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Pile of Bodies Survival - Ep. 5 - MINDLESS STATUES! (Minecraft Custom Map)

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Text Comments (12864)
djay4487 deved (8 months ago)
hobbes? idk his name
Josh Townsend (1 year ago)
markiplier wears a m on his shirt
Clumsy Ninja (1 year ago)
15:28 its scg barbarian
YN0T (1 year ago)
fox ! (1 year ago)
11:30 that is a polish YouTuber called ACtennisAC
Sandra Warthan (1 year ago)
a block lol
Connor Trahan (1 year ago)
The guy with the m was sgc barbarian
Haroldas (2 years ago)
i don't know what gold is
ZagXC (2 years ago)
The guy with the big eyes and the frown-like mouth is Keralis.
Emilia Milani (2 years ago)
sorry, is my daughter using my email, thank u for your time. :)
Emilia Milani (2 years ago)
i ment to say dimond
uwu gay boi (1 year ago)
whats a dimond
Heist (2 years ago)
Antvenom out of context. A series that should be made.
Emilia Milani (2 years ago)
Emilia Milani (2 years ago)
You should mine in to the dimede mine cart
Thexboxer (2 years ago)
What's a dimede
running mariobros (2 years ago)
the head with the nether i think is netherblocked
John Conrad (2 years ago)
Luclin was there
Dominic Juco (2 years ago)
I dunno what gold is 😉
Zachary Ade (2 years ago)
how DARE you call emeralds POINTLESS!!
Yis Pinto (8 months ago)
No villagers
JHGamer123 (2 years ago)
the guy with the m on his shirt was SGCbarbarian
Jߦrdαη ͲӍ (2 years ago)
the reason why chimney has a pig in his head is because that is piolet pig from his mod reviews
TheOverlyLongUsername (2 years ago)
Pilot pig
Arnav Singh (2 years ago)
Shin Lee (3 years ago)
That "nether portal" is actennisac's time machine
keahnu rivera (3 years ago)
it was a time mactchine
JJ Diamonds (3 years ago)
its the back to the future car
QDSplays (3 years ago)
06:36 is keralis
Ching Kui (3 years ago)
i would call it BOLD !!!!
Me like jordan k? (3 years ago)
4:10 I was like "*huge gasp* This must be a version of ACtennisAC''
ARIZONASNIPER7 (3 years ago)
How about ROLD GOLD :)
ForbiddenSouls (3 years ago)
I find it very annoying that people say butter instead of gold so please say gold.
Charles Rogan (1 year ago)
What's gold?
Connor Trahan (1 year ago)
ForbiddenSouls I agree just stop saying butter because it is clearly gold
richard caster (2 years ago)
+Cordel Delp you serious?
boopy dooby (3 years ago)
what is gold
kaden voodoo 20 (3 years ago)
i saw actsixygz somthing the one with the time machine
flylikeabeetv (3 years ago)
better without facecam tbh
Donovan Bourke (3 years ago)
Magnatude (3 years ago)
theredstonebuilder (3 years ago)
10:40 is actenisac as and his time maching
Ultimega Dragonis (3 years ago)
Open my head, it looks like this 🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲🔲 🔲🔲💩💩💩💩🔲🔲 🔲💀💀💩💩💀💀🔲 🔲💩💩💩💩💩💩🔲 🔲💩💩💼💼💩💩🔲 🔲💩💩💩💩💩💩🔲 🔲💩⬛💩💩⬛💩🔲 🔲💩⬛⬛⬛⬛💩🔲
5Nights Fan11 (3 years ago)
Ethan Hendrickson (3 years ago)
slamacow should have an enderman and a zombie in a nether fortress with a wither skeleton, referencing Wither Skeleton Encounter, or something to do with his animations like mabey a horse on a lead with hay, or anything referencing his animations really!
Amanda Loser (3 years ago)
At 8:20 is MonkeyFarm!!
Jordyn Doughty (3 years ago)
Call gold AntShine!!!
Jordyn Doughty (3 years ago)
Is Allshamnowwow on here
Jordyn Doughty (3 years ago)
If you see this comment say i love Captainsparklez
Philip Meyenberg (3 years ago)
Philip Meyenberg (3 years ago)
your not my dad so I am nit saying I love captainsparklez
starliit - (3 years ago)
i love Captainsparklez
I love captainsparklz
Ultimega Dragonis (3 years ago)
I love Captain Sparklez
Restat Whatchat (3 years ago)
y do you hate cows?
