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Game Spotlight - 18 Wheels of Steel

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Can we drive a semi in 'merica? Do the brakes work? Do cops like donuts? Buy on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/12520/ TebbyBear Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/officialtebbybears DerTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/dertebbers DerTumblr: http://dertebbers.tumblr.com Forum: http://dertebbers.stockoglaws.com
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Text Comments (99)
AJ Deere T680 (2 years ago)
Atllep (3 years ago)
One thing i loved about these games was the CB radio they had. Would love if they added some sort of it in the new American Truck Sim.
Atllep (2 years ago)
+AJ Deere T680 I'm perfectly aware of that, that comment is a year old...
AJ Deere T680 (2 years ago)
+Atllep Its out now
These games look alike.
That pizza sign is a design of a card!
logan kerman (4 years ago)
it b
Astana kz (4 years ago)
hello DerTebbers my name is Alexey how are you?
NewPlayer1111 (4 years ago)
Engineer Gaming (4 years ago)
for 18 wos American long haul man bro
Engineer Gaming (4 years ago)
man got mods for the game pm me the links plz
coinman1972 (4 years ago)
Lol. I still have this game somewhere in my archives. Got it in a twin pack with that Harley Davidson game. Imagine if they did a re-make of this game with modernized programming.
Bart Lust (4 years ago)
I played 18 WOS american longhoul some time ago. Seems to be exectly the same as this version
Tristan Kellermann (4 years ago)
my truck is white
your speech is disgusting
Rainbow Dash (4 years ago)
The only 18 Wheels of Steel game I play is Pedal to the Metal. I think it is the only good 18 WOS game.
DeAndre Chambers (5 years ago)
its not gibirish its trucker ta like a language
prodieseltrucker (5 years ago)
Also, you can hit V to talk on the CB.
prodieseltrucker (5 years ago)
Look up the rig n roll mod for this game. It completely changes the game.
RyanRC2 (5 years ago)
Press b for jake brakes
Are you interested in selling this game?
The Radioactive Heat (5 years ago)
try engine brakes they work
brian opichka (5 years ago)
der can you make a viedio on how to install a mod for this game !!!!!!!!!!
noah dewhirst (5 years ago)
Yes it is and he said bear aka a COP!
Dirty guy51 games (5 years ago)
Play more truck games
Nathan camilleri (5 years ago)
i want you to play spin tires or offroad drive
Nate Dogg (5 years ago)
Do a lets play on this I love this!!
James Moore (5 years ago)
O and u can upgrade ur brakes and engine and ur tranny and paint and stuff u need to find a service station ... Also u can take out a loan to get a new truck
James Moore (5 years ago)
Use ur dang engine brake!
c. r. (5 years ago)
Try backing doubols
c. r. (5 years ago)
Yous emergency braeck thats what i do
Wolfpup 24 (5 years ago)
Hit the engine brake for better braking, it should be the B key
Jake Brake (5 years ago)
braker 19 braker 19, der tebbers you out there? come on, this is old Jake Brake, the cb lingo is easy, watch the "CB Lingo" on youtube n you'll understand, well i'm 10 10 on the side,
DKSspeed (5 years ago)
Im high 8 and ready to join the fun.
Justin Lorenz (5 years ago)
aligator=blown out tire...granny lane= the right lane, and the right lane is the hammer lane or passing lane
Pete379andCat3406 (5 years ago)
nope ALH came after Haulin, and is the same game with 2 new trucks and a few citys in mexico thats the only changes
Hugo Paré (5 years ago)
Aligator in the granny lane LOL
Tactical RC (5 years ago)
tuckmodshop and truckpol are excellent places to get mods. also the RnR V7 is the best map you can get for that game. The only way you get the full realism of the game is by adding real trucks made great people. I am apart of the modding community and have built many trucks. Hope this helps your trucksim experience.. happy haulin driver
Hans714 (5 years ago)
try cali edition mod(if you go back to the game)
souther630 (5 years ago)
Der a 1013 means weather and flow means traffic
Jayleb Cochran (5 years ago)
will you try to keep doing this game i love it but i cant play it anymore dont know why it wont let so i would like to watch you play it
Sean Kennedy (5 years ago)
The AI sounds like drivers from NJ
Luke hyland (5 years ago)
der can yu do a spotlght on rig and rol
boyscoutews gaming (5 years ago)
dreyson nohnychuk (5 years ago)
mr d yes
packernicholas (5 years ago)
Same truck sounds and sone controls as Euro Truck Simulator 1 and 2
peter johnson (5 years ago)
I love this game please do more
coyotefromsouthwoods (5 years ago)
Please don't play this
pse_hunter97 (5 years ago)
Apparently you run at 15000 rpm
souther630 (5 years ago)
Der I kid you not I was just playing that game
Ronnie Sharp (5 years ago)
Alligator in the granny lane means a piece of tire is in the lane I should know because I used to ride with my mom going on trips in her semi
Ronnie Sharp (5 years ago)
U need to use the engine brake to help slow u down even more
TheJacobt25 (5 years ago)
der u need to get out of the gas way before you get to a red lit and us your jake brake with a load on your truck, and good luck with the game.
