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Minecraft To One Command MCEdit Filter v2 | Command Block Creations in one Command!

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Convert your Command Block Creations into a single Command Block using this simple MCEdit Filter! I've updated my initial version and added a lot of useful features. JSON Sign Generator: http://youtu.be/0HaQliEpdjE Donate: http://bit.ly/DonorCP | Patreon: http://patreon.com/CrushedPixel Filter Download (Version 2.4): http://adf.ly/1Kvzyw ==============================­======== As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) TeamSpeak IP: ts.crushedpixel.eu Website: http://crushedpixel.eu Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel MCEdit Filter Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/MCEditFilters Intro by AimeranFX: https://www.youtube.com/user/AimeranFX
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Text Comments (359)
Jun Ozon (14 days ago)
what are the types?
Hydroman [GD] (3 months ago)
Using 1.12.2, empty command block.
MfadliMinecraft (4 months ago)
Thats was cool bro :v :D
Pytchi (6 months ago)
Plzz update to 1.12
_TroloTroll_ (11 months ago)
nothing appears in the new command block created .-.
Zagadohnik37 (11 months ago)
Update to 1.11 please
i need help >> UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xbb' in position 89: ordinal not in range(128)
Amel P.I (1 year ago)
I'm on version 1.11.2 of Minecraft. When I open my world, I go on the command block and there is no command!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
Prob_io (1 year ago)
What minecraft version for god sake?!
Vilkas (1 year ago)
Hello!Can you make it 1.10?
monkey__boy 1! (1 year ago)
dia3 jeger (1 year ago)
Thets cool
LCLP (1 year ago)
Update this for 1.10 please! This is just awesome ^-^
Ben - Gaming & More (1 year ago)
Does it work for 1.10
Super Mario Plush 220 (1 year ago)
Will this work on 1.9?
any version i think
WinterPyro (1 year ago)
the MCEdit Filter does not work for the version: mcedit2-win64-2.0.0-beta3 What it says: ImportError while loading plugin "CPToOneCommand_2_4" Traceback (most recent call last): File "mcedit2\plugins\__init__.py", line 119, in load (self is a PluginRef) File "C:\Users\[CENSORED]\Desktop\MCEdit\mcedit2-win64-2.0.0-beta3\MCEdit 2 Files\plugins\CPToOneCommand_2_4.py", line 9, in <module> from pymclevel import TAG_List ImportError: No module named pymclevel
WinterPyro (1 year ago)
Could you please help me with that?
SyedGamer (1 year ago)
I installed this, not realizing this is for 1.8. *facepalm*
DutchWarrior (1 year ago)
does this work in minecraft 1.10+?
an tran huu (1 year ago)
How to install this filter?
DrCheese_Durp13 (1 year ago)
I was trying to run the program and it said that I might not have permission to use it or something I was wondering if you could tell me how to fix that
Ben - Gaming & More (1 year ago)
Run as admin!
mantvydas virsilas (1 year ago)
how you making that teleport bow?
yazeed lazergui (1 year ago)
command blocks and its fishing rod not bow
Blauerkaempfer (1 year ago)
Is this for 1.10 ?
Thefuzz1234555 (1 year ago)
Also look at the command blocks they are not the new types
Thefuzz1234555 (1 year ago)
Look at the date 2015 did 1.10 come out 2015?
Philipallan123 (1 year ago)
one..... point...... NIENNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!
EvanTheGamer (1 year ago)
i dont see only one command there
Ray (1 year ago)
Yes! I found it! Thank You CrashedPixel! :D
Jacob pro (1 year ago)
is this for 1.9 command blocks?
bleuthoot (2 years ago)
Does it work for 1.9+?
Blauerkaempfer (2 years ago)
Ist der Filter für die 1.9 verfügbar? Bitte antworten wäre cool :D
Ng John (2 years ago)
Maybe add v3 which allows us to make only two commands.
Itay Ziv (2 years ago)
Dose it work with 1.9?
KaaCI05 Gaming (2 years ago)
Dotch Minecraft ☆ (2 years ago)
is this for 1.9?
Insane (2 years ago)
What happens if the lenght of the command exceeds the maximum lenght? It creates two command blocks? It would be awesome!
rokie95 (2 years ago)
Wnen I click the delete sign it does not remove the last layer
CharlieNikeYT (2 years ago)
DotCD (2 years ago)
life = made so much easier
b4rooq (2 years ago)
b4rooq (2 years ago)
it told me there is too many long commands
In the code: #I have serious problems D': #Someone get me help please. lol
Wrath Skies (2 years ago)
the tower starts but the box dont
ShadowWarz (2 years ago)
How do you highlight it like that, my computer won't do that inside minecraft so I can't copy it
GoldenCreeper081 (2 years ago)
+ShadowWarzGaming the filter and stuff are done inside of the program McEdit, including the higlighting, not inside of minecraft itself
ReXster (2 years ago)
Hab alles wie im video gemacht, allerdings werden die einmaligen cmdblocks und die schilder nicht hinzugefügt. Sie stehen, wie die im vide. was soll ich machen?
