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Two Worlds - ProJared

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Two Worlds - ProJared Easily one of the BIGGEST upsets of this generation, it's time someone gave it someone it's comeuppance. That someone is ProJared. Twitter: http://twitter.com/projared Facebook: http://facebook.com/projared Live Stream: http://justin.tv/projared
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Nightmare X (2 days ago)
So you got it, knowing the hype, and that's pretty much why you were disappointed.... I got it not knowing what it was, and I really like it, for a huge number of reasons
TriBOTz (6 days ago)
50-50 grind
Joseph Schultz (7 days ago)
You know what? Oblivion had problems. It was buggy. The enemy AI could be very stupid at times and was easy to take advantage of. Et cetera. But even with that said, I fucking love Oblivion. And having said that as well, I can't for the life of me compare this mess to Oblivion. This game is all sorts of weird and ill-conceived. I mean, ignoring _ALL_ of the other problems present here, just think about this one thing: The dialogue in an RPG is one of the most important things meant to pull you into the game's world, into the experience. If the game can't even get that right, what faith should I have that it will get anything else right? If everyone speaks and sounds like the single worst Shakespearean actor to ever get paid 55 dollars for their terrible contribution, and nobody in the recording studio took a second and thought to themselves that another take should be done, then clearly not a single shit has been given about the overall product. There's a reason the newer Resident Evil games no longer include stilted and poorly acted lines like (paraphrased), "Jill, take this lockpick. Because you are the master of lockpicking." Because that would sound fucking stupid, that's why. And that's a horror game; a game where the rest of the experience can still make up for it by being tense and whatnot. In an RPG, however, this is completely unacceptable xD . Dear God, the dialogue in this game. It's the one thing, among many, that angers me the most.
Yazzy Unicorn (9 days ago)
How did he open the command console for the xbox 360 version?
survivalizer (10 days ago)
I was working at gamestop when this game came out... I remember how overhyped it was.
Googlyman 64 (15 days ago)
who ever said her being your sister was a cockblock? 😉😉😏😏
Chris D (16 days ago)
Dont understand how people didnt love these games there so good and beautiful, im 37 years old been gamin since atari and commador 64 days been thru lots of rpgs and Two worlds 1&2 were my favorites no questions asked
Chris D (16 days ago)
Love both Two worlds 1&2 there AMAZING!!!!
Cowboyforfun (16 days ago)
some one join me watching all of these in 2018
EenDik Schaap (18 days ago)
I'm prepared to take some heat, so here it is: This game was so much inspired by Gothic, no wonder it sucked. Phantasy fans: I get it, you like epic stories and maybe that's actually what you got. However, having it delivered by poorly animated and voiced 1999 character models ... it's like Lord of the Rings being reenacted by elementary students that turn up on stage with the entire script because they didn't bother to memorize anything.
zman2748 (19 days ago)
they're making a two worlds 3
Silent Dawn (21 days ago)
I don't think it's fair to blame voice actors exclusively. Most of the time it's a problem with the directing.
Fatcobra35 (21 days ago)
Mayhap you didn't just give it a better chance..... Mayhap Mayhap Mayhap Mayhap
Ed Boon (23 days ago)
This game has positive reviews on steam. ?!?!?!?!
jesse m (24 days ago)
I only made it maybe 5 mins in...... so props to you
Space Cowboy (26 days ago)
Is there even a 2nd world in 2worlds?
Sam Geuvenen (29 days ago)
Honestly, that opening monologue just reminded me of a WoW quote. "Your horde 'partnership' took more of our men than the Scourge! I'm done with your 'horde'. May this 'death god' take you!"
Gareth Dowling (30 days ago)
Everyone involved with the creation of this game should face legal action.
Yep, one of the worst games i have ever played. I would even consider Dungeonlords as a better game. And OMG is Dungeonlords the worst POS i have ever spend money on.....
xMasterSlayer92 (1 month ago)
*T H E T A I N T*
Brian Stell (1 month ago)
Those... “wivverns”... have arms. So not only are they not “wivverns”, theyre not wyverns. Theyre more like... draconians.
Hawking Chair (1 month ago)
What a terrible story
Had to come back to this when I saw two worlds 1 and 2 in my local GameStop costing about 3 bucks each. Kinda contemplated picking them up just to truly feel his pain
kainhighwind2 (17 days ago)
Like, it just got another multiplayer DLC on 8/23/18.
kainhighwind2 (17 days ago)
Two Worlds 2 is actually a good game, that the devs are *still* supporting.
This game would look bad for an original Xbox game.
