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Installing FSX On Windows 10 (Short Tutorial) HD

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Installing Microsoft Flight Simulator X onto Windows 10 is fairly simple. Alot of people have wondered whether FSX is even compatible with windows 10. The answer is yes. In this short introductory tutorial you simply follow the basic steps to install fsx onto your system. If you are installing any addons it is also best to run them as administrator on Windows 10. If you have any questions please comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to see any other tutorial videos then please make a suggestion in the comments below too. Thankyou for watching. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Like Comment and Subscribe to my channel for more to come. Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/flyhellas
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Text Comments (255)
theslashmetal (26 days ago)
error 1607.....nothing work. I thought i could find a solution here but no. Thanks to show us how to instal a game on a computer...But i did hardest things on mine, and FSX can not be instaled on my computer. I've been looking for solution or support since 3 days
theslashmetal (14 days ago)
nearly two weeks and i try a lot of possibilities but without results
Jonathan Winton (19 days ago)
Sorry to hear that.
theslashmetal (20 days ago)
i tried everything and nothing works. i've been trying since one week, i tried strange solutions and noone works
Jonathan Winton (20 days ago)
Sorry but this is a video quite clearly explaining how to install FSX, not a help guide. Have you tried looking on the Microsoft forums?
Thunderdash67 (1 month ago)
Do i need to use disc 1 or disc 2, I Have FSX Deluxe
Jonathan Winton (1 month ago)
1 then 2
Maurizio P. (1 month ago)
Same here, stuck on "removing applications", your sistem not work. error 1603
Jonathan Winton (1 month ago)
Sorry to hear that. Alot of people have had the same problem.
Papita Kokode (2 months ago)
JahAriReggae (2 months ago)
I tried installing FSX in a new folder and it still got stuck on removing applications
Jonathan Winton (2 months ago)
Alot of people have had the same issue. Try checking the windows solution to the problem via google.
Moon Wolf18 (2 months ago)
My problem is that it looks liek a video game from 200 A.D
Jonathan Winton (2 months ago)
Well I can assure you having played most versions of Flight SImulaor from 1998 it is quite advanced ;)
Silvio Ahring (3 months ago)
Jonathan Winton (3 months ago)
Santiago Lopez-Chavez (4 months ago)
i just bout the game guys wen i put it in the computer nothing happens
Jonathan Winton (4 months ago)
That is weird. Have you tried looking on the different forums on how to fix the problem.
Shofwan Hadi (4 months ago)
i buy this game at steam , Why when i go fly just blank screen and picture or aircraft and sound :(
Jonathan Winton (4 months ago)
Thats very odd. Im not sure why , sorry :/
Emmanuel Armando (5 months ago)
It apears "The MSXML4 SP2 component is not installed. Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair this missing component." Can anyone help me please?
Jonathan Winton (5 months ago)
Try the Microsoft help, they may be able to help you under this thread. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-gaming/flight-simulator-x-error-message-the-msxml-4/9e7355de-c10a-491e-9c19-1517a32b2ab5
Pavel Petr (6 months ago)
When I send product key from CD so it writes unable to activate. (the key is correct)
Jonathan Winton (6 months ago)
No idea why that is not accepting the key. You should contact microsoft about that.
Jose Velez (6 months ago)
I just installed it and its working fairly. One of the issues is that is on a square screen, not taking the width of my computer. Does anyone know how to correct this_
Jonathan Winton (6 months ago)
Excellent, good to hear it is working. Not entirely sure what could be the problem with ths screen though.
carlos mckay (6 months ago)
Why mine removing application why
M.H.F ADAM (2 months ago)
carlos mckay hey did it work for u? Cause i also have the same problem removing application .
carlos mckay (5 months ago)
Okay going try tomorrow
JJ CD (5 months ago)
Wait for 10-20 minutes .
