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Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this redstone video! Today we take a look at the 50 step process of starting a new Minecraft survival world! Chicken farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWT_WCTFUvA The Mumbo Merch Store! It's beautiful! http://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=2549&awinaffid=402161&clickref=Mumbo+Link&p=https%3A%2F%2Fus.zavvi.com%2Fyour-store%2Fthat-mumbo-jumbo.list Become a Patron for a spot on the Patreon Server! https://www.patreon.com/ThatMumboJumbo My INSANE PC was kindly provided by Chillblast, a company specialising in Performance systems. We have a full range available with 3 systems of varying price and power! Check them out here: www.chillblast.com/mumbojumbo My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge! Click this link to get a 25% discount off one of their servers! http://cubedhost.com/thatmumbojumbo 2ND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/thatmumbojumbo2 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/officialmumbo OFFICIAL MUMBO JUMBO PCS: https://www.chillblast.com/mumbo-jumbo-official-computers.html ------------------------------------------------- My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined. Faithful: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-load-of-new-ctm-1-7 CodeCrafted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL2IKidhWb4 Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me outro: ProleteR - April Showers http://www.youtube.com/user/proleterbeats https://www.facebook.com/ProleteR.beats http://proleter.bandcamp.com/ Timelapse: LAKEY INSPIRED https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Upload Schedule: Tuesday - Redstone Wednesday - Hermitcraft Thursday - Redstone Friday - Hermitcraft Saturday - Redstone Sunday - Hermitcraft
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Text Comments (5608)
Mumbo Jumbo (6 months ago)
Whoops! Uploaded two versions of the same video. For those who didn't see it, you didn't miss much! Just 10 minutes of black screen!
bruce rivera (2 days ago)
Lol Mumbo
SuperBlockGuy (3 days ago)
Actualy its not called a crafting table! IT IS THE GAMER BOX!!!
Tacocat04 (10 days ago)
How to earn ad revenue hahahh
Nova LiThePear (11 days ago)
the diamond part is genius. that was actually what i did before watching the video. my friend told me about fortune, which i totally forgot after not playing for over 4 years. got a fortune 3 iron pic after 4 tries
D Rudd (12 days ago)
I was digging down like you said and I dug three blocks and I found a skeleton spawner
Лего Кирпич (7 hours ago)
Admin giv dimandz pliz sounds faster and better.
whomst'dve (15 hours ago)
Fishing is op in minecraft. As soon as I can I’ll craft a fishing rod and spend my days fishing normally or afk fishing when I have time. I use bows as my primary weapon in all worlds I have ever had so getting even an almost broken one is amazing. I once got a power 4, mending, flame, and unbreaking 3 bow from that.
Lennart Barrett (21 hours ago)
10:00 because bones are very useful: doesn't pick up the bone -_-
blindwatchman0722 (22 hours ago)
Is the extra hand a Java edition thing?
Leah Xo (1 day ago)
So where tf did two perfect stacks of diamonds come from?
Demoni (1 day ago)
Watching this, I just found a zombie monster spawner while getting supplies for my new world, your videos make minecraft more interesting and they’re great for inspiration.
Akmal Hakim (1 day ago)
Does he says "allow cheats on" ?
Zaepher Kyro (1 day ago)
This is grindcraft not Minecraft
goh zhongsian (1 day ago)
You can also empty out the bottom of the village and start your iron farm there. You can use boats or water to move them. This way you dont need to move them too much
Tim Unwin (1 day ago)
where is the link to the afk fishing farm?
FearlessAmber13 (2 days ago)
I hate waiting through the night so the first thing I do is kill three sheep
Johny Broxy (2 days ago)
An automatic iron farm, hmmm so thats what villager slaves are for
madeniran is the Best (3 days ago)
I don’t know what I would do without Minecraft
AirAssassinXV (3 days ago)
The pc version is still by far the best version of Minecraft in history!
killrchicken (3 days ago)
Oh and when he comes back from afk fishing he is in creative
killrchicken (3 days ago)
Can I just say that during the cut seens he puts the diamonds in the mine, adds more to his chest and builds the mob farm, and Mines the obsidian all without taking away any durability to his diamond pick. Hmmmmmm......... I smell a cheater.
