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Best budget 4K camera for YouTube? Lumix G7 Review and Unboxing!

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Hello. Today I review my new camera, the Lumix G7! It's quite a feature-packed camera that has 4K capability at an insane budget price! » Links ‣ Custom LOG profile tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEUpu-emtlg ‣ Previous Video: https://youtu.be/N-Crws6C0Qo ‣  Video Gear: https://goo.gl/4QjBDz Disclaimer: Any/all songs used in this video are/may be protected by copyright. I by no means take credit for them; please read the "Music Used" section of the description for more information. » Music Used ‣  Jawn - BTY ‣  Jef2 - One for Jun ‣  dxnzxl - How did we get h e r e ? ‣  Beakers - Treehouse ‣  Lemaitre - Closer For inquiries, contact: [email protected]
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Dan Ross (4 days ago)
Holy shit, I mean. I came across your other video and I figured I'd check your newest ones. The production quality is amazing for what I'd assume is a pretty young person with a limited budget. Stumbling across a video like this, you could probably have fooled me into thinking you had 600k subscribers. Anyways, keep it up I guess. It's not unnoticed!
ItsShark (6 days ago)
hey sick video i have the same camera you should check out my videos and even hit the sub button!
Hey, was just wondering why your recent plugin tutorial video was taken down. Are you not doing that series anymore?
techtoolbox (11 days ago)
I kind of don't want to continue the series anymore. I still have the plugin tutorial online, but it's unlisted and only accessible through a playlist I created.
Noabon (14 days ago)
if the cameras in the video how are you filming? 🤔🤯
Noabon (12 days ago)
techtoolbox (13 days ago)
*deletes channel*
Noabon (13 days ago)
its called a joke.
techtoolbox (14 days ago)
It's called using my old camera... haha
its a absolute steal
techtoolbox (14 days ago)
Hell yeah :)
ExplosiveTamale (14 days ago)
In my opinion the greatest downside to the G7 is it's lack of weatherproofing. I brought mine with me to NYC last week and I had to put it away for about two days straight because of the rain outside :(
techtoolbox (14 days ago)
Damn, that sucks. It would definitely be nice to have weatherproofing in such a camera, even if it makes it a bit heavier. I used to put my old camera in a Ziploc bag and cut a hole for the lens, then cover the lens in tape to prevent water from pouring in whenever I wanted to film in the rain.. not the best solution but oh well ;D
Computer Man (14 days ago)
Could you do a guide on how to safely overclock your processor?
techtoolbox (14 days ago)
I'd try around 4.8 GHz with around 1.2 Volts on the CPU. That seems to be a good middle ground that your AIO should be able to handle. Then test out the overclock with a CPU stress program like Prime 95 and see if it crashes or overheats. If there's any problems, just slowly dial back the overclock until you can have a stable system. There's not much to worry about, just don't apply too much voltage.
Adam Preston (14 days ago)
I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-9ghz, make sure to turn the cpu voltage up to match the speed at which u run your cpu (ex 8ghz - 8volts) Please for the love of god dont actually do this
Computer Man (14 days ago)
also what overclock would you recommend on a 8600k with a 120mm aio?
techtoolbox (14 days ago)
Yea, of course. In fact, that'll be my next video :)

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