Jonathan Winton (6 months ago)
Windows 10. Thats an unusual problem.
carlos mckay (6 months ago)
Windows 10 I have
dumdum perluz (8 months ago)
hi ihave nvidia gt 530 is it possible to me to play it smoothly? please reply
Jonathan Winton (8 months ago)
Hi, it is yes as long as you have a good processor too & 64Bit syetm with 8GB Ram +
Marco vanRoth (9 months ago)
How do you get to the screen which actually shows if you can run Windows XP or not? Once you have done that, the rest of the install is irrelevant
Jonathan Winton (9 months ago)
Right click on the fsx shortcut which is created onto your desktop , select properties and you can select which operating system you want it to run in compatibility for
Flexi Aviation (10 months ago)
Please Help! I installed FSX then I flew a bit and closed it, I can't find the Programme now, can you help me? I will be very happy about an answer :)
Flexi Aviation (10 months ago)
okay, thank you.
Jonathan Winton (10 months ago)
Not entirely sure what is causing that problem Im sorry. Try reading this thread, it may help. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?293980-DVD-drive-won-t-install-FSX-in-Windows-10
ABCDE FGHIJK (10 months ago)
For me, it will claim that it was installed, and the game will allow me to go through free flight, but it will force me to keep in disc 2. If I take disc 2 out, all traces of the game disappear from my C: drive except for a single file called "LogBook.bin" . When I keep the disc in (which I don't mind doing), and I look for all the game files (categories, configs, dialogues and simObjects), I get a bunch of random gibberish files instead, and one fsx.exe file which is the only thing I can open. Having played FSX for many years prior, I know all about errors and glitches from installing the game to playing it, but never have I experienced that before and would not begin to know how to fix it.
ABCDE FGHIJK (10 months ago)
Thank you. Jonathan. I did not find a fix, all it took was a 3 tries at downloading, and I finally I got it lucky. I actually also switched to X-plane 11, but plan to play both simulations.
Jonathan Winton (10 months ago)
That sounds very weird. Have a look at this forum post it may be able to help you. Im sorry I cannot personally offer any assistance in what is causing this problem. https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?293980-DVD-drive-won-t-install-FSX-in-Windows-10
green nuggets (1 year ago)
Help me please whenever I run the setup it gives me either to repair or uninstall I repair to fix it of course after the2nd disk it sais "apply disk: " and leaves it empty I would appreciate anything
green nuggets (1 year ago)
windows 10 i have installed the game before so I know it works (thank you for replying)
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Not entirely what is causing that i'm afraid. It could be a faulty disk drive or many other things. What version of windows are you running ?
fumbus (1 year ago)
it says insert fsk disk 2 and when I press ok it comes up again even tho its already there mounted
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Not too sure sorry
fumbus (1 year ago)
Jonathan Winton it says install shield error before anything starts
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Hmm that is weird. Try looking into the FSX installation forum by googling ''FSX installation disc 2 wont work''
ryan_goldman (1 year ago)
I have a question about my disc and it would really help to have this answered please. When I install and everything it works fine and I can play the game. But when I exit the game it does not let me play it again if I want to. I will take the disk out and put it back in, and when it asks me what I want to do with it, I hit run disk. After that it does nothing at all. So basically I can install the game, play it once, and when I exit the game it won’t let me play again until I uninstall and re install the game. Please can somebody answer this question I have.
L1Lmelo (11 months ago)
Thank you! I was facing the same issue,
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Basically once you have installed the game from the disc you should not have the installation disc in your drive. Install FSX Remove the disk Navigate to the main FSX folder in C Drive Then run FSX.exe as Administrator.
Ivar And Amy (1 year ago)
i cant find cd drive in explorer, like it doesnt show up
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Could be an issue with your CD drive then
Nkululeko Nkosi (1 year ago)
I am overcome with desperation. My FSX (Deluxe Edition) disk 1 works fine but disc 2 (which I believe is the one to use when launching FSX) does nothing. When I click "Install or run program from your media" nothing happens. Please help as I do not know what to do.
