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Minecraft Mod Showcase : YOU ARE HEROBRINE!

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This mod turns you into herobrine! You can do all sorts of creepy things, from taming Spiders to crafting steves to torture! download the mod here! (Tell em Sky sent you!) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1341308-125yah-mod-you-are-herobrinethe-mechanics-has-changednow-steve-flee-from-younew-oresnecronomicon-tomo-iiiiii/ Follow me on twitter and twitch.tv http://www.twitch.tv/skydoesminecraft/ https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf Music used in this video is by C418 Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Save 5% Off on CYBERPOWERPC systems powered by Intel Core Processors over $1,299 with coupon code “SKY” http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/landingpages/Intel/i7/
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Text Comments (15914)
Tom the Hammer Bro. (22 days ago)
The Corazon is actually spanish for heart
Cannonball22 (1 month ago)
Shows old item selection...
Plebasaures (1 month ago)
And sky is gone
Bleach (1 month ago)
AL KILLER (1 month ago)
it was a good time
Slender Spy2 (1 month ago)
Doplr (2 months ago)
Miss the days kinda
iFlashboy (2 months ago)
Heccin Heccs (2 months ago)
CubingGamer (3 months ago)
The Gaming Topic (3 months ago)
Dustin Vidito (3 months ago)
"Right here is the invisible ore" *looks over at budder*
Arceus 101 (4 months ago)
You will always be skydoesminecraft to me
UrMissNoopNoop (5 months ago)
Oh my god, this is so old!! Ive never seen his old bids before. 2018 anyone? X)
Jack Burzynski (5 months ago)
Legit this is the video that got me into Minecraft
I am new sub
MLKW (6 months ago)
well too late this channel's being deleted
Knight_Productions (6 months ago)
how to be herobrine without the mod 1: go to any minecraft skins website 2: download the herobrine skin 3: change your skin... DONE!!
SabaFrost HD (6 months ago)
Sky Did Minecraft version?
Buucey (6 months ago)
i feel old
BioTuber9 (7 months ago)
Ahhhh nice
Scoobydoo75 (7 months ago)
Who else is watching adam's old videos for nostalgia
Mariah motionless (7 months ago)
I just went back to what I liked and apparently this is the first video that I liked 😂 memory's
Tyrus (8 months ago)
Itsjust chara (8 months ago)
The first youtuber i ever subcribed to , so many memories.
Handfull ! (9 months ago)
I thought he was gonna scream butter xD
IIRippyII _ (9 months ago)
Sky I remember this
There should be a mod where he can control any mod
david barber (10 months ago)
Michael Lyga (11 months ago)
this is back when mods actually did stuff. Now command blocks can do the same thing. Now I'll just tell all the little kids that there was a time before command blocks.
HockeyCrab (11 months ago)
This is a classic
Pootis (11 months ago)
spoke to soon
Pootis (11 months ago)
thought he was gonna talk about the moon
frostbite (11 months ago)
Holy crap 5 YEARS AGO?!
Under taker (11 months ago)
Ha lol the gold follows you
YoBoiDKing (11 months ago)
I wish he was still like this no bad words child appropriate i used to watch him but he started swearing. UGHHH!
Blanca Cruz (11 months ago)
It's in Spanish corazon means heart in Spanish
Angelica Hernandez (1 year ago)
yeah I know
KidBaby FNAFSL (1 year ago)
'Corazon' is heart in Spanish
OniPotart (1 year ago)
Rewatching all your videos since you're quitting MC. We'll miss ya.
EM VT (1 year ago)
the heart i think is spanish
Water Alarm83584 (1 year ago)
Blast from the past
breezy 01 (1 year ago)
rzeimetz10 (1 year ago)
Nick Fenderson (1 year ago)
ahhh old days mate
Dng (1 year ago)
Who's watching this in 2017 (may)
Wil Mod (1 year ago)
Corazon is "heart"in Spanish so the mod creator was saying villagers drop their hearts and you are using them to craft
texpay (1 year ago)
Whos watching this is 2017?
