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5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers

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5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers [See More] *** The Gadgets *** 5 – Muzo https://goo.gl/KqBUPF 4 – Pyro Mini https://goo.gl/c4rGzJ 3 – Kingii https://goo.gl/B0s1Wy 2 – X15 Flamethrower https://goo.gl/r8s3am 1 – FLIR Scout TK https://goo.gl/up96fx *** Other Videos You Might Like *** 3 Seriously Cool Eco-Friendly Inventions https://goo.gl/KZNFic 5 AWESOME Gadgets Under $10 On Amazon https://goo.gl/QzqwgG 5 AWESOME Tech Gadgets Under $20 Now On Amazon https://goo.gl/UqDma7 5 Awesome Tech Gadgets You Can Buy on AMAZON (Under $30) https://goo.gl/PoHFOk 5 Awesome Tech Gadgets Under $50 on Amazon https://goo.gl/pqUQCs 5 Awesome Tech Gadgets Under $100 on Amazon https://goo.gl/WViuJu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching Top World! Leave a LIKE, Comment, Share & Subscribe https://goo.gl/jBaQkh *** DISCLAIMER *** * The products within this video are not owned by Top World. Additionally, we are not an affiliate with the product creators listed within this video, or the websites that we link to in the video description. Videos shown on Top World are for educational and entertainment purposes only. * Copyright issue? Please contact us at [email protected] 5 Crazy Gadgets That Give You Super Powers
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Text Comments (1522)
Christian Acosta (1 month ago)
Richard Hand (1 month ago)
Muzo for loser. Adds more noise on top of noise. Are you crazy?! Pyro?? Why Oh? Kingi? Which can afford that?? Losers??
IDK IJS (1 month ago)
The last one is the only one I'd buy
IDK IJS (1 month ago)
Why would I need pyro mini? Lol
Pooja Thakre (1 month ago)
The second one I love it 😻😣😻🤤
Scamper Scamper (1 month ago)
I don't know...couldn't you just talk about personal stuff at home? Or put a a fan on at night to drown out sound? Or better yet...move to the countryside where there is no people or sounds, except crickets.
Erich B. (1 month ago)
Don't ya love the smell of X-15 in the morning - "smells like victory" ?? WTF
flaincz (2 months ago)
Obviously, Everyone should have a flamethrower in their survival kit.
David Hammond (2 months ago)
wtf is on your face
Glen Pana (2 months ago)
Pavan Kumar TVN (2 months ago)
http://bit.ly/2MgpJ3e High demand Head Phones with 50% discount + shipment FREE!!!!
Nils Brandt (2 months ago)
Ruling front entry window collapse fit pair bill thought spiritual.
AgentX Anon (2 months ago)
Muzo is a scam https://www.highya.com/muzo-reviews
ejonesss (2 months ago)
the flir scope yes i can understand it gives super power but muzo!!!??? looks like muzo is just a noise cancelling device unless it can be used as a spy device
DAVID REYNOLDS (2 months ago)
Loz M (2 months ago)
Er.... Pyro. One question......... WHY???????
Nicholas Robinson (2 months ago)
All useless
Patrick Chubey (2 months ago)
Don't need a Muzo, I moved to a house about a mile out of town, all you can hear are crickets, birds and the wind. Natural beautiful soothing sounds. Yeah, I know, peaceful less - stress living isn't for everyone but it works for me. Pyro mini.......... I've got this far in life with matches, otherwise I really don't need ways to make fire in my life. Our stove is electric, our furnace burns natural gas at the flick of a switch. Dude, you should have come out with this 200 years ago, you would have been a smash. Kingii? WTF. I own a life jacket that I need to wear like twice a year, maybe. This is as useful as an ice maker at the North Pole. The X15 flame thrower... cool as hell the first few times.... then once you've seen it too many times it's like " This again? " jeeez, give it a rest dude. Flir scout TK. Interesting for 10 minutes but after that it's just gonna be another piece of near - useless bric a brac that's going to spend most of it's existence in a kitchen drawer somewhere gathering dust. As far as the super power thing goes, these things don't quite make it happen. I want a device that's going to let me fly through the air and bust through brick walls move 1000 miles an hour and kick Godzilla's ass, none of these things even come close, I want real super powers, not just something that's going to cut ambient noise, dude, look up super powers in the dictionary, none of these things really qualify.
