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Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Den - Grass Race Final (80)

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Welcome to Ocean Den. In this series Sqaishey and I survive, explore and build in our ocean home. I hope you enjoy. Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZiAg2bYC7mT_3kwdiy279lfvBn0sZSd Sqaishey's channel - https://www.youtube.com/sqaishey Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (1160)
Glacial gaming (10 days ago)
Pause at 23:24 do you see the baby chicken on Stampy s gras
Holly Weaver (17 days ago)
Please do Space Den, Jungle Den, Lava Den, Grass Den, Cake Den or Food Den pleaseeeeeedddddeeeeeee
Amy Liu (19 days ago)
Otniel Figueroa (24 days ago)
Unfair far stampy
Emily Frowley (29 days ago)
Jo Croker (1 month ago)
Stamps was the first winer then squashey then squashey a gene
Mystixii (1 month ago)
What everyone has to understand, is that Choo Choo and his building team has to build another den for Stampy and Sqaishey. It must have taken AGES to build all the dens, and considering the fact that these two did the dens back to back, must have meant that Choo Choo made them whilst Stampy and Sqaishey were doing the other dens. (For example, whilst Stampy and Sqaishey were doing Sky den, Choo Choo & team were building Cave Den.) Choo Choo obviously hasn't built another den, otherwise it would have started by now so...it isn't up to Stampy and Sqaishey, don't blame them. :)
Ivan Lee (1 month ago)
Ivan Lee (1 month ago)
Animalz 205 (1 month ago)
Desert Den , Jungle Den , Ice Den , Cake Den , Space Den , Lava Den
You should do jungle den!!!!
Clodagh wilson (1 month ago)
Me and my squishy was watching grass race final💩
Joanna Miniewicz (1 month ago)
Ounce in my sisters world an enderman created a mini house and by the way stampy I’ve watched your videos since 5 years ago
MissKayls 24 (1 month ago)
Endermen can place blocks down cuz I saw one put down a flower in a desert biome but because it wasn’t grass it popped back of
C0OLDUG27 (2 months ago)
Cluck 4 da qween
Migster_Right (2 months ago)
Lol! 7:28
The trailer (2 months ago)
Den den den den den den
electric slime 99 (2 months ago)
Seed please
Kittycat/789 Rodriguez (2 months ago)
why is this the last grass race
jagvirboyal (2 months ago)
Plz dont stop this series
Little Mal (2 months ago)
Sqaishey: I fell of my chair XD *laughs I fell of my chair Stamps:the one time I need facecam I don't have it Sqaishey:It would be so funny
Next should be space den then animal den and then food den who agrees
A RACIST MEXICAN (2 months ago)
Screaming Idiot (2 months ago)
...you all know that he’s said many times before that this was the last den right?
Screaming Idiot (2 months ago)
He absolutely *LIVID*
Clarity_Gamer_505 (2 months ago)
Stampy has more grass to grow
Charlotte Chevis (2 months ago)
Do ice den
Lw Bloopy (2 months ago)
is so funny at the ending of this video haha😂😂😂
jaetendo gaming (2 months ago)
It's sad because I was not here I was finishing cave den now I have to re wach this
Basic Trash (3 months ago)
pls do space den!
Moo Moggs (3 months ago)
Lucas Quiroz (3 months ago)
Boo boo boo
King of Slayers (3 months ago)
Next should be Forest den!
CoolCat343972 on YouTube (3 months ago)
😂😂😂 the enderman
The Massive Almond (3 months ago)
its cow poop
David Barnes (3 months ago)
u do never den
Elaine McMahon (3 months ago)
You should have called Derry to catch the bat😂(you’ll only get it if your Irish )
Kewlpony Slimes (3 months ago)
THIS US DUMB the water update just came out and this is ending
Kewlpony Slimes (3 months ago)
AgentMindStorm (3 months ago)
"What is grass?" "What is cress?"
Chaos Commentz (3 months ago)
Stampy. do another den and call it Wasteland den.
INLINE (3 months ago)
*B A B Y S C E N T*
Phoebe Miller (3 months ago)
Do a tree den pretty please 🐈🐬🐈
Mirella Xxx (3 months ago)
Cake roulette den 🙂🙂
Alex Girl (3 months ago)
Gender bend den
Alex Girl (3 months ago)
Heaven den
Alex Girl (3 months ago)
Earth den!
