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McMakistein vs samasaurus6 - CommandKing Quarterfinal 2/4

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Official Website: http://commandking.com Minecraft CommandKing Season 2 Quarterfinal 2/4: McMakistein vs samasaurus6 ▼ Read me ▼ Please give a 👍 up if you enjoyed this video - it makes everyone feel good ♥ ★ Participants ★ McMakistein - https://youtube.com/user/McMakistein samasaurus6 - https://youtube.com/user/samasaurus6 ℹ Information ℹ CommandKing is a Minecraft Tournament, in which 8 Mapmakers compete with each other to find out who is the fastest and most versatile of them. New CommandKing Episodes are released every Saturday at 4PM UTC. For an overview on all challenges and participants, visit http://commandking.com ♥ Credits ♥ Arena built by Grian - https://www.youtube.com/user/Xelqua Motion Graphics by MrRolord - https://youtube.com/user/MrRolord ♬ Music ♬ "Valid Statement" from Epidemicsound.com "Ocean Floor" from the YouTube Audio Library "Zoom" from the YouTube Audio Library Ocean Floor by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (195)
Binderiya BSS (3 months ago)
what McMakistein now what hal
papa mirianos Santos (6 months ago)
Mk your awesome i now how to get a command block here is the command /give @p command_block
ExplodingTNTOfficial (11 months ago)
Who's watching this in 2017?
Eu sei um pouco sobre command block
I would like to be in the Command block challenges 2016.
extream E gaming MC (1 year ago)
I challenge you to a ballet crushed pixel
TheCutyDolphin TV (1 year ago)
i like mrMakiestine
Ano Nymous (1 year ago)
/stats is a real killer
Zapped Cannon (1 year ago)
Do a season 2
Marcelo Soto (2 years ago)
who win the finals?
Ukkonen (2 years ago)
Get rekt, set, go
Sanb Bans (2 years ago)
I would totally lose this. This looked too hard. (Some were easy}
Crazy (2 years ago)
What is the l= and lm= selector?
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+CrazyKK 1449 its ok, i know a bit of it
Crazy (2 years ago)
+Andrew U Oooohhh! Thanks dude!
GB Magma (2 years ago)
l= is max level thing. Example: testfor @a[l=10] will detect everyone with 10-(less than 11) levels lm= is minimal level thing. Example: testfor @a[lm=10] will detect everyone with 10+ (above 9) levels
DotCD (2 years ago)
whats up with the Jello effect whenever something moves it turns all like Jello
U should add a little scoreboafd in the corner that tells the score
Adrian Lam (2 years ago)
Me I'll win! ;p
Adrian Lam (2 years ago)
Nooooo why maki how could you lose, I put all my faith into you
Superman (2 years ago)
What are the mods u have on the server?
Adrizz (1 year ago)
No mods. nor plugins , all vanilla
C.O.E.S (2 years ago)
+Superman -_-
Superman (2 years ago)
+Superman not plugins, mods.
Sans&Flowey (2 years ago)
I love mcmacensten because semesauris09 was a rank ensten on redstone but Mac is not
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+valg30 troll comment? McMaKiSTteIn and sAmAsaurUs6 (caps letters - all of your mistakes, save for Mc)
QuagScoped (2 years ago)
Awh come on! My 2 favorite command blockers against eachother. :(
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+alxndr11 wow same! :( I love maki because...ummm... JOHN CEEEEEEEEEEENA, and i love Sam because.... he is -Sam the Minotaurus- nice modeller (i know Maki, you are good too, but, tbh, i prefer watching Sam in terms of modeling xP)
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
IN THE PREVIOUS EPISODE: "Man these challenges are easy! I can do them too!" IN THE CURRENT EPISODE: "Nevermind..."
Guy25 (2 years ago)
? i can the resource pack crushed pixel
Ingmar Verweij (2 years ago)
If you take a look at my command block creations. 90% of the commands use execute. I love execute
BlueberryBee (2 years ago)
I like to try and figure out the challenges myself.. I got challenge 3 in about 5 minutes!
Martin Pavlas (2 years ago)
VSync :(
Kampftroll 1 (2 years ago)
Wer wußte das +McMakisten deutscher ist?
