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Ninjago ConQuests of Time Episode 9 Trailer

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Starting after the events of episode 8 in Edge of Time the ninja start to train as sensei's since Garmadon has taken up the responsibility as teacher but Time isn't pleased and now wants to defeat the ninja will past events coming to claim revenge find out
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Text Comments (9)
TFLFProductions (1 year ago)
BryceFilms (1 year ago)
Donald Trump Reference... Really
Lil T (1 year ago)
Also can I voice or not
Lil T (1 year ago)
Epic I'm so hyped I love episode Eight
Lil T (1 year ago)
Epic I'm so hyped I love episode Eight
legoshowtv (1 year ago)
catch the power rangers reference and donald trump reference the power rangers reference is from the first full trailer
The Speedster (1 year ago)
legoshowtv awesome video can't wait have a great day
Noa Colvin (1 year ago)
legoshowtv awesome can't wait and first other than you

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