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The Move That BROKE Pokemon! | The SCIENCE... of Pokemon Pay Day

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SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► https://goo.gl/kQWHkJ How RICH is a Pokemon Master? ► https://bit.ly/2JlD4do Weapon is....Wind? (Zelda Wind Waker) ► https://bit.ly/2svucXY Payday, a seemingly useless attack move in Pokemon that has CRAZY potential. If you cheat the system, it could make you RICH. Except, you could also be destroying the entire economic system of the game. Yeah, jerk move. Today Theorists, Austin is going to show you how cheating the game could have HUGE consequences. Day by Dave: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwIxsvoZdE976J4hyRiRI5A Game Theories: The Pokedex is FULL OF LIES! ►► https://bit.ly/2rRhfHW WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl The TRUTH of Fire Pokemon ►► https://bit.ly/2GuXuLl Humans are Pokemon? ► https://bit.ly/1rgbRGv Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END! ► https://bit.ly/2g39uao How Bendy Will END! ►►► http://bit.ly/2oqRNbd More The SCIENCE! MONIKA: Google's Newest Creation! ►► https://bit.ly/2G3uifh The INSANE SCIENCE of Getting Over It ► https://bit.ly/2mzWWNe Minecraft Diamonds DECODED! ►► https://bit.ly/2IHqk0n Minecraft’s Enderman, SOLVED! ►►https://bit.ly/2G1w40k Super Mario Galaxy's DEADLY Physics ► http://bit.ly/2o8Gztp Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E Culture Shock ►► http://bit.ly/1sw7aZ8 The SCIENCE! ►► https://bit.ly/2GAYCgW
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Text Comments (15947)
Samuel Bluett (44 minutes ago)
Lol this was a good video. You need more out of nowhere theories like this. Dig deep my dude.
Brick (4 hours ago)
Amulet coin is only effective for payouts or "prize money" after trainer battles, not on wild pokemon. The same goes for Happy hour so if you were to use these in the wild it would be useless and you also didn't take into account every time you would have to go back to a pokemon center to heal so you can restore Payday's PP. That would probably reduce your overall figure by at least four times, as well as having lower the total money made per day because of the wait in between recovering pokemon PP. However, if you were to use trainer battles as an example, there's a trainer in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen that you can battle over and over again with a VS. Seeker and she gives 20,000 pokedollars after every victory. If anything you should have made a video about how hard you extort money from that poor lady on Five Island.
AshlierGaming13 (7 hours ago)
What you do to get around 3 million views
roganjr77 (7 hours ago)
that is good advice.....on the other hand i have a bit more wisdom to add to that... anyone asks how you do it....shut the F*** UP!... or if you dont mind being a liar tell them you worked hard for it and change the subject....just sayin
Matt Gayheart (8 hours ago)
what about Luck Incense? is it the same amount of moneys?
Spdy Channel (11 hours ago)
but a bike cost 1m dollars
Sword Pixels (12 hours ago)
the annoying thing is you cant SELL poke dollars so u got a poke lambo but not a irl lambo
Nemerly o,O (17 hours ago)
I knew about Payday and could have commented on MatPat's video; But I don't watch MatPat, only you on this channel.
FrenchHornCat (17 hours ago)
They summon gold from the great beyond
Rahim Unbekannt (19 hours ago)
Your calculations are nice :D You just forgot to take into account that from a certain point in time the money is no longer teleported from outside your "factory", but also among the trainers who use this method. Also, it is likely that at some point your own money will be stolen (perhaps from your own Pokemon), drastically reducing the overall profit ;)
Luke Crawford (20 hours ago)
Wow learned a lot and didn't know they were actual places - but payday is only the money others have to give not the economy- but great video one of the best videos I've ever seen
Speed Champ (1 day ago)
how much money can you get until the game crashes though?
CreakyDaBomb (1 day ago)
Actually I saw the bio on catching a meow in Pokemon and it said that it picks up coins off the ground and secretly Hoards them
DeadpoolGamer75 0 (1 day ago)
English plz dud
Gabriel Soto (1 day ago)
This guys too annoying I cant keep watching the video sorry
dont know (1 day ago)
No they rip the coins off they're head if its growth and smergle telaports the coins off the head
King Color (1 day ago)
I never never understand what Austin says, I just like hearing him talk fast and run out of breath. It's funny (to me)
kekekek gay (2 days ago)
Put the video on 2x speed lmao
Trevor Pate (2 days ago)
17:03 Prepare to pay the Iron Price.
luna moon (2 days ago)
Yoshi3000 (2 days ago)
What about teleporting money out of your wallet
Yoshi3000 (2 days ago)
I doubt the Pokemon world would have a GDP as high as $1.2 trillion. Since your calculations have Unova as literally 80 percent of the ENTIRE POPULATION most of the regions are rural, poor, and low GDP.
