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Minecraft: SHAPE SHIFTER MOD! (Even Become Dinosaurs)

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KILL A MOB AND THEN STEAL ITS IDENTITY AND ABILITIES! If you enjoyed this video be sure to smash that like button! •Follow me on ze twitterz: https://twitter.com/bazillau •Morph/Shape Shifter Mod: http://goo.gl/eUtRJW •Voids Launcher: http://goo.gl/7Z8K4t •Music By Approaching Nirvanna •Intro By TacoBite
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Text Comments (33)
Fraz Craft (8 months ago)
i hate u u didnt put the mod in th3e description
Itachi Uchiha (1 year ago)
for enderman u don't really get ability since u cant teleport all your gaining is weakness
Ethan MountainDew (2 years ago)
he didn't be megaladon
Vickez (2 years ago)
Is this for 1.8?
RED Scout (2 years ago)
wow this mod is awesome i will try it if is working for multiplayer :D
про100Liza Krut (3 years ago)
not cool
Eva Brunney (3 years ago)
Omg I can just amajin what sky would say when u said squids are awesome
Bennetts Bennetts (3 years ago)
A tiger
Coconut Carol (3 years ago)
On my friends computer I'm working on a map and I really want to get this mod along with the mo' animals one. I just think it would be so cool
Sachin Walsh (3 years ago)
i would be a eagle :p
Evie McHale (3 years ago)
if you were a zombie would you burn in the day? like normal?
StuffDK (3 years ago)
Yes you Will
Owen Leakey (4 years ago)
What happens wen you die what do you drop.
Velocity Playz (3 years ago)
When you die you lose the morph you wre and all your items.
Double Trouble (4 years ago)
How do you get that pack
Bazillau (4 years ago)
If only this mod worked in real life, what animal would you be?  Be sure to smack that like button if you enjoyed the video :-)
thiagoefonseca (1 year ago)
dog, I can sit in my owner's couch and sleep all day :3
wannabe tryhard (1 year ago)
Bazillau horse or dog
Lil Midget (2 years ago)
+Bazillau Spinosaurs :P
Sanchez Devarajan (2 years ago)

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