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Text Comments (27197)
Lucas Lloyd (3 minutes ago)
stop making fun of dan 😡😡😡😡👿👿👿
Kirsty Parry (4 minutes ago)
Play grandpa it is a granny 2 bacicly
Gamer Wolf (9 minutes ago)
Not granny the mom
Gamer Wolf (9 minutes ago)
No no that’s the mom!
Hana Skaro (11 minutes ago)
also i bet dan wont see what i rote
Gamer Girl (23 minutes ago)
It's the mum dad and child
Boss The Cat (35 minutes ago)
Master Man (43 minutes ago)
DAAAAAAAAN!!! you are thinking wrong brooooooooo! Granny is the mother of slender mans wife and slender man and his wife are the parents of slenderina!!!!
Michael Pretorius (54 minutes ago)
plz play robolox
Ryan Castro (1 hour ago)
she is the granddaughter the woman was her mother
Bilbo vlogs lol (1 hour ago)
I already knew this all but can everyone subscribe to Dan TDM
Warren (1 hour ago)
Dan was such a pro in this games
Gabriel Balbontin (1 hour ago)
Play baldis basics in ed. And learning
Farah Afiqah (2 hours ago)
The game of granny has slendrina too... If the teddy bear put on a baby bed(i don no) ..
mitty cat gamer (2 hours ago)
I was eating a carrot and i got scared so my teeth are hurting
Tommy Carlin (2 hours ago)
Tbh it’s not that scary
Sean Freij (2 hours ago)
DanTDM by the way that’s not granny that’s slendrinas mother granny is slendrinas granny
Circus Baby (3 hours ago)
I'm baby lol my pic
HorseLover 4ever (3 hours ago)
I literally have tiny heart attacks when I get jump scares. Then I cover my face and fall into a ball. I also have to stuffed animals with me. 😅 This is terrifying
Abdalla Alshamsi (3 hours ago)
my heat is beating so fast
Puah C.T. (3 hours ago)
I got a huge ROBOT panda.
Puah C.T. (3 hours ago)
BTW it can eat real fiod
Puah C.T. (3 hours ago)
If you didn't know I just peed myself
Andrew and Kevin bros (3 hours ago)
No dan slender man and the. Girl are Marryed not granny and slender man
RexerRaphael (3 hours ago)
STC means Slendrina The Cellar
Abigail Hargreaves (3 hours ago)
I fainted in church today
Clash Master (3 hours ago)
I bit granny in the easy,normal and hard😎
Poof 75 (3 hours ago)
Nina Groven (4 hours ago)
Slendrina the forest
Nina Groven (4 hours ago)
How about house of slendrina plz Dan 😘
Mewimeow S (4 hours ago)
Who else is watching this at night by themselves..no?..just me..ok well I’m screwed..
its me (4 hours ago)
Thanks for the red circle. Almost misses it
Emerald Machine (4 hours ago)
That was not granny that was slendrinas mom who is Granny's daughter EDIT: if she was granny's kid then why is it called GRANNY!
Red Jet Jr. (4 hours ago)
Me and my friend made it to 7 books we also saw the last book
Samantha Loise Borja (4 hours ago)
Andrei Abunas (4 hours ago)
I think slederina crush on you because is keep looking you click read more
Tiana Cooper (5 hours ago)
I know slendrina parents are granny and slenderman
Golden Freddy (5 hours ago)
Tiana Cooper hai
Vinayak Rajvanshi (5 hours ago)
The ending
Lucyna N (5 hours ago)
The person that you said is granny it is actually slenderinas mom
Bryce Gabriel Sembrano (5 hours ago)
no way
neil holmes (5 hours ago)
Here we go again
neil holmes (5 hours ago)
Heremwe go
neil holmes (5 hours ago)
MAKE IT ITS A LONG LONG LONG WAY! YAY U MADE IT From jemayka1 Also i have a huge crush on u on roblox not in real life From jemayka1
Slashingslinger 2008 (5 hours ago)
Thats the mom not granny notis me ples
Red-Is-Gaming (6 hours ago)
bytheway that was not Granny it was her mother, granny is the mother of her mother.
The Girlz Club (6 hours ago)
Love your vids
Nemka Nemka (6 hours ago)
I will enjoyed
solumamman 344 (6 hours ago)
i sceam soo much
Subz of subscribers (6 hours ago)
Dan you said:There's a Slendrina that walks along the floor and he's really quick.But you also said:I Don't know if we're going to meet her.Why did you say he XD
Des Taipeti (6 hours ago)
Stop playing this game
I freaking almost threw my phone to the wall being jumpscared by slenderina cause I don't want to watch the ugly face slenderina (sorry not sorry slenderina, I'M SORRY I'M SORRY! I am screaming I'm sorry cause I was jumpscared when I wrote this.idk why but Everytime I wrote something mean about slenderina,I (and dan) get jumpscared) has and face the screen of my phone to the wall next to me
Xander Tube (6 hours ago)
Play slendrina x
Kitty Cat (7 hours ago)
Anyone else reading the comments while watching?
