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Epic Space Battles in Minecraft 1.9 - Command Block Concept

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With the release of the 15w31 Snapshots, Minecraft now offers some cool new stuff for Mapmakers to use. Check out this Space Battle Concept I created! Donate here: http://bit.ly/DonorCP | http://patreon.com/CrushedPixel ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel Replay Mod Website: http://replaymod.com Music: Itro x Valcos - Starbound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hz668UNTE4
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Text Comments (230)
edelfelix (1 year ago)
ich hab gesehen das du Deutsch kannst wie geht's dir crushedpixel
Captain Norway (2 years ago)
download link?
ItzLivGames (2 years ago)
i didnt watch any parts of your videos because THE INTERNET SO SLOW
Sqored was here
Eyeinsky (2 years ago)
map download?
Eyeinsky (2 years ago)
world download????
After the fact (2 years ago)
This reminds me of Ender's Game
Interpause (2 years ago)
Why does this remind me of gravity on mineplex?
Abdullah Craft (2 years ago)
3:33 you meant two hundred and fifty six not two hundred and sixty five
Nitroglycerin (2 years ago)
Command please?
bleuthoot (2 years ago)
I am trying to make this concept in to a game, but it doesn't quite work. Can someone help me with this
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
bleuthoot (2 years ago)
+hack3900 pixeluniverse.playsrv.nl this is the IP
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
k but i don't have the ip
bleuthoot (2 years ago)
+hack3900 You are added to the whitelist. Right now (21:00 (GMT +2)), i am not working on the server and the server is set  to the original server. Tomorrow (5-10-'15) around 14:00 (GMT +2) I am working on the server again.
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
ok it's Hack3900
Sancarn (2 years ago)
it might be nicer to user TimeSpentCrouched to go downwards... I wish there was a TimeSpentTrying to jump though...
monkeyabcabc111 (2 years ago)
when I change the effect it doesn't change instantly like yours, and I can't figure out why the power of the effect won't change unless I remove the effect.
ThePixeliz (2 years ago)
Can you say me how can he testfor an item in the second hand ? Ty ! :)
the gamer legends (2 years ago)
+ThePixeliz press f
Svit Starkl (2 years ago)
ohhh i was going to post a jetpack thing ;(
Jordan Johnson (2 years ago)
You should have taken advantage of the shift key to make easier controls than fiddling around with items. Remember, the snapshots introduced stat.sneakTime
flashfire4 (2 years ago)
Your videos are always fantastic. Keep up the good work!
YoloMaster Sherr (2 years ago)
Heres a 1.8 levitation thing i thought of.... have a player being constANTLY teleported to a mob but when you try to walk it walks with you and when you try to jump it jumps with you... but slower since (with entitydata you can make them go up or down at different speeds i think) but if that doesnt work just have them tp'ed up ~ ~0.1 in any speed (using different kind's of clock's) and down the same thing. Oh and make them NoAI so the player doesnt get controlled  and so they dont fall down normally (only start tp system when they jump with an /execute @e[score_jump=1 system)
Galaxy Oreygami (2 years ago)
can i make this a only one block command?
Quantexx (2 years ago)
Awesome idea CP! I'm making a map based off this, but how do I get rid of fall damage? Thanks!
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
it doesn't make u jump higher
Quantexx (2 years ago)
But then they'll be able to jump super high, which defeats the point.
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
+Dotz Networks to get rid off fall damage u effect jump_boost 255
bleuthoot (2 years ago)
this should be an amazing vanilla minigame for my servet :D. But i have to wait for 1.9 :(.
Quantexx (2 years ago)
Must... make... map... with... replay mod.... and this LET'S DO THIS!
Deltin (2 years ago)
[Mod Suggestion/request] You know what would be a cool mod? A mod where you could customize your creative inventory. You can add tabs, remove tabs, etc. You can click the "edit" button to move things around or place things from your inventory to the creative inventory. It could also store NBTs, so I could click the add button and make the icon a command block, then put in commands that I want in another world/for future reference. So I could Ctrl+Pick block a command block, open my creative inventory, click "edit", click "add tab", put the icon as a command block, and then put my command block with the tag {Command:"execute @p~ ~ ~ /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:stone 1 3 replace minecraft:air"}.
spaghetti (2 years ago)
yeaaah your idea is pretty cool that you can make your own inventory i hope he is gonna make this nice idea bro
MontenegroGamers (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Can you give schematic for command blocks or world download plz.
