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Minecraft Mini-Game : DO NOT LAUGH! (TONY'S COMEBACK, ET 2!) w/ Facecam

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ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT TO GRAB YOUR LUCK OF THE OFFICE SHIRT https://teespring.com/lucky-sky JOIN SKY, RED, ROSS, AND BARNEY AS THEY PLAY DO NOT LAUGH, WHERE THE GOAL IS TO SCORE 3 POINTS BY MAKING EACHOTHER LAUGH! Friends Channels! Barney – https://www.youtube.com/thatguybarney Ross – https://www.youtube.com/user/raginghouse Red – https://www.youtube.com/user/redvacktor Hey guys, thanks for joining us for another Minecraft Do Not Laugh! Today SkyDoesMinecraft, House_Owner, ThatGuyBarney, and RedVacktor come together to play Do Not Laugh! Sky starts us off strong with an impressive rap about Toni Pepperoni, and Barney doesn’t stand a chance. Ross has to make Sky laugh now, and he does so with a song – Sky then finds a massive door machine that Ross made and hid under the map. In Barney’s joke for Ross he dons a camera and tries to sell him snowboxes – because, I mean, snowballs are great, so why not boxes right. What did the camera have to do with anything? Only Barney knows. For Red’s joke, he dons a Barney skin with a photo of Barney’s face and starts speaking Barney to him. In Sky’s next joke, he’s representing Kanye West’s new business venture: a buffet. When Red walks in he finds that there’s no food, but Sky charges him 53 million dollars for entering the building. Red jumps off the map. Barney gets Sky to laugh by making him bob for apples – while he’s underwater and at his weakest, Apple attacks. Ross makes Barney laugh with a maniacal play – he comes out on stage dressed as Travis the Tree, and sets his fellow trees on fire because his parents disowned him. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Ross nearly burns down the whole map, but the group manages to save it and move on to Barney’s joke (after Ross gives us a little song about Oscar Meyer wieners, that is). Barney puts on a Luck of the Office shirt and the Hot Dog God blesses him with plentiful hot dogs – you can buy your very own Luck of the Office t-shirt for a limited time at the link above. Barney sends E.T. home – forcefully, and in a massive plane, which he crashes. Sky makes his final joke for Ross, where he calls Ross with coordinates to a mysterious place. Ross can’t handle it and leaves the game. That’s it for this Minecraft Do Not Laugh – join us next time for more Do Not Laugh! Follow me on these cool things! http://www.zergid.com/sky http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesTweeting http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia
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Text Comments (12100)
Fire Fusion (3 days ago)
BlackLeg 13 (5 days ago)
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAluigi for smash ultimate
SEA BUNNY (8 days ago)
silvia ramirez (14 days ago)
Wallow Ouija
XSpo0kie ToastX (15 days ago)
Tiggler mc (15 days ago)
I used to have a lucky shirt but then I got unlucky and lost it
Ian West (23 days ago)
Idea for a joke: give barney an apple.(red as apple) "thats me br... myz...my... *coughs* brother, sorry i gots the cold, ya know what... call in the big boys. Then someone runs in as an ent (oak tree thing) and says "leave my son alone." Then shoots them in the head "thatle teach ya to mess with my disowned son" *jumps off platform*
Daniel Nevins (24 days ago)
Yo what does subcribe mean
gamingunicornz (24 days ago)
DYLwaffle (24 days ago)
So i hook up my luigi board to my wall so now its a waluigi board
Can you put that rap on Spotify?
Pufferfish 2074 (27 days ago)
Block Wizard (1 month ago)
This was the start of netnobody.
Gavin Gordon (1 month ago)
Tony peporin I be cooking a flame got papa John's and them they be out of the game so home and by our pizza we be all the game if u don't by our pizza then u kinda lame
Pokemon Master (1 month ago)
katiekat (1 month ago)
Temy_games (2 months ago)
9:48 ded
Jfdydwsa Sgjwto (2 months ago)
The Captain (2 months ago)
The Fastest Demon (2 months ago)
SALTY_WHITE_BOY (2 months ago)
3:35 ThatGuyVackter
DragonairER (2 months ago)
Woah Skrillx (3 months ago)
Diet Pizza (3 months ago)
KING OF NONSENSE (3 months ago)
KING OF NONSENSE (3 months ago)
YOU UGLY BEAST - said the one eyed purple dinosaur who speaks backwards
KittyBooRocks5 (3 months ago)
Is Ross a comedian
JayPlaysGamesYT (3 months ago)
So.. you sell drugs? -Ross
JOSEPH Broseph (3 months ago)
LovesACurse ForMe (3 months ago)
_Sammy.-.Gecko_ (3 months ago)
paradox gaming8 (3 months ago)
Ah the old days where people would put on a play about trees and half way thru BURN THEM ALL
Yang Xlaolong (3 months ago)
Can I still get a shirt
Lorelai Mesecher (4 months ago)
Waluigi 👍
He calling u snacc
jackflinchbaugh (4 months ago)
I was waiting for “this is air Ross”
Jfdydwsa Sgjwto (4 months ago)
Elijah Smith (5 months ago)
Lyra and the Platypus (5 months ago)
Aprill Gaming (5 months ago)
Katie - (6 months ago)
Gonna be the last comment on this favorite video of mine!
