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Make your OWN Monitor! - DIY LCD Controller Board Review

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LINKS ----------- PRODUCT LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/M-NT68676-2A-HDMI-DVI-VGA-Audio-LCD-LED-Screen-Controller-Board-Diy-Monitor-Kit-/110977522562?hash=item19d6c69b82:g:1~sAAOxyrUZRymfp WEBSITE: www.ido-tech.squarespace.com INSTAGRAM: @nkomarn TWITTER: @nkomarn SNAPCHAT: nkomarn PERISCOPE @nkomarn THANKS FOR WATCHING AND I'LL SEE YOU IN THE NEXT ONE! :D
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Text Comments (64)
David saldaña (2 months ago)
Hola, buen aporte. me podrias ayudar ? pues pretendo hacer lo mismo con una TV que se malogró mi TV es Sony KDL 40R475B, me puedes ayudar para configurarla
SagitarianDragon (3 months ago)
there's no DIY here! Fix your false title.
TRUCID (4 months ago)
Keneth Aguilar (4 months ago)
Hey bro, i have a question I got this screen... so the model its a B141EW04 v.7, and i can only find a V.4 controllers, it could work? or i have to buy the specific for the V.7?
Anti ZG (4 months ago)
Great video! I think it would benefit your greatly to speak up a little more and try not to mumble as much.
Jonathan Garza (5 months ago)
Wow your channel is so underrated, good content, short videos, straight to the point, subscribed, Ohh one question. I maybe be 3 years late but anyway...Any idea if I can build myself a 144hz monitor using a 1080p panel which was 60hz by default using a 144hz capable board? Does the display itself need to be tweaked to achieve those 144hz without getting burned?
ha ha he he (7 months ago)
Does the controller board work for smartphone screen?
Rabbit Fcwrecka (7 months ago)
Thanks kid. I didn't know it was so simple
Recto Poiroof (1 year ago)
does this kit work with any lcd screen?
Jagjit KANE (1 year ago)
Nice info But how to find Controller board for screen I have Sony Vaio E Series 14. Inch LTN140AT08 screen Plz help
Bradley Wilson (1 year ago)
OMG u are the best out there u make great content
BlackNoire (1 year ago)
What camera do you use?
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
Nikon D3200
Da Ga (1 year ago)
hi im suffering from eye tiredness and im interested in building my own monitor which will be transparent.. any ideas? Thanks
Saterlite (9 months ago)
There are transparent LCD screens but the resolution isn't that great and they're tinted grey. Since it's an LCD it also requires a back-light, so. But! there's also transparent OLED screens which don't require back-lighting or don't have any tints when off. But are very expensive and not commonly sold in regular monitor sizes. Or you could have a laser projector, and a glass with embedded quartz crystals to pick up the light. But that's difficult and if you don't have a specific laser projector that gets absorbed by quartz then your blind. But maybe you could use some other material in the glass? Tell me when you build it!
Reignand Bongao (1 year ago)
I ordered mine recently but I'm stressing over the power supply, I'm doing a project where in I 3d print a mount for the board and control panel with a sliding track to my work laptop. I'm hoping the board could be powered off one or two Usb ports to use the monitor without a power supply on me at all times
omnis does it (1 year ago)
WOW kid I do tech research on professional automation non stop and you are the first person I have seen in a while do a tut with *continuous info *fast & to the point *edited *did your plugs and promos @THE END . Thank you for respecting my(the researcher's) Time your a pro
Dalibor Kovacic (1 year ago)
instead of spending 40$ on these controllers , almost any pawn shop nowadays sells fully functional complete LCD monitors from 17"-29" for 20$-50$ and gives you 1 month warranty on it
Tato. (1 year ago)
dude your good i hope you grow to be the next Linus Tech Tips
Gerhard Prins (1 year ago)
Question: Why does your channel look so amazing but why don't you have many subscribers Answer: Because you are a kid RACIST
Bradley Wilson (1 year ago)
He sounds like a teen... more specifically 12-14 he shouldn't be made fun of by being called "kid"
Bradley Wilson (1 year ago)
That joke...Not cool bro
Izzy (1 year ago)
mykyta it's izzy lol neesh sent me jeez u actually make decent videos
Izzy (1 year ago)
techtoolbox o neesh making fun of the name oodle loodle loo
Izzy (1 year ago)
techtoolbox what
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
+og izzy what did I miss?
