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Tryndamere Guide

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We take a look at Tryndamere, one of my favorite champions in the game
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Beto Fdz (3 years ago)
TrueLizard (4 years ago)
I'm assuming he wasn't really good at this point when his is recommending you rush attack speed and crits with no damage 2 blood thristers and a rune page full of crits my SEEM smart but if you have 100% crit chance and 50-100 ad your still not doing much and waiting 3 items and 3-5 items to get any damage and life steal respectively isn't smart may have been good back in early 2012 but now that's a bad idea in every way.Most people who build duplicate items now are trolling or in bots.and if anyone is thinking of arguing by saying his score...he was in a normal game back in 2012 if people are retarded in normals now,they had to have been worse then.Can also notice he wasn't that good since he couldn't control is camera.none of this is intended as an insult just saying he doesn't seem to great and that nobody should take this guide to heart.
Doggu (4 years ago)
25/0/3 .......
Gang Duck (4 years ago)
SotaHuora (4 years ago)
Only guide for Trynd. Buy insane ad, attack speed, crit, lifesteal and ult before you die.
Minidude Miniman (4 years ago)
mate your just terrible
Eduardo Silva (5 years ago)
all noobs leblank flaming ashe noob lee fail flash jax no e
Cosma Alex (5 years ago)
GermanHDR (5 years ago)
Grant1282 (5 years ago)
tryn dosnt need a guide its just point and click?
Snappie (5 years ago)
this guy is so freaking bad it's a pain to watch
Den Fails auf der Spur (5 years ago)
like that
Den Fails auf der Spur (5 years ago)
youve got thr best trynda built :D
Kevin McGirr (5 years ago)
Seriously I got a massive ass headache watching this. You move your screen way to frantically and it's just like holy fuck! And it's tryndamere, you don't need a guide for him.
Iacojr (5 years ago)
Yeah, well, after nine months I can proudly say, that Trynda is one of my favorite champs! :) Thx for all the stuff man! ;)
Burak AKDENIZ (5 years ago)
Ulti fail xd
Void (5 years ago)
Everybody loves sensitivity
Void (5 years ago)
I miss you surge...
FCCRIMTIDE (5 years ago)
what are your masteries?
ElGrandeIngenio (5 years ago)
cause trynda is easily countered by hard cc, and usually not that strong, hes really really fed, thats why hes owning them, duo adc bot isnt common once you play lvl 30 and a decent support destroys tryn usually, as in the early levels you just zone him, also double bf<<<bt cause bt gives you 100 ad and 18% lifesteal for less gold, you should update your guide and impove some points (runes used, ult when youre about to die instead of 50% etc) so long ^^
vaggelis davios (5 years ago)
Nice vid and nice guide but with trynda if you buy him phantom,statikk,infinity,bloodthirster,phantom and berserker with enchantment: Alacrity Then the game is win :)
sarcounaek (5 years ago)
/all report LeBlanc for flame and spam ty :)
TheTubfred (5 years ago)
this is so bad.
Timothy Chow (5 years ago)
Lol a tryndamere guide
Shane Williams (5 years ago)
I died when he bought the 2th bf sword..
Pagani 1996 (5 years ago)
What kind of Runes du you use? Critical chance oder Critican damage?
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ (5 years ago)
Playing against lvl 5s doesn't count
Xancrazy26 (5 years ago)
would you really enjoy playing against a fed trynd like that? i agree with most of what she said.
Çağrı Çatal (5 years ago)
you are ''LEGEND-wait for it ''DARY''
PolishPat (5 years ago)
thx bro i have kills in one mach-45kils 10deths thx for this bro
SendEstringsForXmas (5 years ago)
Yea, he's a bit difficult to get used to. What I like about Tryn is that you're able to be very risky with him because of his ult, and his bloodlust heals are great.
Caliberin (5 years ago)
dude thats epic!
Iacojr (6 years ago)
you should do another Guide, it's too easy for you in this match! I've bought Tryn yesterday, but it's never that easy...just against the bots! :P
~Rezonance~ (6 years ago)
This really helped, I main tryn but I cant fully master him yet :p
Mario Silva (6 years ago)
william hillard (6 years ago)
bad sound!!!
buraiki (6 years ago)
Damn you played goOD mate
Emanuel Wong (6 years ago)
Nice guide, the only thing I would say is that wouldn't getting infinity edge as a second item be better than blood thirster? As infinity edge adds 50% more crit damage
Thomas (6 years ago)
and by "out to any viewers" you mean your self?
Kgb (6 years ago)
How many adds did you get after that game ;)?
synthessence (6 years ago)
So, did you guys go on to do some other games? I saw that Blitz really wanted to do another game with you in bottom lane. :P
Bruno van U (6 years ago)
Nice guide :D
Rehpulsive (6 years ago)
Impressive guide. (Not the one I'd follow, but still impressive) Do you give your username out to any viewers so you can play a game with 'em?

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