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The Sims 4 - Moving In [2]

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Part 3 - http://youtu.be/98zYftmrevg Welcome to my lets play of The Sims 4. In this series I will be building a home and living my life in the game. Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose UK Shop - http://stampy.spreadshirt.co.uk US Shop - http://www.rodeoarcade.com/collections/stampy
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Text Comments (14916)
PinkFuzzball238 (1 day ago)
Man: Why are you here? Woman: I love you
Michael McKenna (2 days ago)
20:12 he said bedroom instead of bathroom
King Creeper101 (3 days ago)
He's thinking of a Dom dream
NoNamed Gamers (3 days ago)
Red Hair Guy: I just became a famous musician and someone is already following me Old Lady: I need that hair...
Brad and Sarah Aldred (4 days ago)
She looks drunk and he looks board
NickBlogger 6921 (5 days ago)
11:00 Bathroom or bedroom?🤔🧐😂
Katherine Liese (6 days ago)
They were thinking about kicking over a dumpster... 😂 I've seen others play Sims 4 and EVERYBODY wanted to kick dumpsters over. Edit: 0:28 is the time stamp for why I commented this.
clichot soares (7 days ago)
Man: Are you joking, hell no!!!
clichot soares (7 days ago)
Woman: Can you go on a date with me?
Steven Smith (8 days ago)
Anyone else notice how stampy said now it time to do the bedroom when he was doing the bathroom
Dr. Laugh (12 days ago)
Women: he smells good Man:*is she sniffing me*
MaKayla Zmek (17 days ago)
The man is thinking, “Stop hovering over my shoulder!” The lady is thinking, “Get out of the way, slow poke!” LoL
MaKayla Zmek (13 days ago)
happy wolf LoL how did I not notice that!
happy wolf (14 days ago)
MaKayla Zmek there walking the same speed
beast raider (19 days ago)
How do you mix up a corner countertop with a actual countertop
official gamer (26 days ago)
Haha lol the kitchens window is higher than the bathrooms window lol
official gamer (26 days ago)
The lady is thinking mmmmmmmmmm this guys hair smells nice The guy is thinking aaaaaaaaagh what the h*** , what is she doing
Raging tiger 123 (26 days ago)
She’s thinking he retarded
The JGamer08 (28 days ago)
Boy:What are they talking about? Grandma:What is that boy talking about???
commander bubblethorn (30 days ago)
I think the guy with the red hair is mad at his grandma for telling him that they have to move and the red hair wants to stay and tries to walk away from his gradma, trying to ignore her. I think the grandma is trying to get the red hairs attention and she is really tired becuase she was trying to get his attention for quite some time now!
DOODLES2000 (1 month ago)
she is thinking wah and he is thinking :/
P!ATD !!! (1 month ago)
Stampy I made you a little sculpture of you with a cake but, it broke and I don’t know how to show you!😭PS:I looove the sims4
P!ATD !!! (1 month ago)
Another bedroom?
Terraria Addict (1 month ago)
Woman : Handsome Hunk. Man : GET AWAY!!!
robyn Mckie (1 month ago)
SOFIA RIVERA (1 month ago)
Stampy you don't have a sink!
Joyce Brown (1 month ago)
He's thinking about chickens flying and she's thinking about time freezing
Debbie Gaudet (1 month ago)
Boy:why is she still following me. Lady: I want to rob his house for a YouTube video. # stamp cat is the best youtuber
George McGregor (1 month ago)
He-hurry up and un pause I am late for work -she-omg he stinks literally he should take a shower 🚿 peee u
Mlkiller 930609 (1 month ago)
The guy is a serial killer for elderly Serial killer:come with me and have a boring look on your face so no one nose and dont talk to anyone Elderly woman:well alright I'm going to die eventually
Lil eddie 7 (1 month ago)
she sayed mm my good cat in her mind the man is thinking whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Kpopz Stan (1 month ago)
im so late
Annabelle Reigle (1 month ago)
when you said the last room you were going to decorate is... and you said bedroom but you meant bathroom
Wacky Watermelon (1 month ago)
Wats this game called?
Buti Times Go (1 month ago)
Is Buti times go
Happy Cat (1 month ago)
I think man: Stop following lady: I will follow you on and on.
Potato Aim (1 month ago)
The guy is thinking where’s my pizza and the lady said I don’t Know
X (2 days ago)
John Gummy games lol (1 month ago)
Maybe that lady is creeping that guy out by following him lol
Isabella Joly (1 month ago)
I think the man is thinking ewww why is her head right in my face lady: uhhh look at his red hair cool
Olivia Dolan (1 month ago)
The man is thinking that he hates his wife , and the woman hates her life
Mary Sebastian (1 month ago)
Love ya. Love, your old fan
gator family (1 month ago)
You need a sink!
Cute dogs And more (1 month ago)
Man grr I got fired then dropped my ice cream. Old lady finally I can be Alone on a walk without my 10 grandkids. Woman I face palmed paint and it looks good
Tammy Reese (2 months ago)
He’s saying stop following me old bird and she’s saying I’m gone follow this young person cause I old and crazy
Zykeria McClain (2 months ago)
Zykeria McClain (2 months ago)
thomas Millar (2 months ago)
SIMOLEONS!!!!!!!!K!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz get it right 💮y 🐈 😿
hes thinking: dangit stop breathing down my neck -,- shes thinking: what is the meaning of life?
