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Portal 2 Teaser Trailer

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Portal 2 is targeted for launch in 2011 on the PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Xbox 360 platforms. For more information on Portal 2, please visit http://www.thinkwithportals.com.
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Text Comments (8815)
Kirby sees all (7 hours ago)
*nostalgia intensifies*
She returns...
Laldinthara Khiangte (2 days ago)
Could watch this the whole damn day.
Daryl (2 days ago)
2018. Still Chills.
SheepBlippy (3 days ago)
7 years since last Portal 10 years since last Team Fortress 11 years since last Half Life why
iiFirePhoenix Gaming (3 days ago)
2018 anyone?
InkwellTheRussianBlue (4 days ago)
Best game. No beating it. Get out of here.
thorsten94vfl (8 days ago)
I've played many games, like the most people here. There are a whole lot of good games- and a lot of games who are best in their genre. CoD MW2/BLO are more or less excellent shooters, same for BC2 and BF3. All are the best in their genre, but it would not consider all 4 to be in the list of the best games. I dont know, Alien Isolation is a very good stealth-game, but i dont think that it has a huge fanbase or that you compare it to a lot of games. ACII is more or less perfect, i am not a huge fan of HL, i never found the connection to it. :( But Portal and Portal 2 are without any mistakes. Both games are the closest to what i would define as perfect. They have little bugs and nothing in Life is perfect, i would rate Portal 1 97% and Portal 2 99%. Nothing is perfect, so there will be no 100%, but Portal 2 misses nothing. I cannot think of any element that would make the game better. Portal 2 is an epic journey.
Now QuestGames (8 days ago)
Quien mas sigue viendo esto en 2018? V:
Wilo Polis (9 days ago)
And this trailer is mostly just the first 2 chapters. This game is so, so amazing, and so, so densely packed
They are still making games
Bismuth_Girl (13 days ago)
This game was definitely way ahead of it's time. It's just too bad that Valve doesn't make games anymore.
Armen Ghazaryan (15 days ago)
I wait 14 years half-life and portal 3 7
Armen Ghazaryan (15 days ago)
i am cry gabe plz half life 3 and portal 3 doooooo
Cole Channel (16 days ago)
Valve pls make Portal 3 not artifact or what is it called portal is the best game ever I played....
TanTheCooIMan (16 days ago)
I cannot wait for this game!
Toni Vrbos (18 days ago)
0:21 the cube is stuck on something
Ryanman99994 (18 days ago)
If Portal Still Alive and Portal 2 came to PS4 I wouldn't care about Portal 3!
The Harvinator (19 days ago)
for science you monster
EA games (19 days ago)
Who came from the future after the news about the new portal game coming for VR?
Sliffer z (20 days ago)
canal fudido (20 days ago)
sean delaney (25 days ago)
i am waiting for portal 3
Simon el disnosaurio (27 days ago)
(Excuse my English, but I did it with the Google translator) Listen, it is impossible that they do not remove a PORTAL 3 at some time, impossible. I am not saying that this year, nor the next, nor the next, nor the next, but they are not going to leave people like that, I just do not believe it. I also realize that they always do a portal spin-off every few years, (maybe it's profitable?) Someday they'll launch a horde of games again and leave their little portal spinoffs and ... boom! Portal 3 comes out of nowhere, but I think it's going to take a while ... Also, for me it will come out when there are new writers or more stories to tell in a story that was believed finished. Maybe in 20 years who knows ... Maybe in 9-9-9-9 years ... Maybe in 1.1.1 years ... Let me dream guys ..
Aicitell (1 month ago)
I guess I got here just a little late... But hecc that's worth it
Simon el disnosaurio (27 days ago)
Me too :")
Álvaro C (1 month ago)
Well at least have a Lego dimensions level it's no Portal 3 but it's something
TheOfficialRossatron (1 month ago)
One of the best games I have ever had the joy of playing.
zeus 4444 (1 month ago)
Why does glados looks different is ther something I don’t know about
Finn Gerber (1 month ago)
Because they didnt like the old one.