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
You dont need disc 2 in to launch fsx once youve installed it. Sounds like you have a problem either with your discs or operating system. Not entirely sure.
Hi. I have problem: at the final of the installation, appears "Please Insert the Disk labeled FSX Disk 2". How can I solved this? Thank you.
LachieVid S (1 year ago)
What you do is you take out disk 1 and put disk 2 in
RubTheCat (1 year ago)
But this error happens while Disk 2 IS already inserted, just when the installation is almost finished. Clicking OK doesn't work. Ejecting and reinserting Disk 2 doesn't fix it. Creating a disk image and trying to install from the mounted image also causes the same problem.
Daniel Mahnov (1 year ago)
there are lots of ppl with the same problem, after inserting disk 2 it continues installation and then again appears "...insert disk 2..."
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
You insert Disk 2.
mike (1 year ago)
i am having nothing but problems with FSX on WIN10..both installing AND uninstalling !!
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
I would advise purchasing FSX Steam as it is far more compatible with Win10.
DerSpigotClient (1 year ago)
After the download there is a Window Installshield 1628 error
Brant Tanaka (1 year ago)
It says i need to activate it before instaling. What does it mean and how do i do that?
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
You need your activation code.
Oscar H (1 year ago)
Hello. I dont have any autogen/3D objects showing and I have crashes 10 15 minutes in to flight. I have tried reinstalling to no avail and I am on steam
DailyDrivenS85 V10 (8 months ago)
Same with me with the crashing part. I fly for a few minutes and if I change views the sim crashes. I'm on steam too...
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
No idea im afraid sorry.
JujceBox (1 year ago)
Hi, I own disk 2 of FSX, but I've lost disk 1...can you help at all?
JujceBox (1 year ago)
Alrighty, Thanks mate, bought it off steam.
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Nope sorry. Cheap to buy a new version off Ebay.
aalen spotting (1 year ago)
Thanks i have unterstood it
Space_potato (1 year ago)
I get error 1607 and i cant seem to do anything any recommendations?
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Excellent. Cheers.
Alp TEKIN (1 year ago)
1628 failed to complete installation :(
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Try this thread on a forum post. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-gaming/installshield-1628-error-failed-to-complete/f6dcb564-1039-4571-9373-d11e46a4e643
EvilandEpicGaming (1 year ago)
I have just ordered a new gaming pc for flight sim. Does FSX work totally fine on windows 10??
EvilandEpicGaming (1 year ago)
Well wont u just put the disc in and then follow the instructions??
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
It does as long as you install it correctly.
Texas Tacoma (1 year ago)
Can someone help me? I installed it last night and ran it, but now I can't find it. I got a brand new computer to run it, and now I can't even uninstall it to try and reinstall it again. Any help is appreciated
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Try looking in Program files (X86?) - Micorosft Games and you should see 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X' in there. If it isnt then it may not have installed correctly. Failing that re-insert Disc 1 of your FSX Version, and select to either repair or re-install flightsim (presuming that it has installed). If on the other hand it hasnt installed then it will give you the option to install a fresh evrsion of FSX.
Thuglife Pikachu (1 year ago)
Didn't event get asked to choose a folder directory. It just started on it own and then got stuck at  "removing applications".
JJ CD (5 months ago)
Wait for 10-20 minutes and it should continue installing.
Neil Edmiston (10 months ago)
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Did you not? Im not sure at all why that could be.
Joed Barrientos (1 year ago)
i get error 1722 at the end of installation in disk 2
Florian Hecht (1 year ago)
It says my product key is not valid although it is a new one!!! please help!😣
Florian Hecht (1 year ago)
+Jonathan Winton Fixed it now, thabk you, just bought the steam version
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Cant help im afraid. All you can do is use the Microsoft activation service which will provide you with a new serial, but you need to have your old one to hand.
Youci (1 year ago)
mine says error 1722! help plz!!!