Fat Loser (1 year ago)
Pretty Cringey
Piotrek Tomaszewski (1 year ago)
Ahmed .W.Techo (1 year ago)
is this 1.7.10
Ahmed .W.Techo (1 year ago)
what is this version
Jake Bot (1 year ago)
any one else watching 2017
Anastasia 50025 (1 year ago)
omg you all r so stooped hireobrine is real nut faek why am i here its 2017 i need a life
Coffee Dopes (1 year ago)
corazon is spanish 4 heart
Shell Bug man (1 year ago)
I am here from 3025 to tell you mods on console are out save your money to get the next Gen console gotta go bye
Geometryroblox Yt (1 year ago)
Ezra (1 year ago)
Devan Gamer boy (1 year ago)
Come back I just wanna eat your soul I just wann eat your soul
chantel theel (1 year ago)
My cousin found herobrine and my bro is herobrine
Faded Mind (1 year ago)
I just wanna point out, uh corazon is Actually "heart" in spanish, I just wanted to point it out since he said it in a triggering way to me so uh..... ka
Faded Mind (1 year ago)
Anastasia 50025 noo just want to point it out cause i was standing there for minutes confused as to what the hell he said and i finally look at the name of the item feeling like a twat but whatever man i completley forgot i wrote this comment, never expected someone else to waste their time on replying
Anastasia 50025 (1 year ago)
cool, this was uploaded more than 5 years ago. wyd being triggered
Dom (1 year ago)
Watch herobrine orgins the movie
Swoluigi (1 year ago)
dsmith1700 herobrine orgies the movie
KnightFury Yo (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
Slender Spy2 (1 month ago)
Slender Spy2 (1 month ago)
it's 2018
DemonSlayer Gaming (6 months ago)
KnightFury 2018
Shadow sans (1 year ago)
KnighterFoxer 211 me
Naz Kelekci (1 year ago)
hirobrine is real
Muzik Bike (1 year ago)
in this mod
Kaikra Tenkri (1 year ago)
"Come back! I just want to eat your soul!" - Sky
RobertRays (11 months ago)
Kaikra Tenkri I get so much nostalgia watching theses old vids.
Mr Pikachu (1 year ago)
When he said the yah mod I was like " ooooh yah I likes de klub ice"
koda.barker (1 year ago)
ha ah wolfspider
Swagethanpro11 (1 year ago)
Also WHO is watching This ON 2016
Swagethanpro11 (1 year ago)
Wow old video and intro
Admin (1 year ago)
he dont heve de skin off herobrine :(
hawaii_pineapple 70 (1 year ago)
Wow this is old
candi (1 year ago)
God, 2012!
KENBRO (1 year ago)
why did i stop watching you in 2014
mr kat (1 year ago)
ken the skeleton idk.
Dale Collins (1 year ago)
buterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrr 666
Jacob_yt 0109 (1 year ago)
Aaron Ágh (1 year ago)
herobrine is cool
Twinkle Night (1 year ago)
Night Gaming (1 year ago)
cotazon=heart in spanish
Pavle Gamer (1 year ago)
i go on that site and how to download
Lily Dickerson (1 year ago)
so it is 2016 and i am watching old videos and i am like OMG sky u mic SUCKED back then OMG i almost cant watch this
RJ Bowilngling (1 year ago)
during a mod showcase, don't even think about looking at the gold/butter
Monica Lopez (1 year ago)
You said a badwerd😡😱😞😢😨👎😰
WildBob AndPep (1 year ago)
I was sick when I watched this and now I feel better thx
gold ninja mw (1 year ago)
I love it
gold ninja mw (1 year ago)
NightfuryObsessed (1 year ago)
If Adam turns into Herobrine wouldn't he actually be Skybrine?
оффигеть скоко подпишиков
Junior Oclarit (1 year ago)
NoahM’fJayse (1 year ago)
Who's watching this in 2016😖😪
combine soldier xxx (1 year ago)
oskar snith (1 year ago)
Oh my goodness
Kaitlyn headley (1 year ago)
Of course there is butter
RocketBoi (1 year ago)
Justin Stewart (1 year ago)
64,664th like xD
Mindram (1 year ago)
ah...the good old days when he was actually good...
Xavier Escudero (1 year ago)
Noah Wolfel (1 year ago)
This is a great mod
Scott Garey (1 year ago)
EMERALD SWAG (1 year ago)
who's watching in 2016? XD
Xander Wardwell-Gaw (1 year ago)
SpecialOps728 (1 year ago)
I remember herobrine scaring me as a kid!
Well your kid nightmare is back but with my 11 herobrine guys in my team

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