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Bad Beta Tester - Funny Glitch Reel - Rival Rebels WIP

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Rgiant MMO Game Tyranika Nuke. https://rgiant.com ►Rival Rebels Game: https://youtu.be/N4cHbbTi8ew ►Sub to my developer channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame ►More tests: https://youtu.be/or6ZxmQLJhk I'm programming Rival Rebels Game, a completely independent game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and later the consoles. For more information go here: https://rivalrebels.com/ Pre-alpha access soon! Game discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/ For Rival Rebels Game: https://rivalrebels.com/ Music: Rival Rebels Chill Remix. Original theme song by Votrox. Rival Rebels game: DMD, Rhodes 3 Robot, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma Cannon, Tesla, Corsaire 4, Freighter Ship, Nuke, Tsar Bomba, Theo, Bunker, Force Field, Reactor, Player Skills, Rebel, Nuker, Hacker, Intel, Pilot, Tanker, Enforcer, Ranger, Gunner, Robot. ~Rodol
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Text Comments (26)
This Is Really Funny 😂😂😂😂😂
grigorij larin (13 days ago)
Im the only one who laughed from Toyguy's laugh,not glitches?
enderGuardian 46 (19 days ago)
What are these three buttons (blue, orange, green) on rgiant.com for? I am on a phone so maybe it just don't show but I can see numbers above them. If this is votes, I think I found a bug. I clicked ten times on the blue icon and it added ten to the whole number. I noticed there is two of every icon so if the first three have: Blue: 21000 Orange: 24500 Lime: 18100, and the second three have: Blue: 43600 Orange: 37400 Lime: 14100, my theory is right because I clicked evry icon to this (and I am really sorry if I ruined the vote but think if someone did it before me). If you see the same numbers as I, you should restart and fix the whole thing. If it is just my phone, everything is alright. (I would like to get an answer to see if you saw this.)
Rodol Phito (19 days ago)
Thanks for the honesty! Yes, that's intentional, I didn't want to put limitations like everybody else does. This is Rival Rebels, after all... Spam click it like its an M-202!! :D (I'm gonna keep your comment as reference to see how the numbers go up over time)
TheGolden Microphone (21 days ago)
that expands and impacts?
TheGolden Microphone (21 days ago)
hey! how do we make the illuminati reactor with the core?
Marco Rodriguez (23 days ago)
Is the game going to be free tell me it’s going to be free
Anders Becerra (24 days ago)
Rodol, I know we are all hype for the release but you should take as much time as you need to fix and add stuff. I'll even wait for 2 or 3 years because it will be worth it.
Rodol Phito (24 days ago)
Thanks, my plan is to crowd fund the early access asap, to eventually be able to hire a team to help me out developing, so we can play the game while i finish it :D
Gabriel Renner (25 days ago)
1:37 ship of doom.
fakhrul islam (26 days ago)
can you make a video called 1 kiloton nuke vs 5 kiloton nuke vs 25 kiloton nuke vs 100 kiloton nuke vs 1 megaton nuke vs 10 megaton nuke vs tsar bomba
Dániel Deák (26 days ago)
Looks good. Countinue the good work. Dude.
xxNeed For Speed65xx (26 days ago)
Those boxes look a bit too heavy lol
The Rawhide (26 days ago)
Missing head guy? *Flashes back to Ubisoft*
The Rawhide (26 days ago)
Best thumbnail on yt.
Alvin and WuT?!?!?!?! (26 days ago)
dude ship or s**t?
R080G4M3R (26 days ago)
Megaton... these puns are going nuclear
Shimmering Blaze (26 days ago)
RIP Toyguy's back and shoulders
MrAnimazing (26 days ago)
1:40 Alright, who's idea was it to give the ships AI??!!
Isak Logenius (26 days ago)
What about the logo? What happened? 1:21
DaTurtle (26 days ago)
Star wars umbilical, dual ships possibly?
Diana Grell (26 days ago)
Hey Rodol! Rhodes 3 here! What happened to Toyguy's back?
Jonas Kovamees (27 days ago)
Noot Koop (27 days ago)
First like first view first comment
and nobody cares...

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