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Text Comments (1281)
Facehunter2003 (23 hours ago)
Pretty sure the tutorial level was scraped but put in the PS3/Xbox version.
Lucas Choc (1 day ago)
So funny! 😂
SharknadoTo DaMax (2 days ago)
SharknadoTo DaMax (2 days ago)
3:00 lolololollollolollolllllooLOLLOLOOL
The Lily Show (9 days ago)
4:00 you’re not looking at me? How dare you!
Rachael Clark (9 days ago)
0:21 + 4:42 XD 😂
DasMC (13 days ago)
First version I played was Infdev but the first version I played actively was Alpha 1.3 Favourite version is either Beta 1.7 for the inclusion of pistons or Release 1.13 just because of all the stuff added.
King Of Face Stabs (16 days ago)
All throughout this video I just kept asking “wait was that removed”
Jayashree hanumante (18 days ago)
I am notch I am god
NuruddinPlays (1 month ago)
Hey AntVenom! I love this video concepts because it was very funny. I hope you can make more videos with the same concepts. :) "I am Notch, I am god," said Notch :v
4:42 when life don't matter no more
"I'm gonna reck your face. I swear on me mum" :))))))))))))))))
"I am Notch. I am God" Ant Venom's reply: "I guess I can't argue with that" Me: Dude. Kill the guy already XD
"I am Notch. I am God." XXDD That voice :))
reeses arenioce (1 month ago)
I am notch I am god lightning_bolt stokes antvenom dies XD
Wynzel Productions (1 month ago)
The farlands is sitll exist on minecraft bedrock editon
Monica T (1 month ago)
Aman _YT (1 month ago)
I am notch I am god
K-leb (1 month ago)
Whoa...I completely forgot about void fog. Such archaic times.........
DARTrider (1 month ago)
The far lands could be a good area to build ur base
Nicole Golden (1 month ago)
I started playing minecraft pocket edition in 2011 (A.K.A v0.0.7
Frogs (1 month ago)
Alpha 1.2_02
ViperDrill Atk. (1 month ago)
You forgot Herobrine.
Veljko Lukac (1 month ago)
Omg void fog i remeber that time...bullshit!
pogal01 (1 month ago)
There technically wasn't a beta 1.9 all the 1.9 beta updates were pre releases and the features for them were added in the release version of the game.
TheLoneBrit (1 month ago)
Just saying, you cannot do an evil voice in my opinion :T
Earl The Gamer YT (1 month ago)
"How's that pork chop?" More like, HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES?!
Earl The Gamer YT (1 month ago)
"Yeah dirty console versions, Im not looking at you." I take offense to that, I play Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition
Earl The Gamer YT (1 month ago)
"The sun and moon are round. Round... Round? ROUND?! WHY YOU DO DIS?!" *I am Notch, I am God* "Uh.. Uhh.... I guess I cant argue with that..."
Earl The Gamer YT (1 month ago)
Beta 1.0- When Steve went from a beard to beardless
Fish Fishy (1 month ago)
I am notch I am god
Rayo Gaming (2 months ago)
Somewhere in one.four.six
sonia deguzman (2 months ago)
The sun and moon look better ROUND.
Jayden Ryder (2 months ago)
I had the void fog on XBOX
Animal Tommy Animal (2 months ago)
on console edition tutorial is just a fancy castle
BooDues Gaming (2 months ago)
April 5th 2012 did anyone join before me?
Paweł Nosecki (2 months ago)
I started playing minecraft on 2010 i think
ShakerGER (2 months ago)
I started in the last alpha version.
The Meme Dealer (2 months ago)
I'm a dirty console user!! Haha get rekt!!!
More RollTGW (2 months ago)
I am Notch I am god
Kebab Mapping (2 months ago)
the tutorial level probably was created in order to show new players the game, but everyone knows how to do it first glance so i goes they were too lazy to remove it till B1.8
AquarioStickJuice (2 months ago)
when antvenom was funny
Family Grimes (2 months ago)
I started playing MC in spring of 2014. So when 1.7 was present.
Sticklings (3 months ago)
I am not notch I am not god I am a Stickling.
EliteGalaxy3047 (3 months ago)
Did u have to bring up Nazi's?! They were bitches
Isaak (3 months ago)
Herobrine should be on this list.
How's that Porkchop Villager Pig 2015
Gecko Warning (3 months ago)
"Have You Ever SEEN These Messes of Cuagilated Land Before?" OH YEAH. I TRAVELLED 32.000.000 MILLION BLOCKS TO SEE THIS.
