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How to fix rates in counter strike source - less lag

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If your wi-fi connection is responding slowly or your DSL simply needs to be refrehshed, then these rates would work prefer in that coincidence. Rate 25000 Cl_updaterate 100 Cl_cmdrate 100 (Also you might change the rate after the tick rate on the server. 100 tick is normal. If the server runs below 23 , do not use these rates.) rate 50000 cl_updaterate 70 cl_cmdrate 100 My crosshairscale advisments: Resolution below 1280x800 = cl_crosshairscale 2700 - 3400 Resolution above 1280x800 = cl_crosshairscale 1800 - 4800 (Just a tip)
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Text Comments (146)
jobelee batac (26 days ago)
rate 50000 cl_updaterate70 cl_cmdrate 35
AForce Gaming (1 month ago)
Spidermanxd 21 (1 month ago)
Does it lag when you go offline mode
alpha world (1 month ago)
Not working... Pls help
Narrowstitch (1 month ago)
if its loading example im joinning game its freezed and i clicked cancel it doesn't work wtf
Usama Jawaid (4 months ago)
Man my css is hanging when i play online after playing online my downloaded map also got hanged why its happening how i fix it
Yoga Kollipalli (5 months ago)
it still lags
Fun adder (7 months ago)
me to
Morfiled 45 5 (7 months ago)
Costica Leu' (9 months ago)
BaNdIt49 (1 month ago)
eu xD
Apocalypse Rising (11 months ago)
lol I still play this game
NaVy SEALs ILLUMINATI (1 month ago)
me too
Svarcik Chalturcik (5 months ago)
LOL I play only CS 1.6
GamingFahad raed (10 months ago)
Apocalypse Rising me too
Zack ruchti (1 year ago)
didnt work >:(
Trolly (1 year ago)
ClarkDoes PvP (1 year ago)
roses are red violets are blue if you dont speak english then speak turkish
Captain Renegade (1 year ago)
Ohhh he is danish
Bishant Adhikari (2 years ago)
Hey that is not the steam one make of the original one man
Captain Renegade (1 year ago)
Bishant Adhikari it is idiot
Anshuman Kumar (2 years ago)
how did u bring up that window?
SpicySausage (2 years ago)
Press '~' button below the [ESC] button.
TheBoss -Agario (2 years ago)
dude when im starting to play when the players strat to move im laggin but when im dead and watching someone it dont laggs even lil bit help! :c
HassanVids Official (2 years ago)
thank u
abdulrahman rateb (2 years ago)
hi i start the game and play in 220 FPS after about 2 mins became 40 any idea why ??? even when i restart the game,,, same thing every time
RaT Ko (2 years ago)
maybe you pc is overheating
Edwin Sunga (2 years ago)
help why my source dosent have any console help pls????!and pls why the multiplayer is still updating
Em Rosario (2 years ago)
+Donatas Deep lol go to options go to multiplayer the click advance the turn on the (~)
Donatas Deep (2 years ago)
+Edwin Sunga you need activate via steam
Zik Cry (2 years ago)
Power Gaming (2 years ago)
what apps using to record plz replay
Mark Abrahim (2 years ago)
Achraf Loumrhari (3 years ago)
not work
Defectordrunkzone (3 years ago)
Thank you.
Newt (3 years ago)
Also. "mat_phong 0" will give you about 5 fps more. Thanks for the tutorial!
Lê Minh (3 years ago)
thank man !!!!!!!
old man (3 years ago)
What is "this one"?
Mikho Seva (3 years ago)
The zombie revival server they kick me out because my ping is higher than 300 pls help its not working :(
muhammad Abdullah (3 years ago)
How to get that chat thing??
