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Buying 5 random PREMIUM steam CD-KEYS from G2A

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Would not suggest you buying these. You lose money on games you probably won't play. But if you do want to try this out you can do that here: https://www.g2a.com/r/5-random-steam-premium-keys-p
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IzSlasher (28 days ago)
sadly it looks nevermore be effective, but as you see my mate found a performing tut 5 mins ago: bit.ly/2Nxi9Da I think its not patched yet
Shou Fang (1 month ago)
Holy shit, it's DOVY! Found your channel randomly, dude! AWESOME.
CaptainFish1 (1 month ago)
you guys realize you can get the same stuff for free with a bit of effort right
If you really want to pick up the way to receive codes you only have to lookup " *pranaholistico steam* " in google. My friend tried out too and he got codes.
Transexual Dinosaur (1 month ago)
I use money I get from google opinion rewards and spend it on random keys. Maybe I’ll get lucky one day.
anonymous (2 months ago)
I've looked into all the games listed.. all are indie crap which I don't think any real gamer would enjoy.. i would rather spend my money on what I actually like on steam rather than wasting it here
matthew charnoske (3 months ago)
Um you realize you put the codes on the video right...
o o f i o (4 months ago)
I bought 5 normal keys and got Sonic generations Mortal kombat komplete edition Fnaf 4 Far cry 5 For honour. So I made around £100 profit. Yipee
Waxweazle NL (4 months ago)
Got 5 Premium keys and 1 of them happens to be Heart of Iron 3 Collection and i had this one on my wishlist for ever, it is a €42,- complete pack so i am very happy
Ali En (4 months ago)
10 hours of looting random steam games
Forestaken (4 months ago)
Pixeljunk monsters ultimate is a good game srs
Apl wanabes (5 months ago)
i just realized this is a friend i wonder if he still uses this channel lmao
GhostyPanic 1 (5 months ago)
uhh do you gat the game for free?
Nico23cm (7 months ago)
SeoulfredRay (8 months ago)
Pixeljunk Monsters is pretty good, got it on ps now.
herpaderpy (9 months ago)
Torex (9 months ago)
i got walking dead story tell thing from 1
Cosmo_RL (9 months ago)
Demer (11 months ago)
point of this video is> be a retard like him and value the game quality-fun, for his price not for his content since he said he will never even try any of these games
Romainia (11 months ago)
This has to be A friend from runescape
Williepicket (10 months ago)
thought the same shit
I like how games are now valued on their price instead of their content. I guess the rules of DICE and Ubisoft have taken over.
Pinky (11 months ago)
holy fuck my friend got Sid Meiers out of his one...
Joey Bekhuis (11 months ago)
Incarnati0n. (11 months ago)
A friend?
Lil Molda (11 months ago)
Dudeeee i didn't know Dovydas had another channel. Was looking for a review of these keys and i found the best one apparently
deurmat (1 year ago)
wtf this is a friend
Vrikkiegikk (1 year ago)
Try premium
alphA Mix (1 year ago)
He has an Arnold Zvartzanneger voice :DD
welshy 1995 (1 year ago)
HOLY SHIT you gives you away big time AFRIEND
neviusgamer random (1 year ago)
Universe sandbox it's actually a good game
Antonio Augusto (1 year ago)
Guys, just subscribe for humble bundle monthly. You get proper value from that.
Zephune (1 year ago)
Universe Sandbox really nice.
SADE (1 year ago)
Being completely serious, I just got the 5 premium steam keys off G2A, and got "No Time To Explain remastered" which is apparently 16$
tactiti0n (1 year ago)
i swear this guy A Friend the dude that does runescape
Necro (1 year ago)
A friend!!! That u?!!!?!?
Benji (1 year ago)
Universe Sandbox is good though.
KaasCape (1 year ago)
a friend???
So Cold (1 year ago)
Is this A Friend from runescape?????
DAGATHire (1 year ago)
such a load of cock.
Nenad Georgievski (1 year ago)
you sound like Dracula
m00t (1 year ago)
a friend xd
Niilo Viheraho (1 year ago)
A friend? wtf another channel :D xdddddd
Deputy93111 (1 year ago)
Had no idea A Friend had another YT channel.