42nd Blaze (1 month ago)
Jonathan Tessandore (1 month ago)
hey Jared I’m sorry about what I said about you on the paper Mario vs Goldeneye video I was just really salty. Hope you can forgive.
Micheal Rogers (1 month ago)
So it's like the no man's sky disappointment.
kainhighwind2 (17 days ago)
+Micheal Rogers go get it. It's like $15, and everything has been amazing. Especially since the NEXT update
Micheal Rogers (17 days ago)
+kainhighwind2 I know it's probably good it's just people were hype then dissapointed in no man's sky I didn't say it was bad, I can't I never played it but I really want to though.
kainhighwind2 (17 days ago)
I mean, No Man's Sky is actually pretty great.
Eternia (1 month ago)
Micheal Rogers More of the other way around, since this game came before no man's sky
Jingle Watts (1 month ago)
*A R O U S E D*
Taquito-Blade (1 month ago)
I am also one of the people who bought this game and I felt every bit insulted as you. Mainly cuz the game lied to me. The case literally said "rivals elder scrolls Oblivion" that was literally enough to sell me cuz Oblivion was life for me. I feel your pain Jared
mikusz 3 (1 month ago)
"Two Worlds"...
mikusz 3 (1 month ago)
... One Family
Not you (1 month ago)
Does anyone have links to two worlds tuesdays? I wanna see it
ThePotatoegamer (1 month ago)
9:50 I do :)
Brandon Lester (1 month ago)
Who in the hell payed 60$ for this???? I thought this was purposely a low budget oblivion clone?? I found this at best buy for 20$ not long after its release.
J. Wulff (1 month ago)
Dragon's Dogma got the old speech down far better.
Tor-Erik Michelsen (1 month ago)
Warriors, hard ones. Not very friendly. One of them stayed to await your return...
Rattus (1 month ago)
Remember seeing this game at blockbuster as a teen, and deciding whether if I should try renting two worlds or oblivion. And I decided to go with oblivion, best decision I made since I had no idea two worlds was gonna be this terrible.
taka nakagami (1 month ago)
I loove this game, I prefer bow build character over magic or warrior
Awkward Bubble Guppy (1 month ago)
I do stuff like him sub to me and I’ll sub to you
Vincent Santangelo (1 month ago)
what if Ho is just a medieval fantasy Vietnamese communist
Love Gestapo (1 month ago)
Is there even character creation? How in the world could they have compared this to Oblivion? Even if it was good - no character creation is a pretty big deal breaker for me when it comes to modern Western RPGs.
SpewnyBard (1 month ago)
preordering no man's sky wasn't a mistake. two worlds is a good game. i'm sure fallout 76 will be fine.
Team Brohammer (1 month ago)
"i'm not sure what's worse, the writing, or the delivery" so it really is just like Oblivion!
Raging Raving (1 month ago)
im just imagining the cringy dialogue of Oblivion made worse by everyone shouting forsooth and verily twice a sentence
Shoo Go away (1 month ago)
I’m pissing this game is gold
Ryan Stone (2 months ago)
I actually really enjoyed this game. I feel like the progression system was pretty cool. But it was indeed broken to a comical level. Forsooth.
Kurt Bertrand (2 months ago)
Stargate 2929 It's the year 2018, the month July,. It is its about 2am. My room is dark, people are sleeping. Within 2:50 minutes in the video. I burst into laughter, harder than I should. I had to stop the video. My gut hurts.
Crowtex Gaming (2 months ago)
They could have let you get over half way through the game and told you she was your sister...
Donovan Bagby (2 months ago)
It's been 8 years. ...Man, even old Projared is entertaining.
Xander Reviews (2 months ago)
you are a mix of avgn and pbg
The Pancake Reviewer (2 months ago)
And then, a legend was born
VonVitten (2 months ago)
H A R D W A R R I O R S !
tf2redpie (2 months ago)
The Taint 2:52
Jericho of Absolution (2 months ago)
14:00 That track is God-like for the few seconds it plays. Does anyone know it?
George-Alene Smith (2 months ago)
#1 anime betrayal is 2:07.
blow me (2 months ago)
Glad I missed this one!
Juan Martinez (2 months ago)
I know of mobile games better than this
Jin Shirato (2 months ago)
and thus a legend was born.
