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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With My Girlfriend!

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DONATE TO ALS: http://www.alsa.org/ .Follow Me On Twitter:https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec .Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm I nominate MLGHWNT, YoshitoMario, Alex Wright, & SteelXSaint. You Have 24 hours to do it or donate to charity! The ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! This ALS Ice Bucket challenge is to raise awareness of the Lou Gehrig's Disease and the challenge is to dump an ice cold bucket of water on your head or donate $100 to charity for Als so it is a very good cause. ALS is the Lou Gherig's Disease that causes people to loose control of their muscles and leads to paralysis. Music By Monstercat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVMuwa-HRCQ
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Text Comments (118)
Synful (2 years ago)
Nice bro
TSLGaming33 (3 years ago)
He went so fast when they put it in slow motion he looked like he was running
MATTEOS WORLD (3 years ago)
Jared Im your biggest fan :P
HenloImSalty (3 years ago)
also your gf was so much calmer than you XD
HenloImSalty (3 years ago)
slow motion LOL
Caitlin Chapin (3 years ago)
You scormy like a girl
Nerdellas xoxo (3 years ago)
His gf looks like my cousins friend, what's her Name?
lps perfect (3 years ago)
Sc Rios (3 years ago)
Not me not me
Juan Cadena (3 years ago)
You look cool
Emily Glasco (3 years ago)
Marcos Jimenez (3 years ago)
Delicious cupcake (3 years ago)
+Delicious cupcake
Delicious cupcake (3 years ago)
+ Delicious cupcake girlfriend
Delicious cupcake (3 years ago)
You should do more vids with your girfreind
Destiny Siegle (3 years ago)
I had to do it
Steven Perkins (3 years ago)
lol i laugh my ass off
Jojit Cadaoas (4 years ago)
Dude that must feel soo cold
Sofia Harvey (4 years ago)
u look so CUTE
lol (4 years ago)
you look so different now 
nunyadiamonds (4 years ago)
Who's your father?
Javier Gwen (3 years ago)
Jewels Holland (4 years ago)
I dident expect you to look like dis... You look way diffrent than what I thought
John 42 (4 years ago)
Lol nice. 😄👍
xxHeyItsOliviaxx (4 years ago)
i cant here it, i dont know whats up with my COMPUTER!!!!
Maddie Star (4 years ago)
He looked like a ninja when he jumped up
ThePauseman417 (4 years ago)
After the challenge they had some cold hard ice sex
Noodles (4 years ago)
Ha ha ha
dennis monzon (4 years ago)
you shouted and shouted because of the ice bucket!!
Ty Allen (4 years ago)
lmaoolexie (4 years ago)
hey can u add the diamond dimensions mod pack to mca that woud be AAAWWWSSSOOOMMMEEE its a great and mystyrios mod pack I realy wish u woud try it out and put it in mca cause it works with mca mod my friend did it and she said it worked and it did ps check it out plsplspls!
NyeDoes RobloxMC (4 years ago)
U can add a mod pack to a mod pack anyway it's a minecraft comes to life series not a mythical land aeries
kaelynn tellez (4 years ago)
you look like that
minecraftgamer (4 years ago)
Love u
XxtiffanythecatxX :3 (4 years ago)
Your girlfriend looks beautiful
Robetea1 (4 years ago)
u look like benji marshall
Michael Ruiz (4 years ago)
Unicorn.Rainbowz (4 years ago)
Good job guys 👏👏
Unicorn.Rainbowz (4 years ago)
ajsuperSTARpower1 (4 years ago)
Tony sry
ajsuperSTARpower1 (4 years ago)
You remind me of tiny, now that I think of it D: well don't really miss him that much, you just look like him.
Josh PlaysEpicGames (4 years ago)
That's u
Pete Horn (4 years ago)
Hey Jared, I'm a super old sub back from your rs videos back when u had like 30k sub's xD I miss it man!
Complete Chaos (4 years ago)
Yo! You can only nominate 3 people
calita vazquez (4 years ago)
My sister nominated 6 ppl
T (4 years ago)
U can nominate more if u want. It's what every youtuber does
Ms Lovie (4 years ago)
Do face cam Please
Kaiden Zmija (4 years ago)
So thats what you look like
Gabby Johnson (4 years ago)
:D he is cute
VIDULL (4 years ago)
adiosAuxiliator (4 years ago)
Alyssa (4 years ago)
I'm glad I don't have friends so I don't get nominated... P.S. Your reaction was priceless.
calita vazquez (4 years ago)
Ikr and Ikr
Spartan Warrior (4 years ago)
Me Meola also nominated you for the challenge :)
pikachu fanatic (4 years ago)
Aphmau already nomibated yositomario
Cierra Simpson (4 years ago)
Your so tall
Juliet Lorentzen (4 years ago)
I already did it and was super cold
DUME85 (4 years ago)
He looks cooler than i expected he would.
