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do not ask me why there is no sound i dont know the sound was on
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Elizabeth Prock (5 months ago)
Plz subscribe and like this video!
KIDif (5 months ago)
Nice video keep it up!👍👍👍👍 great job!👏😄💛 🐝 🐛 🐌 🐚 🐞 🐜 🕷 🕸 ╭━━┓┉┏┳━╮★★.┳━┓┳━╮ ╰━╮┃┉┃┣━╯★.★┣┫┉┣┳╯★¤¨º° ━━╯╰━╯┻.KIDif..┻━┛┻╰╯Big Like your videos°╚☺∨∈ ★¤¸„ Pick Your Favorite Pokémon And I'll Guess Your Favorite Legendary.

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