Lars Mogensen (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for clearing this up !
Elyse Brown (1 year ago)
After seeing the first game, Universe Sandbox I was really excited with buy premium games. But by the end I saw that was the only worthwhile one. Too bad.
ThatRottenPotato (1 year ago)
sounds just like the youtuber "A friend"
doublettap (1 year ago)
A Friend? is that you?
Zedki (1 year ago)
TheFrozenPixel (1 year ago)
WTF!? AFRIEND? WHAAAAT? why was i unaware of this?
kodyro (1 year ago)
not your video, at least put some credits.
SoundCloud Rapper (1 year ago)
CATALYST (1 year ago)
no lie I highkey fuck with pixeljunk monsters ultimate
GanksThor (1 year ago)
bether search directly your games you want because in the end yopu get just this 1990 looking games
Peckish (1 year ago)
lmfao its a friend from rs loooooooool
opaqs (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Sunnzo (1 year ago)
A Friend?
Zabdiel Marin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info, just what i was looking for.
Alexander SSK (1 year ago)
Wtf A Friend? Is that you buddy
Binley (1 year ago)
A Friend?
Advanced Chaos (1 year ago)
When I think premium I think: GTA V, Witcher Wild hunt, CSGO etc. etc. not this shit
NocFA (1 year ago)
Who the fuck is afriend
Mine_Zone (1 year ago)
it says they are atleast 8 euros
Almighty Dongers (1 year ago)
Dovydas you smexy beast, Didn't even know you had 2 channels.
Vincent_g (1 year ago)
Only universe sandbox was a premium game
kyle tydingco (1 year ago)
dude u sound like A Friend
EkonraGaming (1 year ago)
A friend?
ya yeeet (1 year ago)
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
iLiquid (1 year ago)
i got a game for 18€ one time that then was hacked on steam and costed about 180€. this game was called "the night of the rabbit"
mattdatrem (1 year ago)
monsters is such a great game i play it all the time
use this *only to get more game number*
e4zy (1 year ago)
If u lucky u get GTA V xD 0.000001% Chance
lla uoy llik lliw i ! (1 year ago)
i had the demo for the pixel junk game on psp... its fukin old
KeksCrafterLP (1 year ago)
lol judging games by its title
The Trust (1 year ago)
A Friends 2nd channel?
DerMagic (1 year ago)
Rush B cyka
CrabMan (1 year ago)
ID10T (1 year ago)
So what can I say about this...IT'S A TRAP!!!
Matthijs Blauw (1 year ago)
pixel junk monsters is the best game i ever playd
Tobben Jees (1 year ago)
but.. but... universe sandbox is a fun game..
LOLIGGAMER1 (1 year ago)
gg i have buy 10 random steam keys for i think it was around 5€-7€ and i have make over 100€ from all 10 keys GG
Matīss Grīslis (1 year ago)
What is that accent?
Zenooof (1 year ago)
dont judge a book by its cover ;)
Baki (1 year ago)
wtf is this afriend????????
Nedim (1 year ago)
oyounes (1 year ago)
Does he realize that he just showed the codes on video
ThePandaKing (1 year ago)
He redeemed them before he uploaded it...
Buying games and dont even trying them out, but saying they're shit. Fucking idiot. cheap games can be fun, not always ofcourse but just checking if u made profit or not is just stupid. Those keys arent there for making money.
Thejakub1838 (1 year ago)
Universe sandbox actualy is quite nice
Connor Kelly (1 year ago)
a friend?
Euleyr (1 year ago)
is this a friend?
uberkill160 (1 year ago)
A Friend? Is that you?
QuhEsGe_Nub (1 year ago)
People not even crack these games..
picocode (1 year ago)
is this A Friend??
bobi4949 (1 year ago)
is this a friend ???
GSpeaker (1 year ago)
he dropped me punch club, im Lucky or?
F Zuid (1 year ago)
aren't you A Friend ? because ur voice sounds like his
Chemical (1 year ago)
a friend
COD ledgen (1 year ago)
ValorousWarrior (1 year ago)
Its true that you will become games you don't like, but still these games are in steam for more money than in G2a ... because here is every game cheap
fishy (1 year ago)
loot from 10 hours of steam cd keys

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