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ACTUAL HACKER GETS BANNED! (Minecraft Build Battle)

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Text Comments (781)
Clong_Clong Galang (1 day ago)
do only ur fav block challenge
Zero Gaming (1 day ago)
Jessa Monica (3 days ago)
Decio Splendiani (5 days ago)
1 like nope 16534.15631265 likes yes
Multiplayer Gamer (6 days ago)
You copy disame bike like me Yo in Minecraft
Maarten Braakman (6 days ago)
I didnt now
Maarten Braakman (6 days ago)
Is he dutch
Tzumer (6 days ago)
7:10 LOL the guy in the chat....
rokass karinauskas (6 days ago)
next time build pool not 8 ball pool
NoelPvP (6 days ago)
Cj Thomas (7 days ago)
Wow ur good at guitar Lol.
Australian Tree (8 days ago)
I can smell your teen spirit
Fallout4 Troll (8 days ago)
Sick guitar and electronic guitar skills man! :D Keep up the awesome both of you! Btw can you do the *only rainbow challenge?* tip: only build with rainbow blocks Love your videos and as I said keep up the awesome work! Bye! :3
XxBigballxX Gaming (8 days ago)
Sup from the Philippines
SLIME ASMR (8 days ago)
Auto clicker hack??
The Playstation Gamer (8 days ago)
They will write swimming pool. These people from Build Battle are noobs or stupid. They can't read.
Jenno Brouwer (8 days ago)
Can you guys play pro mode as well? Speel ook pro modus! Praat ook een keer Nederlands, lijkt me ook leuk om te horen.
Teun Reusen (8 days ago)
Nederland voor het leven
Power_Nerd (8 days ago)
video starts at 0:00 you're welcome :o
Rian Putra (8 days ago)
Obama:bakso sate😂😂 (meatball satay) 😆😅😄😂😂
Mr Sparky 103 (9 days ago)
Manga is a fruit I search it was an Filipino version of mango
John Cena (9 days ago)
Most minecraft players are little kids so they never heard of a pool table Lmao
eunice baldovino (9 days ago)
vonne anthony baigen (9 days ago)
Build a cool dragon plsss
savager z (10 days ago)
JoleeBro XT (10 days ago)
1st like and enjoyng to video!
a Canadian guy 564 (10 days ago)
Dang Jerry and Harry are SUPER GOOD at the guitar
TheOrange Planet (10 days ago)
It is called billiard and pool and i hate those voters to be dumb enough to not realise
Jack Jack (10 days ago)
how did u get 14 on pool??!!!?!!?!???!?!?!?!
TheLmaoBrothers (10 days ago)
*M O M ‘ S S P A H G H E T T I*
Cyrus Manahan (10 days ago)
710 comment
pupyfanatic44 (10 days ago)
If they were doing a reverse vote challenge then that means y’all won the second round by making last place
Albert Arceo (10 days ago)
please do face reveal
Tuấn Kiệt (11 days ago)
John Lavender (11 days ago)
I love ur intro
Rojhae Thomas (11 days ago)
Only anime builds challenge plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
we lin (11 days ago)
Pinkbunnie 08 (11 days ago)
moyashi (11 days ago)
Where is the hacker??
AlvinCraftMC (11 days ago)
Your guitar skill is AMAZING
I think the cheater is the one that put a boat in a pool...
DreiHD • (11 days ago)
Feel Bad bout getting last place tho… they are probably just simple kids doesn't know the world of pool 😂 Edit: Nice Guitar skill tho…
shrimp Hands (11 days ago)
Actual like button clicked
Fica Mica (11 days ago)
When I go a beach, I always swollow the water. Once I got REALLY sick and my head started shaking!
Oskar Ingvarsson (11 days ago)
Click the nice button!
Fazbear Frizzy (11 days ago)
You know how people post videos of draw my life this time what if you guys do build my life challenge or the most beautiful scenery in your life do it at a random world
Helplure (11 days ago)
Only Legendary and Super Poop vote challenge
SMGthroughSPACE (11 days ago)
if jerry and harry responds to this comment, Your Channel does not have as much views as it used to be the channel is dying right now, what will you do except every april 1st you just make a rick rolled face reveal you have a choice: 1. Make a Face Reveal 2. make something that is interesting 3. Make more Mod Reviews and more Maps!! not being offensive.
