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Avatar: The Last Airbender Roleplay Episode 1! THE AVATAR IS FOUND!

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I hope you guys enjoyed! Like and comment if you want more! A intro for the series will be coming soon!! So for most of the recording, my CPU Cooler was being very loud so after I finished recording, I decided to get a new one. It makes everything so much better and that's why at the end, it was better. There were also audio problems that will get sorted out soon! Thank you for watching and please stick with me for the next episodes! I'm very excited to make this and I want feedback from you guys and to make it better to watch for you guys obviously. Other than that, My name is TheGentleGiraffe, and I'll see you guys later. Chow! Mandy's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCybt6p0kfyGB06kKGLRSNVg
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Text Comments (9)
TAS Films (11 months ago)
When ep 2 comes out
ThatGuyGreifer (1 year ago)
What map is this? if its downloadable send a link pls
Pat Forte (1 year ago)
your dump stop your eating because I'm getting nice
Johnamations (1 year ago)
next ep plz
Malaki Butler (1 year ago)
One day you will be the best in the world
Johnamations (1 year ago)
:( somone has spiten on my keybord rly
TheGentleGiraffe (1 year ago)
Z.H.Z Gamer I actually don't think I'll be doing more of this roleplay. The first episode didn't get much hype. It took weeks for it to get up to over 100 views. But next month I'll be starting a fantastic role play. And it's with Mistylyne. So get hyped ;)
Flamefox (2 years ago)
Nice bro
THICCY MOMO (2 years ago)
Good meme spicy meme

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