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Minecraft Shape Shifter Mod (Turn into any mob!)

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NEW VERSION :: http://youtu.be/SGziyX393qI See The Aether Mod :: http://youtu.be/tTdAngQW910 Have you ever wanted to be a creeper? Or a fine fangeled Enderman in black? Well now you can !!! Forum Post :: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1171650-125-shape-shifter-mod/ SS9 Website :: http://www.shadowstudios9.com
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Text Comments (94)
Talonoid (5 years ago)
weird* -_-
Kelly Irvine (5 years ago)
Your fucking retarded
Felipe Galvan (5 years ago)
Your voice is wired
HarrisonAGH (5 years ago)
U said the next mod is the giant
Michael Jackson (5 years ago)
very cool
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
hey... thanks for subscribing ^.^
k mccrory (5 years ago)
can people tame you as a wolf?
Jolene Mackinnon (5 years ago)
You said creeper insted of spider
вы англичаны хреновы4
Florino HD (5 years ago)
Deutsch Leute deutsch
Your power is never breaking diamond tools and weapons that are flame enchanted. also teleport
Skip the accent please
Quinton Taylor (5 years ago)
u said creepr wen u ment spider
Samer Abid (5 years ago)
Brocktree13 (5 years ago)
terrible commentary. Stop foolin around and show th vid. Also stop ripping off Skydoesminecraft. That is not cool
thelegitgamer (5 years ago)
tats really nifty that he thinks that dont you think
skythekidRS deadlox (5 years ago)
Can you turn into herobrine?
Joe D'Rozario (5 years ago)
freak other people out with enderman one by the way the enderman one teleports like real endermen
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
Creepers... spiders... they both have 8 legs and explode any way (:
CopicsAndManga (5 years ago)
You said "creepers special ability" when u were a spider.
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
well that's a... nifty... piece of information
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
there is a new shapeshifter mod that does, I'll be posting a video on it tomorrow (:
Marisa Tabone (5 years ago)
Sorry but noone says nifty no more :D
Daniel Snyder (5 years ago)
milomaractus (5 years ago)
Awesome if there was a enderdragon (and wither). still awesome though.
milomaractus (5 years ago)
You almost look like slenderman.
Ryan Bonilla (5 years ago)
Gamerglitch 37 (5 years ago)
cool man thanks
TheOriginalTeeHeeGod (5 years ago)
hey does this work for 1.5.2??
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
I'm glad you enjoy my videos (:
justins757 (5 years ago)
You deserve way more subscribers :D
MegaDukemaster (5 years ago)
Does this work for 1.5.2
Matthew Kirkley (5 years ago)
Umm no skeleton?
Arya Nalfein (5 years ago)
Slide around while sitting? Smells like Goldeneye 64 to me...
Alan Estrada (5 years ago)
Can it work on xbox 360
TheJack1033 (5 years ago)
Does this work with 1.5.1
ZachTheInsaneOne (5 years ago)
he is talking about his computer being stupid and you're asking if it works for 1.5.1? i doubt it
joshua ortiz (5 years ago)
whats 1.4.2?
Kristin Meyer (5 years ago)
chickens cant fly that long.... they can only fly for a couple of seconds!
Kristin Meyer (5 years ago)
wait... was the creeper holding the block in his mouth?!?!?
Kristin Meyer (5 years ago)
I know how u feel.
Teddy천사 (5 years ago)
how do u download this
Matthew (5 years ago)
You are a freak
sheila duff (5 years ago)
= 0
Jake Williams (5 years ago)
do you need forge or modloader??
Janet Barsimantov (5 years ago)
This sucks I watch MC videos just to tease me I dont have the computer MC i have the tablet version o.o
Yamada1234567891 (5 years ago)
redstone update plz
Marionette China (5 years ago)
Chris Lopez (5 years ago)
is it at the 1.5.1 update yet?
ken wildes (5 years ago)
Capin sparkle
karl põder (5 years ago)
päris lahe
Dave K (5 years ago)
If they do mobs on Xbox, this should be one of the first ones
adam bohy (5 years ago)
adam bohy (5 years ago)
next time turn into enderman and stay him cuz i like him
adam bohy (5 years ago)
its cool
JJboy Jay (5 years ago)
your voise sounds like a freakin retarded no avence
creeperman12309 (5 years ago)
How do you download it can U go tell me and also tell me if u have a sever and can i be in 1 of your videos thank you
Slimg99 (5 years ago)
DjSmash1999 (5 years ago)
vikings6988 (5 years ago)
lol the wolf is butt scooching
Michael DePasquale (5 years ago)
plz respond if i have any other mods running like too many items and i press u it wont respond
Khylen Kievits (5 years ago)
if you're an enderman does it hurt you when you go into water?
Maxigast (5 years ago)
Floris je bent homo
Old Channel (5 years ago)
Can you turn into a cow!
Epic Gaming (5 years ago)
can you use it for 1.4.7
martin desmond (5 years ago)
i know that name
gabriel gavrilov (5 years ago)
Hsfshavcrbecvavcscv means I like it varying
devin sparkle (5 years ago)
does the blaze(enderman,snowman) get hurt in water?
Tabitho (5 years ago)
I like this video. I think u should make more like it. And also... HOW DO YOU GET THIS MOD ON MINECRAFT 1. 4. 6??????????
MrJason8992 (5 years ago)
It's easy to troll people with that mod
Chuck Norris (5 years ago)
just download MCNostalgia you can downgrade your minecraft to anything!
tru (5 years ago)
Hey need to update this mod
MrAnderson (5 years ago)
mathew perkins (5 years ago)
you should do it on mutie player and mess with peapoles minds
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
not yet
dannymaxable (5 years ago)
does it work for 1.4.2
Ana Amari (5 years ago)
Can you do a gameplay with this mod
TheReviewer88 (5 years ago)
yea... to the form, where is is the download on the forum. It only showed comments, I cant find where it says "download mod"... help
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
There is a link in the description
TheReviewer88 (5 years ago)
where do you go on the forum to download it?
shadowstudios (5 years ago)
Ah that is def a tough break ):
Eva Dimova (5 years ago)
my computer is soooo stupid and slow and i cant have any mods i was have only 2 TMI and Aethe,aether was laging soooooooo much and i was cant play tmi was okay but after 5 days my minecraft crashed and i was need to force update my minecraft and i hate my computer I WANT NEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!!!!!!!
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
I didn't know that! Thanks :D
Shekinah Phillips (6 years ago)
if your a spider mobs dont attat you. you now
Shekinah Phillips (6 years ago)
blow up ha
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
Very true! You never see bricks bc clay is such a pain to get massive amounts of
Olivia Olynciw (6 years ago)
I like fish xD lots of clay
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
It should be coming around shortly, the creator seems to work at a decent pace. I can PM you like Ryo here when I see it has been updated if you want?
LazarusRox (6 years ago)
That would be wonderful.
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
From what I have seen Sylaek works pretty fast. I'm keeping an eye on it myself, so I will send you a youtube PM when it gets updated if you want?
LazarusRox (6 years ago)
I hope so.
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
Don't worry they are hard at work on it (: Sadly due to the nature of filming things early this came out right at the 1.3.1 update. But I'm sure the wait will be a short one!
shadowstudios (6 years ago)
Thank's a ton :D
LazarusRox (6 years ago)
shadow tell the guys at the mod shapeshifters to update it to 1.3.1

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