. it’s too good
Shivani Gupta (3 months ago)
omg omg your choice soooo... lovely#
carolina wang (3 months ago)
😂😂when u make faces while wearing red sunglasses 😂😍😍😘
ayushi Yadav (3 months ago)
You are so funny 😂😂😂
Neha Pandey (3 months ago)
i have never put a comment on youtube before but your outfit collection impelled me to.. i liked your outfits and the sunglasses.. keep coming up with more such hauls specially shein. Good luck for your channel!
Anu Mathew (3 months ago)
Hi , how do you have the parcels delivered from Shein to Kuwait? Do you have it delivered via a paid service ?
Chi-Qui-Ta B. (3 months ago)
Jovita, I don't see notifications for you and I clicked the bell :(
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Tell me a mositurers good for normal to dry skin with paraben free
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Hi jovial I am new subscriber
ZAYNA K (3 months ago)
You remind me of Kylie Jenner in the thumbnail
Fairy (3 months ago)
The code.doesn't work
News (3 months ago)
Really nice video I sub u now hope sub me back
ALPANA KADAM (3 months ago)
Your coupon code is not working . :(
Sassy Saania (3 months ago)
You looked very cute in all outfits.... May i know what camera you use.???looking lovely
Seher Ali (3 months ago)
loved that white top,will surely be buying it!!.....just a request mam,would you mind doing a review on Milani conceal n perfect foundation ,coz m exactly your skinshade and always buy products after you review them
Mallika Yuvaraj (3 months ago)
U look like a magician😎
sugarandspiiice (3 months ago)
More clothing hauls plz! Loved thiss x
Remya Cyriac (3 months ago)
Heyyy help me with a moisturizer and cleanser with paraben fragrance free sls free for normal to dry skin
shikha mendiratta (3 months ago)
You’re coupon isn’t working!!I want to buy the blazer It’s on MRP still it says wrong code!!
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Hey mam Plz help me... Reply... Are u busy.... U guys can only help me..
Levz Vargh (3 months ago)
Love the lipstick! Which brand n shade is this ?
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Plz. Reply Iam ur subscriber
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Jovitaaa Plz suggest me a good cleanser paraben free alcohol free and mositurers on budget... Plz reply
Aathika Murshid (3 months ago)
Am one of ur subscribers, at the moment am in Kuwait, please can u recommend a good kajal in Kuwait, waiting for ur reply and like to c u too
tessy Cyriac (3 months ago)
Aathika Murshid Lakme eyeconic Kajal
Jameela Ramju (3 months ago)
How many days to get the product.??
Bijithamol Abraham (3 months ago)
Hii dr...can you make a video for sensitive skin people..products to be used for them ..etc
Arathy S.J (3 months ago)
Hey Jovi, can you please do a review of some less expensive make up products that are available in india? Most of the products that you use are so good but I cannot either afford or wouldn't be shipped here to Kerala :(
archana (3 months ago)
Loved d Shoes so pretty
Janita Ittan (3 months ago)
I am not able to use ur discount code
Kinjal Kamdar (4 months ago)
Hi... I loved the collection you bought... I m plus size so couldn't buy what you bought... also want to put out that your code isn't working
Mariah (4 months ago)
It's only May 19th and this discount code isn't working 😭nooooo
Jovita George (4 months ago)
mariah bundy oh noo 😞
worldofalishaaa 93 (4 months ago)
you're beautiful!!
Madonna Rajeentan (4 months ago)
Hahaaa u r so funny 😂😍😍 had fun watching this Video😘
Indu Seethanathan (4 months ago)
Heya jovitaaaa.. Wats on ur lips?
hetal patel (4 months ago)
Too much over acting, annoying ! L is silent in polka.
Jovita George (4 months ago)
hetal patel girl, bye 👋
Minella D'souza (4 months ago)
I avoided watching orange is the new black for so long and Netflix kept popping it up on my recommendations. Hooked onto it now and I totally love Red and her lipsticks 😘
K JRL (4 months ago)
Jovita George (4 months ago)
K JRL welcomeeee
Namrata Metkari (4 months ago)
I love your videos. You're full of energy and charm and you're funny. And I like your cat. 😀😁
TANIA DAS (4 months ago)
U look so cute and sensational at the same time...☺
Can u kindly do an effective daily skin care routine using commonly available natural products, which helps in removing dark circles, uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation and something that brings a glow to skin within 1 month or something... cos not all of us can afford to buy the skincare stuffs, as majority of us believe buying cheap skin care products can harm our skin so badly, buying the expensiv ones wil create a big hole in our pockets :) also majority of us like to rely on chemichal free natural products .. plsss ithu ente oru humblee requestt aanuu.. btw this haul videoo, loved watching ittt!!! Superbbb
thank u so much.. yea i saw that.. okkk will try it out tat way :)
Jovita George (4 months ago)
I have plenty of videos addressing all your concerns using just natural ingredients :)
ma. fe Canaberal (4 months ago)
Your cute😚
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Thank youu
Kumud Verma (4 months ago)
Hey same pinch... I have the same yellow shades from SHEIN
lavanya m (4 months ago)
I'm going to order the blush pink crochet dress <3 You look so happy and fun. Thanks for sharing this! :)
lavanya m (3 months ago)
I got the pink dress..it is sooooo cute. I might have not ordered had I not seen it on you. Thank you 😘 please do more videos like this if you can 😊😇
Khaleesi Ninja (4 months ago)
Since you've recreated that Priyanka Chopra look, I just can't unsee the fact that you look so frigging much like her. 😛
Nandita Sarda (4 months ago)
Is the code jovita25 just for India and middle east. Not working in UK
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Just for middle east sadly..I did reach out to them and request them to make the code global, they denied my request. Sorry boo..
