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How to Install Minecraft Forge and Rival Rebels

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Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Rival Rebels Downloads: http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html
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Text Comments (23)
The version I use is 1.12.2, not 1.7.10.
ShankTheDank (1 day ago)
It won’t let me type .minecraft does it have to be .minecraft?and I did what you did in the vid but the rival rebels mod doesn’t appear in the mod list
I'm following you (13 days ago)
I get a error saying there was a problem with severe mods I did everything plz help I only installed rival rebels
Ameenlox (20 days ago)
it does work but 1.12.2 stops working
ItsZoleil - Minecraft (2 months ago)
i needed to install java first but, thanks! im subbing
David S (3 months ago)
wtf .mincraft
Mr CoolSmall (6 months ago)
It just says Shutting down internal server.
der Kommentator _ (8 months ago)
I tried reinstalling it several times but it still didnt work. pls help!
der Kommentator _ (8 months ago)
all the steps I did were identical to what you did in the video, however when I opened the Minecraft launcher the 1.7.10 Forge client wasn't there. I then tried launching the game with other Forge client versions such as 1.8.9. The game was unable to launch with these clients, though.
sixfootsix50 (8 months ago)
did you download and run the recommended forge version?
der Kommentator _ (8 months ago)
Rival Rebels
sixfootsix50 (8 months ago)
and what mod are you trying to download
sixfootsix50 (8 months ago)
tell me what you did
der Kommentator _ (8 months ago)
the 1.7.10 forge client didn't appear in my launch options
Yannieris Roque (11 months ago)
I actually put the mod and then play button and then it show me a error
sixfootsix50 (10 months ago)
Did you use the same version of minecraft for the mod and forge?
why 4 likes ? lol this is great ! this mast get 1000 000 likes not only 4 !
sixfootsix50 (1 year ago)
thank you
Alex Blakeley (1 year ago)
Richard Gipson (1 year ago)
sixfootsix50 (1 year ago)
You are welcome
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Great Tutorial, I'm adding it to my RR installers playlist. (Add Rival Rebels to the title so it is easier for people to find it) thanks
sixfootsix50 (1 year ago)
Thank you

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