Applesause (4 years ago)
+DUME85 | Minecraft let's plays! | Mod showcases! Lol sorry?
DUME85 (4 years ago)
+littlesaber knight not the kind of reply i expected but ok.
Applesause (4 years ago)
+DUME85 | Minecraft let's plays! | Mod showcases! O.o
DUME85 (4 years ago)
Ha Ha wait I just realized that could also be a pun.
Smoke 0 (4 years ago)
Jesus u live in the middle of bum f*** nowhere
Laurie Bernard (4 years ago)
I didn't expect you to look like that at all you dont look like your minecraft skin
xxHeyItsOliviaxx (4 years ago)
+Laurie Bernard my skin has my color hair too!! 
Avocado Giselle (4 years ago)
I thought he would look cool
Laurie Bernard (4 years ago)
+Ha why in they an at least have the same hair color my minecraft character looks like me
xxHeyItsOliviaxx (4 years ago)
Doom Junyu (4 years ago)
Beastin And Feastin (4 years ago)
U live in pa
Spartan Warrior (4 years ago)
His girlfriend exists :D
gage carpenter (4 years ago)
Jeesus Dublin PA? I didnt know you lived so close XD now i live by 4 youtubers woooo XD
gage carpenter (4 years ago)
+Alyssa Swift haha i have better things to do then stalk youtubers XD
Alyssa (4 years ago)
Easy Stalking...
Fox (4 years ago)
He is so cute o_______o
Thirti Sankwich (4 years ago)
+FaZe Whited ok
I play games (4 years ago)
shhhhh 🍰EAT! IT
Thirti Sankwich (4 years ago)
+FaZe Whited no o.o
I play games (4 years ago)
+Thirti Sankwich Shhh Just let me see You Poop 💩
Thirti Sankwich (4 years ago)
+FaZe Whited lol what?
Eva Lagos (4 years ago)
In my school the principles did the ice bucket challenge
Daragh Mc quail (4 years ago)
Funniest video ever
ghost playsmc (4 years ago)
U finally showed ur face
Connor Morrow (4 years ago)
Not finally! He showed it at 100k
Ewan Naysmith (4 years ago)
Selena Hernandez (4 years ago)
Hi mc hippie
AsYouShouldMyGuy (4 years ago)
Hope you guys enjoy this video :P It's for a great cause and if any of you want to donate to als then check out the link in the description :P
Alyssa's Journey (3 years ago)
+Taylor Trehern awww your welcome I did it I am glad you are alive 😊 and +TheMinecraftHippie | Minecraft Mods omg you were hysterical
That_One_Girl (3 years ago)
Thx so much I had the ALS disease and im only 12 so thx every one who did the ice bucket challenge you saved my life and many others too!) :)
Foxy King pro ghost (4 years ago)
Foxy King pro ghost (4 years ago)
You should have worn pants
Go Away (4 years ago)
You didn't scream like a girl
Violet Bunnie (4 years ago)
Bunny HOP!
Clover Carbajal (4 years ago)
I'm 9th
eosf zoabe (4 years ago)
and that was nice rabbit jumps xD
eosf zoabe (4 years ago)
i did do the ALS Ice bucket challenge but when the water come to my pants i did jump and get to the house and take A HOT SHOWER so its so cold
eosf zoabe (4 years ago)
thats normal but i do just use the hot water to take a bath so iam not good with ice water
Josie E.H. (4 years ago)
I did it too but for me it wasn't that bad and I got my whole body all wet from the ice water xD
Clover Carbajal (4 years ago)
I'm ninth
RatchetGaming (4 years ago)
Xyphles (4 years ago)
We meet again vertical recording.
ItsAnthem (4 years ago)
Li Al (4 years ago)
Haha 4th
ClutchZ (4 years ago)
Not first
ClutchZ (4 years ago)
Cool then nerrrrd
Eduardo Gonzalez (4 years ago)
+Anar Oyunbat You will never be able to avoid hate!!! Neeeeerrrdd
ClutchZ (4 years ago)
I know but its to avoid the hate

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