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HOW TO PLAY Counter Strike Source Online

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**NEW VIDEO AND METHOD AVAILABE** link to new video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EHdNoZMcm0 no steam is needed.NOTHING U only need counter Strike and net It works on all Counter Strike's. Link : - http://css.setti.info/servers/css/ I didnt played much coz video would have gome up in size. WORKS 100% (verified)
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Text Comments (137)
Kartik Sharma (6 years ago)
cs got updated to new version. you need to update your CS
Mahdi_ MD (8 months ago)
not work in all versions of the game
javier HooH (1 year ago)
how do u get to console??
Naim Ben Hadj (6 months ago)
Go to option and multiplayer and advanced then you will find console is close! Open it! :)
Magma :P (1 year ago)
Works thx
Josh Scorpion (1 year ago)
Didn't work tnx
joker 79 (1 year ago)
I have not console ?
Faizan Majid (1 year ago)
how to play v 1.0.061 online?
Faizan Majid (1 year ago)
it says server has not updated to most recent version. what can i do?
divan myburgh (1 year ago)
disconnected server use diffrent class tablet? what should i do?
ALBAY BEY (1 year ago)
vaaay mevlüt nasıl yaptın la
mevlüt Emin (2 years ago)
my turkey thank you
my turkey nedir la ingilizcen kaç :D
Ali Eren Tekin (1 year ago)
ilhan sarıtepe nddjdjdjsndne
Ilhan Sarıtepe (1 year ago)
my turkey thank you'mu?? hahahahaha
TurkishLiverpoolFan (2 years ago)
thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you ,thank you , you make me happy , And I am liked it ;) thx
Nagatorin Negan (2 years ago)
protocol error
Oyun Maketi (2 years ago)
arkadaşlar olmuyorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Anomaly GN (2 years ago)
Help my game says CD Key authentication invalid for internet servers How to fix it guyz
Mahathir M.hoque (1 year ago)
get a code online, there are always codes online
Kartik Bhartiya (2 years ago)
when i go to that lik it says ;failed to reload
Kartik Bhartiya (2 years ago)
that site is not coomng up
Abdulazez Mohammed (2 years ago)
kartik sharma we must download the patch first dont show us if you dont know any thing about this game
Akshay Mahajan (2 years ago)
Batuhan Temur (2 years ago)
this server is using a newel protocol (7) than your client What can I do to help please call
Izmir Jata (2 years ago)
thnx dude
Mahmudul Islam Hridoy (3 years ago)
it doesnt work my one shows invalid
Hack Different! (3 years ago)
hey bro it said that i need to upgrade the version how to update it? plz tell me
Mohammed (2 years ago)
+Jeet Wari & +Vic COC Mist 4days ago there was a new update for the game so you neet to update. To update right click on the game >open file location> then you will find a lot of items find a cmd file probably it will be called update but make sure to find a cmd file that is the updater double click it> black cmd window will appear leave it it took me like 4hr bec it will download and updatee the game. PS: the update time depends on your internet connection ; )
Hack Different! (2 years ago)
+Jeet Wari same problem
Jeet Wari (2 years ago)
+MOHAMMED ABUSARIE FOUAD thank u bro but cant play in the server ... can give me any solition how i play online
Jeet Wari (2 years ago)
Mohammed (2 years ago)
Type exactly GreenStreetTutorials
AlperOyunda PVP (3 years ago)
Dude is Worked I Thank you
Tole on3D (3 years ago)
that works 
Overwatch WTF (3 years ago)
Derek Kyle Guanzon (3 years ago)
dude! it says no port connected? i cant fuckin play..
Ashton (3 years ago)
Maybe you should just buy the game! :D
aditya warang (3 years ago)
dude i cant see any thing on the site not any server
just vine (4 years ago)
dude can i play any servers
Uthman Kurai (4 years ago)
Perfect !!!! arigato 
Hoàng Tú (4 years ago)
why?????? Internet Explorer :((
arthur cruz (4 years ago)
well mine is saying that is that the server is not on a recent patch wat do I do
Fathul SPAT (4 years ago)
Bob Johnson (4 years ago)
i cant find any servers for
Bob Johnson (4 years ago)
CS:GO means Counter Strike Global Offensive ..
Snorflake~/ (4 years ago)
lol wtf how can you have my css and fucking google it you retard CS:GO HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I WONDER
mark demacker rossi (4 years ago)
can i have your css and what is cs:go
Snorflake~/ (4 years ago)
No idea i just bought CS:GO so im over CSS now
mark demacker rossi (4 years ago)
what is the latest version 1.9?
Snorflake~/ (5 years ago)
Look for an update on thepiratebay, the one i used was called CounterSrike Source + Online.rar should be good, i use it with this method
holden montajes (5 years ago)
sorry there version does not match the server ?! how to update the game ?
Swetank Poddar (5 years ago)
will this work only on no steam servers ?
William HD (5 years ago)
its cs:s version 1.9.1 can play or not? because i have cs:s version 1.9.1. Thanks
Pranay Roberts (5 years ago)
When Im trying to Join a Server It just says Invalid Steam Key.. Plz Help.
Derrick Chian (5 years ago)
where to dowload the counter strike source???
arad fir (5 years ago)
my version is newer, how to downgrade or do sth?
kyno ponyo (5 years ago)
thanks dude
socrates hahlioutis (5 years ago)
mine says your print is to high.value 160 limit why?
Jim Rynor (5 years ago)
Thanks :))
Maulana Harun (5 years ago)
How u can have Complete Characters? I Just only have 1 character :( please can you help me?