Joseph Polkey (3 days ago)
You people need to STOP!!! He's going in to creative to give you an example! I doubt he will even use this world ANYMORE! Besides,he's teaching us this stuff for FREE!!!so just STOP complaining! -(Mumbo Jumbos BIGGEST FAN)❤️
Luke Zitko (3 days ago)
No link for the AFK fishing farm?
Angus Christensen (3 days ago)
what texture packs do you use?
Michael Spooner (3 days ago)
bonus chest r the back bone of survivle
Mr.Retarted Retard (3 days ago)
JG_IsBack SFM (3 days ago)
i spawned next to a mansion..
SuperBlockGuy (3 days ago)
you don't need coal. You can burn wood instead to make charcoal
Chamei Yang (4 days ago)
2.5 mil subscribers, 2.2mil views, but only a few thousand likes?? Are u kidding mumbo community
Katherine Borka (4 days ago)
When he said find a village I was like oops that was the first thing I did.
Well done and very useful
Namet Ullah (4 days ago)
please make 10 parts of this video
PUNISHER (4 days ago)
6:12 LOL you just past a command😂
PUNISHER (4 days ago)
Im too unlucky. Because all world that i create need to be either a small island or no tree near around(need to travel long distance to found a forest)😂😢
Mel Gaming (4 days ago)
8:10 we won’t fall for your trick, look at the hot bar :)
SkiddyRelicKE (4 days ago)
Do not forget shields!!! They are very cheap and will allow you to explore many caves with out armor! (I think they are very useful because they can block zombie and arrow attacks)
Luis Dias (4 days ago)
Why dont you just try to get a bed on the first day, you never have to face mobs unless you want to
ItzScallywag (4 days ago)
You inspired me
Sophie Dowse (4 days ago)
What does Afk mean?
TheGameEngine (4 days ago)
Link to the afk fish farm?
TheKrawfish (4 days ago)
Guys he did this in creative as a demonstration.
its Melsonz (4 days ago)
Fun fact: Mumbo Jumbo has allow cheats on so he doesn't have to grind overnight while recording for this video because it'd burn his PC.
TheOneTapFactory CSGO (4 days ago)
could u update pls :D
Zoe Collins (4 days ago)
Viewer: how did you get 2 stacks of diamonds there is no way! Me: first of all yes way second of all he has fortune 3 on his pickaxe if you would actually look at the video😐🤔
revilorere (5 days ago)
Omg why do I keep reading things wrong?? I read: 50 steps to starting a new world order in minecraft properly...
Diagonal Splash (5 days ago)
I understand how he would go into creative because it would take him a long time to make the video. This video was to describe what to do and him trying to make it look like he was really doing it was pretty special.
Paguo (5 days ago)
Where is the diamond hoe?
Bonnie Moon (5 days ago)
Get your crafting table, *proceeds to Batista bomb an anvil on top of it due to space restrictions* this'll work.
MR. poopybutthole (5 days ago)
does any one know the texture pack?
Wolfyjaw Minecraft (5 days ago)
When you leave your base desint the chickens despawn???
John MC GaMiNg 08 (6 days ago)
Magaling ka tana mumbo jumbo
Samuel Gaming (6 days ago)
Lol he's on creative mode on 7:54
How did you get a grass block?
Ind6goGaming (6 days ago)
what is this texture pack
My Channel (7 days ago)
I always try and get a bed so that you don’t have to wait all night That’s just me, nothing against this video 👍
wow Minecraft just got intense
Casey kaye (7 days ago)
i got a god seed for my world its like a bonus chest wihout one
Ho Danny (7 days ago)
may i know the name of the opening music?
Giuls (7 days ago)
I start my worlds in creative then go to survival
Gaming Productions (7 days ago)
I have a AFK egg farm in my base, about 24 furnases and 12 large chests in it and my friends have a house, this video really helped me.
TallAndThin123 (8 days ago)
aren't those afk farms like cheating? hmm
MPAII (8 days ago)
Most important thing he said out of all 50: ONLY BUILD A WOODEN PICK. It’s so frustrating watching people waste time and wood making wooden shovels and axes and swords only to then mine a few pieces of cobble and make them all again with cobble.