Red One (11 days ago)
Only red and white color challenge pls
Itzツ RiZeX (11 days ago)
18:35 wa wa wa wa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chaszczak (11 days ago)
Upside-down CHALLANGE !!!
xLuckyDrop (11 days ago)
Redister (11 days ago)
Lovely jerry and harry pls make a body reveal :0
Blue A (11 days ago)
copy a picture from google
Justin Kim (11 days ago)
For the 2nd round I think you lost because I think people thought your build was a Billiard
Buyenyen Natividad (11 days ago)
*Jer and Har's intro makes me dance out of my chair everytime...*
Aku Alin (11 days ago)
So back
CinnamonSpear 1 (11 days ago)
Do the only ores challenge!!! I really want to see you do it
luigi perolino (11 days ago)
only black color blocks (idk if they agree with this)
ROBLOX PLAYER (11 days ago)
I have a challenge to you Jerry and Harry only chat challenge tnx
Karen Ross Keim (11 days ago)
They have heard about a pool-table, but the theme was pool not pool-table, Btw you guys are amazing builders! :)
Fidgetmidget 747 (11 days ago)
Do the build nothing challenge
Riclemic Pickle (12 days ago)
Face reveal or i will never like ur vids again and next time u do it dont troll i iam gonna come
Beatrice (12 days ago)
Love the guitar skill 😂
Challenge: The build has to be from Google
Mildred Roldan (12 days ago)
The reason we were holding poop is because you did not poot a pool
One Way (12 days ago)
Dylan1B (12 days ago)
Hey I’m new I just saw your fortnite building and I was wondering if you can do it again😊
Yael Playz (12 days ago)
Dont vote challenge pls!!!! :D
Daddy Fat Boi (12 days ago)
Instead of the video being in Jerry’s POV there should be a build battle video in Harry’s POV instead
VampGamerk AYT (12 days ago)
Play Bed Wars J&H Like if you agree
Milat Sabah Salih (12 days ago)
Only jungle leaf plz :D
Yhany Chico (12 days ago)
No avatar is anime. It also have manga
aistis ciutas (5 days ago)
0:17 The person in the back is me (sitsia)
- MakinProfitzGT - (12 days ago)
Anime is cartoons from japan -.- and manga is anime but in a book
Toad's Tales (12 days ago)
Bike is short for Bichael
Dewa Pandubumi (12 days ago)
Ivin Choi (12 days ago)
That was a very offensive joke to the Chinese bro I'm not criticizing u but I am a Chinese
Beast Mode Noob (12 days ago)
That intermission tho
jolick go (12 days ago)
Only make 2 building
The Gaming Android (12 days ago)
Dye colored blocks challenge. Note:you can't use wood or anything that can't be colored with dye.
FortniteBoii :0 (12 days ago)
I been waited Hte report button Finally its in it=DDz
Russel Quibo (12 days ago)
I press the like button
Russel Quibo (12 days ago)
Its like a buzzing bee
Russel Quibo (12 days ago)
I like the end
GMIOM 777 (12 days ago)
Hey guys, are you brothers or something?
victorious gaming (12 days ago)
jerry and harry pls do only anime builds
Wrongbuttonz DaBeast (12 days ago)
Set the them (random) for all 3 rounds
Plush Legends (12 days ago)
Do only super poop and legendary challenge
Jony Marin (12 days ago)
Did I just get clickbated
Donutmuncher lps (12 days ago)
Not gonna lie but u guys almost sound exactly the same XD
EmeraldGamer MC (12 days ago)
17:20 that guitar skill was pretty PRO
HypervisionYT (12 days ago)
Manga is basicly comics in japan smh not no animation
emily (12 days ago)
Make everything disney based.
Darmawan gaminG (12 days ago)
Only use all kinds of stone challenge plz... You are the best build battle :)
Sara Ongaku (12 days ago)
Can we get 1 like? You already have 1k but have mine too
Toothy honey badger (12 days ago)
You forgot the holes in the middle of the pool table
Larra Juvida (12 days ago)
Damn, that guitar skills though 😂 i wanna learn how to play a guitar but i cant bc 1. I dont have a guitar and 2. Im broke so it means i cant buy one, i want to hear those guitar skills again
Luke Matheus (12 days ago)
FØRZA! ツ (12 days ago)
Babeeeee Oof

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