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Minecraft [FTB] Regrowth Amplified - 5 - Pooling Mana and Breeding Crops

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FTB Regrowth Pack Version 0.71 Amplified World Gen "What Happens when Nature goes missing? How will you work to recover it? Regrowth is an HQM based pack without the common Hardcore aspect where you seek to solve these problems. You'll start in a wasteland and eventually have the means to create a thriving magical and technical infrastructure."
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Text Comments (15)
Slimy (2 years ago)
Which microphone you are using? Just asking, lets say my Trust Starzz doesn´t sound the best.
Slimy (2 years ago)
Thanks for info, looking at the price, I think I will stay with mine 10 times cheaper one.
FunshineX (2 years ago)
+Slimy I use a Blue Yeti
CrazyJestor (3 years ago)
Do I need water with the pearls to grow them ?
FunshineX (3 years ago)
The oysters will be fine as long as there is a water block above them
Szymon Borecki (3 years ago)
can you record Pathfinder modpack?
eddog6666 (3 years ago)
witchery mod. muntadis.
catalin loghin (3 years ago)
go to ep 1 min: 9:51 and there you have a mushroom
FunshineX (3 years ago)
Doh.  Wasn't on the lookout that early
Landstryder (3 years ago)
You can bone meal the essence seed (it's the only one). The 3 different types of trowel that are added by different mods all seem to have completely different functions/uses.
Matthew Bates (3 years ago)
I started a new custom mod pack with argicraft, but I forgot to turn off weeds, bad, bad times :) It's surprisingly easy to lose 10,10,10 seeds if you're not careful.
FunshineX (3 years ago)
Very glad there are no weeds enabled for regrowth
MineBuster (3 years ago)
You can actually do the clayconia quest, you just need to hand in some clay and grey flowers.
MineBuster (3 years ago)
K sounds great, looking forward to the next episode! I really enjoy this new series, like the amplified touch too! :D
FunshineX (3 years ago)
yep I had just assumed I needed to actually make the thing.  10 grey flowers takes quite a bit of floral fertilizer though. If I recall, I get it in the next episode

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