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Unboxing Youtube Creator Award! Gertit gets Silver Play Button - Thank you YouTube

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Unboxing Youtube Creator Award! Gertit gets Silver Play Button - Thank you YouTube ➥ Subscribe & Become an GERTITER ➥ http://youtube.com/GertitToysReview?sub_confirmation=1 #YouTubeCreatorAwards Hi Little Friends! I have received today Youtube Silver Play Button. I would like to share with you my awesome moments. I was really happy and surprised. My channel crossed 100'000 Subscribers and thank you sooooo much my little Friends. Without your help, this was not possible. Yours, Gertit Gertit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gertisadventures Hope you will enjoy. ABOUT GERTIT TOYSREVIEW: Gertit ToysReview is a Family Friendly Channel of 4 people at Home. Our youngest member is little Gloria and the boy is Gertit. We play all sorts of games that are Kids Friendly! We also do a lot of Funny Activities for Kids and the main purpose is to share with you a lot of new Games and great Moments. Thanks for checking us out. CREDITS : Producer: Gertit GmbH
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Text Comments (12)
Congrats! Love the award 💙
Thanks so much🙂
Gertit ToysReview (3 months ago)
Kaden's World Hi Kaden, thanks a lot, wish you to achive an award 🙌
fun with urwa (3 months ago)
Where is your sister
fun with urwa and you love singing your fucking song
fun with urwa (1 month ago)
+nannu frans the ezzy and matty granpa shutup
fun with urwa (3 months ago)
Gertit ToysReview ok she is my friend
alooyaAnimates (3 months ago)
Gertit ToysReview (3 months ago)
Thanks Buddy ;)

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