TheGiftedSpriter (2 years ago)
Plexom (2 years ago)
Nice concept :-)
Farenheit (2 years ago)
I don't get why you never say the numbers correctly °-°
DogeisCut (2 years ago)
Calenge make all your resorse pack invechens witowt resorse packs
KevGameLP (2 years ago)
Ich sehe echt geile Sachen kommen. Muss mich selbst auch mal wieder damit befassen, hatte echt viele Ziele die ich mit Commands umsetzen wollte... Tolles Videos, hast mir direkt eine Innovation gegeben. Das regt dazu an weiter ausgebaut zu werden :D.
The Hyper Cube (2 years ago)
ok do i did the things iwth the commands but it keeps makeing me go up forever
The Hyper Cube (2 years ago)
+GAMERS4LIFE Hub even when i select the items that will not make me go up
The Hyper Cube (2 years ago)
i will try this out
22samuelk (2 years ago)
Is CrushedPixel_ your secondary account, or did you change your IGN? o.O Very nice concept! :D
Dobir Ahmed (2 years ago)
Dobir Ahmed (2 years ago)
I want a replay nod beta out
Kupoapo (2 years ago)
Or... you know, make low gravity by having you levitate for a bit then have it slowly drop you down, with like a negative levitate effect. #JustAnIdea
Kupoapo (2 years ago)
+PsyNeur Ya... I thought it was negative... but now I see
psyneur (2 years ago)
+Eric There are no negative effects, but like he showed, high numbers make low gravity.
DusGamer Mc (2 years ago)
When will the replay mod be done?
NoHaxJustPotato (2 years ago)
Looks good Pixel! You have taken good care of the Levatation effect!
Darki (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel I have a new function for your filter: There is a limit how long can be a Command, but you could reprogram the filter so that a second command will be created when the limit will be reached. Oh, and you could even add a few more shaping options.
spaghetti (2 years ago)
the command leinght is 32767
Thomas Culhane (2 years ago)
+MarioKart7z There is
MarioKart7z (2 years ago)
+Rage Skilln there is no command lenght cap
Kasper S. (2 years ago)
pff, not even jetpack custom models? nor renaming the items!? Lel sorry this is awesome!
fdagpigj E (2 years ago)
Your system has one flaw: Players could eat the spider eye :P
HK Kingdoms (2 years ago)
+The Redstone Potato lol
The Redstone Potato (2 years ago)
I did it twice :D
Springy125 (2 years ago)
Dis is gonna be on my server
William Pig (2 years ago)
why i follow your command but it said that error???
William Pig (2 years ago)
how to make a resource pack in 1.9 ???
TheBlockHead (2 years ago)
KatMeower (2 years ago)
OMG Awsome!!!
Ant Redstone (2 years ago)
CP how do u check the off hand? or r u checking the item that isnt on his inventory?
Ant Redstone (2 years ago)
+Ant Redstone ..... now im watching the end of the video, thaks so much, I was trying to figure out what was the off hand slot
thenextdoor696 (2 years ago)
Offense Slot? is that for a mod or does it come in update 1.9?
Ondrej Baco (2 years ago)
Hi CP. I remade your Concept, here are the Commands: /gamerule logAdminCommands false /scoreboard objectives add y dummy /scoreboard players set @a y -1 {Inventory:[{Slot:-106b,tag:{display:{Name:Down}}}]} /scoreboard players set @a y 0 {Inventory:[{Slot:-106b,tag:{display:{Name:Keep}}}]} /scoreboard players set @a y 1 {Inventory:[{Slot:-106b,tag:{display:{Name:Up}}}]} /effect @a jump_boost 1 150 true /effect @a[score_y=0,score_y_min=0] levitation 1 255 true /effect @a[score_y=-1,score_y_min=-1] levitation 1 254 true /effect @a[score_y=1,score_y_min=1] levitation 1 10 true /scoreboard players set @a y -2 /effect @a saturation /weather clear Everything goes fine, but if I try to switch from the Up-Item to the Down-Item or the Keep-Item, I keep on going up. Do you have an idea on how to fix it? If so, thanks. Ondrej EDIT: Found a workaround, sorry. EDIT2: Workaround doesn't work
ThatsEli (2 years ago)
No 360°^^
Raddude (2 years ago)
BlockHead (2 years ago)
aww, I was gonna make something like this......
Hope Gamer (2 years ago)
what was that block at 3:33 and how did you get it?
Hope Gamer (2 years ago)
i foundit already but thanks oh and that block doesnt do anything and you can do /setblock struckture_block 3 too
Redstone Bacon (2 years ago)
+captain john Do /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 1 OR DO /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 2 OR DO /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 3 OR DO /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 4 The numbers are for different letters that are directions (East, West, North, South)
Skyflip (2 years ago)
Omg you almost copied my skin lol
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
YEah sure
Joshua N. (2 years ago)
+CommandCoder can i wake up now?
