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We must escape Baldi! Jen's Channel http://youtube.com/gamingwithjen Our Book! http://bit.ly/AHoleNewWorld Shirts! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Badi's Basics Map: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/baldi-basics-in-find-the-button/ In this Baldi's Basics Mini-Game: We need to find all the buttons before Baldi catches us! Then we must escape from the school in time in this challenge! Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Text Comments (15402)
Kali Maddox (13 minutes ago)
It's baldi not bendy
Chiliguy 208 (13 minutes ago)
Guys pls subscribe to my minecraft channel you won't lose any thing just help me I make minecraft tutorials pls pls pls subscribe😢😢😢
Max Greendyk (35 minutes ago)
Bendy’s basics?Baldi’s basics!
Bobbie Woody (47 minutes ago)
Did Jen changed her Minecraft name?
Jayjessgia Mosey (1 hour ago)
yc koolguy (1 hour ago)
You haft to find 2 doors
error the skelton (1 hour ago)
Its baldi not bendy
Katie Conte (2 hours ago)
thats not the real story of the game
sadilley227 (2 hours ago)
(..) I (-------- baldi /\-----
Lava Gamer (2 hours ago)
I played this map
Carmen T (2 hours ago)
Pat I have your book
Midnight Vixen (2 hours ago)
Jens name os different! It was supergirlygamer now it says jenssupergirly
It's not bendy ,it's BALDI
foxy0673 Lane (3 hours ago)
at the start the guy was bendy
Larry Courtney (3 hours ago)
Did you play bendy and the ink machine so that bendy is a boy and he's a devil so he's a boy
JOE GINGER (3 hours ago)
it's baldi not bendy
Richard Pinon Jr. (3 hours ago)
can you do something bendy and the ink machine?
Shekhar Choudhary (3 hours ago)
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pat keeps calling baldi bendy
Allison Bravo (4 hours ago)
Bendy is a boy
Johnny Duke Carroll (4 hours ago)
It’s not bendy
Audrey Arciaga (4 hours ago)
Do the Roblox version of baldi's basics!
Tigy Art (4 hours ago)
All Baldi characters... Baldi, playtime , mr.sweep,First prize, Arts and craft, and i think that's all
Christina Hall (4 hours ago)
Love your videos
Nori McCall-Fasse (4 hours ago)
Love you guys
Piper McCormack (4 hours ago)
LOOK IN A CLOSET SURROUNDED BY LAPIS THERES ANOTHER BALDI me and my friend found him while playing this on mpce addons
Martina Price (5 hours ago)
I played the game before
Bundles Smith (5 hours ago)
endernitro (5 hours ago)
I achully have playrd this baldi map to
Chanbopha Ouk (5 hours ago)
Y’all changed your Minecraft names?
Hydro Gammer (5 hours ago)
Play the real version please!
Princess Pony (5 hours ago)
Lol I love this
Princess Pony (5 hours ago)
The name is baldi!!!!
JillyBeanz XOX (5 hours ago)
go to myYouTube channel jillybeanz XOX and plz [email protected]
Twisted Legacy 1 (6 hours ago)
I played this!!!😁😁😁😸
scout cool (6 hours ago)
It's baldy
scout cool (6 hours ago)
You said bendy
Anson Chen (6 hours ago)
Jen said bendy the demon was a lady
daiana quiroga (6 hours ago)
i subscribed!!!
Richard Schultz (6 hours ago)
Wheres jens supergirlygamer
the pro ol (6 hours ago)
The black and white guy at the start is bendy can you please do bendy
Toni Belleau (7 hours ago)
David C (7 hours ago)
7 notbooks
David C (7 hours ago)
I have your skins pat and jen in minecaft
Thinkachu (7 hours ago)
Pat you were supposed to go to both doors there were 2 doors and keep up the great work. :-D
Miles Lim (7 hours ago)
If your getting teleported your by the sock puppet
Miles Lim (7 hours ago)
It’s not bendy it’s name is baldi
Payson Husband (7 hours ago)
get the gotta sweep shirt on roblox!!!