J Revv (2 years ago)
can you make one for 1.9 (\(030)/)
nate komodo (2 years ago)
erm tried it and it created an object nothing like what I selected!
Vampire94937 (2 years ago)
Can you make this download a non-dropbox download please? I can't use my dropbox account for some reason.
Orso (2 years ago)
Does that work in 1.9 Snapshot ?
GB Magma (2 years ago)
Its extremely nice, but i want one thing from this filter, to create another sign under "Destroy" sign that reads "Get Items" and you can customize /give command, because i cant get where i need to put my "give" command block for: after machine is created, you will get "Immolate Boots" once, but if i place it where the others are, it just spams this command and fills whole invertory with them.. Hope you will improve it :)
master jasper (2 years ago)
+Andrew U So what you do is make a clickable sign that when clicked it gives you the item. Therfore, you only get the specified amount every time you click! :)
GB Magma (2 years ago)
+Andrew UniverZ And after installing the machine, it should tell "Machine is succefully installed", right?
Tumer Turkmen (2 years ago)
ur the best :P
Memeaholic (2 years ago)
wich verision of mcedit cant find it
koder (2 years ago)
This filter does not seem to preserve the order of the command blocks. How do I control the order of the filter? Wait, looks like that's not the problem. Scoreboard obfuscation was breaking a few of my commands, that's all fixed now :)
Proudyzee - RS (2 years ago)
+koder one block commands don't do that. You need scoreboard timers to make an command block order.
MCEvan99 (2 years ago)
Thank you so so so so so so much! This is epic!
Nathan Wood (2 years ago)
it built everything but it didn't start the redstone clock. what?
Nathan Wood (2 years ago)
+Nathan Wood oh wait you need to do the fill command yourself oh
Khyde (2 years ago)
6:57 "And if we hit ..." What key combo?
Radzel (2 years ago)
Thanks !
adammadaad (2 years ago)
belal salem (2 years ago)
how to open this file???!
Prob_io (1 year ago)
You don't open this file you put it in the plugin folder
Agung Mahendra (2 years ago)
Crushed Pixel, how to make the part of the one command. ireally need help. because i want to try to make my own one command creation. pleassse😂
The Zapper (2 years ago)
Thank you so very much!
Ghost Pickle (2 years ago)
Thanks! You've helped me out a lot and now I can switch to this command combiner. Yay! Thanks Crushed Pixel!
Jthegreat52 (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel I've run into a problem I don't know if you can help but When I used the filter some blocks spawn on the roof of the machne
Scuttles (2 years ago)
Can someone help me with this. So I wanted to make a only one command thingy but i'm using a testfor command, its like /testfor @e[type=Player] {SelectedItemSlot:6} then a redstone comparator that powers the next command block. Does anyone know how i can do this in a "only one command" Ty
LegitVice (2 years ago)
+MCArchitect9 There is a bug with those comperators and repeaters use execute and in 1.9 there are chain commands that's doing the same as redstone comperators (if the previous command not working so the next command won't get a signal) so just watch tutorials about Command blocks in 1.9
Nazmi77 (2 years ago)
Je comprend rien ><'
AwesomeB 19 (2 years ago)
the command block order of execution was incorrect when I did this
RedCuber (2 years ago)
I have my machine powered, i filter it up and the clock doesnt work... Any help?
Hilmi akgünlü (2 years ago)
tank you
Eccentric Cuber (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel I can't download it, it said account suspended.
Weby Wibisono (2 years ago)
That's awesome! <3 :D
mr. miep (2 years ago)
Der AddFly link funktioniert nicht mehr
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
So... v3 now? (15w34a)
codec (2 years ago)
I can't download the filter it says suspended
Deadly Golem (2 years ago)
+BestGazaVid You just earned yourself a sub.
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
+cpmct32 There's certainly no virus! Scan it or learn Python and check it if you like :-)
codec (2 years ago)
+BestGazaVid Thanks! :D
codec (2 years ago)
+BestGazaVid no virus?
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
+cpmct32 www.garethpw.net/repo/nav/misc/CPToOneCommand_2_4.py - you're welcome
Spectical (2 years ago)
tbsick (2 years ago)
Brauche Hilfe !!! Bei mir sieht das komplett anders aus. (Windows 7) Es ist nur eine Seite mit Floodfill, Generate und co. Aber kein Commandblock weit und breit!
Kerazil (2 years ago)
It might just be me but i cant seem to figure out how to download the filter
Sebas 0206 (2 years ago)
I have a 2 questions, first: the Ghast are can drop golden ingots? and second: when the players are die in pvp they can drop heads for make golden heads?
Marcus Lai Kai Cong (2 years ago)
Can you make the next filter supports redstone?
Powsy (2 years ago)
+CrushedPixel Can you make a this filter (or a new filter) that supports 2 command blocks. Like if the creation is too big it will become to 2 commands that you can like put on the side of each other of somthing and it will become that box thing again.