Victor Leandro (2 months ago)
How tf is a camera dil do gon give you super powers
Brian T (2 months ago)
Wow people are dumb enough to believe this. Kickstarter fraud is a great way to make sure morons don't have money.
Captain Thunderbuns (2 months ago)
My superpower is being able to withstand this video without vomiting.
A_ ZOMBIE_KILLA on PSN (2 months ago)
Here is 5 infomercials
Mar Apostol (2 months ago)
I think i gonna need muzo every time my girl stop by.. 😂😅
Michael Sparks (2 months ago)
ZEUS Apolo (3 months ago)
Bravo my Greek..a good invention to save lives...Bravo sou levendi.
Félix Dénommé (3 months ago)
Muzo is a scam, just read the reviews at the bottom of this page: https://www.ireviews.com/review/muzo
phukit (3 months ago)
I will now be brain dead for 5 yrs.
TheHumanSpirit (3 months ago)
What's with the idiot with the flame thrower?
Christian Silcott (3 months ago)
'the kingii wearable is not a life saving device' *SO WHAT THE HELL DOES IT DO THEN?*
Christian Silcott (3 months ago)
pyro mini: burning your homes, bit by bit.
rajie rejected (3 months ago)
you wanna burn the house?...stupid
Samurai Medi (3 months ago)
I need the first one for when I play fortnite. The wife would love this XD
David Whiper (3 months ago)
Hey!!! Terrorist get you new Thermansight !! now!! it stats only at 599$!! GET IT!! And kill some veterans that made this thermal sight !! yay!!!! NICE IDEA!!!
jatinder kumar (3 months ago)
how can buy these products from INDIA online
M Rashidul Hasan (4 months ago)
Paul ofTarsus (4 months ago)
ok, I want a flamethrower
Versus61 (4 months ago)
i honestly cant decide which of those made me laugh harder
yaroslav sokruta (4 months ago)
That do go be a threat man. I gonna look at it.
kent neumann (4 months ago)
It doesn't have to function. It just has to sell.
llyr neumann (5 months ago)
The surfer talking about kinji sounds like a kid in middle school in debate who can't think of any reasons cause they don't believe what they're saying
TREVOR PEDDICORD (5 months ago)
Who the fuck need a flamethrower???
moonbase alpha 2020 (5 months ago)
bad ass bro!
Vikash Sharma (5 months ago)
What's the use of a flamethrower? To increase pollution levels?
stookybird (5 months ago)
God most of this shit is stupid!!! Who needs a fucking flame thrower!!
72Yonatan (5 months ago)
Flame throwers and other pyro-technical devices should be outlawed in arid geographical environments, if they are not already illegal. They present a clear danger to human and animal life, as well as a threat to property.
Without being Mean (5 months ago)
Muzo silences the wife? Nope. Lol.
colly beans (5 months ago)
privacy peace and quiet is now a superpower
leigh mellis (5 months ago)
GEEZ!!!!! make the volume the same for each item in your videos
Manfredi Cortonesi (5 months ago)
too fake
nugget the fat retard (5 months ago)
10:50 Oh just $599 really?
nugget the fat retard (5 months ago)
2:10 But you do have to worry about other people being confused on why there are people moving their mouths like they are talking
atomic mama (5 months ago)
kingii won't save you if you're unconscious.
Slendeer_Games (6 months ago)
Muzo doesn't work... You know right?
Derpydog 100 (6 months ago)
Number 2 doesn't explain anything it just shows shows a dude with a flame thrower
Apolloggm (6 months ago)
Good video selections in the description
Nissim Trifonov (6 months ago)
50 seconds in and already you can see that 1. video is just a bunch of commercials and 2. the first product is bullshit which can never work... 2.7 million people actually watched this??? wow some people are really, really, really below average iq
flaming ice (6 months ago)
so if your actully need kingii and the airbag thing comes out it shows someone smiling?