Splashjay7 Team (7 hours ago)
There Are Two Exits Pat
BN Brantley (7 hours ago)
Its baldi not bendy XD
Shiloh Overchuk (7 hours ago)
Did jens name change because now it says Jen super girly
Josh Peters (8 hours ago)
dude it's baldi not bendy
Braylon Labelle (8 hours ago)
Love it
Tessa Palendat (8 hours ago)
I played that
Les Pace (8 hours ago)
You made fun of me I'm the curator of this game your playing
mtw35834 (8 hours ago)
Lol you can play it it on a I pad and phon
Caleb Hager (8 hours ago)
I have played it but i died when i got twonote 📚
Caleb Hager (8 hours ago)
Hahahaha baldi is a psycho teacher cause he is crazy i love you guy's in a firend way
Brookie cookie games (8 hours ago)
you guys are amasing jen you are so funny but pat is better at find the botten even in balid bacic in mincarft
The Slayer1023 (9 hours ago)
Not only it contains horror IT CONTAINS BALDI SPANKING UR BOOTY
minecraft masters (10 hours ago)
try call of duty black ops 1 please
Ofelia Tovar (10 hours ago)
Why you don't play the real game
Sweetie Kitty (10 hours ago)
Can you play Baldis Basics the original game?BTW love your videos~ =)
Jelly George T.V (11 hours ago)
When you get all nine look at the bottem
Junee Bae (11 hours ago)
Pls play bendy and the ink machine
justin taylor (12 hours ago)
Victor Greenwood (12 hours ago)
"Next time she comes I'll Scissor her!" XD I bet most of the kids here don't know why Pat laughed so much at that, for those that dont know its a dirty joke which you'll know about once you're older.
ShayPlays MC (12 hours ago)
3:30 Don't Forget PIE??
Michael Rhey Cabizares (12 hours ago)
No thats not thats a bendy
Michael Rhey Cabizares (12 hours ago)
I got that texture
hot boy (12 hours ago)
I no you play pixes gunnnn 3d
hot boy (12 hours ago)
I no you play pixes gun
mj tambal (13 hours ago)
Sczhadric Juarez (13 hours ago)
I have this map
Youssef Fakherddine (13 hours ago)
bendy is a devel
Youssef Fakherddine (13 hours ago)
That was bendy
Rosie Posie (13 hours ago)
Hi pat and Jen guess what my brother bought your newest book and I love watching your vids well done
Lynn Lim (13 hours ago)
I think pat and Jen is playing Minecraft pe
Dannyjr Opena (14 hours ago)
Gamer Sonic (14 hours ago)
Dude Pat You Need To Shoot The Bsoda The Bs Soda Shoot It By Right-clicking Shoot It At Baldi
Marshal Jones (14 hours ago)
You can cut the rope
Adriane Bretaña (14 hours ago)
That is bendy
YAZ (14 hours ago)
Jen: really Pat
YAZ (14 hours ago)
Me:I think that was Bendy Pat:oh
arkeen creer (14 hours ago)
*no multiplaying in the halls*
Sueni Made (15 hours ago)
Pat there is a two exit
Ligertiger0 Plays (15 hours ago)
Who else keeps getting reminded by bijumike’s play throughs of the original from the whole “bendy/baldi” thing whenever pat says bendy instead of baldi?
Kate Micallef (15 hours ago)
I’ve played that before
Anova Novillas (15 hours ago)
Did they also play the original game? EDIT:BUT! you thought it was glitched,when you only found 1 Door (it told you to find the last one,didn't it?)
Faseel Khan (15 hours ago)
It's bendy he's a boy
Foxyguy 188342 (15 hours ago)
I played this and I always failed
RoGamer Awsome (16 hours ago)
Was that picture Jesus on the cross?😦😥
Baldi's mad
Svetlana Anisimova (16 hours ago)
Its bendy the devil
Dominic Liam Baco (17 hours ago)
lilE2000 the tenth (17 hours ago)
You called Baldi bendy you should know that 👿!!!!!!
XxFrancine GamingxX (17 hours ago)
Pat you need to find 2 Exit's or exit doors
Gracie Ray (17 hours ago)
U is cool
boncu sho (17 hours ago)

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