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Try Microsofts solution. Other than that I have no suggestions sorry https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/928080/error-1722-when-reinstalling-flight-simulator-x
Joe Bennett (1 year ago)
when you have a clean operating system, it downloads just like the first time you installed it, only thing is, you have to reinstall your add on scenery
Joe Bennett (1 year ago)
jakey, the same thing happened to me, only thing to do is reinstall your operating system
Joe Bennett (1 year ago)
thx 4 the tip
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
The only other option I found was to uninstall the windows Update version which automatically installs when you install windows
TheDanishBaconLover (1 year ago)
When I it comes to the last part of the installation, at the where it says Registering Fonts or a error message comes up saying: "Error 1722: something did not finish as expected" and that there is something wrong with the "Windows Installer Package" then it says rolling bac action (because it's removing what it has installed i guess) and then another message pops up saying "Error: -1603 Fatal error during installation. Consult Windows Installer Help (Msi.chm) or MSDN for more information." PLZ HELP!!
Gae Nota (5 months ago)
TheDanishBaconLover u
Jakey Blumburger (1 year ago)
When I try to install, I choose the destination and start the installation process. The download gets stuck on "removing applications". I hope you can get back to me soon Jonathan, I'm hoping to take a trip down memory lane with this game!
QuantumFlare (1 month ago)
I just waited a few minutes and it worked
Justin Thorsson (7 months ago)
same with me too
Skyhawk177 (7 months ago)
Jakey Blumburger yup same
discoHR (1 year ago)
About an hour if I remember correctly. I just started it, went away and it was installed when I got back after an hour or so.
discoHR How long is "a very long time" I also had it hang up on removing files and stopped it, thinking that it had locked up. I had to restart the pc to get it loading again.
D3aD M1c3 V3n0m (1 year ago)
can you use a game key on multible pcs''s''?. i wanna play my dads verision on FSX ( DVD ) deluxe edition. and i dont know if you only can use a kew once.
D3aD M1c3 V3n0m (1 year ago)
ok thanks :DDDDD
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
You should be able to use the KEy at least 3 times. So that depends how many times it has been used on your fathers PC previously.
Wahyu Lutfi (1 year ago)
how to activet fsx ? i don't have key register ! how to pick the key register ?
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
You need to buy yourself a key if you dont have one!
Legendary Mania (1 year ago)
actually i have a fsx[ steam] dvd and few questions 1)can you intall fsx [steam] properly in your windows 10? 2)will your fsx [steam] work properly in windows 10? 3) will something be missing to be installed? $)will the pop up of fatal error or any error appear? 4)how will u install directx for fsx [steam] in winodws 10?
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Unfortunatley when it comes to FSX Steam I have no idea at all. Im still using the disc version of FSX Accelleration (on Windows10).
Marian Samol (1 year ago)
My fsx also doesn't want to install. Everything is fine and i get to the install manue. Then i clicked installing and it seemed to work. Tough i only came to little message that says removing applications. It loads up 5 blue bars and then the installing process seems to freeze. I can minimize the window and do something else on the pc so im sure its not the fault of my pc hardware. System configurations needed it says 1ghz single core and 15GB free space on the hard drive. I have around 350 GB free space and a 2,5 ghz intel celeron dual core. So it really cant be my hardwares fault. Im waitig since about 45 mins tough i think it should not take that long
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
It should in theory. Other than that if the activation page doesnt pop up then you can contact Microsoft via their activation system where they can do it remotely for you. On the other hand if you want to revert back to your original FSX config (before you installed Accelleration) then insert your accelleration CD in and select it to Remove acceleration. Then insert disc 2 of FSX and select 'Repair' and it will go back to the way you had it before you installed acceleration.
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Thats helpful, thanks for shairng that. I did find some compatability issues installing FSX on my Windows10 64Bit system but I only had the problem installing it after I had installed Windows10 Build 1511. I;ve no idea what it was but as soon as I rolled it back to the first build it worked fine. The only thing I could suggest for you activating your Acceleration pack is by calling microsoft on their activation system (you will need a serial number on the page first which you can then use to acitvate it).