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
Many people killed GLaDOS, sooo manyyyyy - y- y -y --- You monsters.
andrey331 (1 month ago)
8 years ago 2k18 The best game,thanks
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
andrey331 Yup, still fantastic
MarioMineZ (1 month ago)
I think I just came.
Arin Wolfe (1 month ago)
Question: I have heard Rumors that P0RTAL 3, Half Life 3 Episode 1 & Left For Dead 3 are all going to be on the Source 2 Engine (Which looks amazing btw) Is this true? Because we already have confirmation that you guys are at least *Working* on L4D3. Please I would like some sort of answer!
Edward Sebastian (1 month ago)
when valve realesed a new game... its been a looooong time...
Edward Sebastian true
Lissander Knight (1 month ago)
Simon el disnosaurio (27 days ago)
[ jumps ]
Aaron Corporation (1 month ago)
Half-Portal 3
Aaron Corporation (1 month ago)
Portal-Life 3
Aaron Corporation (1 month ago)
Half-Life 3
Aaron Corporation (1 month ago)
Portal 3?
Albert Pavlas (1 month ago)
Stop with the _"Portal 3"_ comments already. Be glad that at least ONE of Valves games is complete.
Bakiyochi84 (1 month ago)
Pear Flies (1 month ago)
Oryx (1 month ago)
EVERYBODY THEY JUST ANNOUNCED THAT PORTAL 3 IS COMING!!!!! ... is what I would say if Portal 3 was announced
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
Oryx Sadly
Theia Alliance Core (1 month ago)
7 years and this is still the most amazing game ever made...
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
Theia Alliance Core Yes, that's true
wolfieg (2 months ago)
0:20 song?
fano man 92 (1 month ago)
wolfieg recontuction science
TeoGaming (2 months ago)
i want portal 3
Jhon Salchichon (2 months ago)
8,704 comment!
TwiCunt (2 months ago)
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest games ever 🎉
zeus 4444 (2 months ago)
Make portal 3
Der Lennox (2 months ago)
Please do portal 3
Kento Nishi (2 months ago)
Portal 3?
Now QuestGames (2 months ago)
Quien de 2018? V:
Nick - Collum - (2 months ago)
Orgasm from all the nostalgia 😍
AqarI [GD] (2 months ago)
For people that wait for Half-Life 3... 2 half's of life make an ENTIRE life so no Half-Life 3
Not Spiderman (2 months ago)
That was kray kray😮😀😀😀🙂
Mark D. Nazaret (2 months ago)
Almost 8 years.... Well, I think that's still time...
Glados boise good!
Flamedwater Films (2 months ago)
I love how well valve did to keep most of the game out of wraps. The only thing we got to see from the game before release was the coop initiative and most of post portal 1 aperture. We saw NOTHING of wheatley laboratories OR Aperture Science innovators. I loved that cause it made the surprise so much more greater
The DramaLlama (2 months ago)
This looks better than the game itself
2018 here!
Ibrahim Yusifzade (2 months ago)
Laldin Thara (2 months ago)
Great. The B*TCH woke up.
AtlasMan (2 months ago)
I hate portals... .
