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Minecraft - Server War! - Tyrants and Plebeians Survival

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Join our cancerous discord: https://discord.gg/xTYugEs Warning: poorly moderated The first large-scale war has occurred on the Tyrants and Plebeians survival server for minecraft 1.7.10. Given how fast factions grew to power, war was only inevitable. Server Website: http://monorisu.enjin.com/home Manual Modpack: https://yadi.sk/d/lmjJftG_khmRG Technic Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-plebeians-survival.768027
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Text Comments (145)
LJ Miranda (2 years ago)
What is the server that you play?
Ded.Hiil (2 years ago)
ip server?
Zephmans (2 years ago)
What factions plugin is used?
Jackson Malenius (2 years ago)
whats the ip or server
Hussein alaa XD (2 years ago)
Russia wins
patty daugherty (2 years ago)
patty daugherty (2 years ago)
can you make a base with others then have other people attack it
Samsung Marketing (2 years ago)
CookeeMonstar (2 years ago)
poor hungary xD
Andrea De Luca (2 years ago)
Questo video é fantastico!!!!!!!!!
zeusz HUN (2 years ago)
I saw Hungary fuck yeah!
Bisbal Binwag (2 years ago)
Epic Thug life and Quickscope at 2:54 4:35
Vegetaz (2 years ago)
Quoc Huy Cao (2 years ago)
I think you should add NPC dummy for shooting practice ( acctully for my future shooting range house hue hue hue)
Sami F (2 years ago)
What can I say...
Evanjuli ! (2 years ago)
When will the tdm be fixed
Insanity Incarnated (2 years ago)
2:50 that guy is a beast!
Worlds GamesCom (2 years ago)
Hello MonorisuFilm can you make a pack where there is a BM-21 on version 1.7.10 pleasу?
dat ac 130 tho
+MonorisuFilms  lol ikr i was like where is the ac then at the end im like "well bout time you got here"
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Cube Raider17 They brought it in too late to be useful in battle, but it's never too late to use an ac-130 as thumbnail click-bait!
Recker (2 years ago)
hey lab i have a hd pavilion notebook gaming and multi tasking do you think that can handle flans mod? i have 1 terabyte of storage so yea.
Recker (2 years ago)
+Maciej Adamski im haaving a huge problem from just trying to run the technic pack its so fucn=ing annoying. me downloaded it and i dont have it installed :[
+MonorisuFilms Oh no... Shit, i have laptop oh mah gawd dayum siht omain mama halp.
Recker (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms :/ ok but im figuring out how to add a mod pack
Monorisu (2 years ago)
If I give you the ip, you will try to join without having the modpack installed...
Recker (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms ip?
Recker (2 years ago)
when i join this server i wil make an albanian country force ;D
Recker (2 years ago)
is this factions or tdm
Jean Alvo (2 years ago)
when I will go into your server the following message appears : Connection refused java.net.ConnectException no further information , ask your help to solve it , because I did not find any solution on the Internet
Kolusfilms (2 years ago)
You can zip the whole Modpack an put it in mediafire. We can download it and put it in the modpacks folder and.... that was it! What do you think? (because the manual modpack doesnt work (for me) )
urmoderngamr (2 years ago)
we are the war gods! btw im fsts from the voltz fac
First Name (2 years ago)
I was in the ac130 :D
Finn TheFurry (2 years ago)
How was it?
Lizardpile (2 years ago)
My side of these events is now available on my channel.
Eldrazi Cat (2 years ago)
Spectre Gunship= OMG.
tonas1997 (2 years ago)
I really wish I could play on this server, but my Minecraft keeps freezing on the Mojang screen... :(
please men do it cracked
Asbestos Man (2 years ago)
Hey MonorisuFilms! i found a clone from Tyrants and Plebs at the TechnicLauncher! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-windows.768490
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+LEGO WW2 Oh, I'm aware of it. I'm partially responsible for that one being made.
OfficialGp (2 years ago)
Hello Labjac, you might remember me as gladpingu on your earlier servers, i was with when you realised that planes could fight and we had a hHUGE fight. (the video you have uploaded). But i can't rise and shine early cause who knows, any ways the manual doesn't work, when i click download nothing happens. Can you please help? Thank you.
OfficialGp (2 years ago)
+Pingu Starfruit Also that rise and shine early thing reffered to the technic pack xD
Gaming Zer0 (2 years ago)
WHat happened to the classic Tyrants & Plebians?
Abraxisvirus (2 years ago)
if you could do it without getting a copyright strike you should have put Hell March 3 from the Red Alert 3 soundtrack in the background
Abraxisvirus (2 years ago)
hahahahaha die merc7 AKA sovet and all of your nazi friends too
conor fleming (2 years ago)
hey monorisu is there any way to stop the lag every time I try to join the server I know I am suppose to download optifine...but every time I try to download it ads always pop up I can never get it it really makes me mad
Sherlock Holmes (2 years ago)
Will try..
