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CampCraft Mod

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An awesome and efficent addition to the already great minecraft! CampCraft adds a variety including small tents, medium tents, and don't forget large tents! xD Link to mod by tomtomtom09: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/214082-minecraft-v18-1-campcraft-smpssp-anvil-modssp/#Recipe
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Gabi Green (5 years ago)
can u give the link for the mod that gives you creative inventory, on the side of your actual inventory, please!!!!
SmokeHez (5 years ago)
when you go to craft a sleeping bag it dousent work!!!
Duivel (6 years ago)
no entendi una mierda lo ke dijiste
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@F1R3STARYA Lol of course I mess up the colors of the lanterns xD

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