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Text Comments (236)
paw gamez (2 months ago)
we have the same FPS
Ninja Kid (5 months ago)
TheGamingChannel (6 months ago)
are you brothers
It’s Carlyn (8 months ago)
Using firework it’s so much better
chris 529 comedy tv (8 months ago)
Crash Plaays (8 months ago)
The intro is soo stupid
Daniel Harris (1 year ago)
Do you have playstation 4 if you do let's play!!!!!!!!
takhsgid 7 (1 year ago)
MrTeckno (1 year ago)
Mitch_ Camo (1 year ago)
i just dreamed about your face reveal harry is fat lol jerry is not i dream like dat haha
Long Hoàng Phi (1 year ago)
hey j vs h do a race of eytra fly in to lava
Dave Pyoh (1 year ago)
the fart team? or the fart squadron?
Tahj Vanterpool (1 year ago)
jerry is better. and fart and the furious lol
iudita judy dumitru (1 year ago)
This is basically glide the mini game for console edition
Akyapor Neyor (1 year ago)
in pocket edition is very hard to use the thing i forgot the name 😀😂😂 plsss jerry let harry record the video it dosent mean i dont like u jerry i just want harry will record cause i did see hary rocord
Firewater Boy (1 year ago)
this minecraft poket edishn map
Carlos Iuliian (1 year ago)
so many like is 2.120
Ecdr Behric (1 year ago)
we got them on the console
CUDDLES (1 year ago)
Are they brothers?
ViBRATER-Z (16 days ago)
No,they are twins
Muhammad Wael (1 year ago)
Mrtechno you are right they are twins but potato and Saul I think they are brothers I won't face reveal pls😐
MrTeckno (1 year ago)
CUDDLES I believe they are twins and jerry is about 18 mins older than harry
Astro-Craft Studios (1 year ago)
What is the *Intro Music?*
dWENZ Dimension (4 months ago)
Adventure Time - Rogue
david simpson (1 year ago)
Skai (1 year ago)
redstone thrower (1 year ago)
my mom farts a lot
Zachary Chandra (1 year ago)
do da same with potato
Pam Taylor (1 year ago)
Lonon West (1 year ago)
oly one friking level?
Random Dude (1 year ago)
Ada Lee CL (2 years ago)
I wished my xbox could upload 1.9... Sad
Kimi Dela Cruz (2 years ago)
ur kcufin
BlackRainIsWet (2 years ago)
I love your skyblock server
george theodoridis (2 years ago)
I think this wasn't enderman it was enderdragon!
Barf Studios (2 years ago)
prrrlrlrllrr that whaw a fart
Cole P (2 years ago)
6:03 listen with your eyes closed and picture a dying ostrich ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MrTeckno (1 year ago)
Cole Pak 🤣🤣
ThatDeviousClub (2 years ago)
What thing did you use too make the intro?
I am the Flame (2 years ago)
Oh, I thought the title said Electra FIGHT challenge, not flight
Cyberknight_ID (2 years ago)
say Minecraft 5 Times say roblox 5 Times hold your breath don't breath until u post this on another Jerry vs Harry video you will yawn
Fhizee (2 years ago)
is itsharry wearing a tf2 skin?
TheCanadianGuy (2 years ago)
1:40 Yes
GogoSato (2 years ago)
JerryandHarry 64. Get the reference?
Carlos Benitez (2 years ago)
Jooooooooooooooooohn cenaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Piers Fordred (2 years ago)
You deserve more subscribers 🦄
Tuna Alert GZ (2 years ago)
I finished first try... for real...
Tuna Alert GZ (2 years ago)
+bjørn tønnesen in the internet you can't prove that you've ever done anything... so how? i can just tell you that i'm a rather honest person, it's up to you whether or not you believe me.
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
prove it
Kanto (2 years ago)
This looks like so much fun
Cedrikie (2 years ago)
Are you from the Netherlands
Don Djaltino (2 years ago)
+FlexBex HD Yes they are
Pikachu Gaming (2 years ago)
Are you guys brothers or friends or family😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
The eevee Trainer (2 years ago)
They are brothers (btw. family and brothers are the same thing)
YU IRIE (2 years ago)
YOU HAVE JUST BEEN VISITED BY DR.SEUSS'S 'CAT IN THE HAT He will grant you one wish MAKE YOUR WISH AFTER THE COUNTDOWN 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 ~~~~~ MAKE A WISH!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~ NOW SEND THIS TO 10 PEOPLE WITHIN THE HOUR OF READING THIS IF YOU DONT YOUR WISH WILL BECOME THE OPPISITE Don't Send Back
OPkillah (2 years ago)
Make call of duty videos
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
they never play other game than minecraft
Cool Fire Hot (2 years ago)
hi jerry and harry do u have minecraft pocket edition?
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
nope plus pe sucks
Jan (2 years ago)
hoi harry en Jerry ik ben al 2 jaar jullie fan en dat wil ik ook zo houden. ik kom ook uit Nederland! maak eens een video in het Nederlands (met soul en potato
Marco Moreno (2 years ago)
jerry is a good flyer
Daniel H (2 years ago)
I just realized that harry is supposed to be the tf2 soldier
JoJo Georgie (2 years ago)
put this in your next fartlands when is harry going to have his own channel?
Ervenion (2 years ago)
Coding with J&H new episode?
SCIX (2 years ago)
Ik People go sit on your chair and set your table up thanks for Flying with jerry and harry airline
Antoni Zapałka (2 years ago)
Elytra sounds like some kind of female RPG fantasy character name to me xD
metal beast (1 year ago)
Antoni Zapałka no serio
彭啟恩 (2 years ago)
5:24 what does the mod's name? sorry for my poor English.