Dustin Haulman (5 years ago)
Is that the sequal to 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul? If so I have the first.
hjfowler11 (5 years ago)
U should get an insagram
hjfowler11 (5 years ago)
Hey der, whats ur e-mail
Flynn (5 years ago)
Der you sounded more hyped up than usual.... lol wtf
Adam Pryor (5 years ago)
And I thought I was bad
Zach Grossman (5 years ago)
Do mods on this game
RedLynx27 (5 years ago)
This is ALOT like Euro truck simulator (Not euro truck simulator 2) it even has EXACTLY the same sounds.
Kyle Plays (5 years ago)
Use the speed brake (Space).
Kyle Plays (5 years ago)
This used to be my favorite game besides FSX when I still used a PC.
Farmer Jam (5 years ago)
can you do lots of mod spot light for euro truck sim 2 please
Bryan Don (5 years ago)
Pls start euro truck 2
KEVINVILLE34 (5 years ago)
Der I know you hate this game But can you make a series :D
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
F for your air horn
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
10-13 is a traffic report
Yo Fort (5 years ago)
Its a good game but Its anoying
joshie (5 years ago)
lol Der
Insert-Bacon-Here (5 years ago)
You sir have found the word fun written in the clouds and have shot it.
DerTebbers (5 years ago)
Truth :)
DerTebbers (5 years ago)
Tons of mods. And before anyone asks. There is no way I'm doing spotlights on mods for this game.
DerTebbers (5 years ago)
Yes. The easiest way is to just edit the games xml files. :)
Herbert Sorenson (5 years ago)
Der I played this game for a couple of years and there are an unlimited amounts of ways to cheat in the game. The top favorite ones that I like are no sleep fatigue, no traffic, massive horse power, and this is the best one, no cops.
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
it is V to reply on the radio!
max sours (5 years ago)
Blown tire in the slow lane.
Herbert Sorenson (5 years ago)
A jay break is a switch that slows down the rpm in which slows the entire truck down.
Philip Storey (5 years ago)
For a guy from England, what's a J break. Foot break or Handbrake? or and you do make me laugh. Getting angry at times.
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
For 18 wheels of steel American long haul
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
Me too
TheWellCraftedBro (5 years ago)
Der is there any mods for this? Or anyone answerPLZ
Richard Mannes (5 years ago)
i love it how they cant "brand" their trucks but you can still see the outline of a peterbit logo by the guages and as a truck technician i can recognize it as a flat top peterbilt 379
DKSspeed (5 years ago)
I have 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul.
Tanner Berringer (5 years ago)
I bet that the person that owns that house wont be happy. because it has damage to it
Deontae Chaney (5 years ago)
colby yurksza (5 years ago)
a toaster is god for this game
CHURRO312 (5 years ago)
18 wheels of steel mod spotlight the future hopefully :D
Niall Barker (5 years ago)
This game is still good for its age and has a very good modding community
8vAlanTV (5 years ago)
dude, this is painfull! get euro truck sim!
TheCooLOn3 (5 years ago)
der this game was good someday... you play like me but just go and buy better brakes. keep playing this game please
Ethan Watson (5 years ago)
hit B its an engine brake or use the handbrake they work better and trucks take a while to stop you have to remember. and i have played the games and the brakes are severely underpowered.
kolton luszeck (5 years ago)
Use your engine brake
TheCooLOn3 (5 years ago)
my computer is GOD for this game and its laptop...
THGWICKED50CAL (5 years ago)
This is very similar to euro truck simulator
TheCooLOn3 (5 years ago)
GREAT GAME. i have it
worldstandout (5 years ago)
mathias barnby (5 years ago)
der i love you byt you can not drive a 18 wheel

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