Rafaelle Francisco (5 years ago)
Laith_ (5 years ago)
i can't find the server of Syria and i can't play css it types .. sorry there verstion does not match in server what shd i do ?
Idk Wtf (5 years ago)
It Says "Invalid Kei Steam Size" what i should do ?
Jim Rynor (5 years ago)
Song name plzz?
Mr.MovieMaker (5 years ago)
Nice clock
iCoke (6 years ago)
I have the latest cs source updated and all. When I try to connect any server it loads 3 bars and thats all, nu=othing happens after this. what to do?
TheMelbstorms (6 years ago)
my one freezes after 2 bars of loading then afterwards says failed to connect after 4 tries )=
snap (6 years ago)
how can i play cs source online ? answer : download Strogino Cs Source , FINISHED ! :D tangina nyooooooooooo
snap (6 years ago)
reinstall mo CS :Source mo pre :)
carl mercado (6 years ago)
HELP ME PLEASE.. I'M FROM PHILIPPINES.. WHAT'S THIS??THANKS ConVarRef sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning doesn't point to an existing ConVar
abdulla ayad (6 years ago)
when i play online it says couldnt crc maps what should i do ?
Пирдоль (6 years ago)
guy your father
Paul Alex (6 years ago)
hey daroliaking i have the same prob with Naweedben it appears me the same message (Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol.........) how can i update my css, it's not original !!!!!
MrRezpectorito (6 years ago)
Man...i have a problem....... When I Joining Server....There is A texs that says'' Unexpected Authorized Protocol blah blah blah ...'' Please Help me -__-''
limbo bimbo (6 years ago)
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how :( plz thx
limbo bimbo (6 years ago)
even me they say : Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol -452616439!
limbo bimbo (6 years ago)
me too its not working but i think because its not original :\
steve 125 (6 years ago)
i got 2 problems and it doesn t let me play online but only with bots.i ve downloaded the game and when i try to connect to a server i got this 2 problems.sometimes it writes that Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 405109395! and somme others Invalid Steam key size.well i have disconnected from steam before playing and now i ve deleted steam but stil this problems..do u know anything i can do?
Mohammed Hasnat (6 years ago)
pls help
Mohammed Hasnat (6 years ago) I gave this address from the site and an unknown command reply came
Mohammed Hasnat (6 years ago)
Parsed 352 text messages Couldn't find custom font file 'resource/HL2EP2.ttf' Couldn't find custom font file 'materials/vgui/fonts/buttons_32.vbf' how to solve this problem
sabi ruzhdia (6 years ago)
it doesn't work it says disconnected
Samuel Koçi (6 years ago)
When you are in the game press cl_cmdrate +100 and your latency/ping going to be 5
Samuel Koçi (6 years ago)
You dont have the premissions to go in this server becuase you dont have that version! Try Another!!
Nasa Aziz (6 years ago)
How to Update my Cs:S?
Nasa Aziz (6 years ago)
Why I cant my problem Same with FreeStyle09x
Kartik Sharma (6 years ago)
coz some servers run on different version of CS
kylpyankka21 (6 years ago)
i cant play ofline because i buyed cs and o.o when i opended cd case ????? wtf no manual no cd code so how i can play even ofline?????? does somebody haw cd code?. So when i try open cs on my desktop i gos to my steam but game wont open. Help?
kavilhas1 (6 years ago)
when i press the ~ button nothing happens -.-
Nikola Petkovic (6 years ago)
try to install some patch or skins
EpicyOunGEditOR (6 years ago)
hey it says invalid steam key size
ballonboy168 (6 years ago)
snbarzegar69 (6 years ago)
Unexepected authentication protocol 2003471031!
Kartik Sharma (6 years ago)
@farhanpb try another server or reinstall game. Maybe your game is bugged
Muhammad Farhan (6 years ago)
why my cs source just only on character on ct or t
Muhammad Farhan (6 years ago)
@fafofafa same with me
Kartik Sharma (6 years ago)
@XxTheDarthVadersxX yes it do work
Santino Corleone (6 years ago)
@sanjeev12sajan im from malaysia.. are that work'./l?
fafo fafa (6 years ago)
Hi, thanks a lot for the vodeo but I have the same Error message: " ] connect Unable to remove d:\counter strike\cs2\cstrike\SAVE! Connecting to Host_Error: Unexepected authentication protocol 2065223786!" please help me to fix it.. please email me at [email protected] Thanks
souphiane (6 years ago)
@daroliaking hey i see you have a extra toolbar if you wannet to remove it chek my video i have a tutorial!
Kartik Sharma (6 years ago)
@Naweedben10 you need latest version installed
Naweed Abdul Ghafoor (6 years ago)
protocol somthing error plzz help daroliaking...
Red Rose94 (6 years ago)
Jebi se bre kako da namestim nemas ti pojma
Panos Alexiou (7 years ago)
Invalid steam key size...plzzzz help me!!
shockstar 7 (7 years ago)
"connection failed aftr 4 tries..." plz help!
Steven (7 years ago)
omg i hate looking at the same shit things over and over again "(introduction) How to play CS:S online (and then) Hello, today i'm gonna show you how to play CS:S online" GET AT THE DAMNNNNNN POINT IIIIIDIOOOOT OR DELEEEETE THE VIDEOOOOOO
Nikola Milosevic (7 years ago)
works BIG like man <3
DNKawp (7 years ago)
it works.......thank you
MultiUSD (7 years ago)
how to play zombie mod ?
Jelome24 (7 years ago)
works! thank you!

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