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SiegeCraft Mod

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I explore the SiegeCraft Mod! A very goddamn awesome yet frustrating xD mod with a ton of features that will make your next siege battle epic. A lot of cool mobs, items and other things are integrated into this mod. The very amazing Gothen111 produced this one. Link to SiegeCraft Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/647153-124smp-siegecraft-28b-with-modloadermp-and-forge/
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Text Comments (227)
STONEWALL JACK (2 years ago)
какво е това
Polo Rodriguez (2 years ago)
speak up
fabio moraes (2 years ago)
adorei   e   muito  legal   daora     falada   vitória
I AM SPARTAN 04 (4 years ago)
Cant here you
Droopathie Maharaj (4 years ago)
what the heck at the ending lol I did put my vol low and it was extremely loud
Filxppos P (4 years ago)
Thydeus Coltsworthy (5 years ago)
your sound is to loud and i can't hear you clear
Irakli Khubulava (5 years ago)
cant hear youuuuuuuuuuu damn
Corona (5 years ago)
Half Death?
oCrazi Dez (5 years ago)
u need to turn game volume down
Arogorn 708 (5 years ago)
Arogorn 708 (5 years ago)
Jeffrey Hacker (5 years ago)
Jeffrey Hacker (5 years ago)
Missbrody D (5 years ago)
Turn down speakers
Michael Jreige (5 years ago)
where is the thing a ma giggy?
David Dunne (5 years ago)
speak louder please
MrRubenvos123 (5 years ago)
Turn* down* speak*
IIJamesieII (5 years ago)
Cany here
NateQuinn2000 (5 years ago)
Tern done your volume or Speke up
DPB (5 years ago)
Can't here
minebossness (5 years ago)
I can't. Here
APinchOfDecay (5 years ago)
angelique martin (5 years ago)
Miner zombies look cute!!
Lorann Shand (5 years ago)
Jesse Martin (5 years ago)
paul andrei dubria (5 years ago)
Can you turn your soune higher
Marlene Nanooch (5 years ago)
i me play minecraft
Luke Spreadborough (5 years ago)
yea like all the other comments you needed to have turned the sound down so we can hear you
TheAdvancedBucket (5 years ago)
Boring as shit
i taked on max you killed my sister!!
James Worden (5 years ago)
7:46 BoOoOoOoOoOmMmMmMmM SHIT!!! >:|
Vyctoriaaahϟ (5 years ago)
M shawwa (5 years ago)
I play
pinkguyroxverytime (5 years ago)
Maks vovk (5 years ago)
epic face (5 years ago)
Max volume yah
Darko K-Strainovic (5 years ago)
06:27 the Ballista. I scared my ass off
alayna jones (5 years ago)
wtf i cant hear but i put some head phones on turned it up to max and im ok i have a kindle you should get one they are relly good trust me
TheWorstDancerEver (5 years ago)
I just want to know.... how do people go SO LONG without noticing the creepers? HOW?
ZerixZero (5 years ago)
had 2 take a shit and watch this...otherwise i woulda go bored and left
Freddy Mares (5 years ago)
Freddy Mares (5 years ago)
John And John (5 years ago)
9:15 R.I.P For Headphone users X_X
Annie Nguyen (5 years ago)
He kill the zombie
Annie Nguyen (5 years ago)
It the zombie
Tanner Wilkinson (5 years ago)
Turn up your volulome
CrazySubaru (5 years ago)
I saw a pork chop cooked
Hedda (5 years ago)
R.I.P all headphone wearers
johnson truong (5 years ago)
I can hear him perfectly fine :D
brianna recore (5 years ago)
jaime cunningham (5 years ago)
Bailey Milburn (5 years ago)
i turned my computer to as high as possible and i still hear mummumummumumum :[
destroyerdemon deryk (5 years ago)
Really bad audio
couldnt agree more :)
Lemonsandwich (5 years ago)
chris lemus (5 years ago)
xD fail
kustimork (6 years ago)
Sound fail!!!!!!
Max Kleisch (6 years ago)
No, You may not blow up youtube.
4lifemclovin (6 years ago)
Sweet. I'm gonna make videos like that!
seanray29 (6 years ago)
TheGameTeam (6 years ago)
o0 ^
bretbod99 (6 years ago)
Great video but next time speak louder!
SuperMega IHateThis (6 years ago)
and then the pig zombies spawned and i got a heartattack ._.
gdollar58 (6 years ago)
Come on why can the zombies climb
Martin (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if your sound is not a toaster like Silentcow69 and MrRubenvos123 has :P
ZaBuKra (6 years ago)
brooks robinson (6 years ago)
Dude turn up yur mic
brooks robinson (6 years ago)
Dude turn up hit Mic
MassivxCrafter (6 years ago)
i had my vm all up and still couldent hear
MrSunezata (6 years ago)
What Is That In The End?
ROBB CAREY (6 years ago)
apriljomama (6 years ago)
is dar a poop zombe
BeastMCplayer [YOLO] (6 years ago)
Your ferry quiet
Ramon Vaders (6 years ago)
sabzz23 (6 years ago)
9:01 WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUT A WARNING 1 SECOND BEFORE IT HAPPENS?! Do you think anyone has the reflexes to put their sound down after half a fucking second???
MrRubenvos123 (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you turned your volume to max
Maggie (6 years ago)
I didn't even now there was volume till i read this
Sharvarkie (6 years ago)
even tho i know that you know your not loud im going to say Y I NO HEAR U anyway. :P btw sharks like me have inner ears so it was it is impossible to hear you for fellow sharks like me
KuroiShi (6 years ago)
de te hovno slyset vole
pamelaeilf (6 years ago)
some where around 6:28
pamelaeilf (6 years ago)
6:28 scared me
ahmed aljeemaz (6 years ago)
y u no loud
Jonathan Marsters (6 years ago)
I can't hear you
Suh dude (6 years ago)
The ghast zombie gave me a siezue
Tiller (6 years ago)
i tried to but my volume is at 100%
zombieman 2k00 (6 years ago)
cant hear a thing
TheMagnaTeam (6 years ago)
next time turn down ur minecraft sound please thumps up if u agree
Corbin Wegner (6 years ago)
And I still couldn't hear
Corbin Wegner (6 years ago)
Fix ur mic I had to turn it up to 100%
TheLittleWormThatCould (6 years ago)
OW I didn't realize it was THAT loud at 9:15 and it was up 100%! I'm supprized I didn't go deef!
TheLittleWormThatCould (6 years ago)
oh well... were not alone.
TheLittleWormThatCould (6 years ago)
I had to turn it up 100%
theitalianstallion98 (6 years ago)
thumbs up if u almost had or if u had a heart attack when he used the ghost zombies
DA MAN WHO RAPES (6 years ago)
What's that you said I CAN'T HEAR U... Nope still can't hear u
NOTYURBISNESS (6 years ago)
thanks for the warning looks like a fun mod i would get it but i dont know how to enable mods
Totis Salinas (6 years ago)
wtf speak louder
Randal Boggs (6 years ago)
I liked it but speak a little bit louder next time
kaleb miller (6 years ago)
i turned my volumw all the way up still couldnt hear a word

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