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Command Npc minecraft server plugin tutorial

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Today I show on how to make a npc on your Minecraft server!! ►Command npc link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/cmdnpc ►Citizens Plugin link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/citizens
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Text Comments (87)
Syncrex (1 month ago)
how to make teleport player to player
david mafiotul (1 month ago)
Bungeecord Plz
YourFrienddrew (1 month ago)
Yo can u help on discord if so i can give shoutout msg me at YFD#3336
Pixel Thompson (1 month ago)
/npc create NAME /npc addcmd false noperm
Niko Smith (1 month ago)
Great video what's the therever id
Coaltraincraft (1 month ago)
Thanks!, but the server is actually private and I have stopped working on it for a while but thanks for asking!
It's Okay (4 months ago)
To change the skin, you can type, "/npc skin <any name>" Some don't work, but I think, "/npc skin help" is a good one. There's many others. Make sure to select the npc first.
KingStation MC (5 months ago)
how i can set Skin
KingStation MC (5 months ago)
Coaltraincraft (5 months ago)
/npc skin (player name)
Jezead Gaming (6 months ago)
why me /npc swim
+FlashMC+ (5 months ago)
Coaltraincraft he means if you try to add the command then it will pop up “Unknown command. Did you mean: /npc swim I have the same problem :/
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
Zyby (6 months ago)
nice great work keep it up but PLS make your minecraft less loud
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
lol that what a long time ago about the sound it been fixed along time ago. Thanks! :)
Wildash 0_0 (6 months ago)
Heh and I’m wildash
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
JhonKing_ GamerYT (6 months ago)
Esta Bn gracias aunque no hablo ingles
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
Tyyppi kyl (6 months ago)
Is the server still up
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
unfortunately no. The server was a private so Me And Snapper76 could work on it but we have not since like late summer
Tyyppi kyl (6 months ago)
Worked AWESOME video
Coaltraincraft (6 months ago)
i have a question what is the scoreboard that u using?
Coaltraincraft (7 months ago)
Its working the scoreboard stats on my server but in the config after I edit it i remove the hello worldand save I restart my server and its going to the default scoreboard
Like perworldplugins?
Coaltraincraft (7 months ago)
use one of those plugins that allow you to separate plugins from different worlds
Oh scoreboard stats?I'm using that but I delete it because I can't change it I can't remove the Hello World
Aezxyte (8 months ago)
How you Do the right layer?
im using 1.8 and i install it and when i do /pl command npc is green then i do /npc create kenn it doesnt do anthing please reply ASAP
Coaltraincraft (8 months ago)
make sure you download the citizens plugin and also check the version you are on.
ICT SuperNebula (8 months ago)
is this spigot? because i run a bukkit server and i downloaded the plugin and it didnt add :/
Coaltraincraft (8 months ago)
this spigot and bukkit i think. check your version of bukkit and do not use bukkit gui
Huugeli (9 months ago)
Good job, keep doing good content!
Coaltraincraft (9 months ago)
LG Kent (9 months ago)
How can you add a warp so that i can warp myself to the place i want
Coaltraincraft (9 months ago)
you half to use a plugin like clickwarp or essentials
Squidward tentacles (11 months ago)
Nice bedak kontol
Vere Az (8 months ago)
Coaltraincraft (10 months ago)
Godly Noob (11 months ago)
i didnt add this becaus ei can only put 10 plugins on the server, and me and my friend dont know what the SK things are so its why i didnt install it, but anyways, im also here to promote the server, its called kutcraft, ip: kutcraft.serv.nu PLEASE JOIN
Wolfay (11 months ago)
wont let me summon a npc!!!!
Coaltraincraft (11 months ago)
make sure you are using the right version of each plugin and the server version that maches with the plugins.
Wolfay (11 months ago)
nope it says in red " citizens" "CommandNPC"
Coaltraincraft (11 months ago)
Make sure u did this command /npc create NAME and if that dosent work make sure u are on the right version.
ByAlejo (1 year ago)
You do not speak English, you seem to speak Spanish but you want to try to speak English
ByAlejo (1 year ago)
oh ok
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
No I speak English...
the diamond city (1 year ago)
Soggy Official (1 year ago)
You cannot do this yet! :/ Please help me
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
No prob!! :) make sure to subscribe too! :)
Soggy Official (1 year ago)
ok thank you bro
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
It could be something with the permissons if you r not go into the server console and type /op your username and if that wont work delete the npc spawn it in again make sure u type /npc addcmd false noperm and the command without the slash
Soggy Official (1 year ago)
When will I put the NPC command and click on it so it will write to me You can not do this yet! I do not know what to do about it. :(
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Ok please tell me what part that you are having trouble with and I will help you :)
ky1emac (1 year ago)
hi dude :) nice video, :) I'm new and already I subbed :)
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Thanks! :) I hope you enjoy my other content too :)
Boosted RAM (1 year ago)
that LITHP
KingButcha (1 year ago)
Hey can you give me the auctions plugin?
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
No prob!! :)
KingButcha (1 year ago)
hey what is the auction gui command? is not /auc?
KingButcha (1 year ago)
i subbed :D
KingButcha (1 year ago)
thx :D
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/auctions.571/ go to this link and download the plugin.
uMakeMcVids Cry baby (1 year ago)
Ip to your factions server plz :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Sorry the server is not open and sadly it might never open :(
MasterClashers (1 year ago)
can you do a tutorial for 1.12 PLZ great vid
Jeyden salazar (10 months ago)
yeah its not working in version 1.12
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Thanks! im not to sure if there is a verison for 1.12 but if there is it should be exlactly the same as this.
Peter pik (1 year ago)
Peter pik (1 year ago)
Hvad anal man skive np man she lave npc jeg ves man small skve np npc
Free Intros (1 year ago)
doesnt work for me
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Your welcome!
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Check your minecraft and server version and maybe try to find another version of the plugin and hope it works.
Ubique1964 (1 year ago)
Old already Commands and Permissions To set up the npc with the commands you need the permission 'commandnpc.admin' /npc addcmd <-c> <-o> <-v price> <-p your.custom.permission> [command] - Add a command to be executed upon clicking the selected NPC. The -c flag runs the command through the console. The -o flag runs the command as an op. The -v flag charges the player the specified amount, when running the command. The -p flag requires the player to have the specified permission. /npc resetcmds - Remove all commands from the selected NPC. You can use '%name' in commands as a placeholder for the user who is clicking the NPC.
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
Thanks for the commands and permissions!
SnapperSays (1 year ago)
Very well put together
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)
thank you!
Saffler (1 year ago)
good job, keep uploading =)
Coaltraincraft (1 year ago)

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