Izzy (1 year ago)
Aneesh Bonthala idk im just to dumb to use english
Izzy (1 year ago)
Aneesh Bonthala ikrrrr im lick supr no smarts
humby123 (1 year ago)
Just got my controller and I dont get an image, but the screen does light up, it's very aggravating. Customer support really doesn't exist. Order at your own risk.
Mahdee Ahmad (1 year ago)
my screen had gone white
Alexis Baboo (1 year ago)
does this controller board work on anykind of lcd panel?
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
The connector on the board of the panel should have around 40 pins or so. Here's an image comparing the two types of interfaces: http://thinkpads.kr/xe/files/attach/images/58/938/186/625286aabb1f2d2248511bb21d459e7b.png. As long as your panel isn't more than a few years old then you should be fine.
Alexis Baboo (1 year ago)
could you please tell me how can I find out if the panel has an LVDS interface?
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
As long as the panel has an LVDS interface, the controller board will support most displays.
René Meise (1 year ago)
You have 195 subscribers and already a shop?
Alex Lemon (1 year ago)
Hey, it's Mrs. Kirn! I hope you're doing well, we miss you!!!!
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
Hey! I miss all you guys too, it has been a while!
Pedro (1 year ago)
Great video dude!
How it works (1 year ago)
hai....nice video I bought this board....but I have doubts.can u please clear my doubts
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
+Pedro Thanks man!
Philip Pappas (2 years ago)
is it possible to power a 12V / O.25A cooling fan from the controller board?
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
+Philip Pappas I am not sure, but you can probably find an extra pin that has some voltage.
Albert Benitez (2 years ago)
So Im thinking of doing this and putting it to my car... Do you guys think I can hook up a DC Power Cable/Lead DIRECTLY to my old stereo power supply? Maybe connect it to a DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Module? Any suggestions let me know. Thanks
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
As long as you can rewire the power supply for the board correctly, it should work perfectly fine.
Bryce Fountain (2 years ago)
Just like GreatScott's Video, lol. Down to the script said
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
Haha, I noticed that too.
Mesharyhd (2 years ago)
can you tell my your LCD screen model number and did you mean by the 29pin the black squares connector that translates to 30pin needles and can be plugged on the LCD screen
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
+Mesharyhd I am using an LG display, model number LP156WH2, and yes, I did mean the black connector.
Mesharyhd (2 years ago)
how many pins on the LCD board driver and how many pains on your LCD can you be specific about the specification of your LCD and list the model number of it what cable did you use to connect them together and thanks for awesome video
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
+Mesharyhd The model of the LCD controller board is M.NT68676.2A. The connector is a standard LVDS cable and there are 29 pins. I used a 12V PSU at 0.3 amps to power the board. If you need any more information on this board, feel free to read the listing one eBay. Thank you!
Victor Tabram (2 years ago)
Quick question. I've heard that the volume controls do not work when outputting audio from this board (HDMI input).. Could you confirm?
Victor Tabram (2 years ago)
+TechToolbox thanks
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
Yes, the volume control do work when outputting audio.
Ahmet Yasar (2 years ago)
Can you setup the system turn on without power button?
Ahmet Yasar (2 years ago)
+TechToolbox Thank you I will make an smart-mirror DYI project so I want to make sure It turns on itself without a button even after power outage.
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
It turns out without the power button, but it is dependant on the input.
tosdude (2 years ago)
Your power supply, That's 12 volts at how many amps? The board needs at least 4, you may get away with a little less. (If it doesn't print the amps check if the watts is 48W+. These are both on the output side. )
techtoolbox (2 years ago)
The power supply I am using is 12 volts at 3.33 amps.
Burgo (2 years ago)
Nice video, how did you think of the idea to record this?

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