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Text Comments (1606)
Marjolijn Van De Geer (42 minutes ago)
Can you're next videos challenge be only cley challenge
Lemonighter (1 hour ago)
Joha Hernandez (6 hours ago)
I think the Pueto Rico flag is known well, or something like that, well it is alost the same as the American flag only it has one star
Unicorn Squad (9 hours ago)
Its not a dog riding a dog LOL Its we bear bears
BOBthewaterpickle (9 hours ago)
they had 46 stars
Can u do a face reveal
Amanda, enza TV TV (14 hours ago)
PlsDontDoIt (15 hours ago)
Sweden is a recognizable flag i think
dawid100able (16 hours ago)
19:18 :)
Georgios Elefterakis (18 hours ago)
Only Chest Challange😉
Marit Versteegen (19 hours ago)
Only house challange
Sarah Curran (19 hours ago)
see I don't really like the dutch mumble rap
Nino Chkhartishvili (19 hours ago)
The bad thing about Georgia is that they don't have CHEETOS!!!!!!!
X INFINITY Ultra TC (20 hours ago)
The dog riding a dog is actually bears they r just bad at building but there r 3 of them
Aceneth Pino (20 hours ago)
omg legendary The 2 really
Inoltre penis challenge 😃
TheHeroBaby (21 hours ago)
Captain Ender (1 day ago)
Yeah his right channel is jerry vs.harry but they work together
ssasasa sasasasas (1 day ago)
In poland flag white is freedom and fight red is blod
Overview Savage (1 day ago)
Also the last one looks kind of like meth
Overview Savage (1 day ago)
46 stars / when he said no buddy would count lol /
Why flag no Thailand
When the server showed tom and jerry the show on my tv is tom and jerry about to end HAHAHSHAHSHA
ryan biswell (1 day ago)
There is 46 stars on your flag build
Saba Aptsiauri (1 day ago)
do only vote poop challenge
Felle panda (1 day ago)
Only clay challenge
Only Animals Challenge
rms paz (1 day ago)
Why the the american strip look like a Bacon wen you get out of the blue or its just me If you it just me I'll kill you JK
bara nanada (1 day ago)
only one color challenge
ImFineThankYou ! (1 day ago)
many ads are showing up and i cant even skip it lol
amber cool 0o7 (1 day ago)
Iove harry ursure name BANANANA
Dark Wallpaper (2 days ago)
Air build challenge
Widya Tindik (2 days ago)
are you no? i am indonesian
James Zabilski (2 days ago)
So close to 50 stars you only had 46
BOWLOF VEGGIES (2 days ago)
5:05 there are actually 46 flags
Cody Rozeboom (2 days ago)
Oh and 6:07 British flag
Cody Rozeboom (2 days ago)
TNTPLAYZXD 3D (2 days ago)
Only mobs challenge
Zeke Rollo (2 days ago)
I know why SpongeBob is called SpongeBob because he's a sponge
Omar Batistuta BiH (2 days ago)
No jump callenge
lol eccot (2 days ago)
That flag in ship 1rst round is an actual flag before not now also u did vote poop in actual realy goo real cartoon builds
sandbox god (2 days ago)
Theres 46 Stars on Tour flag
Nicole Polak (2 days ago)
All you needed is 5 more stars...
muskaan gupta (2 days ago)
Only 200 block challenge
MelloMarshMello 13510 (2 days ago)
Im pretty sure u guys got more then 1 LIKE 😂
That was robin and star fire it was teen titans
_Lil_d_21 _ (2 days ago)
Use only 5 types of block challenge
the,e minecraft pro,s (2 days ago)
I am Dutch
Aggeliki D (2 days ago)
日本語...?韓国語...?私の言語について... ...? :c
amelia cooper (2 days ago)
the uk flag AKA union jack
Holliebeauty101 bro (3 days ago)
Only cute buildings challenge
The Chicopico (3 days ago)
'OHHH ITS CHEATING' Game:Build something related to this theme... 'BUT IT IS CHEATING'
MichalGivesl's (3 days ago)
Thanks for calling my flag lame ;( I was a fan of urs now I’m not ( u said polish flag is lame ) 🖕🖕
Thomas Jennings (3 days ago)
Only build the same ass last time
Destanie (3 days ago)
5:02 there are 46 "stars"
Benjamin Rider (3 days ago)
that's ironic a man who has two American flags on his truck dive a Japanese truck
NightmareMason (3 days ago)
Racists i.m German me gramps was in world war 2
Alana6683 (3 days ago)
One color challenge like if u agree
Alana6683 (3 days ago)
Y’all had 46 stars I counted 😂😂
IceCanvas tuber (3 days ago)
Omg now you subcribers are 666.906 wait is that "666"
Pro Cameron (3 days ago)
666k subs
Q Ma (3 days ago)
You guys deserve legendary all the time!
iiPoisonFatal Vids (3 days ago)
You should have 13 stripes Edit: Very good, I counted and I am surprised you did that
MemezAreDreamz (3 days ago)
Who is here at 666k subs
NeXi Gamer (3 days ago)
Do you like poland?
Dragon (3 days ago)
666 k subs ;DDDD
Frisk (3 days ago)
No israel flag....
Eddy Chen (3 days ago)
im dutch and we sometimes show ar flag
Noah Smith (3 days ago)
Martijn Kuipers (3 days ago)
you only placed 46 stars on the american flag casuals
Yonghui Chen (3 days ago)
Do u vs grian
Slime Lover (3 days ago)
666k subs iluminatti confirmed😱🤔
Sigbjørn Tafjord (3 days ago)
Hi i'm new to this channel can you replay me and say: hi ?
Lucas Saavedra (3 days ago)
666k subs :| THE END IT'S HERE •∆•
Mappatore Calabrese (3 days ago)
Italy <3
Scrombie PvP (3 days ago)
666k subcibres woww is illimunati
Stevo Mudri (3 days ago)
legendary challenge
Jasper Drake (3 days ago)
that sub count
the t-rex picture was actually a v-rex from the first king kong
LunarKitty (3 days ago)
46 stars so close but so far...
CyberGT (3 days ago)
Tbh, I don’t know what the American flag looks like until I saw this video.... when your not American ;/
GamePlay Maniac (3 days ago)
Jarry🖕 Harry😡😡😡 Jarry😂😂😂Harry 👦🔫🔫🔫Jarry😵😵😵😵 harry😎 kills jarry
Tobin (3 days ago)
Well here in Europa we dont have that many school shooter
Araezer HD (4 days ago)
Sometime 4 people build :)
Yamen Alhamady (4 days ago)
Moody brightens challenge
Not Togther In teammates challenge
KLL227 YT (4 days ago)
only gold blocks challenge
FredPlayzMC™ (4 days ago)
Philipine flag
Lord Of All Pizza (4 days ago)
WoutVolgz WoutVlogZ (4 days ago)
Im dutch
ELISABETH Gamer (4 days ago)
We Bear Bears is a cartoon PS SPONGEBOB IS AWESOME
Victor Anderson (4 days ago)
666k subscribers
EMERALDblizard12 (4 days ago)
666k subs lol
Skullar Yu Tendo (4 days ago)
I'm here on national weed day 4/20, and I see weed got a legendary. Gratz.
Kierduane Tiempo (4 days ago)
Cool! 😎
SraaZ (4 days ago)
No Flying Challenge!
Wolf King GaMeR (4 days ago)
Hey we berrybarss is cartoon why poop
Masterofyolo 0 (4 days ago)
Lance that's already done :and dat spongy booby is su guuud

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