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Tekkit tutorial: Part 15 - IC2 Advanced Machines

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Hey guys, this is another video in a line of videos that we're doing for the technic pack. We found that the technic pack is too overwhelming for people to start out, so we're going to show you how to use it. Make sure to comment if there is something you would like us to mention and we will add it to future videos. This video shows you how to make advanced machine blocks, personal safes, MFSUs and some more machines! Download tekkit launcher here: http://technicpack.net/tekkit/ The song at the beginning and end is: Deadmau5 - Wish you were there http://www.deadmau5.com/
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Text Comments (39)
ItsMyGameProductions (5 years ago)
do you have a drill in the miner? i had the same problem then i added the drill and it worked.
FunontherunCO (5 years ago)
I subbed for 14 parts ago :) Well kinda new to this whole tekkit thing! But you tuts, totally helped me a lot, and i'm guessing it still will :D Fun trading, I'd totally trade bread for dirt :D
cannon (5 years ago)
Wow thank you so much for the tutorial. I totally subscribed. Now onto your tekkit let's play
awesomejackt (5 years ago)
emerald is worth a LOT
Mr. X (6 years ago)
the asian is so awkward
xXvfemanXx (6 years ago)
I think you need redstone engines to power it. But look it up on the wiki to check for yourself :D
bannanabagle (6 years ago)
hey what tutorial number is the video when you talk about MFSU's, LV transformers, and solar stuff?
eljpbarron (6 years ago)
im not an expert but yes, you can
David (6 years ago)
You need to get better recipe for computer :D Haha
David (6 years ago)
Already Started :P Check the videos
MrSlutzkin (6 years ago)
dude, u dont need coal, u can use other resources like nikolite which is worth just as much, or u can use silver, also lapis is worth a lot diamond wise
weckar (6 years ago)
QUESTION: can you use pipes to get stuff into induction furnaces?
YoCreeper (6 years ago)
i know but it still takes forever even when you dupe the items when putting realys and collectors around it either way it is still hard and takes like 10 stacks of coal
MrSlutzkin (6 years ago)
not if u make energy collectors, and u try to find a lot of nikolite and tungswten
Trevor Costelloe (6 years ago)
is the guy with the accent (I'm bad with names sorry) sick in this video D: I feel bad
YoCreeper (6 years ago)
try getting full dark matter armor and full dark matter tool set not including the hoe lol but try it it is really hard
YoCreeper (6 years ago)
I thought you said not to make gem axes :/
KalleZz (6 years ago)
4:44 Creeper & cut?
Sergio Hernandez (6 years ago)
the explosion resistance changed from 6000 to 60 in technic so obsidian can be destory from creepers to nukes
BraddonHDMI (6 years ago)
Pro Tip: When Making A Nuklier Power Plant with he nukelier reactor use obsidian to protect your base if it exploads
hatakeama (6 years ago)
It shouldn't, but it will not use electricity at all unless its actually cooking something.
hatakeama (6 years ago)
It will not explode, the hotter the faster. Yes any redstone signal will work
michael brum (6 years ago)
btw i am a new sub and guess what. i already fapped 2 times to you guys lol (all homo)
slonnea (6 years ago)
Heh yea I figured that shortly after posting that, I really underestimated how big the explosion of four would be ._.
KainKugimiya51 (6 years ago)
with the induction furnace if the it gets too hot can it explade and can u use a lever instead if an redstone torch? love ur vids!!!!!!!
hatakeama (6 years ago)
A redstone signal (if the government talks to you then you didn't hear that from me)
slonnea (6 years ago)
How do you detonate a nuke.
mrpaperplasticman (6 years ago)
nice ip i didnt think last digits are :27565
SneakyNinja444 (6 years ago)
ok sure
szucs2020 (6 years ago)
As soon as I can afford it I will get a new computer, but as it stands my computer can't handle high quality audio and video recording at the same time. That is why we do it after. When I get a better one, we will "Do it live" as it were.
SneakyNinja444 (6 years ago)
ok thanks can you message me when it comes out so i can like it and whach
hatakeama (6 years ago)
Its whitelisted because it is not public. We will make a public server later.
hatakeama (6 years ago)
We will do live comentaries on our lets play with tekkit. For now we will commentate for better quality tutorials.
hatakeama (6 years ago)
When we make a public server then sure :)
Andreaz Haltunen (6 years ago)
cool guys make more and often pls
Arvid Westerlund (6 years ago)
When are you guys going to make a Lets Play. Awesome video! I love it!
SneakyNinja444 (6 years ago)
please could you do a live commontary rather than comentating after but if not your vids are grate anyway! keep it up! (unles you dont want to LOL!)
Tauruid (6 years ago)
Can I play on the server?
hannessolo1 (6 years ago)
4th viewer!

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