Oranges Are Orange (3 months ago)
Guys he is ending all of his series' do you think he his quitting YouTube
martin coppola (3 months ago)
Nooooooooooo I wanted Stampy to win
Ryan Stevenson pug lover (3 months ago)
The race was unfair
Hudson Todd (3 months ago)
Is there anymore dens is this the last one
Joshua Coleman (3 months ago)
Cat den duck den
Hyperkid47Playz (3 months ago)
Mohammad Sayeed (3 months ago)
Do a snow den
Sun Sun (3 months ago)
Do space den you have to be in a tiney sand stone island and a tree with a tiney dirt block and you get unlimited jump boost and it is always night
NoonTime Studios (3 months ago)
if this was not grass race you would name it angry enderman
Wildnight 8 (3 months ago)
Do cake den
Brandon Walmsley (3 months ago)
Wonder what the fourth den is going to be called?
Zelox (3 months ago)
29.11 "nooooooo" -Squaishey
Enderlight (3 months ago)
Nether Den MUST be next
Stewart Dorans (3 months ago)
Do water den
Kayleigh Loves BTS (3 months ago)
This was hilarious, congrats sqaishey. Better luck next time stamps. *bows to the queen of ocean den XD.
Maeve The Chewerz (3 months ago)
The best video i have watched even on ANY of my birthdays Its my birthday today🎉🎁🎈
Metal sonic 11 (3 months ago)
Space den
Kieran Ford (3 months ago)
Do another Den
L.0.L NoobLord (3 months ago)
1:09 - 1:13 Let me guess, Squashey is older? *only Ssundee/crainer fans will get it*
marin tariq (3 months ago)
Stampys one was just pure sad
Crazy Capitator (3 months ago)
When he said "a constant stream" I laughed so hard I cried, mainly because of the the image in my head of a constant stream of poop
Justin melvin (3 months ago)
How dare Kelvin say you go home
Serious sharpie (3 months ago)
Luke Ross (3 months ago)
theres no way stampys gonns mske s comeback
cmflick (3 months ago)
What is the next den
Xuanye Tan (3 months ago)
I am de QUEEEN!
LoisAnne1998 (3 months ago)
Beetroot, chicken and pumpkin curry actually doesn't sound too bad.
Aria B (3 months ago)
Mario plumber96 (3 months ago)
This is probably my favorite episodes of ocean den
Jihan Anindya (3 months ago)
hmmmmmmmmmm........... Read more
Galaxy Seven 7 (3 months ago)
Stampy with a hint of salt
heyits joan (3 months ago)
Who were scrolling in the comments to see who won???
Jared Smith (3 months ago)
I don't care about your speech squashey
Comedy Role6 (3 months ago)
Ur right Sqaishey, what IS grass?
Reuben Spratt (3 months ago)
14:10 dun-dun-dun!!!!!!
AssassinTurtle (3 months ago)
I think stampy is going to make a distrack on Kevin
felony YT (3 months ago)
On 16:25 you'll see that squashys grass blocks and stamps grass blocks are in different biomes of which stamps grass is in a grass plains biome witch grows faster and sqaushys grass is in a Taiga biome witch is way slower
Sambie1350 (3 months ago)
Sorry stampy😢
Greenwolf 160 (3 months ago)
Another den can be the nether den
Niko 2064 (3 months ago)
Why cant u do a desert den or snow den?
The Dark Poseidon (3 months ago)
sqaisheys grass is in the forest biome therefore it grows faster, while stampys is from the savana #2018GrassRaceWasRigged
Saif Rehman (3 months ago)
What happened to Doobie Doo?
Lenoda Official (3 months ago)
What is the name of the music while squaishey is on a speech
Shift Games (3 months ago)
Jungle Den!
Victor Barrera (3 months ago)
Stampy:I HATE COBBLESTONE Ssunde :Don't SAY That!......You Monster (Ssunde loves cobblestone......)
cat kook (3 months ago)
Can I get someone else for talking just kidding
Danielle Ding (3 months ago)
9 times they said, "I'M GONNA HAVE TO STOP YOU THERE!!!" And 1 time they said, "I'M GONNA HAVE TO STOP MYSELF THERE!!!" Oh, and Sqaishey also fell off her chair. XD
Eva Ehlers (3 months ago)
I can't belive stampy won
Miby C (3 months ago)
I just watched 29 minutes of grass growing Dreams do come true
Kimberly Arth (3 months ago)

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