Mitra faki (7 hours ago)
I can't spell nait
Mitra faki (7 hours ago)
can you play five naits of ready
Mitra faki (7 hours ago)
I have granny
Yuan Polo Sengco (7 hours ago)
Nice video
Iz e (7 hours ago)
Elon (7 hours ago)
Slender Family Slenderman:Slenderina's Father Slenderina's Mother:Granny's Daughter/(You know) Slenderina:Granny's Granddaughter//Slenderman/Slenderina's Mom's Daughter Granny:Grandma DanTDM:Why am I part of this family?
Leanne Kable (8 hours ago)
dan it is slenderdrinars mum
Nickel ROBLOX (8 hours ago)
Man that aint granny,its angeline,mother of granny
go greninja (8 hours ago)
ey am a greni nja hah get it
Md. Arif (8 hours ago)
That is not granny.that is slendrina's mom
Play Slendrina X
Cheesy (9 hours ago)
Wait this is inside the granny game? Or is it a seperate game
Dhita Ida Ayu (9 hours ago)
anthony masciocchi (9 hours ago)
wendell rodrigues (10 hours ago)
My heart has fallen out help me
Aiesha Pantilgan (10 hours ago)
Dan: lets have a sit down chat Me: YOUR DONE WITH JEMMA? YOU WANT SLENDRINA????? WHY????????
Elon (7 hours ago)
Oh yeah, isthay isway myway om'smay accountway
Elon (7 hours ago)
Eren Yeager (10 hours ago)
Eren Yeager (11 hours ago)
Granny is slendrina's grandma and Angelina(her mom) is her mom) and simon(slender man) is her father the curse occurred when she was 14 years old for more info watch caffe TV slendrina's true story granny and slender man's story Edit:she lives in a castle it's her home Dodge the flying thing JEEZ
Aiesha Pantilgan (10 hours ago)
Eren Yeager the name of the mom is angelene ok
anthony masciocchi (11 hours ago)
Jaedyn Hunter (11 hours ago)
You are so funny can you do a video with dangmattsmith
Jaedyn Hunter (11 hours ago)
You are so funny can you do a video with dangmattsmith
Nadine Martinez (11 hours ago)
Dan can you play roblox again please :3
Karim Reyna (11 hours ago)
Im sorry but slenderina is not grannys daughter she is her granddaughter and the other women was slenderinas mother
Alicia Gaya (12 hours ago)
granny and grandpa is her parents and slender men and slendrina had a baby.
Stephanie Ayala Castro (12 hours ago)
Slendrina is slender mans child
Stickfigure Animations (12 hours ago)
I only watch these at night Help meh
UNICORN GAMING (1 hour ago)
Ok donr T
Stickfigure Animations (12 hours ago)
To be exact 10
Thomas Coppler (13 hours ago)
See dab
Kekhrie Kelvin (13 hours ago)
It's not granny it's slenderinas mom
Diego Garcia (14 hours ago)
I ment slenderina don't mind my spelling grammar yea I'm still in second grade and I am almost out of school
Diego Garcia (14 hours ago)
They used to live in that castle yes they lived in a castle until the father which is slender man they passed out in there I think...But I know that slandering became some kind of zombie they say
Diego Garcia (14 hours ago)
This is why there is bricks all over and because it's so big is because they used
Elias Harper (14 hours ago)
That’s not granny that’s the daughter of granny that’s why they look alike
Erika Serrano (14 hours ago)
It's not Granny it's slendrina's mother
kenji lynch (14 hours ago)
Dan: why are you there? Why are you there twice? Me: heh Dan: Is there a whale in there Me: totally Dan: That's creepy. That's creepyer. Me: heh Dan: How does slendrina afford this house? Me: I gave her $66600000000000.
Ricardo Pallares (14 hours ago)
STC points stands for Slenderina The Cellar points
heaven yuli Hernandez (15 hours ago)
I'm 9 I played all of the slenderina and granny and slender games.... I regret that
Team Epiphany Tyler (15 hours ago)
Incorrect that woman was granny daughter therefore slendrinas grandmother is granny
*I did not open that one just now. I did not open you. Yet you are open* -Rip me catching my breath from laughing 2018
*And he's really quick, so I don't think were gunna meet her* Dan 2018
Harley Russell (15 hours ago)
It's grannys old house
Your local space mom (15 hours ago)
Wait....In the granny gameplay What if Slendarena left the note!? Its just a Theory!
Elon (7 hours ago)
*A game theory! thanks for watchi--* (Noo... It's reading Mat!! *Sigh** Fine!)* *a game theory.... thanks for reading....* (More enthusiastic Mat *Fine...)* A game theory!.. Thanks for reading!!.. (Good enough)
Genesis Rivas (15 hours ago)
I have this game
Taylor Scott (15 hours ago)
My wig was snatched
Rachel George (15 hours ago)
Hey what are you doing in the comments oh yea everyone does this to avoid jumpscares :)
Miles Layugan (16 hours ago)
This is just all fan made..No such thing as slenderina..They r just fan made inspired my Slenderman...But good video
Hailey Dzus (16 hours ago)
My heart can not take the jumpscars
Poofz (16 hours ago)
): I haven't watched you in a year Dan.. help! I NEED to catch up on your vids!
Raynie Liang (16 hours ago)
this is so scary its slenderman and granny and slendrina is so scary

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