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Text Comments (549)
Red Dino PLAYZ (4 days ago)
Exeref OBC (1 month ago)
5:12 uhh It's called speedboost
Jaylen Sherman (2 months ago)
This is gooooooooooooood
Grace Kelly (2 months ago)
Jerry sounds like grue in dispicable me 1 2 and 3
Elizabeth Juan (2 months ago)
Its spanish
Elizabeth Juan (2 months ago)
La fer taso pe de todas
Gamer Xy (2 months ago)
Wait do u say kabayo Tagalog yung eh
norsida laut macud (2 months ago)
Amezing video
BluEsliMe_32 :v (4 months ago)
I’m mexican and you’re my favorite youtubers speaking in spanish. A dream came true :D
OrangeRBX (4 months ago)
Charlotte Santos (4 months ago)
harry and jerry u said a filipino word kabayo and it means horse
Monica Ribeiro (5 months ago)
thats portuguese?
VenFrom YT (5 months ago)
Tagalog is really close to Spanish laungage I can slightly understand what they say
Jetplays 516 (5 months ago)
Tagalog is Spanish, not close
I'm FABULOUS (5 months ago)
at 6:11 turn on captions its funny😂
I'm FABULOUS (5 months ago)
this is really funny since in mexican how they speak makes me laugh 😂😂 mi gusta el video 👍😂😄😃
Nerissa Colasito (5 months ago)
Kabayo means horse in tagalog
Nerissa Colasito (5 months ago)
They raided phillipino
Nerissa Colasito (5 months ago)
Spanish actually a long time they raided us
Nerissa Colasito (5 months ago)
Ok then
Jetplays 516 (5 months ago)
Nerissa Colasito Tagalog and Spanish are the same, but some words aren't
*ElobitoCosmico 123* (5 months ago)
Soy de argentina
JemGamer (5 months ago)
Kabayo is like a Filipino word lel
Jetplays 516 (5 months ago)
Yeah, it is a tagalog word, but spanish and tagalog is the same
Jetplays 516 (5 months ago)
JemGamer (5 months ago)
No te entiendo
Ezequiel Paradelo (6 months ago)
Un spaniah v:
Ezequiel Paradelo (6 months ago)
Lo entendí porque se los dos idiomas
Ezequiel Paradelo (6 months ago)
Es muy gracioso
Jimins Long Lost Jams (9 months ago)
6:11 turn on captions
Jetplays 516 (5 months ago)
Jimins Long Lost Jams crappy ass XD
NedaMeda 1 (9 months ago)
I should ask my mok to tell me what are they talking XD
Augusto Sosa (10 months ago)
Say this: "Me tire un pedo". Fart in spanish is pedo
alanthegamerpro1 (6 months ago)
no shit sherlock
WolfiePlayz_PE (10 months ago)
Filipino and spanish is mixed to pinoy langugae
Es Jerry e Harry. =D
alanthegamerpro1 (6 months ago)
no, Jerry Y Harry.
angelaesthetic (10 months ago)
I love you is vids Jerry por favor continúe para siempre
angelaesthetic (10 months ago)
Ok soy español boi but im not really though and im rusty at it too
Dank Rizal Chaniago (11 months ago)
Jerry & Harry Make A Survival In Minecraft !
and you said a bad Word in spanish XD
i talk spanish hola como estas
stimpclient (11 months ago)
this video is kind of racist
Diana3229 (11 months ago)
As a native spanish speaker I can say that, personally, thought this was hilarious XD (even if it was a bit racist). And, for people who dont know spanish, you pronounced [some things] well! Also, your r roll was good!!
nice spanish skill
Sandey016 (11 months ago)
Btw v is still v not b
Sandey016 (11 months ago)
Hey this is really racist i dont like it its offensive to my language and sorry but your spanish is not that good and yeah pls do not do this again is really offensive pls
Sandey016 (8 months ago)
Not that offensive but still it triggers me people that cant speak spanish good idk whu
Adrian Chavez (11 months ago)
yo ablo español
Ikhsan Handy (11 months ago)
papilo gendeng
Sasuke ClazE (11 months ago)
hey who knows naruto
Sasuke ClazE (11 months ago)
hey who knows naruto
hi is hola
adel_vlogs (11 months ago)
That map was created for a YouTuber called willyrex
BOOM (11 months ago)
hola qué tal chios lol
Ninja Panther (11 months ago)
Reversal x (11 months ago)
The end😂😂😂😂😂😂
pablo orellana (1 year ago)
this map was foto the YouTubers willyrex and staxx
Donald Trump would take this video. no hate i wanted to say that.
gamer gamer (1 year ago)
I'm Mexican! I speak Spanish and English but mostly Spanish!!