Nikhil Plummer (3 years ago)
when u tick developer  consoles you press ` (the button under esc)
Tanya V Higraff (3 years ago)
would not work
DRE PEREZ (3 years ago)
Freakin' awesome stuff! Thanks for the help
Mark Rampage Ramos (4 years ago)
HI i have this Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_qfe.130107-0418)            Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard        System Model: DSDT_PRJ                BIOS: Default System BIOS           Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E4500  @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs)              Memory: 998MB RAM           Page File: 695MB used, 1708MB available         Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS     DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c CS:S Will Run ?
Zod 10 (9 months ago)
Not very good you need 2.50 or more ghz
malina morda (4 years ago)
yes,i got the same and it runs.Sory for bad english
Gerson Fonseca (4 years ago)
How i can get the console??
Light (4 years ago)
Opstions\Keybord\Advanced\enable console
Tiger082762 (4 years ago)
It worked but fixed it alittle last time I had 185 or 210 this time I have 175
Raptor Jesus (4 years ago)
It not work
Light (4 years ago)
not in all servers
Spiritpoweredinternet (4 years ago)
old source :[
Chubby Piggy (2 years ago)
R0NICss (4 years ago)
Nathan Clevenger (5 years ago)
This didn't help... I have like 13 ping on my Lan gungame server and get random glitches. What would cause that? I never had a problem till the other day when i reinstalled my previous server setup as I had before. And now it runs like shit. I have a fast computer and have ran this before. But now it doesn't. What would cause my game to glitch randomly with a low ping. I have a 3.7ghz cpu and 8gbs of ram. So there is no shortage of power.
Type unbindall in the console it should help.
raymundo rincon (5 years ago)
dose this work with portable to?
GamingGUY350 (5 years ago)
i just play for a while then it's say's your pin up to 100 max is 100 ping so what to do to fix this ?
Basel Ayed (5 years ago)
And now am laging more than before wtff!!
Basel Ayed (5 years ago)
Lol I have 1Gb ram and intel family edition and intel pentum on windows Xp and my ping is 759!!!!!
raph0ne (5 years ago)
thanks ,, you helped me little ,, but my Ping still 200+ :D ,, I think the problem with my Internet ,, Thanks Anyway
Gary Chrome (5 years ago)
boneygibbon (5 years ago)
Do you know how to stop source smoke lag?
fartybumholes (5 years ago)
Damn, Windows is UGLY.
TehNumberOne ™ (5 years ago)
well no, my laptop aint not expensive neither a gaming laptop, and did run it fine, until something happened and fucked it all up c:
rotawo (5 years ago)
you can buy ati 6450 about 45 euro that cheap 2gb ram 10 euro 55 euro that how much you spent on new consel game right
jansen gassel (5 years ago)
its not working still lags help me
Pål Anders (6 years ago)
Thank you very much for this tutorial! I had a problem with CS:S. My latency were normal, but it looked like it was at 1000 or something, cause i never got kills when shoting people.. Thank you! <3
okay (6 years ago)
best thing to fix lagg is... buying very expensive gaming laptop/computer.
I'm the captain now (6 years ago)
Also makes your shots register better, meaning if u shoot 30 bullets in someones head he will definitely go down in 1-2 shots if he's not wearing a helmet, 2-4 shots with helm.
I'm the captain now (6 years ago)
Simple explanation, it moves hit boxes to player models, not drag them behind or in front of a model. The only weapons that don't benefit from this is awp and scout.. pretty much.
✪ siNister (6 years ago)
my ping is higher -.-
Niki Grigorov (6 years ago)
i have the desicion for ya ;) go buy new internet, but on cable, problem sold :))
MeinSommerAuto (6 years ago)
help please its lagging when i start css so i cant join any server because its lag everywere help me
SuperAllrounder1 (6 years ago)
not working for me..! pls help
CSS working like a charm, genius :)
Wander Junior (6 years ago)
hey man! thanks! helped me a little!
nibiru355 (6 years ago)
MCRENER D (6 years ago)
Poisoness (7 years ago)
dont wokr =(
Poisoness (7 years ago)
my css always lagg :(
Paco Klein (7 years ago)
what about cl_updaterate?