Anoushka Makkar (4 months ago)
OMG pls do a travel videoooooo
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Neha Desai (4 months ago)
Love love love😍 U just got my heart girl...all are my fav from this haul and really want to buy them all...btw just notice u r geting slimmer i feel...just my observation..btw m ur subscriber since ages and just a die heart Fan😚and wanna see snuggles 🐈 my kitty turned 9 this month!
Neha Desai (4 months ago)
OMG 😍 M starstuck 😘😘 Btw u look a perfect hourglass shape in the vedio and u being my bigesssstttt inspiration for all the fun and energy u have plz guide me in my crucial days of struggling wth my weight loss...I have seen ur what i eat in a day and fitness routine vedio...but i would like to know more about it coz m really cant figure out how to get that collar bones and the slim look...atleast visually i can be slim😅😅plz help!
Jovita George (4 months ago)
I thought I've put on a little weight.. :( Haven't been to the gym in so long!!
Sphoorthy p (4 months ago)
Girl you're so funny!😍😍 Everything looks so cute on you!you're such a DOLL!😘
Neha S (4 months ago)
Why this video ended 😢. I could watch u all day all night, most fun haul it was and u rock everything..be it stripes be it floral b it Dark colours b it light colors everything in this haul speaks fashion. I loved the blue dress and the blush pink dress and the white tops, oh I loved em'all. Plus please do make a video on how u pack for travels wud love to learn something. Xoxo
Jovita George (4 months ago)
I am filming the packing video right now!!
Nayana Premnath (4 months ago)
I loved the lace peplum blouse. Has such an alluring look to it. Definitely gonna check if I can get one for my size. Seeing your shein collection makes me want to try and do a similar haul for my channel too. 😁
My lyf My rulzzz (4 months ago)
Awesome haul dear....
Poonam Vetam (4 months ago)
why is your top so dirty ?????
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Poonam Vetam cuz I have a cat!!!! (Since we’re doing extra punctuations today!
Ishita Joshi (4 months ago)
This haul was insane But why aren’t the links opening Or is it only happening with me??😓
shanti shastri (4 months ago)
Wow u looking cute in every dress 😘 😘
Super cool choices...i loved all of them😍
Anjana Rajan (4 months ago)
Honestly, I love your vlogs and videos you make a lot! But please stop going or constantly keeping up with the trend and what's famous! Please go for things that suit you.. I don't know where you even got this.magician hat from.. that really does not go with the outfit you are wearing at all
Deepa D'cruz (3 months ago)
Jovita George 😂😂
S J (4 months ago)
I actually agree with Anjana Rajan. If this wasn’t constructive feedback, I dunno what is 😒
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Anjana Rajan you seem to be an expert. Thank you aunty ☺️
Jovita Pereira D'Souza (4 months ago)
Jovita, Could you please make a video on how you pack with your packing cubes?
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Jovita Pereira D'Souza will definitely do!
UrbanModish (4 months ago)
I loved this video!!! Love the sheer dress and how.you have styled it so beautifully on ig
Sonam Mahapatra (4 months ago)
the where's the food tshirt! so meeeee 😂😂
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Sonam Mahapatra 😂😂😂😂
kajal hindalekar (4 months ago)
you're so entertaining.. I love your videos.. loved this haul too.. :):):)
shriya u (4 months ago)
Prices please
Yeksha Bhardwaj (4 months ago)
Even I got into OITNB just now!! My favourite is gloria 😘
Georgious moni (4 months ago)
You are contagious spirit animal with good vibes! Beautiful Jo ❤
Laura Demarch (4 months ago)
Please, teach me hiw to pack, master!!!