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Impossible, I use multimc all the time for it and the thing loves me. Perhaps try "downgrading" to beloved java 7?
Sherlock Holmes (2 years ago)
Yeah. but i might find the problem. it might be that im using multimc to do this.
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Uh, are you using evil java 8?
Sherlock Holmes (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms It isn"t. its a brand new 970 GXFORCE. maybe i installed wrong the shit? idk
GermanAimbot (2 years ago)
what do you do after downloading the Manual modpack
GermanAimbot (2 years ago)
oh ok
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Harlan Gallagher Open it and read the "readme" file
conor fleming (2 years ago)
if only i can go onto the server but i can't cause its too laggy
Hound590 (2 years ago)
well I got work to do
EpicShermanTank (2 years ago)
aren't there any other programs you can use, like media fire? or do they all hate large files?
Kolusfilms (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms I think this is good http://freedownloadmanager.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17330 Sorry if its not
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+EpicShermanTank Mediafire cannot produce direct links. Technic only tolerates direct links.
Kevin Yang (2 years ago)
Can you get the stuff back once you died, the cops keep on shooting me for no reason even though i am innocent
Kevin Yang (2 years ago)
I know, I got friendly fired all the time because an idiot decided to shoot the cops and I happened to be in front of him...
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Chen Kevin Talk to trump at spawn and they will forgive you.
Frase (2 years ago)
You can use the siren mod tos recreate bomber attacks
Ewan Law (2 years ago)
Fucking dropbox.
Finn TheFurry (2 years ago)
that sounds like war...I hope my Notebook gets repaired fast that I can play
Recker (2 years ago)
for what?
Finn TheFurry (2 years ago)
but it doesent work because the charger is defect
Finn TheFurry (2 years ago)
I also have a hd pavilion
Recker (2 years ago)
+Finn Bültemann hp pavilion. i just got a gaming and multitasking hp pavilion yesterday :D
f1r3 (2 years ago)
i can enter
Corleso (2 years ago)
pls give me a name of pack with sturmtiger and download link thank you
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Over 706 The sturmtiger is by extrazero8 and is bundled with flansmod+
f1r3 (2 years ago)
whats the ip?
Reinhard Heinz (2 years ago)
lab jack great work the modpack is very very amazing
Recker (2 years ago)
+Reinhard Heinz do you know how to instal it?????
InfroDaz (2 years ago)
Kolusfilms (2 years ago)
+dazran8548 He is not Russian
jonny764 (2 years ago)
cyka blyat
golden eyed world (2 years ago)
are that the first modpack or the new modpack
GermanAimbot (2 years ago)
Can you increase the bandwidth possibly?
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Harlan Gallagher It's dropbox's fault. I have no power over them
Marzio Moretti (2 years ago)
if i enter the first time, will i be able to enter in a faction?
Quoc Huy Cao (2 years ago)
+Marzio Moretti what a noob.....
Lab, I think you can do a Great Server War once a month. It can be an event. We can have two teams.
Tim Carlsson (2 years ago)
How do i find quests?
Jack Richards (2 years ago)
Stupid drop box. e.e
Recker (2 years ago)
+ILikeLlamasAndBatman Cereal i know now its annoying af
Jack Richards (2 years ago)
+Recker 123 Due to some drop box limit thingy, less than forty people can download the mod pack on technic launcher, and everyone seems to be trying at the same time. And its really hard to get it man.
Recker (2 years ago)
+ILikeLlamasAndBatman Cereal why is everyone saying stupid drop box. what do they mean
Lil Shrimp01 (2 years ago)
I would join and get the modpack, but I need to "wake up bright and early" in order to install it. Stupid drop box! xD
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Lil Shrimp01 Actually, this problem also existed on tdm, but that modpack was smaller so enough blokes got on without complaining.
you should join in in a battle
H2FX (2 years ago)
Monorisu (2 years ago)
First. No further firsting will be tolerated.
Bobbert Blubbert (1 year ago)
Hell yeah, this reminded me of how much I kicked ass on TaP. Unfortunately, I have more important matters to deal with nowadays. Remember me as a hero and may the cry of "HEIL HIGHLY" echo throughout the TaP servers. I may return someday, but for now I must go. -HighlyAdaptive P.S. I didn't do anything illegal. Anyone who says so is a liar and should be castrated.
Ghost112 (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms What do you use to record your videos?
Sega28 (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms yes
Recker (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms you mean i have to re downloaad to 1.7.10!!!!! giad damnit
Monorisu (2 years ago)
1.8?! Heresy. Long live 1.7.10

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