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How To Play Minecraft 1.8.8 For Free On PC!

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Learn how you can play Minecraft 1.8.8, the latest version for free on Windows PC! This is the full version through Mineshafter. Very simple to play Minecraft for free and it only takes a few seconds. No registration or accounts needed. Mineshafter http://mineshafter.info/ Download the latest version of Java http://www.java.com/en/download/ie_manual.jsp?locale=en Buy Minecraft to support the developers! https://minecraft.net/ DISCLAIMER: This only for educational purposes and is not intended to affect any company. This is strictly for educational purposes only. If you like this game, please purchase. I have purchased this game myself. This video was only for demonstration purposes only! ASK any questions, concerns you may have. I respond to ALL comments and messages! All suggestions and feedback are welcomed! Keep tuned in for more videos soon! Thanks for watching and feel free to comment and like. Twitter Muwen360: https://twitter.com/muwen360 Google+ Muwen360: http://goo.gl/rzygXh Email me! [email protected] SUBSCRIBE-COMMENT-LIKE http://goo.gl/ZlMh7Y
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Text Comments (7559)
dorothy beheeler (9 days ago)
Algi J.R. (10 days ago)
bang kok saya udah play tapi gak bisa bang
Eli Gillis (1 month ago)
Also it is no longer free. It redirects you to minecraft.net. there u have to buy it.
Eli Gillis (1 month ago)
I bet he put meme as a password XD
Marko Mladenovski (1 month ago)
use tlauncher its better and its the FULLGAME plus you can change your skin...FOR FREE
Bhavish Garani (1 month ago)
thank you so much
Meteto Gaming (1 month ago)
i have premium why i watced this video :D
Zac Morgan (1 month ago)
Who watches this in 2018?
Tina Redl (1 month ago)
Mine doesn't work
Xan VVK (1 month ago)
how do you change skin I wanna change skin
Coconut Beans (2 months ago)
it says you are using an old version of the launcher. what do i do?
selçuk çelik (2 months ago)
sikerim sizin ingilizliginizi amk lar
Pink Fluffy Unicorn (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thank you! ^-^
Sumar Kampli (2 months ago)
Sumar Kampli (1 month ago)
Elttis you fricken fried chicken I'm gonna have ya fa dinner ya dolphin
TW Ultra (2 months ago)
Who is watching this is 2018
fadzli samsudin (2 months ago)
Mix Nimko (2 months ago)
When i open it, the screen of launcher is just white and nothing happens. Please help?
My Ana (2 months ago)
omg I really want your card please !😍😘💖
My Ana (2 months ago)
My Ana (2 months ago)
my birth day is in March 10th!😍😍😍😍😍💖
My Ana (2 months ago)
will you cam on my BRTAY!😍
Brandon Kowall (2 months ago)
Can u play play online
Eugene Krabs (2 months ago)
Pause at 1:19... *HENTAI*
Adit Vuppala (3 months ago)
Slimey26532 (3 months ago)
I think it wont work with servers and also your trying to get player minecraft the dream game or game they wanted and thats helpful for many people except I already have the full game but thanks for helping other people get singleplayer minecraft!
Eth3rnetMast3r (3 months ago)
PIRATING IS ILLEGAL!!!!!! this is PIRATING!!! im am on this video to say that you can get fined up to 100,000 DOLLARS for doing this
Front Row Center (3 months ago)
im just worried if it is safe to do
Absolute Zero (3 months ago)
FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!
ionela gavril (3 months ago)
no try TLaucher needs java
Cute Boy (3 months ago)
Ethan Pandaram (3 months ago)
thanks bro this will be great to play
LilMan 26 (3 months ago)
Ok I had Minecraft on my old PC and I got a new one and instead of logging in to my account it wants me to pay to install Minecraft. Help plz?
Rafal Tajne (3 months ago)
You can just use www.mclauncher.pl
Huong Vu (3 months ago)
My file was supported and it didn't work on my chromebook. :(
ender man (3 months ago)
ender man (3 months ago)
Random Guy (3 months ago)
how do you do it on mac?????????
Chrispine Banda (3 months ago)
Thanks brah, now i can show my friends how to get minecraft for free
Meaty Ogre? (4 months ago)
Anyone else watching when they have the official minecraft launcher?😂
Sam PK (4 months ago)
it says it crashes
nice i finally downloaded club penguin demo!
GamingWithAidenYT (4 months ago)
Darck ShadowYT (4 months ago)
EvelynCake Roblox (4 months ago)
Help its error for me :(
Erin Ennis-Calderon (4 months ago)
*crys* it didn't work cuz i don't have window's 10 whhhyyyy
bachr 505 (4 months ago)
OMG thanks i have been searching for this like all day
Antikix (4 months ago)
Or you could just buy the real non pirated version of Minecraft....
