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Two Worlds - ProJared

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Two Worlds - ProJared Easily one of the BIGGEST upsets of this generation, it's time someone gave it someone it's comeuppance. That someone is ProJared. Twitter: http://twitter.com/projared Facebook: http://facebook.com/projared Live Stream: http://justin.tv/projared
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The Pancake Reviewer (10 hours ago)
And then, a legend was born
VonVitten (20 hours ago)
H A R D W A R R I O R S !
tf2redpie (1 day ago)
The Taint 2:52
14:00 That track is God-like for the few seconds it plays. Does anyone know it?
George-Alene Smith (1 day ago)
#1 anime betrayal is 2:07.
blow me (2 days ago)
Glad I missed this one!
Juan Martinez (2 days ago)
I know of mobile games better than this
Jin Shirato (4 days ago)
and thus a legend was born.
Eli Thompson (5 days ago)
Hey Jared where’s your blue shirt. 0:28
Scribbles37 (5 days ago)
Two worlds can be beaten in a short time. Just came in for a rewatch with this knowledge
IM A GAMER (5 days ago)
Man this almost 9 years old
Oscar Liu (6 days ago)
I still remember a NPC standing outside the city for a lifetime, and every time you talked to him, he always said "GO Away" (with a Batman's voice), and his hands were pointing at me like a traffic policeman. I love this guy
PixelGhost (8 days ago)
you loook suck sd
furballo1992 (8 days ago)
Ah time to watch where the legend began 9:58
Huldah Cripps (10 days ago)
Dik Fayce (10 days ago)
The continent became infested with the taint, hard ones, not very friendly
Sounds like no man’s sky
Betta66 (11 days ago)
You're aware that the voice acting sucks because the developers themselves did the voice acting, right?
Gypsy Squid (13 days ago)
Aww, young Jerd~<3
Demon Zorawarg (14 days ago)
That game better than elderskrools my assmon
RagingWaldo (17 days ago)
My friends and I did the same thing. We got together with a bunch of drinks, food, snacks, and prepared ourselves for the journey of a lifetime. We were set to go all night. We put it in... and lasted about twenty minutes before calling it quits and just played Halo 2 instead.
Chon Warren (17 days ago)
I actually really enjoyed this game
Bullo Max (18 days ago)
Oblivion is overrated FF12 over oblivion any day
steft horman (18 days ago)
8 years ago?
Joseph Brandenburg (18 days ago)
9:49 "You can't just announce how your characters are feeling! That make me feel angry!"
Joseph Brandenburg (18 days ago)
Diesel Marcus (19 days ago)
THE TAINT!!!?? THE F**KING TAINT!!?? BWAAHAAAHAAA!!! WTF IS THAT!!?? XD And the guy's name is Ho . . . . Who is he trying to be? SANTA!?
Rainbow Dash (19 days ago)
3:49 youre only cock blocking yourself
thesaiyanlegacy (20 days ago)
Young ProJared is adorable. It’s amazing how far you’ve come.
k.9 (21 days ago)
Jared looks completely scarred in this video
John Stewart (21 days ago)
Golden Age of ProJared.
Jim Philips (22 days ago)
Am I the only one bothered by his pronunciation of wyvern?
Beep bop Robot snot (22 days ago)
Jim Philips it's actually a much smoother way to pronounce wyvern.
NinjaKitsune (22 days ago)
Let's also not forget that if you're good enough with combat in Two Worlds, you can beat the game in less than an hour. Just kill Gandohar in the opening village.
Pulse Bot (23 days ago)
this video is adorable, its so cute to see how far hes come since then
bevis 316 (23 days ago)
the only saving grace was the ability to cheat
Somerandomname (24 days ago)
He's the Angry Video Game Pro
hugh4400 (25 days ago)
taint and ho. someone got paid to come up with those names.
Michael Rego (25 days ago)
You know what’s than two worlds 2 getting game of the year..? Two worlds ONE getting game of the year -Dunkey
sora8711 (26 days ago)
10:01 Accurately describes almost all of FFXIV's quests.
Jari Harrison (28 days ago)
the things Jared does for views.
