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Cleaning has never been so dirty - Playstation Move

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Text Comments (728)
MrGreenToS (1 year ago)
What a great classic
TheHornet79 (4 years ago)
1:23 "Do you like feet?!" I am crying
Tarkess (5 years ago)
What do you mean "whipped"?
Poodleinacan (5 years ago)
Probably some fundamentalist that stumbled on the video.
wow what the fuck brad
PlzInsert (5 years ago)
More like because a lot of great people left and brad got .. less funny.
darkphoenix2 (5 years ago)
They definitely were more popular long after the Fatal Frame videos...that was like, right when they were just starting
Sgt.James Doakes (5 years ago)
they got the most views when brad was making fatal frame vids, most ppl left when they started to play real games, you can find them on pewdiepie's vids, personally im not a fan of pewdiepie :|
GOB01 (5 years ago)
OMG. A BLOW drier...
garbage (5 years ago)
this is amazing
Ethanol Blue (5 years ago)
Immaturity at its best.
Ethanol Blue (5 years ago)
Tleps Sdrawkcab (5 years ago)
Why are these guys not as popular anymore? Still hilarious.
JackalHound (6 years ago)
Taj: "air dry that shit!"
FLG Mofoz (6 years ago)
David laugh and Brad's screaming is KILLING ME!
B1gJuice (6 years ago)
that pet is anything but clean......
Luke Mcintire (6 years ago)
ps3 at its finest well done!
Smedis2 (6 years ago)
I don't know how to react to this.
jeizelpe (6 years ago)
she walked in when i was laughing hysterically..
jeizelpe (6 years ago)
this was so hard to explain to my mum.
MajorLeagueGamer45 (6 years ago)
SkickPank (6 years ago)
Rub it in!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
DialTheDude (6 years ago)
"This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines" No shit.
Raiden4762 (6 years ago)
Sick pet...
Ashrie Wahid (6 years ago)
jess p (6 years ago)
why do you own a doll like that! hahahaha
Gandor Doomstar (6 years ago)
"Pet"? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT? It's not even an animal, it's.. it's.. SLENDERMAN INCARNATE
DialTheDude (6 years ago)
"This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines" No shit.
raffleslive (6 years ago)
Lmfao XD I've been watching this along time ago, but still I find it very humorous...
fuzzytransmissionman (6 years ago)
How high were you guys?
stnchplc (6 years ago)
ostia puta jajajajaj
SergioSource (6 years ago)
Auston Pry (6 years ago)
@hopkidokid best vid ever ;3
DialTheDude (6 years ago)
"This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines" No shit.
SuperMysticButterfly (6 years ago)
some troll has flagged this video, fuck that guy.
Powaflowa (6 years ago)
lol so funny
hopkidokid (7 years ago)
........da fuck i just watch? ._.
Mirza Zeruis (7 years ago)
is that webcam or it's just a 3d
TearsOfWar1 (7 years ago)
Is it wrong to favorite this?
Chloe Ackerly (7 years ago)
aww poor eyepet..didn''t know brad was gonna be his owner.. lol
Rose Heart (7 years ago)
It would be safe to say that they're drunk, when we know fully well they're not haha
Damian Powers (7 years ago)
I was laughing so hard my chest and stomach started hurting...
Sheld Owned (7 years ago)
kkk.All I have to say.
mightyjoebean (7 years ago)
Why does that blow up doll look like Randy marsh from southpark?
Hitoyomi (7 years ago)
@RageHarderr Long story short...Gaming convention panel and Jonathan Blow.
Nifty2O5 (7 years ago)
Thats what I call *sun glasses* a dick move!