Rosey Christell (4 months ago)
Cliff Menge (5 months ago)
thanks now i cant go to minecraft Genius
bananer7 (5 months ago)
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the dog's knees (5 months ago)
Pusheen Cat (5 months ago)
who is watching this in 2018
Classic Pro (5 months ago)
doesn't work
Mr. Pig Guy (5 months ago)
razvan cruceanu (5 months ago)
Joltaik (5 months ago)
can you go on cracked servers??
GokuWF (5 months ago)
Lone Walkers (5 months ago)
Thank you so much im happy
gabriel perez (5 months ago)
Roblox is better than minecraft...... kill yourself
C.I.A. (5 months ago)
Instead of the screen at 1:14 it says what do you want to do with Mineshafter launcher? Very sad 😢
Christian Long (5 months ago)
who's watching in 2018
Brock Reynolds (5 months ago)
Can I play with someone with the same WiFi?
Pancake Waffle (5 months ago)
this can give you a virus u know
Kenley Arner (6 months ago)
thank uuuuuuuu
Omama Masry (6 months ago)
but not work with me
Omama Masry (6 months ago)
i llike it so matsh
Ahmed Abdulaziz (6 months ago)
i loved all of your videos and this the moooooooost
charles arevalo (6 months ago)
me me mememememmemememememememem
Adrian Swaby (6 months ago)
https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=4+squares&client=ms-android-h3g-gb&prmd=ivsn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwim2s7j09_ZAhVmKMAKHQNhA_oQ_AUIESgB&biw=360&bih=559#imgrc=Y62DsLMD1YuHlM: Tattoo
Dominick Muniz (6 months ago)
Doe's it Work???
xX PaulXx (6 months ago)
whatcha doing? 1:19 EXPOSED
vukigamespro Markovic (6 months ago)
Sebastian Li (6 months ago)
1:15 you need acocunt
TheGamerDownloader (7 months ago)
i hacked him and his password is 1234
ღGianna PugatYTღ (7 months ago)
Oh my it worked thank you I download in many sites but it didn't work but yours it really works infinity%
Camille T (7 months ago)
Has anyone gotten a virus doing this? If so what computer do you have?
Mohaymen Mohamad (7 months ago)
Zeina Nakouzi (7 months ago)
Its work but now i waiting for log in
PsychoticFoxProductions (7 months ago)
Dad: Why is the FBI here?
David Almeida USA (7 months ago)
i hate you
Ali Jouni (7 months ago)
It will be saved when we play it on the home screen as an app
GOGETA KING (8 months ago)
No mods😭😭😭
RichyOgy (8 months ago)
Lol its 1.7.5 version.
MrBurnALot (8 months ago)
does this work on multiplayer??
Alite Taylor (8 months ago)
abdirahman mohamed (8 months ago)
hey bois java is an malware so if u want viRus come and get it on java beacuse java is an app With virus apps inside it so if you get java it will just download many virus apps on Your pc so be very careful With java and dont update it........
Meaty Ogre? (4 months ago)
It only does that because you click yes without reading
abdirahman mohamed (7 months ago)
on like 2 minutes
abdirahman mohamed (7 months ago)
wow you are a big dumbass u know if u download it will download virus apps...l..
François Wognum (7 months ago)
DON'T UPDATE IT???? Are you serious? What school of numptiness did you go to? If you're REALLY paranoid about running Java on your Windows PC (the risk is far smaller on MacOS or Linux) run it in a virtual machine. But if you download all sorts of freebie apps and utilities and don't check every download and installer thoroughly you've probably already got malware on your machine. The worst enemy of your PC is not a virus or malware, it's the user who clicks Yes when he should click No.
Yunish Hero (8 months ago)
it does log in what to do
Sabine Murray (8 months ago)
It doesn’t work you have to sign up to an account and that costs money anyway thankyou
Map Crafter (8 months ago)
If someones need a mc acc talk to me! i own a lot of alts! they work and most of them arents banned on big servers (e.g Hypixel,Mineplex)
April Smith (8 months ago)
it does ent even work
ERSIN cakı (8 months ago)
boufelja riyad (8 months ago)
thankyou so mach but it takes me so mach time login in
biola bey (8 months ago)
it says it for a democome on!
Mo craft And game (9 months ago)
If you downloaded you be viruses like me
VPalysz (9 months ago)
I Can't Log In! It keep loading i wwait it for like 3-4 hours! omg its still loading!
Ella Sta Ana (9 months ago)
i cannnot see the minecraftlauncher
gigi vv (9 months ago)
Keshav Subedi (9 months ago)
this is not a true i want to play minecraft but i can't play minecraft
The Boss (9 months ago)
The Boss (9 months ago)
FYI it did not wprk
paul riad (9 months ago)
cool and great i see that the game is very good
Flower Boom (9 months ago)
it worked for me thanks.

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