Marian Samol (1 year ago)
It's the 64 Bit version. I was finally able to install it completely and it runs with no further problems. After reinstalling it a couple times surprisingly it worked. I even installed mods wich are working quite well. Now i have 2 different questuins: 1.) I wanted to install fsx acceleration via cd what worked but i was not able to activate it 2.) If i should be able to activate it: Will my mod still be there Thanks for your fast help
Jonathan Winton (1 year ago)
Are you installing it on Windows 10 32bit or 64?
Mohamed Elmaradi (1 year ago)
Hi everyone,So I'm trying to do a reinstall of Flight Simulator X right? Well, I get to the end of the install and it seems to finish fine until two consecutive errors appear on screen: I get errors 1722 and -1603, the latter asking me to contact MSDN (MS Dev. Network)... I've been checking the internet all over for solutions and have even tried a MS remedy for the 1722 error, but no luck. I've been looking for 5 months now for a solution, but nothing seems to work. Please help! Thanks!P.S.
Fiq Faris (2 years ago)
i can't install . when im trying to install suddenly the installer is missing and i got the message fatal error 1603
Jack Wildi (9 months ago)
Why dont you just buy a windows 7 version on line and install it on a clean drive, you now have the best of both worlds.
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Sorry to hear that. Error 1603 seems to be quite a complex problem even beyond installing fsx. Have a look at some of the Microsoft help forum https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/834484
Suspicious Windmills (2 years ago)
Hi, thanks for the tutorial, but I have an issue... When I'm asked to insert Disc 2, I press OK and then nothing happens. No error message, just nothing. What do I do then? Thanks in advance
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Thats brilliant, thanks for saying what the simple solution was too. Appreciated :)
Suspicious Windmills (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton It's fine, I fixed the issue - it was just a case of reinstalling FSX. Thanks for the vid and for your help though :)
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Thats a very unusual one. Im not too sure on what is causing that. Try having a look at some of the Microsoft forums. Sorry I cannot be of more help http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?293980-DVD-drive-won-t-install-FSX-in-Windows-10
AllAroundGaming _ (2 years ago)
Okay, so i dug back in my clost and foun the box with three discs, one that says disc one, disc 2 and the acceleration pack, when i put in disc 1 and right click it i get no option to install...
AllAroundGaming _ (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton Nah, i got it working, thanks tho :P
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
It could be an issues with your C drive if it isnt showing up then.
AllAroundGaming _ (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton Nope
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Once you have inserted the disk into C drive and you go to ''This PC'' and look under the DVD/RW part , is the Blue FSX icon showing up> ?
when it is almost finished install I get an error and after giving ok deletes all files fsx I need help my pc is: window 10 version: 1607 Processor: Intel (R) Core (tm) i3-4005u @ 1.70 ghz cpu intalled ram: 4.00 gb system 64
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
What error message do you get specifically?
Mika (2 years ago)
salut , j'ai un gros problème, alors voilà j'avais FSX GOLD sur mon ordi qui est un "Asus ROG Republic of Gamers" , une des meilleure carte graphique et tout le bordel et FSX marchait super bien avec les graphismes poussés au max, 20Go d'addon etcc.. bref aucun problème jusqu'au jour où je décide de désinstaller le logiciel car je jouais plus trop, puis là je veux le réinstaller et à la fin de l'installation du 2eme CD ça me met un message d'erreur, je précise que je suis sur Win10, Corei7, GEFORCE GTX 970M, j'ai essayé toutes les solutions possibles en cherchant sur le net et rien ne marche.. aidez moi je vais faire une crise de rage sinon et mon PC va finir par la fenêtre xD
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Hi Mikael. Alot fo people have had a similar proble, I also had this problem. The reason it wont uninstall is because te game files are stored somewhere hidden on the hardrive. because of this it essentially tells your disk that FSX is still installed on your PC when really it isnt. The only way I got around solving this problem was re-installing Windows10 which takes a long time and can be a pain to do. Im sorry im unable to help you any further than that mate :(
long nhat hoang nguyen (2 years ago)
why can't i install FSX on win10 ? :((((
Zalán Györgyi (1 year ago)
Same problem! When I put disc 1 ---> removing applications...(win10)
long nhat hoang nguyen (2 years ago)
thank you so much, bro
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
I have it installed on my Windows 10 for nearly a year now with no problems
long nhat hoang nguyen (2 years ago)
i think FSX is only installed on win 7, XP, vistar.