Andrea Dupuis (2 months ago)
red head person why is she fallowing me old lady what is he thinking
Melissa Rukovishnikoff (2 months ago)
🍭 + 🐱 u called the bathroom a bedroom
Typical Ghost (2 months ago)
mewtwo 913 (2 months ago)
Crafts Gaming And Me (2 months ago)
HOW DARE YOU DISLIKE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: also you put the mirror in the bathroom facing the wrong way 😐
Charlie Cat (1 month ago)
It's Amber yeah!!!!!!!
Viki Gyurko (2 months ago)
Do ctrl shift c, do cheats true and type motherlode to get 50,000 simoleons
Jenny Phillips (2 months ago)
man-? girl :O
William Teal (2 months ago)
caption: why does this man have a tomato on his head
Jessica Lynch (2 months ago)
Man : Whats that noise behind me? Lady: Look at his hair. Why is mine grey/white and his isnt?!
rlua1 (2 months ago)
ya I know
Ronnie Taylor (2 months ago)
You are funny Manny
Robo Shai (2 months ago)
Kalai (2 months ago)
She’s thinking” why the heck am i here again? And he’s thinking “why am I forcing her to follow me?
John-Paul Crackett (2 months ago)
what the heck they could think
Chris Binstead (2 months ago)
You said the final room is the bedroom ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
IMagine (2 months ago)
he's thinking ew who is behind me
IMagine (2 months ago)
she is thinking nice neck
cat lover (2 months ago)
Why don't u do some modern things in ur home
etrillad (2 months ago)
i think the old girl ia thinking about choo choo trains and the red peraon thinking about boxes
Leslie Burton (2 months ago)
who gets so oread they whatch these
George King of England (2 months ago)
The bathroom is very dark...
DarkFire12346 XD (2 months ago)
She is thinking “That was some nice iced tea” and he is thinking “I really gotta pee”
J Freeman plays (2 months ago)
the guy with the red hair/beard is thinking I better not turn around and the old lady was thinking he has a nice neck
Oliver Gittins (2 months ago)
He is thinking about you and she is thinking about poo!
the SilverNight2004 (2 months ago)
I think the guy’s thinking Man I really wish this person would stop following me and I think the woman I wonder what I am going to have for lunch and also hey maybe this guy knows A good place to eat
Bella Mills (2 months ago)
Man:Its a nice day Woman:I'm in love!
The girl is thinking "Why do I have to be stuck behind this man" The boy is thinking "Yes I got in front of this girl 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁"
Oliver Stevenson (2 months ago)
Man tense woman bored
Sophia M (2 months ago)
Kate Gomez (2 months ago)
she was thinking I love you and he was thinking why is she following me.
eeesssketit reactions (3 months ago)
Man: I can’t belive Johnny dropped his ice cream on my new shoes Woman: move it I need to get to mc.donalds
William Brooks (3 months ago)
Mad yelling
Nikole Youtube lover (1 month ago)
The angry man: Lady WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE SOUP?! The lazy lady: i just poored water and mixed it with tomato sauce..... The Angry man: COME HERE LADY! YOU KNOW THAT I HATE TOMATO SAUCE! (Lady tried to run away) (The man catches her and tells her to follow) Lady:okkkkkk.......
Puppy Paws (3 months ago)
Women: I want his hair Man: Get a life freak
Ashton Chong (3 months ago)
I think the girl is thinking about shopping and the guy is thinking about cookies and how he has to go shop for some more cookies ingredients
Bernard Castillas (3 months ago)
stampy you did not see the sylvan glade tree behind you it leeds to a dimension
Donna Gray (3 months ago)
I think the old one is thinking tired
litten0307 Channel (3 months ago)
Stampy. Not to be mean but you said bedroom instead of bathroom
litten0307 Channel (3 months ago)
Not to be mean.
litten0307 Channel (3 months ago)
Boy:stop following me lady:I’ll follow him.
Zander Lim Ngee Kai (3 months ago)
11:00 u said the toilet is the bedroom
popular UUOS (3 months ago)
He wants to kill the person behind him and she wants to die
_ JCreeper (3 months ago)
He’s thinking go away and she wants to follow
music man1245#2 (3 months ago)
Your front door is a toilet!!!!!!
Jennifer Baisden (3 months ago)
thay think thar crazy
Amelie Carter (3 months ago)
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣your so funny
Beatrice Williams (3 months ago)
He is thinking about angry people and she is thinking about sad people
Brayden Garrison (3 months ago)
There Both Angry
Brayden Garrison (3 months ago)
I really do
Dena Coll (3 months ago)
You are amazing stampy
Ollie Mitchell (3 months ago)
Omg what the heck is happen
Rita Bennett (3 months ago)
Stamps you don't need a computer to get a job you can use the phone love your vids
Fuzziels (3 months ago)
Man: why you staring and breathing on my neck Woman: shut up and walk 🍭+😺
Daniel Cummings (3 months ago)
Hes thinking hot dogs and shes thinking kill me
X (2 days ago)
Daniel Cummings He is thinking kill me and she is thinking hotdogs CORRECTED
Jenny Shick (3 months ago)
AwesomeMax338 H24l (3 months ago)
When you said the last room was going to be the bathroom you said bedroom instead 😂

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