Araedi (2 days ago)
Ok what was that song at the end that was like a bad drug trip
Something Cool (2 days ago)
Let’s do math I checked in France sorry I mean in pokemon y you get 13000 pokedollars 52 real dollars for fighting elite 4 and champ with luck incense 102 there’s 5 so x5 512 let’s say it takes 5 mins to beat them x12 four hourly 6144 real dollars per hour now let’s talk yearly 12,779,520 real dollars I know beating them all with a level 100 Pokémon is easy in that time and I know it would take a while to get a level 100 Pokémon he used it in his theory though so sorry 12 mill is a lot and not many people would want to put in that much effort so you have your plan all to you and what maybe 10 people which is nowhere near as bad but guess what once you get enough money shut down the place you should be able to buy it
Fuzion Terror (2 days ago)
aahahahahahah all I got t say
Zombruh (2 days ago)
so how much in pounds
MartenFerret (2 days ago)
We enter life with nothing, we all die with nothing.
Chari Larifari (2 days ago)
omg that outro just won the internet
Teerth Jain (2 days ago)
Where is mat
Shuckle 13 (3 days ago)
Just to be clear the move payday throws gold coins not pokedollars. So gold coins are an international currency wanted everywhere!
Shuckle 13 (3 days ago)
hmmmm so what you're saying is.......use payday to get rich! gotcha!
A New Hero121 (3 days ago)
Alola is the only region with SOS battles, so wouldn’t it be lower everywhere except Kalos (and maybe Hoenn, I don’t remember if there were horde battles there)? The number of people able to use this method would be sliced pretty heavily, right?
Shaun Morgan (3 days ago)
So damn annoying to listen to.
RobinGamingYT (3 days ago)
Well...... That escalated pretty quickly
Ahmi jalza (3 days ago)
09:22-11:14 Rap god 😎😎
Clayton Parmenter (3 days ago)
here is a theory for you what if the pokemon war was caused by the very theory in this video? some one found out about this money making method and fucked the world!?!?!?
artcrime2999 (4 days ago)
But I hate Matt Patt
Onii Meno Kyo (4 days ago)
And keep your cool cause it's not gonna happen if peoples where that stupid they would already have done that but we poket monster trainers play for we love the game ha ha ha
Onii Meno Kyo (4 days ago)
Abra Kadabra Alakazam XD
A Happy Meowth acquired from Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby that is transferred up to US or UM. This Meowth or evolved Persian that knows Pay Day and Happy Hour, equip said Pokémon with an Amulet Coin. Used in combination with Rotom Prize money. Then finding and SOS chaining Smeargles that also learn Pay Day and use it back at you, can earn money REALLY quickly.
Richard Bechtel (4 days ago)
Your understanding of economics leaves a lot to be desired, but your point is still cogent regardless. 1st) no amount of inflation is healthy. Inspiring "growth" in the here and now is essential people today stealing from the unborn to buy luxuries. That's all the federal reserve is doing. 2) .21% of americans do not control 11% of all wealth. They create, 11% of all wealth. If that .21% of people didn't exist or simply stopped working due to lack of motivation, the entire country would be at least 22% poorer. In this scenario of teleportation no wealth is being created, only redistributed. With the inflation scenario no wealth is being created, only money, which is not wealth. And if you're angry that .21% of the population is creating that much wealth while making you infinitely wealthier than you were befopre then you are an envious piece of trash who would prefer everybody be equally poor than everybody be insanely rich(as we are now) with some people being more insanely rich than others. Equating the rich of america with thieves(while due to our half socialist country is kind of true a lot of the time) is wrong.
* BlixTheDragon * (4 days ago)
Holy heck that was dark
That one Weird kid (4 days ago)
I learned more from a video about how small fictional animals can make you millions that i do in school
David Tee (4 days ago)
Well that outro will haunt my nightmares forever.
Snowball (4 days ago)
Entertaining and educational
BlackJack21R (5 days ago)
Well if the money is being stolen what stops it from being stolen from the other uses of payday?
alex mititiero (5 days ago)
Wouldn't after the 30000 people controlled 25% or even 33% could they at that point start stealing little bits from eachother and then leveling out their growth a little?
Spoter Dog (5 days ago)
Song at the end what is it
ThunderDrum325 (5 days ago)
this is why I don't like pay day...
