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MinecraftFinest Funny Moments!

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is a cool video of our funny moments! Special thanks to Jack Williams for the video! Music- "Will Rain" by Approaching Nirvana and can be found at www.itunes.com
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Text Comments (184)
Daniel Bailey (3 months ago)
This is my favorite video they made, I used to watch them when I was 11 now I’m 16
Daniel Bailey (3 months ago)
Janna Cena for realll
Janna Cena (3 months ago)
same good old memories
MC FINEST KYLE (2 years ago)
Supa Pizza (3 years ago)
lol ahahahahaha what the hell sooooo funny bro
Colt Pepper (3 years ago)
no just no, i would cry? -the finest
Bursy Cool (3 years ago)
(When the content was actually good)
TheRavenDiamond (3 years ago)
Lol the good old days
Toxic Ash (4 years ago)
I miss this....
Maximas Demon Heart (4 years ago)
Ya because he was 12-13
Ashton Way (4 years ago)
Why series is the house from?
Joey1128 (3 years ago)
+Minecraft's Best Sam It's from road to the end.
Sarah Daly (4 years ago)
awwwwwwww they grow up so fast :') lol max sounds like hes 5
Eric Winget (4 years ago)
jordan what is your skype
Nelly Garcia (4 years ago)
Max your voice is so hi
Eric Winget (4 years ago)
Rachel (4 years ago)
omg maxs voice is so high
paul hed (4 years ago)
That is so funny do more of those plzz
Jovi GD (4 years ago)
Eric O'Hora (5 years ago)
1:45 LOVE IT DANNY!!! haha
Ben Letson (5 years ago)
Dis Vid not funny P.S me BIG fan my name sean letson
katt meow (5 years ago)
michael jasper (5 years ago)
Lol these guys r such trolls
daniel nater (5 years ago) new server need to build spawn and add plugins looking for staff!!!! Co owner admin mod helper
Minecraft Refined (5 years ago)
Kevin made his own channel I think they do videos together sometimes
Katy Morgan (5 years ago)
I Love The Finest
Jack Toscano (5 years ago)
I remember everyone of these vids
Enrique (5 years ago)
What happened to Kevin?
MagicMatt (5 years ago)
The days
Bobbymcbobob (5 years ago)
Eliten i think your right
SaltyMint (5 years ago)
They should make another one of these
ivanivanovmarkov35 (5 years ago)
I have watched every one of this episodes
TooMuchTechnology (5 years ago)
i met him in minecraft!
Ričards Skaists (5 years ago)
cool misic
SaltyMint (5 years ago)
They should make another one of these
MarioMinecraft11 (5 years ago)
Jintor (5 years ago)
maison wiberg (5 years ago)
minecraftfinest at its finest baby
Olivia Reaves (5 years ago)
max sounds like a girl
dimond marster (5 years ago)
I agree aswell
ashley brooks (5 years ago)
*Sniffles* MinecraftFinest is always making people laugh... They are really the jokers... When it comes to being courageous and sad its them to ask for... c':
QuinnDoq (5 years ago)
Whatch from 1:01 to 1:11, you can hear max before he hit puberty lol
QuinnDoq (5 years ago)
This is max was a squeaker XD
stan got7 (5 years ago)
English, please?
Jay Martins (5 years ago)
HAHAHA Danny is just aiming at Jordan and there is something shootin him from behind lol I laughed sooo hard
sarah lintott (5 years ago)
U guys should make another
Ivy Styles (5 years ago)
Watching this in 2013 and I still love it!
David Mejia (5 years ago)
SAdhieR (5 years ago)
Max: Oh my god, Danny!, Danny oh my god Danny: ....... "lava come down" OH NO i'm laughed so hard XD
Alex Pedroza (5 years ago)
What video is the one when max yell for Danny to come and he goes over there and he's under lava
David Mejia (5 years ago)
Sahar (5 years ago)
josh williams (5 years ago)
My last name is Williams
OfStars InTheSky (5 years ago)
The student death lava was sooo funny!
kathy Duncan (5 years ago)
i like your stuf
Toxic Ash (5 years ago)
yeah thats what made me look at some of the old vids too :) i remember like half of them... Max sounded so cute when he was like 'OMG, Danny help me' 1:00 :')
grgoriyov vlad (5 years ago)
shit you are soooo funny guy'sLOL
Ana Hernandez (5 years ago)
i was watching adventure with the finest an i remember ya said jordan n max voice sound diffrent and max voice is so high
Joshua (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if your a long time sub and played on there servers
Joshua (5 years ago)
@Ernesto Carvajal and funniest survivalist
CMYD Clan (5 years ago)
Mf love all of ur vid
Erik LaMere (5 years ago)
Erik LaMere (5 years ago)
RMT Banter (5 years ago)
Max Shut up
TheLive (5 years ago)
this is halarious! :)
Moon Sparkle (5 years ago)
Taking a shit? Why XD
MrAnklebans (5 years ago)
Guys just to say, in the first part of yog-olympics,when Max kills his pig. I think thats one of the funniest parts.
50ntimes (5 years ago)
MinecraftGames (5 years ago)
who the hecks jack williams
Logan McFarland (5 years ago)
hidden chest
Miss_Taco_Cat (5 years ago)
xD lol
taylor stokers (5 years ago)
love 00:28 so funnay
Ckilolo44 (5 years ago)
Make more funny moment videos! We're anxious to see more!
taylor stokers (5 years ago)
love every part of this vid
Lisa (5 years ago)
at 0:28 max sounded like a kid
Samael Madara (5 years ago)
Minecraftfinest are the best minecraft hunger games playes
Aries Alexa (5 years ago)
danny danny help me danny lol love u guys <3
SkullcrusherOG (5 years ago)
lol me tooo troloolololololololollololollo
Sweeneytodd479 (5 years ago)
Bella Mata (5 years ago)
Make a new one because I love them
Corey Barbosa (5 years ago)
Another ???????
megan olson (5 years ago)
1:04, listen to Max, he sounds like a little kid. Couldn't stop laughing. Max your funny.
Miss_Taco_Cat (5 years ago)
Osupanda (5 years ago)
u need to make another one
Minecraftstar123321 (5 years ago)
make a new one
daniel0294 (5 years ago)
i remember seeing all of these
Caleb Lee (5 years ago)
what game was the first one?
Adstrum (5 years ago)
Make more!
Alex Patterson (5 years ago)
Lol good vid
Slavinator Gaming (5 years ago)
lol wut?
allan oikonen (5 years ago)
Bookwriter25 (5 years ago)
lol That was totally epic!
normeme (5 years ago)
Yeah,make new one
N Gutierrez (5 years ago)
Make a new one.
amanda perez (5 years ago)
Matthew Yu (5 years ago)
u guys should of put danny goes into the lava in the hungers games when he gets tricked by mitch. mitch said there was water under the lava but there wasn't.
matthew taylor (5 years ago)
i like the music
Caroline Ann (5 years ago)
Laughing the whole way through! Anyway, background music is mr.bean
Kaytlin VanDyke (5 years ago)
Make one for the latest ones
Joseph Remolacio (5 years ago)
epic scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! max!!!!!
Cheesemon (5 years ago)
one of the episodes of the "lets play" series
Aly Crosno (5 years ago)
What is the name of the video at 1:05
★ ww2sniper555 ★ (5 years ago)
hay minecraftfinest its me ww2sniper555 we meet on bad eggs online
Aubrey Curtis (5 years ago)
please please please tell me what video is at 1:05!

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