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FTB Pyramid Reborn - 01 - Fast Start

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A new Pyramid map was created by the FTB team! Not quite a speed run - but still trying to complete the map quickly and efficiently. Download it on the Twitch Launcher or here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-pyramid-reborn
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Text Comments (11)
UPROAR (4 months ago)
waiting for my emergency chest :/
LordMZTE (6 months ago)
one lever in the conter of the fans would have turned all of them on
Michael Thelen (7 months ago)
Really enjoyed your fast start. I didnt even think of using cobble from starter pad... although i think a simple cobblegen is about as quick to make... but ya i see people farming stacks of cobble and im like what are you doing?!?!? ohh and I found using spikes is far safer/faster than drop farm. plus later on you can upgrade to diamond spikes and get more lewt. Anyway enjoying the LP! good to see you back man!
samuel chabot (7 months ago)
Will you try to do a speedrun of it later on ? would love to see that :) anyway love your video hope to see ep2 soon :D
Ben Thatcher (7 months ago)
the light overlay mod is F4, and there's a no-spawn torch of some kind in the island, you're actually protected from spawns for a ways out from it.
Ben Thatcher (7 months ago)
also kinda surprised you don't go for a builder's wand to build your mob farm. All that free iron and everything.
Don Wald (7 months ago)
You could have put the cobble back after generating it?
Don Wald (7 months ago)
SabotageTheFool Return to original condition!
SabotageTheFool (7 months ago)
Why bother?
Chris Pemberton (7 months ago)
You can only burn her if she weighs the same as a Duck!
Don Wald (7 months ago)
Chris Pemberton or very small rocks

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