Tobias Pause (28 days ago)
Well they got the messed up enemy Progression of oblivion alright..... Demon gate with lvl2...
ben Abernathy (29 days ago)
>_< cancelled Christmas out of 10 ROTFLMMFAO
Faze Lays (29 days ago)
7 years of glory
Im The southpaw (1 month ago)
drakey poo (1 month ago)
"Drip Drip Drop"
Fristående ablativ (1 month ago)
Classic video, awful game. Also what caused PC Gamer to lose all credibility for all time in my eyes.
Danny Gabel (1 month ago)
Dr Pepper? Nice
Garak (1 month ago)
Another Salty Xbox360 Gamer hating on the shitty console version of the game plagued with horrible FPS stuttering. It is the sole reason the PC version didn't get much attention because everyone was listening to salty Xbox360 Whiners like you. Luckily the PC version of the game didn't have those problems and it was great. And i finished the Xbox 360 version despite the constant FPS stuttering and i enjoyed it. Atleast play the PC version of the game and then i'll listen to this review.
Jorge Lopez (1 month ago)
I still can’t believe this is 8 years old. I was so small when this came out. Jared’s videos were literally as big to my childhood as spongebob, and that’s insane to think about.
abrahamWCE (1 month ago)
Don´t worry ProJared, when transgenders get enough promotion that even kids know about them, sibling love will be NEXT!
sketch gamer 1248 (1 month ago)
the actors might just have HORIBLE working conditions.
WaywardBrigand (1 month ago)
Yo this video is almost 8 years old. Shiet.
Game Crusade (1 month ago)
I remember this game having a very broken magic system and despite only focusing on close combat I beat the final boss thing with a summon and just watched the fight play out.
ColtonTheBolton ! (1 month ago)
Finley world kill you for playing this game aleast he didn’t play the sequel Edit: Why the fuck did he play the sequel. VG Dunkey will hunt you down!
RICKLE PICK (1 month ago)
Oblivion with hemorrhoids
Apparantly this game's voice acting was done by some of the developers.
member of chat (1 month ago)
two worlds? where is the other world?
Zash (1 month ago)
I'm a fan of this game and i know that two world games are bad, but they are kinda like the good kind of bad if you play it for the right mindset. I always called it a single player MMORPG because all the quests and just about everything was nearly setup in that format. Not to mention how you basically have to grind to get over the level spike hurdles. So, yeah its basically the most antisocial mmorpg in the world while also seeing that there is just this overwhelming feeling that the game is majorly incomplete. Maybe at some point in devlopment they were planning on making a smaller mmorpg where the world is smaller, but more detailed (so maybe like a low limit on players in the server to a small number.) than all the other mmo's on the market, but something went down in management changed it at the last second and the team had nothing planned for it or even fitted out with the right skillsets to make that possable so they just quickly stitched in whatever could world and padding out the main quest with a few side quests in the path of the main quest.
Iroden (1 month ago)
Oddly enough, I really like how this game looks graphically. Makes it all the more disappointing that the game sucks
MkZuO12345 (1 month ago)
Honestly...I liked it. It had some charm....don't know why. Tried to play it sometime ago. What the frack I was seeing in this piece of shit...
Matthew Hennessey (1 month ago)
Yeah, we played this for 10 minutes, got stuck between two rocks on the ground..never went back.
John McDermott (1 month ago)
How many worlds are there in Two Worlds oh right one! Nice naming
Jason Smyth-Chandler (1 month ago)
I actually bought this game a few months ago because of this video. I wanted to make fun of the voice acting and ridiculous gameplay, and ended up beating it, without "cheating" in about 7 or 8 hours. I had a bow that did decent damage, but anytime someone melee attacked me, I was dead in about 4 or 5 hits, and the serpents near the water crystal town always one-shotted me. But then I realized that if you stood up on one of the carts scattered throughout the game, nothing can touch you. I fought Reist standing on one and just shot him with arrows for about 20 minutes, then lured Gandahar out to the same one and did the exact same thing. Never took a single hit....
Obot Prime (1 month ago)
Jason Smyth-Chandler wow, and I thought this game couldn’t get more hilarious...
Jane Baker (1 month ago)
And I'm going to play it ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
the 2010 goodness.
Foil (1 month ago)
This content has infested my taint.