Ella Bella (1 year ago)
uhh, do you now Spanish? me: no
Leffo (1 year ago)
Freddy Calixto (1 year ago)
i like when they fart
lentera nusa siregar (1 year ago)
hahaha,how to be rasist 101
XreimyZ yiŽtube (1 year ago)
jerry and harry whats your language?
kabayo is tagalog not spanish i know that because im tagalog
Matt Daniel Gemillan (1 year ago)
bro i think you are wrong some tagalog are from spain like uno = 1 and etc
xScottyBugattix YT (1 year ago)
I'm part spanish!!!!!
like si te diste cuenta de que juegan un mapa de willystaxx
vicky acker (1 year ago)
strongest weak (1 year ago)
??? you say spanish like hola
Hola Jerry y Harry
MegamanGamer3 (1 year ago)
XD lol
Ice J (1 year ago)
That like/dislike ratio...,
Paola Cibej (1 year ago)
RⓔV_KasaneTeto (1 year ago)
I bet spanish people are dying watching this
Sandey016 (1 year ago)
se dice lava con v (it's pronuced with v)
Sandey016 (1 year ago)
THAT'S RACIST!!!!! I'M SPANSIH but dont worry because some people don't know other languages as I because I don't know nederlands sorry but you don't know spanish so same thing right?
Happy Ninja Growtopia (1 year ago)
I talk spanish and english i understood EVERYTHING
WhatDoes ItsCool (1 year ago)
Omg I like this MAPO
Christopher Wright (1 year ago)
Daniel Panim (1 year ago)
I know the word cabayo
I like your videos
Cookie Killer (1 year ago)
Bet you they got there Spanish from dora
Cookie Killer (1 year ago)
I'm Spanish -_- nothing else
Hilbert Ho (1 year ago)
am i the one that watch this more than 10 times ?
PieIsLyfe I Like Pie (1 year ago)
Jerry and Harry u are meh fav you tubers do all time!
Martin Venturozo (1 year ago)
jerrv you good
Blurange Boy KM's see (1 year ago)
i like this vid
Jennifer Maher (1 year ago)
Make sure to smakito the likito button
Bohdan Bazowsky (1 year ago)
yea very good vid
Zeldon Craft (1 year ago)
Hola willy! Espero de corazon disfrutaparapataraparapatapapapiliparapito
Barf Studios (1 year ago)
jerry you have a mexican hat
Barf Studios (1 year ago)
jerry you have a mexican hat
Ochy Madriga (2 years ago)
hey jerry or harry are you saying Filipino?
Lolito52 (2 years ago)
Mapa para niños rata :v
arceus 61199 (2 years ago)
You now that have a great spanish audience incluiding me así que if you need Some spanish classes you can tell me
Lolito52 (2 years ago)
Or me, my mother language is español but it's like it's actually inglés
"OH NO A WAPISIMOS (guapisimos)?" "What? What's a guakasemo?" "A bat, I guess." IM DED.
skarps (2 years ago)
MLG_Bro for Life (2 years ago)
it was saying to not leave the boat until the map tells you to
Color Storm Fur (2 years ago)
do more both perspective
Color Storm Fur (2 years ago)
it makes it better
supertoxicman (2 years ago)
Fart in spanish is pedo o peo
Isabella Fortino (2 years ago)
why is Jerry Alex?
Katia Souto (2 years ago)
Good spanish and if you want to know how I know it's because I'm spanish
KooperSpeederYT (2 years ago)
I know your both Belgian
Matias Santillan (2 years ago)
Spain his from spain but hx for saying chile
Korben P. (2 years ago)
as always.. jerryhaxs
DerpDJ 204 (2 years ago)
to say speed boost it's not speedo boostido it's accualy boost rapido
DerpDJ 204 (2 years ago)
+JerryVsHarry olla JerryVsHarry me gusta tus videos!! I speak Spanish lol
Emilio Anaya Guerrero (2 years ago)
it`s not fartito it`s ``pedito
ElDoritoMLG (2 years ago)
que esto pero me gusto

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