Jakov (7 years ago)
lmao 1:44
Msvman (7 years ago)
Brad for president
MasterMasher (7 years ago)
6rock2 (7 years ago)
this was so fucking funny.
nocchipasta (7 years ago)
gosh david<333
Luke Mcintire (7 years ago)
best fucking part ever at 1:10
Lost (7 years ago)
Wtf why do you have a blow up doll Ohhh thats whyXP
Connor Gunn (7 years ago)
hey they always said it was a good conditioner :P
Mark Stringer (7 years ago)
Damn, should've made the blow dry as a fart
willzors (7 years ago)
The pet may be clean, but probably feels dirty. Poor monkey, dog thing
Juber777 (7 years ago)
i had to pause it so many times so i could stop laughing X3
STARSWeskerTRW (7 years ago)
98 people didn't like duckies XD
Cryogenicmonkey (7 years ago)
OMG why!!?!?!?? XD
Trey B (7 years ago)
Klaus_Klavier (7 years ago)
Thats the reason it's called a gay station 3
Klaus_Klavier (7 years ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I laughed so hard my mom actually thought I wuz cryin
Mamoru (7 years ago)
send this video to sony :D
JulioAvi (7 years ago)
dilanovich (7 years ago)
why do they have a male inflatable doll?
TheNando078 (7 years ago)
@ 2:45 is what people call a BLOWJOB
Putu Pradnya Upadhita (7 years ago)
@MrWTFail89 If you can't resist putting it somewhere, then the Kinect should be a better consideration. since there are only games for kids, you wont fantasize about anything neither. Kinda immature to call something with a special shaped cilinder, so it fits well in the hand unlike the Wiimote, and also a sphere looking like a pingpong ball on top a dildo... actually I don't care, I'm just saying
Putu Pradnya Upadhita (7 years ago)
Joandrea Santiago (7 years ago)
wahahahahahaa............... lols!
biggydx (7 years ago)
Im a blow up doll and even I think this is funny.
Snowman20 (7 years ago)
@NoSideAirsoftTeam Ever though of just scrolling through the previous comments to see it's already been answered? Anyways.. They got the doll from a gaming panel. There was a guy named Jonathan Blow (the creator of Braid). He was supposed to show up, but didn't. The people on the panel used this doll as a replacement and as a joke; Johnathan Blow/Blow up doll get it? I think the 4pp crew asked to keep it afterwards, and now they have "Jonathan Blow" and used him in this video. Tada
Teuntje van Heugten (7 years ago)
Brad, i love you
BatterySphere (7 years ago)
Ha, the guys showed this at ikkicon XD
MrLiberator987 (7 years ago)
This is awesome
CatFunt08 (7 years ago)
it's Keith Lard!
SpaceCadetMarty (7 years ago)
I feel violated
Sergio Adiputra (7 years ago)
where did brad gets the doll!! i know this is funny but having that dooll in their house.... man! wtf!
MONSTER NINEZ (7 years ago)
I love brad lol this is just awesome
julian1559 (7 years ago)
Do you liek feet?
julian1559 (7 years ago)
I contributed 200,000 of these views.
Yaotzin (7 years ago)
MOKstudios (7 years ago)
HAHAHAHA, That was amazing lol
AtlanticSpamHammer (7 years ago)
sithmastur (7 years ago)
Talk about a "Blowjob"
Snowman20 (7 years ago)
Fuck! I just LOST it when Brad was screaming "Oh he likes it!! Open your mouth! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!!" So Funny... SO DISGUSTING... still, one of the top 5 funniest vids of 2010!!
Tdog365 (7 years ago)
GoStReKoN (7 years ago)
@magipink1 Do the words, "The internet is for porn" ring any bells?
Bruce Wayne (7 years ago)
Is that Christopher Lloyd in the top left corner?
TheSonicWay (7 years ago)
Erlingar1 (7 years ago)
thats the ugliest thing I have ever seen
Flame Hazard (7 years ago)
swing those dildo's like you just dont care...
Glow051222 (7 years ago)
I could barely breathe xD This was hilarious
Jeffrey Lebowski (7 years ago)
Actually this will be on RWJ
RozCreatsATG (7 years ago)
epic funniest video of all time lolol to the max
superblahmanofdoom (7 years ago)
Oh dear.
Malimeezy (7 years ago)
Maturegamer123 (7 years ago)
@DarkAku666 ustillmad?
DarkAku666 (7 years ago)
@Maturegamer123 PSIII fanboy,lol
Maturegamer123 (7 years ago)
@DarkAku666 xbox has no games
Maturegamer123 (7 years ago)
@ArtOfWar125 i can watch anything off my ps3, its called an internet browser

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