SIME (2 years ago)
12:27 tp one random armorstand away between 2 repeater and over and over again 7 times and place sand @ all armorstands so a redstone signal can go througth there to ligth the lamp ... Took me 5 sec lol
SIME (2 years ago)
Ok the winner was way more simple ... But that would took me some testing ...
Syntax3D (2 years ago)
I have a challenge for you. Create a plotworld in vanilla. I can buy a plot with /trigger BuyPlot set 1. Then i have my plot, who i can build on. if another player wants to build on my plot or open chest (stat.chestopened) he will kicked from the plot or he cant go to your plot. Another Players can't break blocks from outside. I want to see, if you can create this
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+VoxelWizard I have had to do this, actually. Didn't get very far. It was a long time ago though, it'd be easy to do now.
Heyo13579 (2 years ago)
hey crushed im working on a map and was wondering if you had a video on how to make a player move usuing command blocks send me a pm if you do or if you make one thank you:) o and check out my mc map so far 4 youtubers have played it http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2525027-rage-1-8-1-8-8-play-if-you-dare-youtubers-have
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+secretplayer atease (heyo13579) I wish there were a better way, but at the moment there's only a few ways to move players with command blocks (believe me, I've tried): - TP commands (obviously) - Explosions - Mob collisions
Syntax3D (2 years ago)
Hello, i have a command question to you: How can i give every player a different scoreboard value. for example: Player1 has the id 1 now it joins a second player: Player2 has the id 2 now it joins........Player129 has the id 129. Can you help me please? I can't find a solution!
Retarded Sonic (2 years ago)
Dis liked. Mark should be the winner. I lové Mark i SUBS to him. Samus should disliked on every video. LIKES ONLY FOR MARK!!!
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Man553 SRB2 Player Sorry, but Samasaurus won fair and square. It would be against the spirit of competition to hate him just for that. Can't just change the result.
TheCutter.NET (2 years ago)
Would be so eZ to solve the challenges using a bukkit plugin. xD
sidqyu. (2 years ago)
Im confused, first what if the winners aren't really winners maybe the working machine are not the winners machine, since they are in the same world and have the same thing to do that means one must be deactivated right? Or did you already deactivate it but we didn't know?
sidqyu. (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie thx for the info!
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+aria ahnaf They're position-oriented for the most part. The ones that aren't, you disable the other side's clock just to make sure. For instance, the armor stand test had a specific position (different for each player) for the armor stands.
McLP (2 years ago)
This all sounds pretty easy... Can I participate next season? pls But great commentation and video!
Shane Stone (2 years ago)
Wow, I love this one. I think all the challenges were great. However, may I propose a different solution to the final one? I would've done something like this: 1. /scoreboard objectives add Num dummy 2. /scoreboard players set @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5] Num 1 3. /scoreboard players operation @p Num += @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5] Num 4. /tp @p[score_Num_min=7] (pressure plate on top of the lamp) The good thing about this method is that it would work with any amount of armor stands. Still, Sam's solution was definitely better for only 7 armor stands. Great job to both of the contestents and the host! :)
Giona Cantarutti (2 years ago)
i think that the only hard one was the first, i found a solution to the second and the third quite quickly lol
Kiro & Co (2 years ago)
Hi, I'm darkiller89, I am strong in command block and wish to enter in the contest / command king CrushedPixel. I would be very happy if you will. Thank you in advance. Darkiller89. (I'm French and I use Google translation. I have 14 years old and I speak and understand a little English)
FAMCraft_1 // Fahad (2 years ago)
Go McMakistein!
Commanvil (2 years ago)
NOOOO, Respawn MrMakistein!! Don't u eliminate him
SamTunder7 (2 years ago)
for the 3 challenge how would a command block with a comapretor and spreadplayers work?
Jeremy Davolt (2 years ago)
When I first saw this, I thought "IT'S ABOUT TO GET REEEEEAL!!!!"
Paradox Commander (2 years ago)
I could do the first one without a clock like that. It is easier without that kind of clock.