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
Im not real. You're dreaming
Skyflip (2 years ago)
How come you're replying
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
Why would i check you out? Im lazy
FunMiner8 (2 years ago)
Agent M (2 years ago)
A quick optimalization: whenever you press F on slot 9 make a replaceitem do the work, so you scroll through your gravity arrows instead of having to search for the gravity arrow. anyway, great concept!
Mr_Rede_de_Stone (2 years ago)
That's really good !
Sven Shevtzoff (2 years ago)
When is the replaymod available for download?
Gerard San Miguel (2 years ago)
Can i create a one command version of this concept , but with more features? I will credit you
Panossa (2 years ago)
ZRealTDW // TDWilliam (2 years ago)
Cool CP!Can't wait for the actual 1.9 version to come out :D
VictorPld (2 years ago)
0:57 argh! killed by cp! 2:37 final kill :D !
Adrenalin (2 years ago)
What about Glowing effect? >:D
Echt cooles Video (und coole Idee) - Like :D Mich hat's auch am Anfang ein bisschen an Ender's Game erinnert :D
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
Wait, you said "Twohundred *sixty* five". lol
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
+MinecraftRocks999 Great to meat again!
insrt (2 years ago)
+LEGOlord208 Yea.
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
+MinecraftRocks999 Who, me? (I sound like Siri)
insrt (2 years ago)
Ooo.. havent seen you around in a while.
pfp4ever (2 years ago)
+PausCraft zweihundertfünfundsechzig
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
1 thought. You've got to have this in the end. /kill the enderdragon, and /fill away the Blocks close enough to the arena. 2. Use barriers as the arena-marker 3. Eh... You know resource packs can change the naming of items, right...?
jD91mZM2 (2 years ago)
*Here went a lot of deleted text. +McPigFin​​​​ was angry at me for saying "texture pack" (It's edited now) instead of "resource pack" (my first time I said wrong). He called me a Moron (and I was reminded of Wheatley lol), and I called him "Hater" for his agro. He said he was going to "Call the cops" because I'm 12 and not 13 ^^*
Rxgamer (2 years ago)
CP, i would off put the bow in the offhand slot and check the main hand
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Rxgamer Yeah, that actually sounds reasonable. If I get to work on this as a real map, I'll try out what works best :)
KLaurence (2 years ago)
*Reads description* *Saw 15w31" What snapshot is that?
Tomi Mikkola (2 years ago)
Its the new one that just came out
MrRama High (2 years ago)
Angel Chaparro (2 years ago)
how do you get the mystery block with a "S"
Redstone Bacon (2 years ago)
+angel chaparro I think so.
Angel Chaparro (2 years ago)
Is a block for the developers to create dungeons
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
+Sven Shevtzoff good question...
Sven Shevtzoff (2 years ago)
+Abdullah Craft what does it do?
Abdullah Craft (2 years ago)
+Redstone Bacon no /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block 0/1/2/3 for modes not directions (Save,Load,Corner,Data)
+yurius564 ja viu?
Xenon Ray (2 years ago)
Finally I can get rid of my stupid flying using /tp on my maps, THANKS SO MUCH :D
SlimesLoveGaming (2 years ago)
you beet me to it I was just making this
Chinzywhale (2 years ago)
Replay mod!!
blaggjah13 (2 years ago)
Reminds me of that scene from Enders game. Very cool.
The Awesomeness Atom (2 years ago)
It would be really cool if hide particles on a potion would make it not come up on the HUD but still in the inventory Who agrees?
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+The Awesomeness Atom I do
Rafael F. (2 years ago)
The minigame looks awesome!!! Congrats on creating this great concept!
SIME (2 years ago)
Am i the only one asking multiplayer on 1.9 how ?
Malcolm Spencer (2 years ago)
+SIME_LP They have 1.9 snapshot server jar files out, you can just host one on your computer.
Symix (2 years ago)
+The Kerbal Scientist /effect levitation <time> <level> -_- 
The Kerbal Scientist (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Hey crushed would you mind telling me what /effect number is levitation?