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
At what point do you get that message, doo you get it when you run disk 1 or 2?
ummm I don't have the disk I want to download it off my computer
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Unfortunately if you dont have a disk then ive no idea.
SarroTV (2 years ago)
Ok I did EVERYTHING you did when I tried to start a flight a black screen appeared and said on the bottom right 'failed to install 3D features' Plz Help!!!!
SarroTV (2 years ago)
I got the steam did the same as before ;/ BUT i figured out something with Nvidia dont know what that is i turned off stereo static 3d (whatever that is!) reinstalled the game and it worked :D!
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Ahh I see. Hopefully Steam may rectify some of them problems. I hope it works out well :)
SarroTV (2 years ago)
Thanks :) but what they are saying have nothing to do what is happening to me :/ But thanks for the advice! I am getting the steam version soon so maybe that might work on my windows 10 PC..... i hope :)
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Now that is a new one to me. Have a look at this link to a Microsoft forum that may give you some help with the problem you're ahving. Sorry I cant be of anymore help http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?259105-FSX-reinstall-on-Windows-8-x64-Error-1628-Failed-to-complete-Installation
PantherFurious (2 years ago)
I have a problem opening it... the game is installed but I don't know how to open it. Can anyone help?
Hamza Shoaib (2 years ago)
Hi my error message say it cannot run because the version is incompatible Help me please :)
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Do you get any error message when you try and open it>?
when I put in disk 2 the installation does not continue how do I fix this.
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Thats very odd, ive no idea what could be causing that. Very sorry
+Jonathan Winton nope no message at all and it doses not continue the installation
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Do you get any message when you put disk 2 in at all or does it just freeze?
TX FaDeVI (2 years ago)
Could you help me when I download all of it well reinstall I put disk 1 in it installs put disk two in installs when I want to play the game put disc 1 back in it installs I can't play help
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Im not too sure im afraid. I had a problem not long ago and I ended up re-installing Windows10 and installing FSX using the discs before installing any of the Windows Updates.
Lynxs (2 years ago)
I get an error on disk 2 and its error 1309. Error reading from file C:\ program files (x86)\Microsoft games\ Microsoft flight simulator x\program files\Microsoft games\ flight simulator x\ablscpt.dll. Verify that the file exists and that you can see it. There is a retry button and a ignore and when I click ignore it comes up again with another file name and there are about 29 of them which has this error
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
No idea really about that issue as its not one ive personally come across. Try completely wiping FSX from your hardrive and start with disk 1/2 again. Failing that have a look at this Microsoft forum which may provide an answer that may help. Sorry I couldnt be of any assistance. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-gaming/error-when-trying-to-install-microsoft-flight/96150a54-1c3d-483b-9efd-88da2a4dd330?auth=1
Link need (2 years ago)
Is it the same process for installing addons for this game?
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
It should be yes, simply run as administrator for all.
rc mendes0815 (2 years ago)
Hey, during the installation I don't get those photos on the screen. Any idea how to fix this?
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
rc mendes0815 (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton thanks it works now
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
No idea I'm afraid. Are you installing it using the disc (boxed) version?