Ringo Salcedo (3 years ago)
Can you make it cool like 3d please Ant and skit
Dylan Spruiell (3 years ago)
At 6:33 its Kereles
Xbox 360 1953 (3 years ago)
swedish letsplays (3 years ago)
8 levels is the most you can get without any bookshelfs
MrCampop (3 years ago)
6:18 monketfarm
Lokeds (3 years ago)
That's polit pig 4:52
TheOverlyLongUsername (2 years ago)
10:43 that's ActennisAc
Marko Sekuljica (3 years ago)
On my phone, i accidentaly pressed the unsubscribe button, and it said 'Subscribe from AntVenom?' And i was like 'Hell NO' D:
Hahahahahaha unsubscribe ---> from <--- antvenom and ---> subscribe <--- to antvenom
Mitchell Downey (3 years ago)
call it cheese
Brenden523 (3 years ago)
At 15:25 that's Markiplier
Harrison Smith (3 years ago)
no its sgcbarbariean
Brenden523 (3 years ago)
I was close
dogecoin investor (3 years ago)
+Brenden_Playz I'm pretty sure it's actually SGCBarbarian.
TheTomster3375 (3 years ago)
Mark has a different face, LOOK at his skin in drunk minecraft.
Ultimega Dragonis (3 years ago)
U stole my first name😠
Jordx1 (3 years ago)
it was a time machine not a nether portal
Arjun Chetan Goré (3 years ago)
I dono vat gold is
A Fork (3 years ago)
Just call it gold.
Brendan O'Neill (3 years ago)
rate eightx (3 years ago)
Chimney Swift has the end portal and his beloved pet pilot pig
rate eightx (3 years ago)
Call It Gold, Budder Is A Ridiculus Thing To Call It
Ryan Spradlin (3 years ago)
I think you should call it gudder
Emily Eggitt (3 years ago)
Asha Malhotra (3 years ago)
vikkstar123!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is not there
MajesticGamer617 (3 years ago)
In chimneys head the pig is pilot pig
MajesticGamer617 (3 years ago)
The gold is truthfully bold😎
the head after the monostable circit is actennis and his time machein
GD MCB_Blazar (3 years ago)
*Gets a boner*
HerobrineCraft (4 years ago)
I don't know what "gold" is...
TheMadGamerLeauge (4 years ago)
JimPo (4 years ago)
You forgot making an armor part!
Pope Bender (4 years ago)
Corson Bennett (4 years ago)
14:00 vintagebeef
James Coleman (4 years ago)
MegaCraft (4 years ago)
Do etho
Max Jones (4 years ago)
To get in the portal use an ender pearl
MineBuild FightRepeat (4 years ago)
16:30 is that guudes arm?
MineBuild FightRepeat (4 years ago)
13:56 with the cows in the head, that's vintagebeef I believe
Carter Kaufman (4 years ago)
that skelly at the end saved you from fallin in the void. because u would have jumped right in it
Tristan Lynch (4 years ago)
What kind of idiot doesn't know what hunger saturation is? lol.
JimPo (4 years ago)
Kenny Blanco (4 years ago)
1;:36 sgc
Ryan McCrystal (4 years ago)
Ninjinfox22 (4 years ago)
4:41 That's pilot pig.
JP Monger (4 years ago)
15:32 That's SGCBarbarian
Alyssa Toro (4 years ago)
Is there stampy
James Coleman (4 years ago)
M8_u (4 years ago)
Is Ethoslab in this map?
MineBuild FightRepeat (4 years ago)
Kyle Le (4 years ago)
4:40 its pilot pig!
Egg Boy1 (4 years ago)
Call it bold-gold
Kvng Rahmat (4 years ago)
Joketh (4 years ago)
ProReaperSkills (4 years ago)
gold bold
hdgross (4 years ago)
8:16 Monkeyfarm
Price Webb (4 years ago)
Mae Dela Cruz (4 years ago)
Chimneyswift has a pig in his head because of PILOT PIG!
Isoluniv_714 Z (4 years ago)
Te head with cows in it is VintageBeef
Loco Devin (4 years ago)
The ender man head was familiar to me too
SA (4 years ago)
The steve with real big eyess keralis please check our his channel he is so good in building and decorations
SA (4 years ago)
The steve with real big eyess keralis please check our his channel he is so good in building and decorations
K Blake (4 years ago)
It's called budder
Tomasz Plays (4 years ago)
At 8:23 it TYBZI
TheMinorGaming (4 years ago)
where gizzy14gazza
- - (4 years ago)
he should have gotten the redstone torch so he could set off the tnt
Amanda (4 years ago)
3:08 chaappers

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