Can we have a world download of the command king world? :D
Sean Wilson (2 years ago)
Maki didn't win.... :(
Hackerman (2 years ago)
Man... I really love this serie! I would like to see a giant version of it with loads of people!
system_update (2 years ago)
The 2 Sam did I would also of done, I had the last one in my head the whole time XD GG
system_update (2 years ago)
"The same way"
Kuzkay (2 years ago)
how can i get in ? i wanna play in season 2
Kuzkay (2 years ago)
i mean season 3
Seifi Seifi (2 years ago)
I would fail so hard at every challenge :D
deigo tuzzolo (2 years ago)
I should join this, these challenges are easy :D
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Wii Craft That wouldn't work well. These aren't real-time, for the most part.
Wii Craft (2 years ago)
+deigo tuzzolo How about video ON, and doing it.
deigo tuzzolo (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie  Ur right, but I tried to challenge myself too. Everytime CrushedPixel reads the challenge on his book, before going to the participants solving it, I pause the video and try to think of a solution and do them in singleplayer, so then I can practice using command blocks. Some of my solutions were exactly the same as some on the videos. That's why I said it was easy and I should join it :D
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+deigo tuzzolo Correction: They seem easy. Try doing it under this kind of time pressure, in direct competition with someone equally skilled, where the slighest slipup or needing to check something on the wiki could result in a loss. It becomes a lot more difficult.
King_Of_Blocks (2 years ago)
I like how samasaurus6 think outside the box for the armor stand challenge, pretty simple! XD
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+_King_Of_Blocks_ think outside the box... reference to fnaf world marionette load screen xDDD (first thing that came into my mind ftw)
CreHiper (2 years ago)
man... i feel so happy watching theese videos , i find people like me in the lonely world of commandblocks :3 awesome serie CP (sorry if i wrote something wrong , im from Brazil soo... yeah)
Sky Voux (2 years ago)
+CreHiper Hey i'm also a brazilian :D
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+CreHiper I'm glad you like it :)
Galia (2 years ago)
It is very fun to wash this series!
Nowerdy (2 years ago)
The battle of the ages!
Sem Bonten (2 years ago)
GL Wout and GG Sam XD
Niels (2 years ago)
GG, wout is obviously going to win next episode
Niels (2 years ago)
SPOILER . . . . . . . . . . i had trust in him,
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Niels Obviously.
Morrle (2 years ago)
Go Samasaurus
Morrle (2 years ago)
+CommandCoder YAS!
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
Slin LP (2 years ago)
aber hat Sam auch nur Armorstands in dem mittleren Bereich telepotiert?
redstonenexus (2 years ago)
I wish I knew how to Minecraft.
Henning (2 years ago)
is his name MRmakistein or MCmakistein ?
GB Magma (2 years ago)
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
Flip35 (2 years ago)
nooo maki lost
It's fun to try and build the contraption of each challenge yourself and then learn how you can make it better by watching those masters
Marius D (2 years ago)
NOPEname (2 years ago)
GG both of you! :D YAY, samasaurus6 also came up with a solution without /stats ! xD
NOPEname wasn't the xp scoreboard criterion added in 1.8?
Minecart696 (2 years ago)
samasaurus6 did a huge favor for us command block noobs. He did it in a way that even we can understand. I'm going to use his system so much. <33
Underscore Kartoffel (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 I would have done it the same way
NOPEname (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel xD
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+NOPEname Shame on both of you -.-
Brodern (2 years ago)
The 3 most powerful redstoners, all in one room... Legendary... Sethbling isnt that good tbh :/
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Andrew U Odd, he was posting updates on the status of that project in a private chat for multiple days before the release.
GB Magma (2 years ago)
maybe he joked, but it was real one
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie idk xP i think that was fake SB i will check
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Andrew U Oh, that was definitely not built in an hour. Took him a couple days.
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+DDGamerSeeker i think he built type writer in less than 15 minutes, because in a hour he made coding language in Minecraft...
King V (2 years ago)
For the last one i wouldv made them teleport one by one to a pleasure plate and so on
King V (2 years ago)
cuz then everytime they tp to it, it would send a redstone sign, then tp it away, if it gets atleast 5 signals then it would run
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+King V Why one by one?
adam wojas (2 years ago)
Epic video! W8ing 4 more! BTW: Love that you've got perfect diction because I'm from Poland and I didn't find a single youtuber from my country that does command block magic! Keep doing stuff!