Mlgm8 (2 months ago)
When I was like 7 I was medicinally addicted to this game
The DramaLlama (2 months ago)
Mlgm8 I AM
R% (3 months ago)
The rumor behind half life 1 is that the portal is the border of mexicu + united states + other countries and the aliens are an symbol of different types of illegal immigrants invading the united states. Gman is the forms of goverment and still are dealing with Freemans choices + targeting of people and mistakes of who he is around . the begining of opposing force is an alternate ending + corporal shephard havving to live in the subway train is an example of having to live in the insane asylum jail; and or prison because of choices involving other people and talking to too many people ,and Gman telling corporal shephard he doesnt have to live in the train subway is an alternate ending also because of his legal choices and non involvement with other people including soldiers and acts to innocent scientists or securty gaurds ect. Still waiting for that throwback series of new half life opposing force 2 and blueshift 2 mini series.-R% team Christian R% defeated half life 1 in preschool into kindergarden after playing pokemon + m&ms math game & starfox on n64 , lets not forget tony haweks pro skater on n64 and be bop.-R% team
Snowcone Guy (3 months ago)
8 years later this just makes me sad
1 1 (3 months ago)
Го портал 3 пацаны, вы ж могёте))
I love portal 2
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
ez nem tudom mi ez a kép Same
Javi Acevs (3 months ago)
Take out Portal 3 on this year
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
Javi Acevs Dream on xD
F.L.A.G (3 months ago)
When Valve makes games
Android marshmalow (3 months ago)
please make portal 3
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
Android marshmalow ..
Melodic (3 months ago)
InfiniVid (3 months ago)
i feel old
Ivanka Bumbarova (3 months ago)
Make portal3 with gumball
Simon el disnosaurio (27 days ago)
MJ Krebs (3 months ago)
If they ever announce Portal 3 you wanna know the first thing I’m gonna say is? It’s been a looooooooong time
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
MJ Krebs It's been a loooooooooooooooo -o - - o- n' ti--- How have you been? You monster..
GLaDOS (3 months ago)
It's been a long time...
Ares5933 (3 months ago)
*generic comment asking for portal 3* no but seriously please make a sequel for the sequel
Terry Versaw (3 months ago)
WeThe Bean (3 months ago)
I miss portal 2 so much. It is my favorite xbox 360 game. VALVE MAKE IT FOR XBOX ONE, LIKE IF YOU AGREE
Game Play Star LP (1 month ago)
WeThe Bean Nope, I don't aggree... Because you can play the 360 Edition on XBOX One.. :D
Team Phantom (3 months ago)
Half Life 3 is coming out this year, not sure about Portal 3
Lex Morgan (4 months ago)
Scrooge's Gaming Vault (4 months ago)
It's been a loooooong time. How have you been?
7 years later. WAITING FOR HALF LIFE 3 XD
Galbreath S. Quin (4 months ago)
You know how Portal 3 is going to be a mystery forever, but you am going to die in 60 years. Well I have been working on a project, well more of a prototype, actually just a thought. Ok, I admit it, I have nothing, I just wanted to make the reference!
Brayden Brown (4 months ago)
I have this on Xbox 360
Xsident (4 months ago)
here i understood the thing valve cant count to three...so they made the second portal to end like that so...the end of story.
Insky (4 months ago)
7 years later and... And i still have smae reaction: Wow!
Yackass (4 months ago)
I miss being excited for new video games :(
Three and a half men (4 months ago)
Doc. Volt (4 months ago)
7 years?? already??
Crusage (4 months ago)
Valve: "before, we made games, now we make money"
Sporecraft (2 months ago)
It's been a looooong time... How have you been? We've been really bored waiting... You know, after you promised us another good game...
Cristy Christy (4 months ago)
What's the music for this?
MrZekeBlowstein (4 months ago)
RIP games made by VALVe
Malaescu George (4 months ago)
It's just annoying to see you think will be portal 3 half live 3 left 4 dead 3...Valve he live he gold age new we wait another programer. Maybe one who knows what it's a 3
Joshua Gruspe (4 months ago)
0:15 the fans when portel 2 came out
Joshua Gruspe (4 months ago)
0:58 the fans when portel 2 came out
Joshua Gruspe (4 months ago)
The Nagibator 1337 (4 months ago)
Who's from 2018?
Ansh Gupta (4 months ago)
Harry! (4 months ago)
What about F-Stop?
Grubens (4 months ago)
I still hope that one day we will get portal 3 :(
Toxic Turtle (4 months ago)
It really has been a long time. I need more valve in my life ): I really miss them. I've replayed these games so much that I've literally lost count. Man I miss being excited for new releases instead of early vr experimental stuff that I couldn't ever dream of affording.

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