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WHYYYYY?!! (Minecraft Build Battle)

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Build Battle PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPQGzKRc41E&list=PLSV0H7EPl_XNPScns_uyvZ1ouvhgQiMb1&index=9 ► Connect to our server using IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry ► Machinimas Channel: http://youtube.com/itsjerryandharry ===CREDITS=== ► Music and sound effects from: Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest
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Text Comments (2125)
Lucas Barrett (15 days ago)
speed dweeb (1 month ago)
why would you make a horse with rainbow hair when the thems unicorn they have horns
Wolfie Berry (1 month ago)
For some reason I like they’re reaction when they didn’t put a horn XD
Dante Ventucillo (2 months ago)
the unicorn has no horn
Wolf - Cubing and more! (3 months ago)
What is with the dicks in rounds 1 and 2?
kevin yang (3 months ago)
ROUND 2 ?!?!??!
kevin yang (3 months ago)
Michael Jacobe (6 months ago)
Carrots are good for ur eye sight *stabs carrots on eyes* YOU LIED
CaptainCrazyCarrot (6 months ago)
CaptainCrazyCarrot (6 months ago)
11:56 wait, nvm that’s my retarded cousin. What you saw was my baby brother.
IAteAllYo Pancakes (6 months ago)
Do a no place block challange!! U can only make pixel art outta da floor lol 🤦🏻‍♀️
Taylor Han (6 months ago)
Soo dumb
Rygamer180 (6 months ago)
AlpacaRazvan 66Official (7 months ago)
*4:45* That Guy is *Medic* From *Team Fortess 2!*
Péter Lerner (7 months ago)
5:50 rund 3 harry says get ready to round 2
dimas sinatrya (7 months ago)
niks kijk niet (7 months ago)
Sevgi Demir (7 months ago)
5:50 ROUND 3? This ROUND 2
Hax Art (8 months ago)
I dont Carrot now I dont (Care-right-now)
Miguel penafiel (9 months ago)
Wow!You Recorded This After My BIRTHDAY!
nicky perdana (9 months ago)
Desghidorah The great (9 months ago)
3:41 Song name?
The dog Girl (10 months ago)
Round 2 said round 3
Omar Gomez (10 months ago)
This is manny 🐵 For each like it =1 bannana
ManijakBro MLG (10 months ago)
Guys build only cute things cuz ppl giving it legendary am i right?
GamingWith Jun (10 months ago)
GamingWith Jun (10 months ago)
do the Biggest build Challenge
Alexia Springsteel (11 months ago)
did anyone realize that on round 2 it said round 3
david moreland (11 months ago)
dick wod
Arby Toy Collection (11 months ago)
that is a pegasus at 18:52AM?
salsabila nur azaila (11 months ago)
There is someone gives you a epic and lengenddery is theme unicron wow
SHEEPZ NUGGET # (11 months ago)
Subbing everyone who sub to me :D don't forgrette.... (⊙-⊙) POTATIUM <) )/🍌 / )
SHEEPZ NUGGET # (11 months ago)
(●-●) <) )/🍎 POTATIUM / \
Disaster7317 (11 months ago)
Only wood challenge
Windows Error (11 months ago)
L have eaten lot of carrot and l throwed up. It's true
Windows Error (11 months ago)
Jerry and harry look like twins l know their voice look twiny
Windows Error (11 months ago)
Oh jerry said 🍆
Windows Error (11 months ago)
Please reply jerry and harry
Mierda Cuenta (11 months ago)
Hearing your Spanish is funny lol
SicklerBuck (11 months ago)
0:11 "Welcome back to the HYPICKLE Server."
BlackCrystal GT Chamnan (11 months ago)
I want to see the longest video please :)
joe mana (11 months ago)
I love ❤️ your builds!👍🏾🤜🏼👍🏾👍🏾
michael Berry (1 year ago)
Jarr y and Harry you should do a survival series
Alexandrea Vieu (1 year ago)
omg that first place unicorn is so so so cute and adorable
skullz and bones (1 year ago)
If you look up "Boss baby" on pornhub The entire movie actually shows up I just finished watching it, 9\10 movie XD
GraberJoel22 (1 year ago)
It's a Carrot monster run away! AHHHHH! XD
RadRalphz (1 year ago)
Grian and Mumbo Jumbo v.s. Jerry and Harry
Jomb Gaming (1 year ago)
tan biến
Weird the intro says jerry vs harry but they 're team
Hanniel Encomienda (1 year ago)
No talking challenge
Mallow (1 year ago)
Don't. Vote. Superpoop. (It will lower your score)
Mallow (1 year ago)
I made a great horizontal carrot, a really great one but I came second because an invisible carrot won! Or it was underground... it fkn won, you couldn't even see the carrot
BigDog Gaming Jr. (1 year ago)
💩 poop
Jonas Vandeputte (1 year ago)
I'm from Belgium
XxWTF_ NicolexX (1 year ago)
Cian Rada (1 year ago)
국이 (1 year ago)
Antonio Harris (1 year ago)
They know how to build!!!!!