MCRENER D (7 years ago)
@MrTakemeawaynow hm..hoestsansynligt ikke. Det her hjælper ikke på din computer specs, men bare på din internet connection. Så det ville jeg ikke regne med. Prøv evt. at søge "overclock cpu" på google og research lidt. Det skulle gerne hjælpe lidt på din processer.
Jaffa* (7 years ago)
rate 50000 cl_updaterate 70 cl_cmdrate 100
123kelvin321 (7 years ago)
Når jeg spiller css på en server, lagger jeg når en person bruger mic går min ping fra "55 til 1500". Kan du hjælpe...?
100101010001010 (7 years ago)
thesarge1307 (7 years ago)
hey my valve games and only vlave games will run normaly then after what seems like 2 and a half minutes they start to lag uncuntrolably and then if i wait for 10 minutes they work for 2 and a half minutes again any tips?
chrstilen5 (7 years ago)
@ThirdClick Yeah.... but it dident work T.T Even my ping stayed he same. And it stil jumps upp and down like a rabbit. Like it's att 80-90....80-90.....80-90.... 150!!!! 80-90 and so on. SOmetimes the jumps comes more often and sometimes only like every 3-5 min.
MCRENER D (7 years ago)
@chrstilen5 No, dont worry about that
chrstilen5 (7 years ago)
Dont they ban you is you do this?
coffebeanss (7 years ago)
sætter den det tilbage automatisk efter man har brugt det?
AnD3rZe3N (7 years ago)
@ThirdClick yay en dansker :D
Thomas Nissen (7 years ago)
Hold kæft jeg elsker det vandfald i baggrunden!! <3
ME Gusta (7 years ago)
i lag on all maps with SAND like ( de_dust2, awp_india ze_pot....) really lag put ping always good like in 20 or 30 does anyone know to fix this prob ??????.
Nicklas C (7 years ago)
du er jo Dansker :)
Overwatch review (7 years ago)
@ThirdClick nice viking också
Bjørn Henrik Lund (7 years ago)
nice, takk ;D
128talal (7 years ago)
worked but still lags a bit
Theasdfalex (7 years ago)
DK Vikings ftw! ^^
Kadence (7 years ago)
@ThirdClick Viking fo' life! Stolt af at være DK :D
lilleursus (8 years ago)
danmark FTW!
J4CKM4N2266 (8 years ago)
Itsame Mario (8 years ago)
I was not lagging at all in css and my ping/latency was around 40 but some people told me to fix my rates so i typed in rate 50000 cl_updaterate 70 cl_cmdrate 100 and now im lagging like hell with a ping of 180, what the fuck
MikeyBay (8 years ago)
@Manaphyish omg does it work. it seems like im on a 5k dollar comp
Itsame Mario (8 years ago)
If my resolution is 1680, what crosshairscale should i use. And i didn't get what the Rate 25000 Cl_updaterate 100 Cl_cmdrate 100 was for i only typed in rate 50000 cl_updaterate 70 cl_cmdrate 100
Harlequin95 (8 years ago)
@trucksd1 work's?
MikeyBay (8 years ago)
faved :D after that update on CS:S i lagged like a lonely turd now i play nice and smoothly more like a unlonely turd
zuxs (8 years ago)
MCRENER D (8 years ago)
@gargar112 sxeinjected?
Ash B (8 years ago)
wat does that do?
22waleed (8 years ago)
@bukxxtravis u need to download sxe injected.
-Euphoria- (8 years ago)
@redjr1991 No, watch the whole video and listen to the voice. There are some times that you have to do it again. Just listen through the whole video.
Randy loves (8 years ago)
Thanks works great:D
redjr1991 (8 years ago)
@HAKERfromGREECE I would like to know this as well. Do i have to set them for every server i go in?
Jester (8 years ago)
do i have to do this very time i open css or only once ?
Sanjeeva P S (5 months ago)
only once
vigi4 (8 years ago)

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