Alex Oliver (5 days ago)
As soon as he starts talking about math and logic and stuff around 5:57 I had no Idea what he was saying, and..... Wha?
Zachary White (5 days ago)
Giovanni had a Persian by his side at all times during the show..... coincidence?
ChuVaz Anchuvs (5 days ago)
So that's why giovani was rich..
Lucas Luckstone (6 days ago)
So (could be wrong) the 350 pokedollar lemonade is about $0.98 or $0.97
jabber1990 (6 days ago)
10%? Kenya and Uganda be like: "that's cute"
Tabitha Monaco (6 days ago)
Dear Game Theory, Can you make a video on what America would look like if it was a whole Pokémon region? There is three clues which is Orre (Gale of Darkness XD), Unova (Black and White), and Alola (Sun and Moon).
Silver Comet Dragon (7 days ago)
What if you re-distributed the money and used it for charity?
123davidabc 615 (7 days ago)
Your forgetting 1 thing you are the only person in the game. All of the Pokemon moons , suns, x's, y's ecsedra are separate universes. In which you are the only one that is doing the strategy.
Davd Kiesewalter (7 days ago)
Why does this guy keep reading the damn numbers to the last digit? Why not just reading the first two digits, like every person who is just interested in the relevant details. Also, the community might just decide to change the money to something soft, so the pokemon move would be pointless to win fights, or it keeps using gold, but that might not be relevant as a currency. Also also the numbers of dead pokemon corpses from this usage might be more devastating that the numbers of money abuse.
Davd Kiesewalter Becuase you need an EXACT number to get this all right
George Kelley (7 days ago)
Why, when you used Chansey for a wild Pokémon example, you said to kill the Pokémon? *NEVER* kill Chansey.
Frequent Blondie (7 days ago)
I used that move to just give me money by fighting/killing/slaughtering wild pokemon
Frequent Blondie (7 days ago)
Yun Hernandez (7 days ago)
Great video and all, but why would 2 Goku’s fuse into Karoly? (Broly + Goku) 👀
Kro (7 days ago)
0:11 my favorite Pokémon!
Jay Ce (7 days ago)
Idk, does meowth really throw poke dollars? Doesn't it throw gold things worth poke dollars (which if contributing to the inflation, will only decrease the value of gold)? Besides, poke dollars are probably digital currencies, so unless it was a polygon meowth it probably can't steal digital currencies too.
HoodieQueen83 (8 days ago)
So much information....I loved it but....my head hurts. I need a freaking Advil or something. Then imma watch another one. Lovely.
Crypto Legend (8 days ago)
The richest 1800 people in the world hold 95% of the worlds wealth
Crypto Legend (8 days ago)
sooo.... there is that.... where is the uprising???
Stein Ultra (8 days ago)
How did i end up here?
Zorel fojut (8 days ago)
What is wrong with this move oh wait murder and money for that game and last but not least what the hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vitusz (8 days ago)
Poor psyducks ;(
Yuri (8 days ago)
This guy is somehow even more annoying than Mat
RC-2527 Gamma (9 days ago)
I dare you to make your video go twice as fast while he is talking very quickly
Sgt C (9 days ago)
You forgot one thing. If this was like bitcoin. On average each bitcoin miner runs between 5-20 machines so take your figure and 20x lol
ゥZ (9 days ago)
-this sounds cool.
Alex Lozier (9 days ago)
+1 for pd2
Ben Dias (9 days ago)
Hi. Just wanna point out the amulet coin only works for trainer battles
kazuto7773 (9 days ago)
lol i love this so much XD
S C (9 days ago)
so correct me if I'm wrong but i skimmed through all the comments for this vid and i don't think i saw this, so bare with me here for a moment and try to fallow my logic. Money is defined as(according to dictionary.com and my macro economics knowledge: 1)any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, paper money, and demand deposits. 2)paper money. 3)gold, silver, or other metal in pieces of convenient form stamped by public authority and issued as a medium of exchange and measure of value. that being said assuming that the nations coins are made using gold because you can find nuggets scattered through the games or a pickup ability Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum=10% Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen= 5% or at the battle tower Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness=(pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Emerald= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Black and White= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Black 2, White 2, X, and Y= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire= (pokemon level between 1-20) 1% Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon=Lv 31-40=1% Lv 41-50=4% Lv 51-100=5% that all being said it means that the mineral is somewhat still rare but a very abundant because it can just be found on anywhere as you wander around in the various nations, therefore as i started by saying if the money is made of gold then it all makes sense and would not crash the economy/be teleport theft because a countries wealth was once determined by the estimate amount of gold within its borders.
rickie Stevens (9 days ago)
Hey bro i hate to burst ir bubble but iv played thoes games theres only like 500 ppl all together
Aaron Lane (9 days ago)
The fact that all the Pokémon regions act like different countries with different cultures but all use the same currency. That is the real economic vulnerability.