RockstarWolfy Wolfy (1 year ago)
I wish we have a love botton bc I love this show
White Tiger (1 year ago)
Actually if you eat to many carrots your skin turns yellow
ShinyLux (1 year ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Blackhole S5 001481 (1 year ago)
Lol you guys always ruin the build battle when youre playing hahaah
Diego Schiliro' (1 year ago)
But eating too many carrots can bring in too much beta-carotene the molecule responsible for carrots' bright orange hue and a precursor of vitamin A. This can lead to excess blood carotene which can discolor the skin. Known as carotenemia, the condition occurs because carotene is a fat-soluble molecule.
Catherine Fleming (1 year ago)
I LIKE TO EATA SOAP (1 year ago)
best part of unicorns... THEY FORGOT ABOUT THE HORN GAAAAAAH
Filipino Squad (1 year ago)
Witch one do you think is the right one a cone attached to a bourse or a hoarse attached to a cone replied what you think is right
Filipino Squad (1 year ago)
Luna Jae (1 year ago)
Who else was hoping Grian would be in the Unicorn one?
Jessica MacGillivary (1 year ago)
this is kitty 🐱 kitty has no friends 1 like equals 1 good friend
P.a,C-e W.Z. (1 year ago)
Why the d***!!!?? 😬
TWISTED_ VIPER (1 year ago)
I was on this 11.23
ItsColieAndHolly PH (1 year ago)
Hi Its Jerry And Harry Its Me ColieAndHolly Im Beginning To make A video and Post on youtube to be A youtuber And will not Forget to always support you love you guys
kermit p frog (1 year ago)
i fckin lve my little pony
oliali43 (1 year ago)
super poop lowers your score
Henri Baert (1 year ago)
Dont insult Mannetje Pis (that's How we say it)
Aphsbesty 4 life (1 year ago)
At 19:20 aphmau unicorn
crystal hamblen (1 year ago)
Witch ones are Jerry and Harry
Deyz (1 year ago)
why do ppl build a penis in build battle
VeziusTheThird (1 year ago)
I wonder who had the mind to say "its long if you know what I mean" in round two!
Jacob Marcus (1 year ago)
Batman on buildbadle
J Lovkvist (1 year ago)
He said hypickle server at the start
skullbit gamer (1 year ago)
These guys r my favorite minecraft yubtubbers
SI HABLO ESANOooooooOLllLl GOAL No hablo español tambien hahaha como se consigue la capa una capa :U
WillisFish (1 year ago)
You should start an Mc world and build whatever you want but you have to make it HUGE!!!
Du3mjeplayz Lavahound (1 year ago)
Jerry and Harry listen to dis k hit that subscribe botton and hit that like botton
Du3mjeplayz Lavahound (1 year ago)
:/ d/settheme
Lama Louloush (1 year ago)
Your going to change my build battle life
Bad YouTube Channel (1 year ago)
Jennifer Kvist (1 year ago)
You forgot the horn on the unicorn😭😭😭🦄🦄
ZombeyDragon (1 year ago)
1:44 im from belgium hes called "manneke pis" which translates to "little boy pee" which is too weird in english xD
can you do a Pixel Build Battle , Like if you agree like o he can do a pixel art(only if yoi want i dont force)
King_Slasher Gaming (1 year ago)
look at this carrot it's so small = _( I say your building was great
BBetul Uçar (1 year ago)
17:51 Nyaaaannn Caaattt
Emily Stay lit (1 year ago)
I say: 121212212121222121222 Thank you for listening ❤
tetris GAMER (1 year ago)
5:11 who else nodiced it lol
aisha boris (1 year ago)
Forgot the horn
Swoopy Cat (1 year ago)
At 2:23 you can here him say a#s
Team Egg (1 year ago)
What's up jerry and harry
Derpy Bros (1 year ago)
Funny Donald trump joke😂
Jessica Siegfried (1 year ago)
The Jewels (1 year ago)
If I was there... I would give their's super poop, because as a unicorn lover, IT HAS NO HORNNNNNNN

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