Eli Thompson (2 months ago)
Hey Jared where’s your blue shirt. 0:28
Scribbles37 (2 months ago)
Two worlds can be beaten in a short time. Just came in for a rewatch with this knowledge
IM A GAMER (2 months ago)
Man this almost 9 years old
Oscar Liu (2 months ago)
I still remember a NPC standing outside the city for a lifetime, and every time you talked to him, he always said "GO Away" (with a Batman's voice), and his hands were pointing at me like a traffic policeman. I love this guy
Dont You Dare Change (2 months ago)
you loook suck sd
furballo1992 (2 months ago)
Ah time to watch where the legend began 9:58
Huldah Cripps (2 months ago)
Dik Fayce (2 months ago)
The continent became infested with the taint, hard ones, not very friendly
Sounds like no man’s sky
cohobast92 (2 months ago)
You're aware that the voice acting sucks because the developers themselves did the voice acting, right?
Gypsy Squid (2 months ago)
Aww, young Jerd~<3
Demon Zorawarg (2 months ago)
That game better than elderskrools my assmon
RagingWaldo (2 months ago)
My friends and I did the same thing. We got together with a bunch of drinks, food, snacks, and prepared ourselves for the journey of a lifetime. We were set to go all night. We put it in... and lasted about twenty minutes before calling it quits and just played Halo 2 instead.
Chon Warren (2 months ago)
I actually really enjoyed this game
Mad Maxx (2 months ago)
Oblivion is overrated FF12 over oblivion any day
steft horman (2 months ago)
8 years ago?
Joseph Brandenburg (2 months ago)
9:49 "You can't just announce how your characters are feeling! That make me feel angry!"
Joseph Brandenburg (2 months ago)
Diesel Marcus (2 months ago)
THE TAINT!!!?? THE F**KING TAINT!!?? BWAAHAAAHAAA!!! WTF IS THAT!!?? XD And the guy's name is Ho . . . . Who is he trying to be? SANTA!?
Rainbow Dash (2 months ago)
3:49 youre only cock blocking yourself
thesaiyanlegacy (2 months ago)
Young ProJared is adorable. It’s amazing how far you’ve come.
k.9 (2 months ago)
Jared looks completely scarred in this video
John Stewart (2 months ago)
Golden Age of ProJared.
Jim Philips (2 months ago)
Am I the only one bothered by his pronunciation of wyvern?
Beep bop Robot snot (2 months ago)
Jim Philips it's actually a much smoother way to pronounce wyvern.
NinjaKitsune (2 months ago)
Let's also not forget that if you're good enough with combat in Two Worlds, you can beat the game in less than an hour. Just kill Gandohar in the opening village.
Pulse Bot (2 months ago)
this video is adorable, its so cute to see how far hes come since then
bevis 316 (2 months ago)
the only saving grace was the ability to cheat
Somerandomname (2 months ago)
He's the Angry Video Game Pro
hugh4400 (3 months ago)
taint and ho. someone got paid to come up with those names.
Michael Rego (3 months ago)
You know what’s than two worlds 2 getting game of the year..? Two worlds ONE getting game of the year -Dunkey
sora8711 (3 months ago)
10:01 Accurately describes almost all of FFXIV's quests.
Jari Harrison (3 months ago)
the things Jared does for views.
Tobias Pause (3 months ago)
Well they got the messed up enemy Progression of oblivion alright..... Demon gate with lvl2...
ben Abernathy (3 months ago)
>_< cancelled Christmas out of 10 ROTFLMMFAO
Faze Lays (3 months ago)
7 years of glory
Im The southpaw (3 months ago)
drakey poo (3 months ago)
"Drip Drip Drop"
Fristående ablativ (3 months ago)
Classic video, awful game. Also what caused PC Gamer to lose all credibility for all time in my eyes.
animetrash 6502 (3 months ago)
Dr Pepper? Nice
Jumpscare Myers (3 months ago)
Another Salty Xbox360 Gamer hating on the shitty console version of the game plagued with horrible FPS stuttering. It is the sole reason the PC version didn't get much attention because everyone was listening to salty Xbox360 Whiners like you. Luckily the PC version of the game didn't have those problems and it was great. And i finished the Xbox 360 version despite the constant FPS stuttering and i enjoyed it. Atleast play the PC version of the game and then i'll listen to this review.
Jorge Lopez (3 months ago)
I still can’t believe this is 8 years old. I was so small when this came out. Jared’s videos were literally as big to my childhood as spongebob, and that’s insane to think about.
abrahamWCE (3 months ago)
Don´t worry ProJared, when transgenders get enough promotion that even kids know about them, sibling love will be NEXT!
sketch gamer 1248 (3 months ago)
the actors might just have HORIBLE working conditions.
WaywardBrigand (3 months ago)
Yo this video is almost 8 years old. Shiet.
Game Crusade (3 months ago)
I remember this game having a very broken magic system and despite only focusing on close combat I beat the final boss thing with a summon and just watched the fight play out.

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