MDuh Gaming (9 days ago)
The problem with the second scenario is your assuming that all the "stolen" money would be coming for the people that do not do this trick. If they're teleporting money just from other location, and currently the 0.21% people controlling 50% of the money, then it means 50% of the teleported money are coming from other trainers doing this scheme.
Man, i feel bad that i almost disliked the video because verlisify was mentioned in it.
Alfredrick Kong Hun (9 days ago)
The speed is giving me a HART ATTACK.
OP_Quick_Killer (10 days ago)
OP_Quick_Killer (10 days ago)
Ok ill make sure to use payday farming.... I LOVE GLOBAL CHAOS
OP_Quick_Killer (10 days ago)
.....uh.... Dont forget to breath bud.............
Shinta Reviews (10 days ago)
Of course since he used Matpat's Numbers, and Matpat's earnings calculations forgot to account for currency inflation (pokemon's original monetary rates are 1:1 the 1996 values for items when the games fires began releasing and not 2018 money, ergo 1 pokedollar equals 1 yen which in turn equals approximately 1 Cent depending on daily exchange rates), so the values of Real-world money this actually would turn out as is far higher. In the video it was cited that 100 poke was 39 cents, so adjust for inflation back to the originally intended 1:1 conversion, and you end up with approximately 2.6 times the cited Values. Payday makes Bank, yo.
Ricky Spanish (10 days ago)
Lol calculate that with the 78k likes on this video
AlphaWolf 3333 (10 days ago)
Isn't it gold though so if it tellaported gold same problem but if it makes gold some how then it's making the world Richer
Jordan LaQuey (10 days ago)
They would steal their own money and each others
Haku (10 days ago)
When I see a comment with 1k likes, I like it just to see if it will go up to 1.1k.
Mu Gu (9 days ago)
When I see a comment with 1 like, I dislike it just to see if the 1 will disappear.
Relyea (10 days ago)
Pokemon can create, fire, ice electricity with no limit but they cant make metal appear out of thin air?
Bork and Zim Gaming (10 days ago)
Are you factoring in the fact that after a while, most of the money being teleported away would belong to someone who is earning their money with this method... and even potentially being teleported from your own stash of money? Also, the longer this goes on, more people would join in the fun until most people were doing it, which would mean everyone is stealing from everyone and no one is getting any real work done... So yeah... still devestating.
Lone Pro (10 days ago)
So how much does a poke ball cost
alex watts (10 days ago)
You just described how Giovanni got rich...
Zachary Tueller (10 days ago)
You missed the ecological impact. Not only did you kill billions of people, you made the world barely habitable. No pollinators? Move on to the meat creatures, then the game, then the things that poor people revert to eating when they don't have any more rocks. Now, not only is the world in anarchy, but there's not even food TO BUY. Wow.
Zachary Tueller (10 days ago)
Although maybe I overexaggerated.
Dakota P (10 days ago)
How did you do the multiplication for the hours, did you do average hours worked a day or 24 hours? The amount that can be made in 24 hours straight is ridiculous, but you should factor in the amount of hours that would be worked. Pokemon and their trainers have a connection so when one is tired the other is. It's explained in origins which is more cannonical than the anime and the games explain it when the trainer blacks out after the Pokemon faint. So, the exhaustion rate of Pokemon and trainer go almost hand in hand.
novafire (11 days ago)
are you considering the idea of rich people stealing from other rich people?
Meagan Lindson (11 days ago)
...Yeah, not sure if anyone agrees, but listening to this guy talk actually gives me a headache. Why the hell is he talking sound loudly, at a tone that is only an octave away from being only heard by dogs, all the while his voice cracking more than a teen going through puberty? If he talked more normally then I'm sure he'd be fantastic to listen to, but instead he chose to sound as utterly obnoxious as possible, and it honestly prevents me from getting past 2:24 because it sounds like he's actively trying to be annoying. I'm probably somehow in the minority here given that's how most YouTube personalities are these days, but I just don't get why people have to make themselves sound like this when it's so damn grating to listen to. It's at least tolerable when Mat Pat does it because he doesn't go full screech, and sounds like of like a game show host. This guy, though, he sounds like he eats his animal crackers in the corner at lunch time, and I bet if he just spoke more normally he'd be easier to listen to, and be interested in.
GamerPlays (11 days ago)
I think my brain exploded

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