Hazel S (4 months ago)
I knew about this site for a while now and was always surprised how affordable the stuff were, however I only made my first purchase this year and I am very impressed..Kinda got a mini-haul, if u will :) Oh, and 13:57,yes please.. I especially need it since I will be travelling in a few weeks..
Shatabdi Goon (4 months ago)
Hi Jovita, this is Shatabdi, watching you from Canada. Would you mind sharing your workout routine and what you eat in a day videos? They are really helpful.
Anum Haider (4 months ago)
🤣 loved the way u imitated Red
Lovena David (4 months ago)
Shein has some good patterns and prints for tops and dresses but as far as sizing and catering to women who are more hourglass figured... there is nothing. I have the typical hourglass figure, broad shoulders and I've ordered from shein in the past, and none of the tops fitted my bodyshape. I'm a size medium in other stores but in shein I have to be extra extra large to find something that fits me, and even then it's always so short. The sleeves always fall short and they are I'll fitted. So shein is good for more slim fit women but for us wide hip women, it's a pass..at least for me. PS..I enjoyed watching your video
briieme (3 months ago)
Lovena David really appreciate this comment!! Wish online sellers had shoulder width listings :(
Battlea (4 months ago)
I love it! I like to dress more on the modest side too, don't wanna be showing all my stuffs lol and you don't have to to look good!
Menang Menuo (4 months ago)
Love the polka skirt!
P Ssp (4 months ago)
miss your makeup application tips....
Jinal〈3 (4 months ago)
That white floral wrap dress is my favorite. 😍 Ordering it right away. Thank you for the discount code!
Sona D (4 months ago)
Hi Jovita ....loved the shoes and the blue top ....also the lace dress n tops luked really good on u ...will but the lace top n shoes ....thanks for the haul n ur vibrant energy...
Nivanthee Jayaraj (4 months ago)
You are amazing jovita.. Love your humour n super cool attitude
Leslie (4 months ago)
You are so beautiful! Everything looks great! I think my favorite is the blue top with the ruffles. You look really great in that cobalt color.
SILVER GYPSY (4 months ago)
I would love a tutorial on packing for travel.
Isha Arora (4 months ago)
Hey Jovita..wheres the belt from???
Isha Arora (4 months ago)
Jovita George thanks a ton Jovita 😘😘 N yeah... i’ve been following ur channel for years now n u r just awesome 😘
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Isha Arora I got it from Forever 21 but you get the same from Shein too ☺️
Kristen Dutsch (4 months ago)
Wish there was an English version all the items are adorable
Jovita George (4 months ago)
Kristen Dutsch in the top right corner of the website, you can change the language to English in a drop down 💕
Kristen Dutsch (4 months ago)
Adorable!!!! All of it
Linda Mercy (4 months ago)
Secret is out for the world 😂😂😂 you’re so funny!! I love you!
anjali vipin (4 months ago)
Make a video on how to pack for vaccation
Rachel Vera (4 months ago)
Such an enjoyable video thank you so much :) <3 you seem like such a nifty goddess with all the DIYs and all, please do make a video on your travel tips and DIYs as well. All your videos and the effort you take to make them is endearing. Personally changing into white tees with my make up on is hell for me by fearing patchy and stained collars :(
chithra samudrapandian (4 months ago)
Yes.. how do u pack .. n what essentials u pack ... Video
Swati Sahu (4 months ago)
Amazing haul Jovita...love the way you make videos so awsome. Wats ur lipshade btw... I love dat too... 😘😘😘
Poushali Chakraborty (4 months ago)
wowwwwww 😍😍😍 pllzzzzz do a review on maybelline fit me foundation
indu dakshi (4 months ago)
Super huge haul video... But I never get bored watching you. Your picks were all great and I simply loved them.. Actually I’m waiting for you to go on a vacation so that you’ll wear them and present it with so much confidence like you said 😍 Loads of love 💕
Aarthi Raman (4 months ago)
Loved the haul dear 😍
Preeti Bansal (4 months ago)
I love ur t-shirt😍
Daddys lil girl (4 months ago)
Did you changed your channel name.... It was Mr.jovita george
Sonia Poseidon (4 months ago)
I LOVE these frill skirts! WOW they build curved on their own and give off a spanish flamenco dancer vibe!
Keerthana PradeepKumar (4 months ago)
Loved all the pieces, especially the dresses and the Melanin tee. #represent 😍 I have never really shopped on Shein but with your discount code I will definitely give it a try😀 just a small thing I noticed is that, all the clothes would look alot nicer if you ironed/steamed them before trying it on. The meantime waiting for your next haul🤗😘
priyanka agarwal (4 months ago)
i just love ur choices...n i love u...u r full of energy..positivity...n this video is really helpful...thanku so much 🍫❤️❤️😘😘
ROMA K (4 months ago)
Lovely outfits ur choice is so pretty 💖

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