Symix (2 years ago)
+IdoPlayers - Gaming yes c
The TNT Pigs (2 years ago)
+McPigFin because it also goes to b and c magierpichu
Matthew Brown (2 years ago)
ENDER'S GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
Niels (2 years ago)
Pronouncing numbers isnt your strongest point, I guess
Wilker (2 years ago)
*Creates space battle in miecraft* *Arrows still have gravty*
Diffy donuts (2 years ago)
+Wilker Santana (WilkerS1) bet you couldn't do better
+Wilker Santana sim, eu sei que você é br e pá, mas em inglês é melhor KKK
+Wilker Santana it's a space bow with space arrows
Luh's Video Dump (2 years ago)
+Wilker Santana ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
MattCrafts (2 years ago)
Fantastic game I'm glad to see new features being put to use already :D great work CP
Sentry (2 years ago)
Great idea.... why isn't something so simple my idea
Knuckles the Echidna (2 years ago)
Under 301+ club! Amazing idea CrushedPixel! - Looks absolutely awesome!!!
Adam Eason (2 years ago)
map download?
NANONGA rebooted (2 years ago)
How did you detect what is in the Off Hand?
NANONGA rebooted (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Yep. saw it late then ^^ Wrote the Commend while watching.
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Nanonga | Mapmaking Well you *could* have watched the whole video, I actually show the commands I used...
Sarmachus (2 years ago)
3:07 -106 is the value but it might change. I think there is a way to reference it as offHand, but I don't know how.
NANONGA rebooted (2 years ago)
Im Pretty sure with Nbt. If i would use this Command: /scoreboard players add @a nngglider 5 {Inventory:[{Slot:134b,tag:{display:{Name:"cat"}}}]} What slot would it be?
Tommy Storer (2 years ago)
I'm guessing using nbt
WizardXZD (2 years ago)
Just a question, if this uses the levitation effect, why aren't they always going up? Interesting concept :)
Tommy Storer (2 years ago)
Yeah, it's like jump boost 255 canceling fall dmg
WizardXZD (2 years ago)
+Tommy Storer It's usually inverted after 127. But I didn't know about the 255.
Tommy Storer (2 years ago)
255 doesn't let u go down, and many high level effects are inverted
Atomic Deathray (2 years ago)
Am I the only one that thought of Ender's Game when I saw this?
+Atomic Deathray YES, Haileeeeee
LitCow (2 years ago)
minecraft space confirmed... Microsoft ruined it... 1.9 is a no no
The Hyper Cube (2 years ago)
+XxJIAA99xX minecraft space update confirmed
XxJIAA99xX (2 years ago)
+Atomic Deathray me too!
The Hyper Cube (2 years ago)
dun dun duuuuunn
Atenfyr (2 years ago)
It might be better to remove the circle boundary, but kill anyone who gets too far away, making it a little more realistic.
QwertyuiopThePie (2 years ago)
Don't forget, the enemy's gate is down.
TheGalacticWarrior (2 years ago)
+QwertyuiopThePie HA HA! Go capture it! :)
Hack3900 (2 years ago)
+MattCrafts i don't lol
MattCrafts (2 years ago)
I get your reference ;)
Blend Krasniqi (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel How's the progress going on the replay mod?
VictorPld (2 years ago)
+Mr_Creeper Almost...
Mr_Creeper (2 years ago)
Its done already lol
AllenMC (2 years ago)
its all fun and games until a 12 year old calls everyone a flyhacker
DaBlowingGold (2 years ago)
rip headphone users
mike conz (2 years ago)
"leaving a like makes me happy :)" Here you go thumbs up!
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
Thank you <3
Josh (2 years ago)
Please let us download this omg
clr_fl (2 years ago)
Just give every player a certain level of the levitation effect, depending on the Item selected in their secound hand. These could be something like 251 (move slowly downwards); 255 (stay on a fixed y-layer, "airwalk"); 4 (move slowly upwards).
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+josh k-h I might do a fully functional map out of this at some point. Until then, you can follow the steps in the explanation (if you have some basic command block knowledge) :)
KiloGraham Gaming (2 years ago)
ender's game FTW
Vixelized (2 years ago)
Wow, creative use of the levitation effect :-)
Nowerdy (2 years ago)
Logicraft Redstone (2 years ago)
Awesome idea CP!
Amar Gandhi (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel And play with clouds off.
Amar Gandhi (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel You should make the sphere out of barriers or normal glass. That way you can see outside.
Logicraft Redstone (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel haha, well it's a clear demonstration of your creativity and forward thinking!
CrushedPixel (2 years ago)
+Logicraft Redstone Thanks, it was the first thing that came to my mind when playing around with the Levitation Potion Effect :)
Geile Idee :D Da bin ich ja mit den "Flugzeug" ganz unten
manuelgu (2 years ago)
This looks very promising! Well done :)

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