PhantomizedGaming (2 years ago)
I used this, and now my command blocks are gone, and the one command doesn't work. It just makes a box without the signs and there is nothing in the box. :( please help
LegitVice (2 years ago)
+Frostbite1003 So Right
Frostbite1003 (2 years ago)
+PhantomizedGaming And this is why you do backups.
Shakes Beer (2 years ago)
Well, this Filter is good. But in my opinion it could be better if it also would be be able to "copy" redstonecomperators. Sometimes you will just need em, but you can't copy em!
Shakes Beer (2 years ago)
+PsyNeur  Yeah ._.
psyneur (2 years ago)
+aronox lp Yeah, I agree that comparators and repeaters are so much easier, but when you get into things that happen every tick, it won't work and will stay on forever.
Shakes Beer (2 years ago)
Okay thank you ._. But comperators would make things so much easier! (in my opinion!
psyneur (2 years ago)
+aronox lp The scoreboard has different objective types, and the objective I have is the type dummy. The dummy type does nothing unless you tell it to.
Shakes Beer (2 years ago)
Okay, ähmm waht means dummy?
Callen (2 years ago)
I don't understand how people can make these without comparators. Is there some substitute? I have made a creation which tests for a squid and then kills it. How do I remove the comparator(s)?
Callen (2 years ago)
Thx m8
psyneur (2 years ago)
+Callen Johnston - Adams I assume you have a command block that does "/testfor @e[type=Squid] {data}" then a comparator from that goes into a "/kill @e[type=Squid]" command block. Add a scoreboard objective called killSquid of type dummy. On a fill clock have the command "scoreboard players set @e[type=Squid] killSquid 1 {data}" then another command block on a fill clock with the command "/kill @e[type=Squid,score_killSquid_min=1]" This will kill any squid with {data} every tick.
Andrew Massey (2 years ago)
i dont want to download download manager
Andrew Massey (2 years ago)
Yeah I figure that out 2 weeks ago
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
+Andrew Massey You don't need to; that's an advert.
Andrew Massey (2 years ago)
how do i ge on that part of mcedit i have mcedit but i dont hae that screen
SudrylTarron (2 years ago)
i'm really sorry to tell you that but I'm not statsfated by your filter beacaus i've made a commandblock creation and it tell me it's to big...so I can't do what I want with it (the number of command_block is 136)
That is because the command probably reached the character limit in command blocks of 32,767+ characters
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
+SudrylTarron Minecraft : Redstone / Fun Split it up into two modules; that's what I have to do.
Milo Stoaks (2 years ago)
There is a glitch with the delete sign. It only deletes half of the machine. Here is the command: http://pastebin.com/GCwct7YC
NiceMarkMC (2 years ago)
Wow, this is great! Exactly what I need :) Thanks!
Deadly Golem (2 years ago)
+NiceMarkMC You just earned yourself a sub.
16austin16 (2 years ago)
+NiceMarkMC hey there bb :D
Tyradical (2 years ago)
Lucky!!! IJMinecraft luves it!!! BRUH!!! U ARE A LUCKY ASS
I usually make OOCs by hand.
TheSpeedyMephisto (2 years ago)
In v3 add comparators and redstone torches.
Raiden (2 years ago)
how did you copy it all at the same time?
Bluecap MC (2 years ago)
hello can you tell me how to open it when i download and click it it take me to this website file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/CPToOneCommand_2_4.py
Gareth Welch (2 years ago)
+Bluecap MC It's probably already in your downloads.
Bluecap MC (2 years ago)
+Bluecap MC anwser me pls
Jak544 (2 years ago)
Since CrushedPixel didn't include the resulted command, I made my own: http://pastebin.com/1bAtEt88 A big bonus for this version is that this uses Armor Stands named "Grapple", instead of literally EVERY Armor Stand, like in the original concept.
+Gurjeet Bhangoo Good job.
Jthegreat52 (2 years ago)
IS there  a way to control the order of the commands that go in?
ThePizza496 (2 years ago)
if i could like more than once i would like over and over for an hour straight
HotPocky (2 years ago)
miscellaneous is pronounced as miss-cell-a-knee-us. hope i helped.
TheDudeGuy (2 years ago)
So I should make my own command then use mcedit to one command?
Megasnowgolem (2 years ago)
how do i open it
Pisljk Gamer (2 years ago)
Mcedit not open! Please Help Me. The program gives an error as follows: Error: mcedit / toolicons / session_good
Cade Griffin (2 years ago)
when it removes the machine, does it delete all the scoreboard objectives?
TheSpeedyMephisto (2 years ago)
Does it work with comparators?
SimHotMiner (2 years ago)
TastyCakeGamer (2 years ago)
this does't work i tried my MCEdit don't have To one Command
RedstoneCraft (2 years ago)
Bei mir wird immer nur ein teil der creation removed?

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