Jenny Kenny (6 months ago)
Rip et lol 🤣😂😃😅😆
Man Pig (7 months ago)
Josiah (7 months ago)
Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mire wiener
Bobascotch (7 months ago)
Just seeing Ross slowly fly an airplane is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen!! ;D
David Craft M.C. (7 months ago)
Yo Tony's back on the flaming Track!!!
Witherman180 (7 months ago)
I has a joke you say why does Ross have so many good jokes, because he is one
FNAF LPS Gamer (7 months ago)
hey sky i know im late but how is mayson sorry dont no how to spell that im only 8 but i just wanna know
Wesley Choy (7 months ago)
I ordered the shirt and instantly won the lottery for $50,000 THANK YOU
MikuLala :3 (7 months ago)
The Flash (7 months ago)
Red cyborg Ninja dude (8 months ago)
Red cyborg Ninja dude (8 months ago)
WaffleCo (8 months ago)
RaiderHawk81 (8 months ago)
Starry Daze (8 months ago)
LittleKawiiKitten 06 (8 months ago)
At 1:52 when Ross said he was going to sing a song and the door noise was happening I couldn't hear it in till Adam got close but before he did I thought when Ross flipped the switch he timed it with him turning off this mic.!
Emerald TV (8 months ago)
Milky Way Duff duff (8 months ago)
kobi vsgaming (8 months ago)
Quacks Da Duck (9 months ago)
Why Luigi?!
Dark_CrIEs (9 months ago)
Kiia Kamilla (9 months ago)
Ross is like a fiiirewooork! I never eat wiith a fork! Ross's face is so fa bi lous!!! Everyone is freaking ug ly... Yea... **puts a firework**
Littykyu Games (9 months ago)
Memes are life memes are my soul
Ender_Cheetah Gamer (9 months ago)
The way YouTube Sinsasion RedVacktor as apple saying tony peproionie 😂😂😂
Lergin (10 months ago)
Baconhair Shooter (10 months ago)
Sky do some more tony jokes here's one too jump from something high and sing that song from that one vid as a dwarf
OwmyBoring (10 months ago)
Waluigi. XD
Introverted Fox (10 months ago)
I can t get over how Ross just said my parents disowned me. But THE SONG OF THE TWEES WAS AMAZING
Melisa Gonzalez (10 months ago)
GINORMOUS GAY LMFAO (10 months ago)
Chibi Panda (10 months ago)
When Adam rap, IT WAS AWESOME. That must taken a long time to practice it!!!😁
Taylor Gratrix (10 months ago)
Richelle Gan (10 months ago)
Glitter slime 320 (11 months ago)
What if you bob for apples but this time Apple says bonbon Sickler I got one and when you come up every body is an apple
Capelock Chambers (11 months ago)
Josh Davis (11 months ago)
What planes mod is that?
Fran Girl (11 months ago)
Waluwigi (I have no idea how to spell it)
Graham R (11 months ago)
To think that everyone in this video is no longer doing YouTube...
XKayMoonlight (4 months ago)
Graham R Also Adam's back on the YouTube's
XKayMoonlight (4 months ago)
Graham R Ross is. I'm not sure about Barney and Red.
ThatCrazedOtaku1621 (11 months ago)
Kanye...??? Like....Kanye West....all da fangrells know what I'm talkin bout! (it's not sexism cause I was never really sure what gender Grell was trying to be XD)
James Neal (11 months ago)
Moonlight Singer (11 months ago)
Am I the only one how gets up when Adam rqps and dance like your in a rap battle.....
Nyan Cat (11 months ago)
I love Tony
Idiot Emoji123 (11 months ago)
listen listen it is completely of topic of the vid but still I want you to hear me out. Barney must never have to go to the doctor
Sub if you came here because skydoesminecraft quit YouTube
UltimateWaffles2 (1 year ago)
he just should have called ross so it said ross da slothe
Nick (1 year ago)
Tony pepperoni has a better chance at rapping than selling pizzas
JayPlaysGamesYT (1 year ago)
Best do not laugh
frogking (1 year ago)
I got a joke if everything else fails....... It's time sky...get the double hands....WEEEEAOAOAOAWEEOAOAOAWOEO
Mr Jawsome Jaws (1 year ago)
Brii Mines (1 year ago)
MrFlamingFist (1 year ago)
Jackichu the awesome (1 year ago)
Stormo (1 year ago)
snake Reynolds (1 year ago)
Saturday LuNAtiC (1 year ago)
NO's I's Barney, youz dirt!!! Drink's me goatz milk and appelz!!!!! Hergh heh heigh XD
Saturday LuNAtiC (1 year ago)
How the hell do you rap so fast without messin up???
Evelyn Smith (1 year ago)
I have a joke Hay barney Guess what Then you throw an apple and a piece of dirt in some lava. Then say I guess I am the king of the world now and put on a paper crown

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