C. Baer (1 month ago)
Come on ... that game is not that bad. It was only overhyped, no match for Oblivion and a few years behind its time. Its a solid action RPG.
Kieran mackam (1 month ago)
SMEE KEEPER (1 month ago)
TAINT nothing like binge watching some ProJared!
Joey Vellestra (1 month ago)
Ha jokes on you. You could have beaten it in about 5 minutes
Grigori Rasputin1990 (1 month ago)
is it his idea to review horrifying games?
Wizard_2 (1 month ago)
I love how ProJared's original videos look like 90s TV shows.
FrazzyNZ (1 month ago)
The story lacked. But I really enjoyed the game. Still do to this day
A W I L D C H I L D (1 month ago)
FORTNITE SUCCS got ur attention ha
Zachary Bernard (1 month ago)
Make a pro review of Secret of Evermore pls
Jeremy Anderson (2 months ago)
Wait... Is it just me or does the whole thing take place in one world? I know not every game has to have a meaningful or accurate title - I mean, Final Fantasy 2 kind of gave lie to the name of the franchise - but still.
Idon'tevenknow (2 months ago)
I love this, great video!
setheurovision94 (2 months ago)
Verily, verily, verily, verily, life is but a dream
John Schwab (2 months ago)
Smiling man will return you make the peanut butter gamer play my Sims for all eternity so warn him
JoeNoobie (2 months ago)
675 people are Uncomfortable customers
JoeNoobie (2 months ago)
Incidentally, I loved this game. I played it pure evil. Every town or place I went to, I slaughtered every inhabitant, so I never even discovered any of the quest story line. I just wandered from place to place, killing everything in my path. it was super fun. I don't recall there being any such thing as essential npc's so I probably just broke the game and made it unwinable, but who cares when you are the toughest mutha around. It also required extremely liberal use of save scumming, especially at the start of my adventure where townsfolk could often wipe you in 1 or 2 hits, and when you attack people in a town, everybody tries to gang beef you. So I'd have to like, hit a person one time, and flee the town until everyone stopped chasing me, run back and wash rinse and repeat until they were all feeding the crows.
Kuya Bleck (2 months ago)
Its Oblivion on skooma
Swanky MacBeth (2 months ago)
I’m watching this in 2018. And rewatching it. And rewatching it, because it’s just incredibly amusing.
The Deer King (2 months ago)
But..... why is it called two worlds? There is only one world.
Grinning Libertarian (2 months ago)
3:48 is meme worthy
Dave Marx (2 months ago)
DunklerJägerZach (2 months ago)
*Little did Jared know that Two Worlds can be officially finished in two minutes.*
Manek Iridius (2 months ago)
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't board hype trains.
Bloodgaze (2 months ago)
The stats on this video kind of make me giggle. 1 million subs and two million views. It's like all his subs watched his videos twice. Then I think about all the times I've watched it..
winterAmpharosIII (2 months ago)
SaucisseMerguez (2 months ago)
play this on PC is a really good game actually, i finished it a few years ago but still have good memories of it, it might have a strange atmosphere yet its still rich in content ! i just would fix the ending and make it better
Robo Lizard Studio (2 months ago)
Some people have some hot sisters, just sayin...
Theroux (2 months ago)
It’s still amusing how later PS2 games like FF12 looked better than 360 games at the time..
Seawolf (2 months ago)
And I picked this game up for .89 cents on Humble Bundle. Was worth it for the memes.
Mooshry (2 months ago)
From 20 to 6 FPS? Basically the opposite of DQMJ3 for the 3DS going from 6 (Overworld) to 30 (Battle) FPS.
princesschoi (2 months ago)
This video is almost ten years old and that's super weird. Feels like I started watching him yesterday.
juicedup14 (2 months ago)
Weird GTA V (2 months ago)
You realise that "taint" is a synonym for "curse" or "blight", right? That was a pretty childish criticism. Nevertheless this game is absolute trash hahaha
Jax (2 months ago)
I feel like this game was a troll
FireBall UnderPants (2 months ago)
6:30 who? Ho!
William Oros (2 months ago)
Swanky MacBeth (2 months ago)
9:58 Water’s not wet Change my mind

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