Flip35 (2 years ago)
+Andrew U doesn't matter :P
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+Flip i dont know, i still know one dutch word (i think its german, but my english isnt so good so i dont see difference between dutch and german. if you're offended, im very sorry)
Flip35 (2 years ago)
+Andrew U no, he's dutch. He has said numerous dutch things in his streams ;p
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+Flip isnt Cubehamster from Turkey?
Flip35 (2 years ago)
you actually don't know, most good redstoneyoutubers start doing it in english, just like our jesse and cubehamster from the netherlands.
alien mist (2 years ago)
Is there a way to "apply" for Command King or are good well known Commandblockers just picked and invited?
Exter (2 years ago)
Would depend on the one thats hosting next seasons,if there is a next season...
Wout12345 (2 years ago)
1) You're supposed to use /stats? Hmm, okay, I personally thought of just using XpLevel from the player format (should be accessible at the end of /scoreboard players set right?) and based on that setting all items' PickupDelay close to you to 0. Would involve setting it to 1 by default and to 0 for players with level 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. That's a matter of copying commands and changing one number at the end, should be pretty fast. I guess it has some flaws, but wouldn't that count too? :P Turns out I was pretty close to Sam's solution, though his "code" could have been more general technically speaking. :o 2) Why is everyone trying to get it through the holes? Weren't they allowed to throw it over the wall? Good thing Maki won it though, would have been very disappointed if he didn't after witnessing my fabulous bouncy redstone blocks from season 1. :P 3) First option ... be a bit cheaty and and enter the CommandStats directly using /blockdata or something, no /stats required! XD Since that probably wouldn't count though, hmm ... I think I'd go with the hardcoding method of /tp'ing the closest AS within the region say ~10 ~ ~, copy that command 7 times, summon a falling redstone block on top of the redstone lamp with Time:0, use a scoreboard so that all AS'es within the region have a score of 1, use scoreboard operation to add the score of some AS within the region to the redstone block (which starts at 0), then use /entitydata to give the redstone block Time:1 if it has a score of 1 and finally tp all AS'es from the shifted region back to their original location. Tada? XD Have to say, I probably overcomplicated this, though the constraint make it very hard to do conditional stuff! :o Good job with the design here CP. Lol, that final solution ... I guess when you meant move you meant move without returning. :x Funny that they both came up with that, TBH even if I hadn't misunderstood the rule I would have missed this mechanic actually. GG, let's see how next week turns out. ;-) (Though I probably won't post personal solutions that time, haha.)
Wout12345 (1 year ago)
+Like_a_NachozBR #PanquecasVoadoras Maybe some day. ;-)
Arthur (1 year ago)
why dont you write a book? Lol
Shane Stone (2 years ago)
Wout12345 (2 years ago)
+Shane Stone I thought of using /scoreboard operation as well, however I thought both operands needed to be singular. Wasn't sure though, but I thought (and still think) I did this in the past by executing on a bunch of entities, as I do remember taking the sum of a set and such for my prime number generator. If this is possible, then yeah, that'd be a way better solution. :P
Shane Stone (2 years ago)
+Wout12345 Haha, nice solutions. What do you think of my solution for number 3?
Jendrik Weise (2 years ago)
i think this would be much more fun if u stopped giving them hints :( also knowlege is a big part of command blocking not only that u can do this. that s the easy part, the hard(and fun) part is findning out how to do it
Teddy Kun (2 years ago)
gg both of you! sam and maki
Teddy Kun (2 years ago)
+alien mist thanks :]
alien mist (2 years ago)
+Teddy Kun That's fairly easy to make. First create a fairly slow clock, with the intervals being however long you want between each bat spawned and in one command attached to the clock, write "/execute @p "x of lake" "y of lake" "z of lake ~ ~ ~ execute @p[r=10] ~ ~ ~ summon Bat ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:":LavaBat"}. Then create a fill clock and put the following commands on it:" /execute @e[name=LavaBat] ~ ~ ~ particle flame ~ ~ ~ 1 1 1 1", "/execute @e[name=LavaBat] ~ ~ ~ execute @p[r=2] ~ ~ ~ setblock ~ ~ ~ fire"
Teddy Kun (2 years ago)
+Teddy Kun its a mini concept i tought will work... and also bat traps for those
Teddy Kun (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 something like a lava lake that spawns bats with a fire trail and burns you if you get close to them...