Gecko Warning (3 months ago)
"Have You Ever SEEN These Messes of Cuagilated Land Before?" OH YEAH. I TRAVELLED 32.000.000 MILLION BLOCKS TO SEE THIS.
abe machon (3 months ago)
AntVenom is so FUNNY I CAN'T STOP LAUGHIN.😂😂😂😂😂
im the cure (4 months ago)
Ant:it is my deatiny to kill the creator of minecraft Notch:im notch im god
It's Easy (4 months ago)
I started playing Minecraft in about 2013-14 on Xbox 360.
Andoni May Bajao (4 months ago)
I wish minecraft had a space update
Cat Girl (4 months ago)
Im not notch im not god -me 2018
Hann Gaming (4 months ago)
wat? i thought farlands were removed in RELEASE 1.8?!
Hann Gaming (4 months ago)
RIP PC Player struggling
Fist Power (4 months ago)
I am notch I am god
Zech (4 months ago)
Is this an April Fools video
I like the grammar nazi
Andrew Peterson (4 months ago)
sky dimension should come back.
mineland (4 months ago)
. Top ten Scariest things . In Minecraft
KingofDragons (4 months ago)
I started playing around version 1.10.2
arati chari (5 months ago)
arati chari (5 months ago)
is my favourite update i started in 1.7
IT (5 months ago)
I'm am notch I'm Am God
Testing Testing (5 months ago)
I fulfilled my dream of getting Minecraft Java at about the 1.7.10 times.
herobro99 (5 months ago)
2018 boiii
Mary Grace Hizon (5 months ago)
I am notch I am God
Kat Too (5 months ago)
I am Notch I am god
Vixxey (5 months ago)
I started playing Minecraft right with the Beta 1.7.3 release.
Hostile Sanchez (5 months ago)
Mr.L The Green Thunder (5 months ago)
Back when mobs actually spawned in caves
Sergio Ramirez (5 months ago)
I miss Notch
velihan ko (5 months ago)
I’ve killed Notch before. He randomly logged onto the public server I was playing on, I don’t remember what it was called, it was too long ago, and then I proceeded to kill him, and he dropped an apple! I don’t know whether he just had one in his inventory, or if that feature was still in the game, but he certainly dropped one. Then he logged out. I’m not sure whether it was really him, but he had the right name, and the right skin, and this was back in 1.4.2? It was certainly one of the 1.4 releases from back in the day, long before you could change your name, so it seemed legit.
Robert Garner (5 months ago)
SpakwiPlayz (5 months ago)
i started playing 1.5
A Common FBI Agent. (5 months ago)
i am Notch *i am god*
lennox hourie (5 months ago)
The i am notch i am god was hilarious
Julian Edwards (5 months ago)
how did the rose not make this list?
TheDiamondStampy Cat (5 months ago)
The farlands still exist in 1.13
Mafic (6 months ago)
*"Look out! It's the grammar Nazi!"* My day has been made.
I hope the far lands become a biome
PCFreakextreme HD (6 months ago)
I'm playing since Summer of 2015
Collin Watt (6 months ago)
Why you say that to my beautiful face I will rek you acts crazy
Collin Watt (6 months ago)
Unknown person: shameless self permission eh. Antvenom: I got 10 diamonds and you wouldn't last 2 days in the farlands Unknown person:
GoldPlatypus (6 months ago)
I started playing in 1.8
ashtar assadi (6 months ago)
In 2012-13 i played pocket edition
SupahMerio Pingas (6 months ago)
How about the Steve Mob?
Rumham (6 months ago)
What world is he in in the intro? Is it his survival world? Does he have a letsplay world?
Noah Sleet (7 months ago)
Remember when the aether was supposed to get added
Deicide 727 (7 months ago)
I am notch, i am god *strikes antvenom with a lightning bolt*
WinterAsh_YT 9635 (7 months ago)
A few years ago, MCPE 0.12.1 Alpha Build 3.
enannoter (7 months ago)
i miss the old menu screen it was so simple and cool
ThEnforcerer (7 months ago)
i liked void fog it look more realistic to me with void fog
Hii Elecres Here (7 months ago)
0:23 xD
Mila_Games (7 months ago)
I think you can play the tutorial on pc. Just with some code or something like that xD
Frank Stephens (7 months ago)
*kills notch* now... i am god.
El Has (7 months ago)
I am Notch. I am God. BOOM
LaunchedPond21 (7 months ago)
I like that it was not implented
i am noch i am god
Goku Black (7 months ago)
I thought the Void Fog looked cool

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