Osama Alashkar (2 years ago)
hi i did it all but they keep telling me rong key word i trayed many times nothing working
Osama Alashkar (2 years ago)
thank you very much
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
In that case it could either be the wrong number, or you've tried using it too many times. One thing you can do is ring Microsoft helline which you can see in the box. Once you provide them with your product key they should be able to help you.
Osama Alashkar (2 years ago)
when i downloaded cd number 2 they ask for the product key,its on the cd cover from inside ,so i insert this key its numbers and digits ,at the end they tell me rong key product i tryed many times the same results .
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Wrong keyword? What do you mean exactly?
where can i get this simulator for windows 10? if it's possible leave a link
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
You need to buy either the Steam version or the Microsoft flight simulator disk version
JacksonBerger (2 years ago)
Hey man when I click install flight simulator x i wait a while then a thing comes up saying this app can't be run on your pc but I've installed FSX is there anyway that i can fix this thanks
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Ah no worries mate. I know alot have gone across to the steam version as opposed to using the disc. I hope its all working ok for you
JacksonBerger (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton I figured it out thanks man I'm now just running it on steam and quite frankly I like it quite a bit better
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Hi mate, what windows system are you running on your pc?
connor gibson (2 years ago)
how do you open it after it is installed
Aniki (6 months ago)
Jonathan Winton with disc 2 in?
connor gibson (2 years ago)
thank you so much
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Go to C:drive and search for FSX.exe. Once you see the icon of it appear then right click on it and create a shortcut to your desktop. Then double click on it and it will run
It seid 1628: failed to complete installation
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Unfortunately I've no solution for that kind of error.
Julian Meier (2 years ago)
After some problems with my FSX i decided to reinstall and install it again. But after trying to reinstall i got a message: 1628. I really need help. Thank you for you efforts
Shay-Lah (2 hours ago)
​+Jonathan Winton I got the same problem as Julian. I right click FSX, like you said, hitting "install FSX". First window up is asking for approval of the disc making changes on my computer. After approving, "InstallShield Wizard" pops up, initiating the install. (Pre installing I guess, making the computer ready for the ultimate install). This is were it cancels, just a couple of seconds in, with the error message: 1628: Failed to complete the installation. Then the only thing you can decide to click is OK. The window disappears, and the story repeats itself. After the FSX icon disappeared from the desktop som time ago, and my previously saved flights wouldn't launch anymore (I got a frozen black screen out of it) , I too decided to uninstall FSX from my computer to reinstall it again. Never had these issues before. Using Windows 10.
Voete_Bike Fanie (4 months ago)
Jonathan Winton if I right click on "install flight sim X", the advanced options prompt doesn't appear. Where can I find the advanced options prompt?
JJ CD (5 months ago)
Restart your pc or laptop and try again. Works for me
Timo (6 months ago)
Jonathan Winton I’ve got the same problem as Julian. It says: “1607. Unable to install InstalShield Scripting Runtime. Does anyone know how to solve it? -Timo
Samrat Kathayat (10 months ago)
Same problem bro.Dont worry i will find a solution for it soon.
Robloxian Ed (2 years ago)
help when i right click on Microsoft Flight Simulator and click install it only said Preparing to install... it takes forever to install. My Laptop is Acer Aspire E15 does it support my computer?
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
It could be that your system spec is not up to running FSX. Especially a laptop too
lwblack64 (2 years ago)
Mine would crash after I installed. But I found out why by reading up on backwards compatibility. Be sure you have TrueType disabled in Windows 10. That is all the compatibility issues that I had and it works like a charm now...
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
It could be due to many issues. Im not sure im afraid sorry.
That Gamer Kid (2 years ago)
Mines keep saying Fsx has stopped working how do I fix this?
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+lwblack64 Ah that is interesting to note that. Thank's for pointing that out regarding TrueType. Always helps for some who are struggling still with compatibility issues.
FSX - TOYS (2 years ago)
How did you get fsx to work? I thought Windows 10 has directx 12...