ZagTheory (6 months ago)
Number 2 is a weapon, not a gadget
Slane (6 months ago)
When we were children and friends said 'IF you could have any super power, what would it be' they always laughed at me when I use to say 'The ability to inflate a small whoopee cushion attached to my wrist' WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!
Super Moustache Gamer (6 months ago)
Why was this in the results for Crazy Gadget As in the one from Sonic Adventure 2?
Jack OfSpadez (7 months ago)
How the fuck does the first one work?
Scott Allen (7 months ago)
That pyro thing is the dumbest ever.
Tuffenough4u (7 months ago)
MUZO is a damn scam! Everyone that has ordered one and actually received a unit says it's nothing more than a white noise generator that does nothing to cancel the ambient sound. Read these reviews> https://www.highya.com/muzo-reviews
Mohammad Haani (7 months ago)
Where is profile pic gadget
Floris Bastiaan (7 months ago)
6:22 in the netherlands we don't
Pankaj kumar (7 months ago)
MUZO will fail i guaranty.
vocalpatriot (7 months ago)
how is pyrotechnics a super power? pyro mini is lame and useless, destined for the dustbin of history. and the king floaty thingy is not a super power..it saves people from drowning..not super..
vinhed (7 months ago)
The Muzo is so fake.
TempesTr (8 months ago)
ww3 is coming up so... everybody needs a flame trower
Raymond Dowling (8 months ago)
The fire ball guy looks like a wierdo
This Old Jew (8 months ago)
why is the fleshlight not in this video
TriggerHappy (8 months ago)
I need the flame thrower for when my smoker buddies ask for a light.
James Fischer (8 months ago)
0:43 Why the fuck did they use a holocaust survivor in this commercial? Not cool.
Greg Green (8 months ago)
Only $599???
MrIceman2007 (8 months ago)
What a load of shit
Scheisse Treppenwitz (8 months ago)
Why is infilred in the thumbnail Edit: Oh
Abel Parker (8 months ago)
This is amazing!
Rene Villarreal (8 months ago)
Your gf calls you the kingi cuz its small
ELL ZEE (8 months ago)
$599 is bigger than that thermal thing
Supreme Tez VLOGS (8 months ago)
Lalilulelo (8 months ago)
The first one gives you the power of becoming deaf.
Danushka Perera (8 months ago)
Muzo is a scam - https://www.highya.com/muzo-reviews scam worth close to 2.5M USD.
Michael Hinchey (8 months ago)
Kingee... the food of sharks
Michael Hinchey (8 months ago)
Pyro? How many magicians are there? How does this sell. Seriously ??? Pyro mini... watch me make my house disappear. Come back tomorrow afternoon when the inspectors and home insurance appraiser leaves.
Michael Hinchey (8 months ago)
So dramatic ..
moaaz-tensho (8 months ago)
The first one is good for rapists and killers
Chris Petela (8 months ago)
Good for home studio
Google User (8 months ago)
Kenji, what if a shark bites off your hand?
Graham Downie (9 months ago)
Muzo is a scam/only gives of white noise and blocks nothing/dont buy
cvcoco (9 months ago)
Im crying now. I really thought this was my day to finally get SUPER POWERS! :(
Martín Yáñez (9 months ago)
omg the editing at 3:53 is so bad lol even I can do better with adobe premiere pro... come on...
MindlessCorpse Corpse (9 months ago)
what a waste of time
Cueren Egeland (9 months ago)
Piss poor video
We Will Rise (9 months ago)
Can museo cancel the vibration from my farts
Isaiah Girard (9 months ago)
no supervillain stands a chance against muzoman, with the incredible ability to not hear anything but his own sweet ambient sounds. villains become so frustrated with him not responding to their threats that they simply turn themselves in to the police.
David Reyeslll (9 months ago)
8:27 When I see a spider fall from the ceiling and can't find it.
NeewWorldLeader (9 months ago)
First one has already been proven to be a big pile of bullshit, didsn't bother watching the rest
ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo (9 months ago)
crowd funding is a racket
Russian Walk (9 months ago)
will buy scout tk and give to wife as dildo
nimrodxify (9 months ago)
Someday, someone will weaponize that pyro mini.

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