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Candy Pink Striped Jumper and Red Leather Skirt with OTK Boots - Sexy Crossdresser Alison

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28th June 2017 Alison's Crossdressing Adventures Follow me on Twitter - @thighbootboy Visit my website - http://www.alisonthighbootboy.co.uk for much, much more sexy stuff...............
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Text Comments (5)
Emma Louise cd/tv (9 months ago)
I love those boots, and you look fab in them.
Gerardo Juarez (9 months ago)
Mmmmm...sexy in pink
Shawn Brownstein (9 months ago)
Very very sexy
D ryan (9 months ago)
So sexy I would really like to fuck you, I'm also a crossdresser from the north West if you or anyone is interested
FFstockinglover1 (9 months ago)
I must say I love those boots. They go so well with the black leather skirt...spot on Alison.

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