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Keith Skool Simply ran it as Admin, worked every time
Jandre F (2 years ago)
After installation i cannot find the icon to launch it
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Ah right I see.
Jandre F (2 years ago)
+Jonathan Winton thanx it worked but on my previous pc fsx created a icon on my desktop lapelled 'microsoft flight simulator'
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Jandre F Go to C-Drive and search for fsx.exe and then create a shortcut to your desktop.
Altenholz (2 years ago)
Do i in any case have to install FSX right from scratch? I thought, it would be undertaken from my actual Windows 7 installation anyway.
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Altenholz You will need to install it from scratch yes.
WING MAN (2 years ago)
My fsx on Windows 10 doesn't show my loading progress after clicking fly now button and even having pressed escape button it does leave a black screen...Please help
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Willy Taiti Try running FSX as Administrator, then press fly-now and it should load up. The other option would be to load FSX in windowed mode so that it will run on top of the desktop without crashing.
Juice003 YT (2 years ago)
when there called me to insert disk 2,then i dont know what to do.plz teach me!
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+justin hong You enter disk 2 and press ok. There's not alot I can help you with there im afraid
Juice003 YT (2 years ago)
+justin hong it doesnt respond at all
TorridGamerHD (2 years ago)
I have the steam edition which is a card with a cod
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+TorridGamerHD Ah Im not sure on the Steam version mate sorry
Aspxct (2 years ago)
I don't get the install flight sim x tab when I right click on the dvd drive:( any suggestions?
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+RiSe Extremez Only thing I can suggest mate is to double check your disk drive is working correctly other than that im not sure sorry :(
ryanhadaway (2 years ago)
Hi Jonathan, I have installed FSX on PC, and completed a few flights, but when I have exited the programme I cannot find it anywhere! HELP!
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+ryanhadaway Best way to locate it is go into Program files X86 and navigate to Microsoft Game - Flight Simulator X, then in the folders below you will see at the very bottom of the pages FSX.EXE, right click on it and ''Add to Desktop (create Shortcut)'' and then you should see it there.
lingkan pradana (2 years ago)
I need help please...i just installed fsx on my windows 10 is success but when i try to install pmdg i got problem that could not find a location fsx.cfg. how to fix it? thx before
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+lingkan pradana Uninstall your PMDG 737. Then reinstall it, but this time when you run the 8/900 installer run it as Administrator and make sure that the default location that the installer chooses is indeed your fsx location. Give that a go
The AVIATORZ 2 (2 years ago)
mine stays on removing applications
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Jack James Walker Never had that problem, I Installed the Sim (which is 32bit) onto my Windows 10 (64bit) as Admin, never had a problem running/installing programs onto it.
Jack James Walker (2 years ago)
+Euan Tulip I installed FSX onto my Windows 10 computer very recently. Mine stayed on removing applications for a while, but it does eventually work. Try giving it 20 or 30 minutes.
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
+Euan Tulip Are you running it as administrator?
99carnot (3 years ago)
Jonathan Winton (3 years ago)
+99carnot Cheers
mylosairplanefan (3 years ago)
Thanks for the interesting video, Jonathan! Very useful!
Jonathan Winton (2 years ago)
Where I downloaded FSX? You don't download it you purchase the CD version of it unless you want the Steam version of it 
+Jonathan Winton Please could you the link where you downloaded the FSX
Jonathan Winton (3 years ago)
+mylosairplanefan Cheers for watching Mylos. Appreciated mate :)
bristolcardifairport (3 years ago)
Very informative mate! Personally, I won't be upgrading in the near future but I'm sure it will help other people out.
Jonathan Winton (3 years ago)
+bristolcardifairport Cheers Will. Och pity mate, well if you ever do then look no further ;)
Scotrail82 (3 years ago)
Nice Video Jonathan, did not expect the music.
Jonathan Winton (3 years ago)
+scotrail82 Cheers Dan, ah good stuff mate. Cheers :)

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