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
you can spec players not mobs
ItsErik (2 years ago)
I feel like I need to ask this question every time I see ur videos, but WHY won't you show ur face.
Martin Pham (1 year ago)
TheWaddlesMC - Erik they do what they want just deal with it
HTorKT Minecrafter (2 years ago)
you get 1138 likes but you got 5 dislikes :D
Reny5542 (2 years ago)
Electric Geosaurus (2 years ago)
Speed is key and dont forgot jetpack
T-Mag 3004 (2 years ago)
That bacground music is so calming.
Drakath Gaming (1 year ago)
T-Mag 3004 yes it makes the video so enjoyable to watch. I grab some crisps and relax on my PC. Try it, best experience in life.
Agg (2 years ago)
not 5 likes but dislikes XDDDDDD
JellNo (2 years ago)
Fucking degenerate
Cledon (2 years ago)
You get 5 dislikes . But 1000 likes !!!!!
MinePlayer 129 (2 years ago)
Are You not used itsjerryandharry chanel (first chanel also the itsjerryandhary2)again
kvm1999 (2 years ago)
5 dislikes
Quaza OLD CHANNEL (2 years ago)
Q: What would you do if 50 kids went to your front door and started to play the kazoo?
Karel Subagyo (2 years ago)
I thought the title was "EXTRA FLIGHT CHALLENGE"
Dylan's Galaxy (2 years ago)
More coding with jerry and Harry
Elias.s.s. (2 years ago)
I Was the 1000 liker😂👍
stalin4president (2 years ago)
First... XD
GD Deception (2 years ago)
wrong nub
Temsku バカ2 (2 years ago)
so close to first try jerry
Tim F (2 years ago)
add checkpoints in you minecraft sever on parkour plz
+JerryvsHarry Guys do you know "SOESTERBERG"
+JerryvsHarry Boy:Heck,no im leaving Girl:No,please stay Boy: Ok Girl:Can you kill me? Boy:Never!!! Girl:Can you kiss and hug me?? Boy:EVERY CHANCE I GET Girl:Can you stab me? Boy:No! Girl:Can you be my BOYFRIEND? <3?? Boy:HELL YEAH BABY!!! NOW READ IT FROM BOTTOM TO THE TOP AFTER READING: IF SAUL IS THE BOY AND THE GIRL IS POTATO, I HOPE IT WILL HAPPEN LOL LOL LOL
kittitara 0303 (2 years ago)
Jerry if you press sprint button on your keyboard you will fly faster
Electric Geosaurus (2 years ago)
John fart
Channel Stopped (2 years ago)
The map on the description isn't the ones in the video
Channel Stopped (2 years ago)
+bjørn tønnesen WHAT? omg no i swear it wasn't that link it was another one and it was made of command blocks and i know even the creator he is mcmakistan but now they changed it
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
+Hichem Gameur good. check once more next time
Channel Stopped (2 years ago)
+bjørn tønnesen Ok that one is the one on the video
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
... srs? http://www.minecraftmaps.com/game-maps/elytra-flight-challenge
ZEdvards (2 years ago)
itsjerryandharry didnt get 5 likes but they get 5 unlikes :D
Norcda Childa (2 years ago)
This looks so fun!
netaominecraft (2 months ago)
norcda you here?
l Minh6969 l (2 years ago)
try it bruh
ItzMydNite YT (2 years ago)
xRyan _ (2 years ago)
o hey didn't expect u here
Mamma potatis (2 years ago)
It never got 5 likes... But it got 5 dislikes atm :D
Ahsan Ahnaf (2 years ago)
do if movies were in minecraft
Vanessa Vanilla (2 years ago)
I think it actually is a farting fly XD
Haliaialalalaa (2 years ago)
I think intro is a little bit faster
Haliaialalalaa (2 years ago)
+bjørn tønnesen I can't ( I am on phone )
bjørn tønnesen (2 years ago)
nope fix your speed
CauseWhyNott (2 years ago)
I'm just gonna be that guy and ask...how do you tell Harry and Jerry apart???
Anson Wong (2 years ago)
Harry has a sharper voice
Dota 2 Pro (2 years ago)
i think harry has deeper voice
The blue slime (2 years ago)
make a video with minecraftuniverse
The blue slime (2 years ago)
or do facecam
Chester Almeria (2 years ago)
Luigi Smith (2 years ago)
I would have liked a hang glider better than the Elytra
hangyu zou (2 years ago)
Jerry or Harry reply to this comment please, thx m8
Lapsem Weaver (2 years ago)
Why'd he have to punch Harry around as much as he did?
playme channel Dienel (2 years ago)
i am thai
Fishtard (2 years ago)
why doesnt ganondorf visit the description? theres a bunch of links :D
ViBRATER-Z (16 days ago)
Can I use this joke without your credit???
ViBRATER-Z (16 days ago)
N3rfed (2 years ago)
what happened to their old channel?
Caleb Harlin (2 years ago)
Actually, sprinting midair with the elytra DOES speed you up slightly.
Kixie (2 years ago)
Jerry is first because he have fart gases LOL
Bleck establish (2 years ago)
can u guys do Advanture maps?
thespeedyyoshi (2 years ago)
And now you can do 2 and 3!
DIO Brando (2 years ago)
someone tell me this is real life they have uploaded *pinches* yes it's real
Kisco (2 years ago)
This is kind of like surfing in csgo, no... nvm.
Soggy Milk (2 years ago)
Baris Keser (2 years ago)
don't put ur server on 1.9 it fucking ruins pvp!

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