Redwolf (8 days ago)
Step 51: make a backup file before playing with pillagers damn it
Juan Marasigan (8 days ago)
i use your technique and get diamonds that i lose by accidently falling at lava what' plan b
Elizabeth Arrowood (8 days ago)
Uh is it horrible to start your world off with peaceful difficulty on Because I start my new world with peaceful mode on
Daafju (8 days ago)
50K likes. Wow
caseicool (8 days ago)
My starter base was very different, but I followed this well all the way up to the enchanting table part
DrianLord (8 days ago)
Lol i just start building a spicy house then do mining and just do building but i will now have to start making farms .... after the inital build becuz i need an aesthetically pleasing house
chestnut 13126 (9 days ago)
How did you get a comparator without quartz? (The fishing farm)
focusedman 202 (9 days ago)
Woah i mean this is what i do
Han Tan (9 days ago)
What if we can't find.. A village
Cameron Whiddon (9 days ago)
Thanks for the help!☺️
fredbear will get you (9 days ago)
You where going Into gamemode 1
Kaleb Gaddy (9 days ago)
Hard to say mumbo jumbo
wdk (9 days ago)
Brian makes things perty at first. You make it practical
Emmi ' (9 days ago)
"newfandangle pankaxe"
bleach hhh (9 days ago)
Directions too hard my pp stuck in dirt block
Tre H (9 days ago)
Thank you
UnLuckyParrot (9 days ago)
50 ways 50k likes
XIII Talons (9 days ago)
Ok, so basically what I do every once in a blue moon when I decide that I want a different world to play around with.
TinZodiac97 l (9 days ago)
Or instead of killing the sheep, you could use sheers...
Gosha (10 days ago)
6:08 "after a couple hours of hard work" _Pickaxe has the same durability as before_
Dragon (10 days ago)
Get wood Make a pick Get stone Make a pick Get iron Make a pick Get diamond Make a diamond sword Enchant it Make diamond armor Fight the dragon Do whatever you want when you defeat her
Tara Williams (10 days ago)
YOU SUCK!!! 1: he took FOREVER but speeded through everything at the same time. 2: SHORTEN THIS VIDEO!!! How bout I give you a dislike? Yes? Ok I did! :) and also I unsubscribed from the worst youtuber ever (mumbo) GET OFF OF YOUTUBE!!! >:(
JayJay Kennedy (10 days ago)
great vid keep it up loved every minute
Lance Marion Caballero (10 days ago)
am like the piston house
Lance Marion Caballero (10 days ago)
oh hello mumbo
Justice Hillery (10 days ago)
where’s the link to the fish farm? :(
DamageMaximo (10 days ago)
when making the Crafting Table, make the sticks at the same time
CrashBrocksta Fuck (10 days ago)
lol, for uhc players this is the most basic stuff there is. now that i think of it, its best to find 26 or 29 iron so you can craft a set of armor, a sword, and a pickaxe, there's no reason to make an iron shovel or axe when you're just starting off.
Super gameplays CZ (10 days ago)
You can use lead on villagers
N00l3LP (10 days ago)
soooo is the afk finishfarm possible in minecraft bedrock? dont think it is :l any other possibilites?
MAGNUS123321 (11 days ago)
Ruby Games (5 days ago)
Dude... he isnt doing it... he is making a turtorial, most turtorials are done in creative and are survival friendly. Shaking my pen
Elizabeth Arrowood (8 days ago)
Your right even I noticed the fact I didint see the exp bar which means he is in creative mode
Hydro-Tox (11 days ago)
where’s the link to the afk fish farm?
Rocky (11 days ago)
The hell does an iron farm do?
BearMeatTaco (11 days ago)
Where is the fun in all that??? Going step by step, automating everything and literally exploiting the game mechanics to get everything fast? No different than cheating, only takes a bit more time
Melanie Gacha (11 days ago)
Mumbo: "keep them safe, villagers are importan" Me: Everytime I saw villagers i killed them and now I feel guilty
Mel N. T. Shorey (11 days ago)
When people don't know what restoring a tool's durability is...
Murzikal (12 days ago)
What resource pack do you use?
Mumbo don't do that! Cooked chicken is not as good as mutton, beef or porkchop! Don't eat chicken, throw it!
Selim Fajar (12 days ago)
instead of digging to y=11 i dug all the way down to bedrock
Selim Fajar (12 days ago)
I was able to make 10 furnaces from the hillside home and i got 2 more iron for shears
Jake Falzon (12 days ago)
I have a problem with my nether portal because it is at a nether fortress and I can't get quartz without getting shot by blaze or gast
Moe Jeb TV (12 days ago)
What texture pack is this I like it

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