samasaurus6 (2 years ago)
+Teddy Kun I've got a few projects going on haha. Anything you had in mind?
uebertreiberman (2 years ago)
Question: If both are doing there Mechanisms in the same World, how can you say which ones is working, as both are influencing all Players in the World? ;)
Wii Craft (2 years ago)
+samasaurus6 That reminds me of cloning a something that was supposed to clone once, but it cloned 200 times before I mc-edited it out. It just quickly whooshed cloning a big line of command blocks.
slicedlime (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie It may also have happened more than once ;-)
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+slicedlime In fairness, CP totally posted pics of that to twitter. Also! Those were NOT zombies. They were an advanced Clarke-uniform training AI used by Admiral Mooshroom in his GSW training exercises. ...Also, I'm pretty sure that if you can't see the ninja, that just means the ninja IS there. If you could see the ninja he wouldn't be a very good ninja.
slicedlime (2 years ago)
+Wout12345 Just because you don't see a super awesome stealthy ninja doesn't mean there isn't a super awesome stealthy ninja.
Wout12345 (2 years ago)
+slicedlime Hey, you weren't there! :P
McMakistein (2 years ago)
Oh and dear person saying the challenges are too easy and you would have easily won this....Don't say that, you don't know what you're talking about. <3
MadOliveGaming (2 years ago)
+McMakistein yeah i was trying to do it along side them myself and the only one i managed to get working fairly quickly was the last one, but that one was only a tp command and a pressure plate and the easiest one they had in the quarterfinals up until now (not to say everyone would be able to do this but compared to the other challenges it was somewhat simple). The fact that they restrict certain things makes it specially hard because often times it confuses you somewhat even if you know you dont need it it still builds pressure.
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+Villager #255 Right now, all of the quarterfinals have been recorded, but none of the semifinals. So that's where we are there.
HappyHam (2 years ago)
+McMakistein :)
McMakistein (2 years ago)
+Seifi Seifi Hahahahahaha, thanks. :P
Seifi Seifi (2 years ago)
+McMakistein +samasaurus6 Happy birthday both of you
Tim Woocker (2 years ago)
Nooooooo MAKI!!! NOOOO
jijik_ hal (2 years ago)
+McMakistein R.I.P. Maki :,( If you didn't start with samosaurus6 I think you will be 2nd :(
McMakistein (2 years ago)
+timwoocker [MapMaking|Tutorials] Had a blast though ;)
alien mist (2 years ago)
I knew the answers for 1 and 2 but I don't understand how 2 works
McMakistein (2 years ago)
1:30 can't even build a fill clock... xD
Ted (2 years ago)
+McMakistein i really think you will win ^^ but anyways nice guy :)
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Well, it went live, so I can say it now: During the first challenge, I was trying to enter a partial command into chat (a method I often use, since I can copy it easily), but as it happens the partial command was the fill command, cut off before the "Replace" section. Basically, I accidentally destroyed everything I'd done so far and created a giant block of emerald ore instead. It was skimmed over in the video, though.
Craftronix (2 years ago)
+McMakistein haha i can totally understand you. I would cry under this pressure :D everyone know what you can build without pressure (Y).
clam_shell (2 years ago)
+Redstone Tutorials It's coordinates if you're wondering. A hyphen con be put after "co". An ordinate is one of the elements of the position so the 'co' implies that they are together.
Ghost Pickle (2 years ago)
Haha. I just use the exact coardenants in the chat by using the tab key.Then paste them into the command blocks. But change one of them to stone. Don't know how to spell coardenants!
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
CP's totally gonna win this one.
Redstone Logic (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie Yeah... Totaly
alien mist (2 years ago)
I have been soooo hyped for this episode. I swear, this is the best matchup ever
Aericio (2 years ago)
manuelgu (2 years ago)

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